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  1. Girl's Night 6

    I will take that idea into consideration. Thank you.
  2. Girl's Night 6

    As we settled in to our bed for the night, myself on the now wet mattress on the floor, Jennifer on the couch, and Tara on the other couch, we decided we weren’t quite ready to go to sleep yet. “Well, girls,” Tara said, “I’ve been sharing stories all night. I think it’s your turn. Cassie, you first since you’re the lucky one who gets the mattress.” “What do you want me to talk about?” I asked “Wetting, of course,” she said. “Surely tonight isn’t the first time for you.” It wasn’t, but I didn’t say anything yet. “Come on, spill it.” I bit my lip and thought. “Well, there was this beach trip I took a few years ago with my mom and some of her friends.” Both Tara and Jennifer knew my parents were divorced and my mom never remarried. Instead, she enjoyed life as a single middle-aged attractive woman, often taking me along on vacations or for a night on the town with her friends. “Last summer we packed up and went to Hilton Head because one of Mom’s friends owned a condo down there. There were five of us in this place that had enough room for ten! We each had our own room, and on the first night the girl who owned the place decided to have a party. Before we knew it, there were twenty or so people in the house, most of them men with about four other girls besides us. As the evening wound by, people were getting really tipsy. So on my way out to the bathroom, I heard moaning as I passed one of the rooms. Inside I could see the girl who owned the condo riding one of the guys. She saw me and seriously looked right at me, not seeming to care that I saw. I blushed, though, and kept walking. I finally reached the bathroom and opened the door. But right away I saw my mom, and she was leaning back against a guy whose back was against the wall, and they were both really enjoying themselves. I shut the bathroom door and just stood there, trying to figure out if I should be grossed out.” “Well, of course,” Tara said. “You just saw your mom fucking somebody else.” “Yeah, it was weird. But I also kind of felt turned on. But I still really had to pee. So I went out to the deck. When I got out there, there was this guy standing there smoking a cigarette.” “Was he hot?” Jennifer asked. “Yes,” I said. “So I went out to pee, but since he was there I hesitated, but I could feel the pressure in my bladder getting worse. So I walked by him and around to the other side of the deck. I thought it would get me out of sight of him, but it didn’t. I sat on a bench near the edge of the deck, and after a few minutes I knew I couldn’t wait much longer. He finished his cigarette and snuffed it out on his shoe, then put the butt in the trash can on the deck. I looked at him, and when he noticed I could feel my face get red. He walked to the edge of the deck facing away from me. He just stood there, and then a few seconds later I heard a splashing sound and realized he was pissing off the deck into the grass.” A real splashing sound interrupted my story and I looked over at Tara to see her releasing a flow of pee into the couch as she just lay there. She was looking at me, though, so I continued with my story. “I didn’t know what to say or do, but it definitely wasn’t helping my situation. I still had to pee. So I took a chance and turned my back to him. I lifted my skirt, parted my legs, and pulled my panties aside. A few seconds later and my own flow was trickling out onto the wooden deck and soaking through the cracks. It wasn’t much, but it was still relieving. I heard movement behind me, so I turned around and saw the guy watching me. He still had his penis out, and it wasn’t huge, but it wasn’t small, either. He said ‘I’ll put it away and leave you alone if you say so, but that was one of the hottest things I have ever seen.’ I smiled and thanked him. ‘My name is Kenny,’ he said. I told him my name, and he repeated it. Maybe it was the alcohol, but hearing him say my name is what did me in. I turned around on the bench and motioned him to me. He walked over, and before even thinking about if it was right or wrong I was touching his penis with my fingertips.” Jennifer was stirring, and I looked over to see that she was rubbing herself gently. She sighed, and a few small splashes of pee soaked her fingers and the couch cushion. I felt my own pressure building again, and I just relaxed and dribbled more warm pee into the mattress as I continued my story. “I took it into my mouth and was soon sucking on it, licking around the head as I did, and I could just slightly taste his salty pee. He groaned as his dick got even harder. I took it out of my mouth and motioned for him to kneel in front of me. I asked him if he had a condom, and he nodded. He reached into his pocket and took one out, ripping it quickly with his teeth, then sliding it expertly over his dick. I spread my legs and grabbed him by the ass as he guided himself inside of me. And oh my god it felt so good. I was already really wet, and he knew what he was doing, moving in and out of me slowly at first while reaching down with his hand to caress my clitoris.” “Oh my god, I love that,” Tara said. She was rubbing herself again, sliding one finger along her slit. “After a few minutes, he was thrusting harder and harder. I was in ecstasy. And then, I swear to you, as he was fucking me my mom came outside on the deck.” “Holy shit!” Jennifer said. “Yeah. She just looked at me and smiled. Then she walked to the edge of the deck, pulled her shorts and panties down, and just started peeing off the deck. Kenny didn’t even stop, and I didn’t