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  1. Long Running French Blog

    http://pausepipi.canalblog.com/ This has a lot of good posts... can any1 can find "Le Kama-Sutra Ondiniste"?
  2. Wet Carpet magazine

    Hey everyone, I found this place after doing some searching about a situation that happened to me recently. My parents got divorced and my Mom remarried... to another Mom. Which is fine, I have no problem with that. I however, ended up with a new older step-sister. Things have been a little strange between us; she seems to treat me like someone she is babysitting. I am not that much younger than her and she is in college, so you kind of see what I mean when I say odd. The thing that happened just recently though has really altered our interactions... and I can't seem to read her anymore. I guess let me explain first and then it will make more sense. Since it is winter right now and close to Christmas, it has been snowing recently. My Moms told me to go shovel the walk, I'm getting ready when she comes by and says, "Hang on squirt I'll come help too." She gets a jacket and wraps a scarf around my face and helps me with my gloves before doing the same. We head out to the garage and grab the shovels and get to work. It's fairly slow going, the snow is heavy and there is a layer of ice on the concrete so we have to scrap and chip it loose. We’d been working maybe a half-hour when she stops and turns to me, "I don't know about you, but I could use a warm drink." I replied, "Nah, I'm not cold but I really need to pee." "Well if we take a break now, well never get done." She stares at me for a few seconds, then does this fake laugh and starts to work again. Not even a minute later, still shoveling snow she says, "So are we going to do this or what?" I stop and look at her puzzled. She grabs my shovel and tosses both on the walk, grabs my arm and pulls me to the side of the house. She drops to her knees and starts to unbuckle my pants, grabs my dick and pops it out and then as she lets go of it says, " Just aim right, I don't want to get soaked that'll just make me colder... AHHHH~" and opens her mouth with her tongue out. Thank goodness I really had to go; I think the super cold actually helped. My stream shot out and splashed her, so she wrapped her mouth around the head of my dick and swallowed all of it. My whole reservoir drained, I finished with a few spurts and squeezed my dick out of habit even though she sucked the last drops out on her own. "Thanks, that has me all toasty in my core now. I guess I'll do something for you too." This of course turned out to be a BJ. It was really nice, her mouth was super warm and I came in her mouth in no time. "Wow that was a BIG HOT load too. I could feel the warmth sliding down my throat and that was almost as much as you pissed. Alright, back to work!" She bounces up and just goes right back to the walk and grabs a shovel. I get myself together and head back over and we finish with nothing else said. So, now she's been the same babysitter sort of person, but like everything she says is an innuendo now. I'm not talking subtle either... some of them are pretty obvious; quite a few about drinking me dry again. I don't know if it was a one-time thing or if I should ask or what to do. I mean she is cute in that mousey sister way, unless she's getting dressed up, then she can look stunning. I do like her boobs; they are just the right size... a little too big for her frame. Ack!! What am I saying...? I said I found this place because I was searching, I didn't know people actually drank pee. I'm not naive, just never occurred to me, but clearly she knows about it and has no problems doing it. I'm not going to ask for advice, because I don't think I'll get any here... but if somebody has some send it my way.
  3. Wet Carpet magazine

    Hey, I figured you folks might be able to help me... I did a BUNCH of searching and this was only place that even seemed close to the issue I have, which is kinda sad. Small bit of background, my sister and I live basically alone. Nothing tragic (except our lives... that'll make sense in a minute), our parents both travel for their jobs and have a large house. I moved back in about a year ago after I graduated college and since I can't find anything but part-time employment, I freeload a bit as well as clean and watch the place. My sister just graduated too and has been back home about a month or so for the same reason. Now we get to the actually problem I need help with, my sister sorta has the girl version of “Morning Wood.” I really don't know any other way to describe it, so I'll just tell you what happened. About two week ago we both got up and stumbled blearily into the bathroom we share in the house. I took one look in the mirror and had to start fixing my hair, in the meantime my sister drops trough and plops her butt on the toilet on the other side of the room. It is a big open space with the large walk-in shower and oversized bath next to each other, the toilet is next to the shower and the sink is near the bath. Not sure if any of that made sense, but moving on. I'm still fussing with my hair when I feel something wet on my back. I turn around to find my sister dozed off on the throne, her knees spread, and her rump sinking into the basin, so her vag was in full glory sorta out and upward, and the wet thing hitting me in the chest now was her piss. Thank god I sleep in just a seamless thong, because if I had gotten anything soaked with pee I would have been furious. I immediately yelled, "WHAT THE FUCK!!??!" That of course startled her... spraying more pee all over me, the floor, the bath, etc... Needless to say I made her clean all of it herself while I took a shower. So here's the thing though, there's a good 6 to 7 feet between the toilet and the sink and her pee was hitting me square in the tits and I'm a bit tall at 6'3". Before she moved out for college she never did this, I know she's always had a forceful stream... but come on? Seriously, she was asleep when she did it, so it's not like she was pushing or anything. The reason I said it was like girl "Morning Wood" is I know guys that have to deal with wild streams when the wake up with a hard-on, but I didn't think girls had deal with that. HELL, I DONT. Can someone shed some light on this for me? I started keeping a bucket near the sink just in case... since it has been a semi-regular occurrence now. Last time was this morning and her aim was off so it went full force into the mirror on the wall. I grabbed the bucket and just held it there to catch the flow. I think next time I am going to line up the bucket to catch it and walk across the room filling it up as I go and just dump it back on her. It would serve her right for falling asleep on the john anyway. Anything y'all can tell me would be appreciated, as I said this was the only place I found that MIGHT have an answer. XD
  4. Wet Carpet magazine

    Sorry for the late reply... I just now saw all the posts. I'm not going to shun the praise like I usually do, because this isn't about me this time. I'd never the intention of hi-jacking this thread and for a long time I questioned whether or not to even post in it at all. I know this was your idea and you have filled so many pages with those ideas, that you have every right to take a step back, breathe, and brainstorm. I'll say for this thread to stay "humble" as it were, we needed stories that were somewhat similarly repetitive. It added the aire of believably to the stories, seeing 1 person try a simple act that another was already comfortable doing. They might not be the most interesting reads in the thread, but they help the other stories stand out too. So, take your time and find your creativity again. Post less frequently, the thread has a life its own at this point. I'll post as often as I always have and we'll just have to watch and see how things go.
  5. Warning Firefox Quantum Bowser

    I just looked and I'm running ESR, so I likely have nothing to worry about for a while.
  6. Wet Carpet magazine