want him to. I started climaxing as my mom was emptying her bladder off the deck. Kenny groaned, and I felt his penis twitch. I came again, and I looked over at my mom, who just winked at me and went back inside.” “Wow,” Tara said. “I wish my mom had been that cool.” “Yeah, she’s pretty cool. Anyway, Kenny finished up, and I had to pee again. It was kind of funny because I felt like I needed to be modest or something, so I closed my legs and let it out. Kenny watched me, and I guess the warm feeling of my pee dribbling between my legs and him watching made me cum again. He seemed eager even though he had obviously already filled the condom. I smiled at him as he walked closer to me and gently nudged my legs apart. Before I could say anything, he buried his face in my crotch and started licking me, first around my inner thighs like he was licking the drops off pee off my legs, and then he moved closer and started licking up my slit to my clitoris. It only took about fifteen seconds, and I was screaming again, trying my damnedest not to crush him with my thighs.” “Been there,” Jennifer said. “My husband loves going down on me, and he makes me scream every time.” She was still rubbing herself, and as she said this her rubbing grew a little more vigorous. I felt a little wet and ready, as well, so I parted my legs and sprayed a little more pee into the mattress, feeling it splash the blanket and my thighs. I started rubbing my slit and stroking my clitoris as Tara also joined us. In less than a minute, all three of us were screaming, plunging our fingers deeper, and bucking our hips. Tara flopped onto the couch and started peeing a strong stream all over the couch cushion. “Ohhh, my god I don’t want this night to end,” she said. “Is there more to the story?” Jennifer asked. “Well, yeah,” I said. “But not between me and Kenny. We parted ways after that, and once the party was over I didn’t see him again that whole trip. My mom on the other hand really seemed to like the guy she was with earlier at the party. I found out his name was Evan. She spent most of the vacation with him. I caught them again later that day.” “Really?” Tara asked. “Yep. I went to go out on the deck, and I saw Mom out there, her shorts and panties down again to pee off the deck. So I started to open the door, but I saw Evan walk from the other side of the deck. Mom took her shorts and panties off all the way and he walked right up to her and they started going at it just standing right there on the deck. I turned away again because it just seemed wrong to watch my mom having sex, but seriously I felt that tingle again. I mean, hadn’t she watched me? I turned back around, and Mom had her legs wrapped around him while he grabbed her by the ass and was thrusting. I still had to pee, and I looked around the back room that you go through before you walk out to the deck, looking for a cup or a bowl or something, but nothing. Then I heard footsteps, and I turned to see the girl who invited us to the beach house. She said, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ I pointed to the window. “’Well,’ I said, ‘my Mom is out there having sex right now, and I really have to pee. I was going to go off the deck, but…’” “’I see,’ she said. ‘Well, I know the bathroom is occupied, because I was on my way out here to pee, too, for that very reason. And I don’t want to interrupt, either, so…’ I looked at her as she stood still and a few seconds later I could hear a hissing and see the clear trickles of pee running down her legs and to the dark carpeted floor. ‘I’m not wearing any panties, so this is a really convenient way to go,’ she said, still smiling. “My bladder was really getting full at this point, and I could hear my Mom outside moaning louder. I couldn’t help but sneak another glance and saw that Evan had laid down on the deck. It was then that I noticed he wasn’t wearing a condom. I gasped, but not out of concern. You know my Mom had a hysterectomy, and I trust she’s smart enough not to have unprotected sex with someone unless she trusted them, but I gasped because I was envious. I’m not even going to lie.” “Ohh, girl, I know what you mean,” Tara said. “So my Mom was walking to him. She faced away from him and squatted down over his dick and guided it into her, then just started riding him. Our hostess said something like, ‘You okay?’ but I barely heard her. I reached down and pulled my panties to the side and started rubbing myself. I let go of my bladder and just pissed a full stream all over the floor and my fingers, and I came so hard while peeing and watching them that I had to grab the door handle to keep from falling over. ‘Guess that’s a yes,’ our hostess said. My mom’s face showed total ecstasy as she smiled and then started crying out. Evan moaned, too, and I knew he was cumming inside her.” “Wow,” Jennifer said. “Totally,” Tara said. “And that was pretty much the rest of the excitement for that party. Sometime around 2am everyone left except those of us who were actually staying at the beach house and Evan, who slept with my mom. The next day we slept in, but I was woken up by the sounds of my mom and Evan going at it in the shower. Once everyone else was up, we got our bathing suits on and went to the beach. We stayed out for hours, and let’s just say that none of us left to go back into the house for the bathroom, including Evan. That was pretty much how the rest of the trip went. No more parties, just a lot of beach time and pissing our bathing suits, rinsing off in the ocean, pissing them again later.” “Sounds like my kind of vacation,” Tara said. “It was definitely memorable,” I said.
  3. The Holiday Pt 5: Going Into Town

    Short but oh so sweet. Thank you @BeneathMyWillow. Hope the next chapter is coming soon!
  4. A Paradise called Lavatria: Part 3

    Hot AND creative @Vassal. Well done. I patiently await the next chapter.
  5. Welcome to Kaymala

    I think that's a great idea. Might also prevent burn out because of the variety.
  6. The Holiday Pt 4: In The Morning

    This just keeps getting better and better. Hope the next chapter is coming soon!
  7. Welcome to Kaymala

    So hot! Looking forward to more.
  8. Girl's Night 5

    After catching our breath and coming down from the high of what just happened, Tara walked to the bar and grabbed a few towels from a drawer. We had a nice time dabbing the droplets of pee from each other and did our best to wipe up the floor and couches, even though we knew it was a mostly lost cause. But we placed the towels on the couch cushions under us anyway. “I think we can go change into our night clothes if you want, girls,” Tara said. “We’re probably just going to sleep down here.” I looked around the basement room and did not see any beds and wondered where we would sleep, but I didn’t question it. My mind was also still on Tara’s story. “I don’t know about you,” I said, “but I’m not even thinking about sleep. I want the rest of that story.” Tara laughed. “Okay, I’ll finish the story, but let’s get dressed and have some more drinks.” She stood up and walked to a dresser at the corner of the basement. Jennifer reached beside the couch and pulled a think pink nightgown from her bag. I reached into my own bag and took out my black sleep shorts and a gray loose tank top. I looked over at Tara as she slipped a light green teddy over her head. “I’m not going to bother with panties, though, since I would just soak them anyway.” She laughed. “Same,” Jennifer said. I slid mine back into my bag. Tara walked to the bar and started mixing us drinks again. I couldn’t tell what she was making, but I looked forward to it anyway. She poured something pink into three glasses, brought one to me and another to Jennifer and grabbed her own off the bar and returned to her seat. “Alright, then.” She took a sip of her drink. “Mmm. Tasty.” “What is it?” Jennifer asked. “Kiss on the lips,” Tara said, grinning. “So, story. Anyway, Cheryl was peeing all over herself and the couch. When she finished she sighed and the rest of us just looked at her. I was amazed, but Kiki, Danielle, and Lara seemed unphased like they’d seen it before, and I’m sure they had. But if you girls met Cheryl you would understand why I was floored by this the first time. She’s just so womanly and like the mom everybody loves, and yet here she was pissing herself and her loveseat. She looked right at me after she sat up, letting her puddle of pee just fall to the floor and in between the loveseat cushions. “’Are you okay, Tara,’ she asked me. I nodded. She slid her panties and jeans back up and sat back in the loveseat, still smiling at me. “’That was just…unexpected,’ I said. She laughed and my heart jumped. “’Well, you did it, Mom,’ Kiki said. ‘You broke our guest.’ They all laughed, and I know I blushed. ‘And you made me have to go, so…” Now Kiki sat back, but she didn’t seem to make any move to take her jeans or panties off. She spread her legs and sighed. We all watched the dark stain form and grow in the crotch of her panties and after a few seconds we could hear it hissing. ‘Ohh, I love that feeling,’ Kiki said. I noticed that the recliner was not vinyl and as her jeans glistened a flow of pee just soaked right into the seat. No one seemed to care, though, and Kiki was clearly enjoying herself. The glistening stopped, and there was a big dark stain in her crotch. She sat up again back to how she was before pissing herself and made no move to take her wet jeans off.” I heard hissing next to me again and turned to see Jennifer with her legs parted and dribbling pee on the couch cushion and to the floor. I just smiled. “Kiki stood up and smiled at me and Danielle. ‘Well, girls, are you planning to stay the night?’ I didn’t know what to say and looked at Danielle. Danielle nodded. ‘Then let’s show you your room for the night. We’ll be up late, of course, but you can crash anytime you want.’ She led us down the hall, and I was amazed by how long the hallway was and that there were at least ten rooms in this hall. Danielle and I were taken to the third room, which was a gorgeous bedroom with a king-sized bed topped with elegant looking blankets and pillows. “’It’s beautiful,’ I said. Kiki thanked me, and then she surprised me. “’Same rules apply in this room as the rest of the house,’ she said. I wasn’t sure I heard her right, so I said ‘What?’ ‘If you need to pee, you can do it here.’ “’But,’ I said, ‘that bed is so…’ “’It can be cleaned,’ Kiki said, laughing again. ‘and don’t think it’s never been peed in before, because it has. Haven’t you ever wanted to just let it go in a king-sized bed?’ I had honestly never thought about it, but now that she’d mentioned it, I kind of did want to. ‘How do you feel about sleeping in a wet bed?’ Kiki asked. “Danielle said, ’If she’s sleeping with me, it’s going to get wet.’ We all laughed. “’I guess I’m okay with it,’ I said. “’Do you want to try it now?’ Kiki asked. I smiled and looked at the big and obviously very soft bed. “’I think so,’ I said. I stepped up to the bed and pulled the covers away. I was still naked from the waist down, so feeling brazen by this point I just pulled my shirt over my head and then unsnapped my bra. I crawled up onto the bed, enjoying the feeling of the soft sheets on my bare skin. I sat up and scooted back to the headboard, but then I leaned back onto the pillows. ‘Are you sure I can do this?’ I asked. Kiki smiled and nodded. “She said, ’Trust me, it will be amazing.’ And that was all I needed. I bent my knees and spread my legs and just seconds later and warm trickle started and tickled my slit and down my butt crack. I could feel it warming the sheets and mattress under me, and I closed my eyes and just let go. It grew to a flow and soon I was peeing full-force. I lowered my legs and put them together and gasped as it sprayed my inner thighs and soaked the sheets under me even more. I knew it was soaking the mattress, too, but I looked at Kiki and saw her smile of approval. Then Danielle walked up to the foot of the bed and started taking her pants off. “’Tara, I have to pee, too. Do you care if I get up there?’ I just nodded my answer because by now I was dribbling messy pee all over myself and the bed and rubbing myself. I watched her, though, as she climbed onto the foot of the bed on my side. I thought she was going to crawl over to her side, but she just knelt there with her knees bent and her feet behind her. ‘Oh, here it comes,’ she said and threw her head back. I watched and kept rubbing myself as her pee started as a dribble that left a few drops on the blanket and then she moaned and started going full stream, splashing her hot pee all over the covers. She reached down and pulled them up close to her vagina and we could hear her pee hissing into them. Kiki walked closer to us, and then I saw her unbutton her wet jeans and reach her hand into them. Danielle was rubbing herself with the wet covers, still hissing pee into them, and I was now stroking my clitoris.” Tara paused and spread her legs and as if she were demonstrating she started stroking her slit and touching her clearly swollen clitoris. Then a small but obvious trickle of pee seeped out and soaked into the couch cushion under her. I also had to pee again, so I just opened my legs and let go, feeling my flow warm my bottom. “So,” Tara continued, but sounding like she was struggling to focus, “pretty soon the room was filled with the sound of our moaning. Just then Cheryl appeared in the doorway and at first I felt horrified and stopped masturbating. But then she smiled and said, ‘So you like the bed.’ I just nodded. ‘Please, finish,’ she said. I obeyed and went back to rubbing my clitoris. Then she reached to her still naked bottom and started rubbing herself, as well. I was about to lose my mind when I saw a stream fall from between her shapely legs, all over her hands, and drip to the floor. ‘Mmm, I love to pee while I masturbate.’ That did it. I screamed as I climaxed and soon Danielle followed. I warmed the sheets under me again, still cumming and peeing, and I closed my eyes to just enjoy it. I could hear Kiki orgasming and then Cheryl moaning and crying out. When I opened my eyes again, Danielle was laying on her side at the foot of the bed, pee seeping from her bottom and still soaking the covers. Kiki was leaning against the wall, panting, and Cheryl was leaning in the doorway, also panting.” “Oh my god,” Jennifer said. She was rubbing her slit now and getting a little red in the face. “Don’t masturbate yet,” Tara said. “I have a surprise.” She stood up and walked to a closet at the far end of the basement. “Can you girls help me with something?” We stood up and joined her. Tara opened the closet door and started pulling out a single-sized mattress. We helped her get it out, and then sat it in the middle of the basement floor. “It’s far from king-sized, but…” “No,” I said. “You mean we’re going to…?” “Yes, we are,” Tara said. “Well, one of us is. Because whoever pisses on this is also sleeping on it. Who’s gets the pleasure?” she asked. In spite of everything that had happened, I hesitated. Jennifer must have been reluctant, as well, because she also didn’t speak up. “Well, I guess I get the first pleasure,” Tara said. “Which means this is where I’m sleeping tonight.” She reached back into the closet and pulled out a sheet and a blanket, then spread the sheet over the mattress and tossed the blanket on top. She reached in again and took out a pillow. “I’ll do it,” I said. Jennifer and Tara both looked at me. “I haven’t pissed my bed since I was a kid, and I don’t know when I’ll get to do it again.” “Okay,” Tara said, smiling. “You get the mattress. Jennifer, you get the couch where you and Cassie were sitting, and I’ll take the other couch. But first, I want to watch Cassie enjoy herself.” She winked at me, and I smiled and looked down at the mattress. “Go ahead,” she said. I walked up to it and knelt down to pull the covers away. “I’m just going to leave my pajamas on,” I said. “They’re going to get wet anyway.” “Whatever you want to do,” Tara said. I crawled onto the mattress, which was surprisingly soft and comfortable for a single. “I don’t know if I have to go yet since I just peed on the couch,” I said. But I could feel my bladder filling, so I might have been wrong about that. I laid back onto the pillow to get more comfortable and tried to relax, but I looked up and both Jennifer and Tara were watching me. “It’s okay, really,” Tara said. “Just relax and let it go.” I closed my eyes and tried to relax again. This time I could feel it reaching my urethra and soon I was dribbling just a bit. I could feel it soaking through my panties and shorts and dripping onto the sheets and mattress under me, just like Tara must have in her story. “Oh, that feels nice,” I said. I sighed and my flow increased to a steady stream that flowed out and down my slit and warmed the sheets even more. “Ohh, wow.” I reached down and pulled the crotch of my shorts and panties aside. Now my flow was coming fully as it hissed out and I let go and peed freely into the mattress, splashing my warm pee all over my legs and the bed. I heard another hissing sound next to me, and I opened my eyes to see Jennifer standing there, pee flowing unabated down her legs. My flow was coming to an end, but Tara was touching herself again, and soon Jennifer and I were joining her, rubbing our soaking wet slits and caressing our clits until almost in unison we all three cried out as we climaxed. “I’ll sure sleep good tonight,” I said.
  9. Cindy Yella