    Hey Again Everyone! It is Margo Astra back with more good stuff to share. These just happpened today and I am typing this on my phone in the hotel on WiFi, so if there is grammar or spelling issue... please understand. ON. MY. PHONE. :1_grinning So, as I said these were both today and I wanted to make sure I got you all the details while they were still fresh in my mind. I was hanging out with the naughty pee girls Lauren and her sister Laura at the hotel for another trade show. I was off hours so to speak, as I was hired only part time for the booth I was working. Now on to what you want to hear, actually context first right? Lauren had a video she found online of an elevator trick. Im sure you have seen them, the button codes that are supposed to put it in express mode? Well her video actually showed both normal operation and override scenarios. We made sure to test it, we dropped Laura on a floor and ran all the way to the lobby. Lauren entered the code and texted Laura to call the elevator from her floor. So heres the thing, it WORKS! The only difference was that the elevator stopped on Laura's floor but the doors would not open. We tried the door open button and Laura actually knocked on the doors from outside and then the elevator went on and delivered us to our chosen floor. So now you can kinda guess what we had in mind. A private carpeted elevator that we knew would not open (YES, we were going to pee in it). We would only have 1 attempt and we were going to try and cover every inch of carpet. The cabin had fully cover floor and up to the railing with carpet. Now as I have said previously, this whole peeing where you are not supposed to is not really a thing for me, but I was on-board here for he the challenge. Besides, the carpet in hotel elevators is made to handle the wet from pool patrons. Our first try was thwarted though. We got in at the lobby, put in the code, and just as the doors closed a couple stopped them closing and joined us. They got off at their floor and the elevator run us to the top. This was actually beneficial, because we timed it for an approximation. We figured out the full ride would be just about 2:30 (two minutes: thirty seconds), so we knew we were all good. None of us pee more than 40 seconds, even (long-distance) Lauren. When we hit the top floor, we had already started prepping. Pants unbuttoned, thumbs in hemlines, you get the idea. Lauren hit the door close and entered the code for lockout and then the lobby. Laura and I were already half naked before the cabin started moving. I squatted in the middle and did surprisingly well in cover the corner (just about 1/4 of the floor). Since we were going for coverage we did not want puddles, which meant I had to work on controlling my flow. It was difficult, but I think I am going to continue working on it. If I get good enough I could pee anywhere and stop then leave or change places quickly. Laura was in a opposite corner and I was shocked to see she had covered half the floor and half way up one wall in the same time it took me to do my (tiny by comparison) area. Lauren was the real showoff, she stood and literally sidestepped along each wall, swaying her hips and drenching everything from the railing to the floor. When that was totally covered, she stopped in my corner and finished the floor off from across the area. That girl can go and she even had enough left to spot check areas. By floor three we were all dressed again and stand in the middle of very squelchy floor. We hit the lobby and dashed for hallway to conference area and disappeared in the crowd. However there's one more story to tell. The site that Lauren had used to watch the video had a code calculator for card keys. It seems that an employee for the security company that produced the keys leaked the way they are encoded and that the keys will almost always work for at least two rooms at the same time in the same building. Someone else took that info and created a web plugin that allowed you to enter your room number and output the other room you could enter. There were several comments saying the plugin was not perfect, it was often off by rounding errors and might be the room next to or across from the number it gave. We tested that too with their card and the comments were right, but we got in a room. Before the door even closed Lauren had kicked off her shoes in the bathroom and was shedding her jeans, Laura was pulling the desk chair down the hall and sitting in front of the now closed door, before getting out of her jeans too. I looked around the room to make sure no one was actually staying there and it was all clear. Real quick though, this was an average room. When you step in the bathroom was first on the left, then the closet, and the room proper from there, desk by the TV and this was a queen single. Now, the girls had wanted to show me a trick they had been working on and you sort of have the set-up already. Lauren was sitting with legs spread on the toilet with the seat down, one foot on the bath and the other on the counter. Laura had her naked butt planted on the desk chair with her heels on the edge of the seat. They were talking about coordination for a few seconds, basically making sure Laura was ready to go. I stood by the desk and looked down at Laura. Lauren started her release and from the toilet was dowsing the wall of the room. So all the way across the distance of the bathroom AND hall and still with a enough force to splash back higher than the desk. Laura started and her stream shot forward and climbed in height passing through her sister's until it hit max distance. SO, here is what you have... one stream blasting through the open door and impacting the wall, while a second stream makes a graceful arch OVER the first and soaking into the carpet on the opposite side. One girl peeing over another. ONE. OVER. THE. OTHER!!! It was the most impressive skill display I had ever seen. It didnt last very long, but it was super cool. I wanted in the fun, but I was empty, so I told them we would have to do it again sometime when I could join. They agreed of course, I would love to figure out how to get a picture (or video) of that though, because it will be THREE streams vertically next time. Not sure when I will get to write again. Trade shows have been pretty slim this year and I am getting some more modeling work but not enough really. I am taking some classes for school again and my time is not as free as it used to be... Anyway, that is enough depressing stuff for now. Hopefully I'll be back with another incident real soon.
  7. Wet Carpet magazine

    Alright, so I am doing this. My sister promised something and expected me to deliver on it again... We likely should not have been here to begin with, if you add our ages together (since we ARE triplets) we might be old enough. ANYWAY, I am supposed to fill in the last part of the trilogy for you so you can stop wondering about it. As my youngest sister told you we all urinated under the bed and in the water mattress. I am supposed to tell you about "Hide and [Take a] Leak" not "'Hide and Go Pee'", she always gets the name wrong. So yes, after things wound down at the reception, our Mother was helping clean-up and suggested we entertain ourselves for a bit longer before we left. The rules are pretty basic, but slightly different that regular Hide and Seek: All players split up and find a spot to release (only one spot per player). Once you finish you return to Home. If you return home first, you can try to catch another player in the act. If you are not first, you must wait for all players to return. Now you as a team head out and look for the wet patches. Once you find one you have to guess who made it, if you are right, that person is out. If you get it wrong, then you are out. There are more advanced rules, but for just three players you get the idea. You can get back in and you can still win if you were out, but I am not explaining all that for now. Since I have better control over my flow, I can start and stop whenever I want, so I let out enough and then always go hunting for my older younger sister with the bigger bladder. Once a round has ended, the loser has to wet themselves. If they cannot, the winner gets to do it for them. So we played a few rounds and when everything was done, I was the only one with dry pants. I should not say this, because I know the two of them will read it, but I have a secret way to win. When we split up, I find a spot that will soak up or not show my puddle. This is usually a drawer with clothes (I like to pee on bras, especially when they are still being worn), or things on hangers. The pocket of a coat holds liquid surprisingly well. Since I win most rounds, I get to pee all over my younger sisters, and that is a great feeling. Standing with my slit exposed and raining pee all over their crotch, it is a good feeling of power and dominance (and I often get licked dry). Well at any rate, that is all you will get from me. I fulfilled my obligation to this ridiculous endeavour. My middle sister might write here again, but I doubt you will see me around. I do hope you enjoyed our escapades though and some of the other folks here have expanded my ideas for future fun, but for now... So Long and Goodbye.
  8. Wet Carpet magazine