    Still going strong @Alfresco. Hot! I'll try to be patient for the next chapter.
  10. Cindy Yella

    Just so you know @Alfresco, I've read this at least five times. I need more!
  11. Back Alley Bathroom

    You did really well. I enjoyed it, and hope to see more of Maia.
  12. Girls' Night 4

    “Okay, you have to tell us more,” Jennifer begged. We were working our way through another round of drinks when she said this, and she nearly spilled her drink with excitement. Tara laughed. “Well, what do you want me to tell?” “Anything,” Jennifer said, “about you and Danielle. What else did you do?” “Well,” Jennifer said, “I can tell you about this little ladies night thing, kind of like what we’re doing right now. When I say little, I mean it was like five of us. It was about a month after our night in the dorm room and by this point, as I said, we had become more adventurous with our peeing experiences. The fun started on the cab ride over to the party, though, when Danielle gave me a look and then scooted forward in her seat and slid the back of her skirt up. A few seconds later she was peeing through her panties and it was dribbling quietly over the edge of the seat and to the floorboard. I tried to hide my smile as I checked to make sure the driver was not wise to what was happening. But she didn’t seem worried at all and just smiled. “She had told me earlier that we were going to a little party at her friend Kiki’s house. There were no guys there, just some girls and some drinks. I remembered Kiki from our high school days when a bunch of them spent the night at my house and a game of Truth or Dare became a game to see who could hold their pee the longest. I did not win, by the way. I looked at Danielle and said, ‘Wait a minute, the same Kiki?’ Danielle laughed and any nervousness I felt about going to a party at some stranger’s house was gone now. “We pulled up to this nice two-story house, and I could already see people on the porch, a familiar-looking brunette with long, curly hair and a sporty-looking body, a thinner brunette with straight hair, and another brunette who was obviously older and a little more plus-sized but no less attractive. ‘That’s Kiki’s mom, Cheryl,’ Danielle said. ‘Don’t worry, she’s cool.’ I smiled, and I honestly could not stop looking at this woman who just seemed so classically beautiful, not knock-out hot but just so womanly. ‘Oh, there’s something else,’ Danielle said. ‘I figure I should tell you before you get surprised. Kiki and Cheryl are the ones who got me started with peeing.’” Not even waiting for a pause in Tara’s story, I parted my legs, sighed, and soaked the couch under me. I licked my lips as it swirled around my crotch and she continued. “I know my jaw dropped, but I was smiling, too. ‘So,’ I said, ‘you’re saying there might be some peeing at this girls’ night thing?’ Danielle just smiled at me. ‘I wouldn’t say “might be,”’ she said. I just smiled wider. “We hopped out of the car and right away the curly brunette ran from the porch and greeted Danielle with a big hug and then an unexpected kiss on the mouth. Danielle introduced me Kiki and I both hugged, remembering each other. Pretty soon we were being led onto the porch where I was introduced to Lara, who was the thinner girl, and of course Cheryl. I didn’t mean to stare, but I’m pretty sure I was. But she smiled and greeted me, and I did my best to smile back. “’So,’ Kiki said, ‘did she already tell you?’ I smiled and nodded. ‘Yeah,’ I said, ‘and trust me, I’m totally okay with it.’ And to prove it, I stood right there on their porch and soaked my panties.” “Oh my god,” Jennifer said. “You just pissed yourself on a stranger’s porch?” Jennifer was squirming again, and I knew she was holding her pee until she was ready to burst. I also knew she would probably have another orgasm when she did. “Well, they weren’t all strangers. I knew Kiki and Danielle.” “Yeah, but the other two…” “I think that’s why I did it,” Tara said. “Especially Kiki’s mom, Cheryl. She was just looking at me, smiling, and when I let go I could tell she was pleased.” “Tell us more!” Jennifer said. Tara and I laughed at her childlike eagerness. “Well, they all watched me soak my panties and let it dribble down my legs and Lara said, ‘Yep, she’s one of us.’ And we all had a good laugh at that until Cheryl led us inside. It was a nice house, but I smiled when the first thing I noticed was dark furniture, a couch and loveseat obviously vinyl, and dark carpet. Cheryl told me I could take my wet panties off if I wanted and she could wash them, or I could leave them on. I slid them off and was surprised when she just grabbed them like they were her own and walked down the hallway. ‘Make yourself at home,’ Kiki said and pointed to the furniture. “I sat on the couch at the far left end and Danielle sat in the middle next to me with Lara to her right. Kiki sat in the recliner, leaving the empty loveseat for Cheryl. We started talking and reminiscing about our days on the swim team, about how Danielle and I had lucked into becoming roommates in college, about Kiki going to beauty school. Pretty soon Cheryl was back with drinks and food. She had some wine coolers and a tray of cheese and crackers and some vegetables. She sat them on the coffee table and took her place on the loveseat. We munched and talked some more, and I looked over and saw Cheryl sitting up in her seat. ‘Excuse me, girls,’ she said, and we watched her as she unsnapped her jeans, pulled them and her panties down, and sat back into the loveseat. A few seconds later we could hear a hissing sound as she started peeing right into her seat. I watched it dribble out of her and sort of swirl around at her crotch, because the couch was vinyl so it wasn’t going to absorb or anything, but she just sat there and kept pissing, making her puddle bigger until it started dripping over the front and onto the carpet.” “Okay, I’m going to, OHhhhh!” Jennifer screamed, and sure enough a loud, splashing torrent of warm pee flowed out of her and soaked the couch cushion under her. She gasped and scooted back, still blasting the cushion with a steady stream that sprayed her thighs and the couch. I was not surprised when she reached her hand down and touched her vagina, not caring that she was still peeing all over her fingers. I could feel some of it splashing on my bare legs, and I could not help but feel my own pussy getting wet. Tara did not continue talking but was also watching Jennifer. To our surprise, she stood up and came over to Jennifer. Without hesitation, she knelt down right between Jennifer’s knees and allowed her warm pee to spray all over her breasts. Then her lips were on Jennifer’s, who did not stop her and who was still peeing against Tara’s stomach now. I couldn’t help myself any longer and sat back, spread my legs, and started rubbing my clit. Tara saw me and stood up, her breasts and tummy dripping with shiny pee. We all three seemed to be caught up in the mood of her story and everything that had happened so far. “Let me help you with that,” she said. She stepped closer and I watched as she spread her pussy lips. “Keep rubbing,” she said. I obeyed and she sighed as her warm pee squirted out and splashed first my legs and then up to my vagina. I couldn’t hold back a scream as I rubbed harder, feeling her hot stream against my clit and dripping down between my legs. I could see Jennifer kneeling beside me now, with one hand buried between her legs and another reaching out to caress Tara’s ass. When Tara’s flow finally stopped, she knelt down on the floor in front of me. “Let’s masturbate each other,” she said. I took my hand away and looked at Jennifer, who also took her own hand away and scooted closer to me. I reached over and placed my hand between Jennifer’s legs. She did the same for Tara, who already had her hand caressing my vagina. “I have to pee again,” I said. “Go ahead,” Tara said, but she did not stop rubbing. I threw my head back in ecstasy as I let go. The combined feeling of my warm pee dribbling out of me and Tara’s fingers slipping in and out of my vagina and around my clitoris was enough to bring my orgasm hard and fast. I started panting and could hear Jennifer moaning and breathing more heavily. I opened my eyes and looked at Tara, who was still kneeling on the floor, eyes closed and head thrown back as Jennifer rubbed harder and faster. Tara moaned and I could see a clear dribble of pee flowing out of her, all over Jennifer’s and, and to the carpet. This must have set her off because she rubbed me harder, and I gasped and started rubbing Jennifer harder, until my climax came and I threw my head back again, screaming and moaning. Jennifer and Tara joined me. I slumped back into the couch, panting as the last dribbles of my pee warmed the couch again. Tara lay on me, her head on my breasts, and Jennifer slumped onto my right shoulder. “And the night still isn’t over yet,” Tara said. "I need to finish my story."
  13. Girls Night 3

    You guys are killing me. Lol.
  14. Girls Night 3

    Thank you. Hoping you have more Cindy Yella chapters to come, as well. :-) Thank you. Yes, there are more on the way. Might write the next chapter this weekend.
  15. Girls Night 3

    After our wetting experience was over, we all three looked at each other, smiling but also realizing nothing would be the same between us. Tara was the first to break the quiet moment. “More drinks?” she asked. Jennifer and I agreed and Tara reached behind the bar and took out some glasses, a bag of ice, some strawberries, a lime, and the bottle of Bacardi. She took all of this to the blender and was soon making us all daiquiris. She handed mine to me and then Jennifer’s and took her own and walked to the other couch across from us. I took a sip and right away tasted the rum. “Strong,” I said, laughing. Tara just smiled her now-familiar wicked smile. “Okay, so I have to know,” Jennifer said. “How long has this been going on?” “What?” Tara asked. “You know what,” Jennifer said. I took another sip of my drink and laughed. “Out with it,” Jennifer said. “Fine,” Tara said, sighing and taking a sip of her drink. “It started when I was in college. I lived in the dorms, and my roommate was a party girl. I didn’t mind, though, because she never partied in the room, and I met a lot of cute guys through her when I joined her at a few parties. But she came back smashed a lot, like almost every night. There was one night she came in and tried to be quiet, but she made a lot of noise struggling to get up into her bunk. I watched her in the darkness but didn’t say anything to let on that I was awake. She eventually gave up trying to climb the ladder and just stood next to our beds. I heard her curse, and then she said, ‘I don’t really want to stumble all the way out there.’ “I had no clue what she was talking about, assuming she was just really drunk, but I kept watching her. She sighed and walked over to the corner of our dorm room. It was a little tougher to see her in the dark corner, but a few seconds after she stepped over there I heard a soft hissing sound. I tried and tried to figure out what it might be, and every time my brain came back to the same thing. She was peeing on our dorm room floor. I finally had to say something.” “’Uhh, Danielle, what are you doing?’ I asked. She gasped, but she didn’t seem to move from her spot in the corner, and the sound continued. ‘I’m really sorry, Tara. I just really had to pee, and I’m too drunk to make it out to the bathroom. I’ll clean it up in the morning, I swear.’ All I could think to say in return was, ‘Umm…okay.’ I was also amazed that she continued to pee a full hissing stream even while talking to me. ‘Thank you,’ she said. ‘I really had to go. Ohh, that feels much better.’ I still couldn’t see very well, but the sounds of her pleasure and relief were unmistakable. Speaking of relief…” Tara sat up and spread her legs. She sighed and a steady stream of urine sprayed from between her bare pussy and soaked the couch cushion under her. She took another sip of her drink as she continued to warm her seat with a hot gush of pee. “Mmm, that’s nice,” she said. “Anyway, back to the story,” she continued, still peeing. “Danielle finally stopped peeing, and I really didn’t know what to say. She walked back over and grabbed her covers and pillow from the top bunk and threw them onto the floor next to our bunks. I noticed she was naked from the waist down. ‘Thank you,’ she said. ‘I understand if you’re grossed out and you want a new roommate, but I had to go.’ I told her it was okay, that it happens sometimes, and she then asked me if I’ve ever been caught short like that. I told her I had, and she pried further until I told her about an accident after work when we were really busy, and we locked up after closing, and I realized too late that I hadn’t used the bathroom. I didn’t make it home, but had to pull off and still ended up wetting my work uniform. Luckily, no one was up when I got home and I changed and showered.” I heard a hissing sound next to me and looked over to see Jennifer licking her lips and sighing. She was sitting normally, though, but the sound and her expressions of relief made it obvious what she was doing. Tara just smiled and continued her story. “So as I’m telling this, I notice movement under Danielle’s covers. She kind of has her legs apart and I gasp when I realize she’s touching herself. ‘Are you masturbating?’ I asked. ‘I am,’ she said. ‘Alcohol makes me randy as hell.’ I laughed. ‘And so does peeing.’ ‘Peeing makes you horny?’ I asked. I was more confused than bothered by it. ‘Well, not like any peeing. It’s not like I get off every time I go to the bathroom. But, like…what I just did…and like in your story…I get off on peeing places I shouldn’t.’ I honestly didn’t know what to say, but I could hear her still rubbing herself like it didn’t even matter that I was right there. And to be honest, I felt kind of horny, too, just from hearing her sighs of pleasure.” I moved in my seat, feeling the pressure in my bladder grow, but I wasn’t ready to release it yet. Tara and Jennifer both looked at me, probably expecting something. “Sorry,” I said, “not yet.” They both laughed. “Anyway, she kept rubbing herself, and in spite of how awkward this whole thing was I found myself reaching under my covers and slipping a finger between my panties to rub myself, too, but being as quiet and subtle as I could. It didn’t matter, though, because Danielle wasn’t subtle at all. Her sighs had become moans and gasps, and I could see her silhouette in the dark room squirming and writhing. She was really into it. ‘Oh my god,’ she said, ‘I’m gonna come. Ohhh!’ She moved and bucked and gasped and then stretched out on the floor and sighed as her climax ended. The sounds of her pleasure and the feel of my fingers stroking my clitoris sent me into my own orgasm, and I bit my lip to keep from screaming, too.” “Wow,” Jennifer said. “Oh, that’s not even the end,” Tara said. As I was coming down, Danielle said, ‘Oh, I always have to pee after I come. Ah, what the hell.’ And I kid you not, she just sighed and I heard her warm pee dribbling as she just laid there and let it out. ‘Sorry,’ she said again. ‘I really will clean it up in the morning.’ I told her it was no big deal, but then I realized I also had to go.” I finally felt the pressure growing enough that I needed relief, so I sat up in my seat, put my legs under me and spread them slightly. I sighed and let my pee go in a steady dribble that splashed against the couch cushion. I sat back and relaxed as I felt some of it absorb into the cushion under me, warming my bottom, and some of it continued to splash and dribble all over my butt, vagina and thighs. “Nice,” Tara said and smiled at me. “Anyway, I knew I needed to pee, too, now, so I had this debate in my head. Do I get up and make the trip down the hall to the bathroom? Thinking that was the sensible thing to do, I sat up and started to get out of bed. Danielle asked where I was going, and I told her. ‘Seriously?’ she said. ‘I just peed on our dorm room floor…twice. You don’t have to walk out there if you don’t want.’ I sat still, wondering if she was serious. ‘For real, Tara. This might be the only time you don’t have to walk all the way down the hall just to pee.’ I laughed. ‘Well what do you want me to do, pee on the floor, too?’ I asked. ‘Do whatever you want,’ she said. ‘Just go over in the corner like I did.’ I couldn’t believe this was happening, but it was kind of thrilling, too. I wanted to, but it seemed so wrong. ‘You really don’t mind?’ I asked. She laughed. ‘No, I don’t mind.’ I heard hissing next to me again and looked to see Jennifer smiling and biting her lip as she warmed the cushion under her again. “Ohhh, god,” she said as the hissing grew louder and I could see a puddle forming under her before soaking slowly into the cushion. “Feel good?” Tara asked. Jennifer just nodded. “So, I got up from my bed and walked over to the corner of the room. I felt the wet carpet on my feet and giggled, surprised that I wasn’t more grossed out that I had just stepped in my roommate’s pee. But by now I knew I would be adding to it anyway. I felt the pressure growing, so I stood still and waited until I knew I couldn’t hold it any longer. I knew I wanted to try just standing there and going through my panties like Danielle had done, but at first nothing would come out. ‘Just close your eyes,’ Danielle said, ‘and imagine you’re in the bathroom, on the toilet, about to go.’ I did as she said, and still nothing. ‘Have you ever peed in the shower?’ she asked. I said yes, that I had, lots of times. ‘Picture that, then,’ she said. I closed my eyes and imagined I was standing in the shower. I could feel my pee getting close, so I reached down and pulled my panties aside. Within a few seconds, a small dribble started and I gasped when it came out. Danielle laughed. ‘Feels good, doesn’t it?’ All I could do was mumble as the dribble became a steady flow that trickled down my legs and splashed to the floor. Not caring anymore, I brought my legs together and sighed as I just emptied my bladder into my panties and let it run down my legs. I gasped again, and I must have had another small orgasm because my knees got weak and I thought I was going to collapse with pleasure. When I finished, I slipped my soaked panties off, left them in the floor, and crawled back into bed. I could hear more dribbling coming from Danielle. ‘Sorry,’ she said, ‘had to go some more.’ I laughed. “Two more times that night I heard dribbling and hissing coming from Danielle. And when the alarm woke us up the next morning, she looked up at me and smiled as she emptied her morning bladder right there where she lay. The carpet under her was soaked. I smiled and sat up at the foot of my bed, facing the corner where we had peed the night before. I could see the dark wet spots from where we had peed there. I had to pee, too, but instead of getting up and walking to the corner I just hung my legs over the edge of the bed and scooted my bare bottom out then let it go. That was the beginning of a friendship that messed me up forever. We scrubbed the dorm floors, but after that Danielle and I looked for opportunities to pee other places: the library, lounges, at parties, and sometimes we would sneak off and masturbate. That was how it started.” Jennifer and I both applauded, and Tara leaned forward into a small bow. When she sat back up, she smiled and sighed and we could see a puddle forming under her again. “And now I’ve messed you two up,” she said. We all laughed.