    Sooo... my sister told me I was supposed to talk about us peeing. Since I'm the youngest, I usually do what I'm told... most the time. You know about the stuff we did at the wedding in the kitchen, so I won't go over that again, but I do want to say that I love destroying things with pee. I just got a little tingly thinking about someone eating that ice cream. :) ;) If I can pee on it, I want to, and if I can't, I want to figure out how I can. Anyway, we were at the reception and drinking a bit more than we should to... uhhh, refill(??) and we kept trying to trade out our sparkling apple juice with the champagne, except we had plastic wine glasses and they were in the real deal. We did manage to mix some in with a couple glasses, but not the whole cup. We only wanted it because we knew it would make us have to pee faster. That worked with enough of what we could steal. Then we sorta wandered off with no one looking into another section of the house, not a huge place, but big enough to disappear down a hall and into a room... with a waterbed. Older sis, not middle sis (from last time), is really smart. She spends her free time looking at all kinds of random web stuff. She went to the corner of the bed and found the plug to add extra water. So we took turns adding our water to the bed. It really was a three girl job, two to hold and one to pee, who had to work on aiming. We were giggling the whole time about "peeing in bed" and I just got another tingle thinking about my cousin and her wife having sex on our pee and wondering how long it will be before it gets drained and replaced. Of course we couldn't be gone long, so we crept back to the party and started the routine over again. It was a bit easier to drink this time; we were downing soda and water at this point, since they had put out the buffet. In no time we were full again, thanks to the "break the seal" situation. We also had a better chance to sneak off too; people were sitting together and chatting, so when we walked by with plates and cups they thought we were just going to find a place to munch. We did find a place, it was another empty bedroom and we were going to eat, but we were just going to be relieving ourselves while we did it. Now middle sis told you we could pee all at the time and this is when we did it. The room was set up with the bed perpendicular to the door, so you could not see the far side of it. We put our plates down over there and squatted down after getting half naked. The bed had a long cover on it, so we threw it up and over our knees and let it drape down to our waists. That meant we couldn't see ourselves going, but neither could anyone else. We waited until all three of us were steady and comfortable and then we counted down, older sis: three, middle sis: two, me: one. You could just hear all three streams patter into the carpet under the bed. We swished and swayed a bit and I pushed really hard and saw the cover flutter on the other side of the bed just a little, so I know I shot far enough to hit it. I can do a bit farther than my sisters if I really want to try. Since we all knew when we were about to be empty, we lifted to see our damage and pushed our butts out so we could soak the cover over our legs. We watched the material darken from the top with our urine squirting into it from underneath. Then it was used to wipe of course. Okay, middle sis says that's all I'm supposed to tell you. Except that we also played "Hide and Go Pee," but I think older sis is supposed to tell you about that if you do the same as last time. She says as long as we get close to the same response, older sis will be back to talk some more about our fun times. I really like talking to you all, let me know you like talking to me tooooo~ :)
  9. Wet Carpet magazine

    I'll be honest, for what she was doing... low chance of harm. Assume the system was off, after it all dried out... no damage done.
  10. Wet Carpet magazine

    Hey, so my sisters and I have been into pee play for quite some time. We actually got started really young, because we are triplets. We actually figured out our streams and arc are almost exactly alike too, so we would do things like squat facing each other and start going at the same time, the two opposing streams would arch up and hit splashing all over the place and making us giggle. The other thing's we can pretty much synchronize when we start. So if we want to, all three of us can count down and pee in unison. I have an advantage though; my bladder's bigger so I get to pee even after my sisters run dry. I'm writing, because we did something fun at our third cousin's wedding. She was getting married to her girlfriend and extended family got invited. During the service, we ducked out saying we needed to pee. Our Mom knows we often have to go at the same time, so nothing surprising there. We got out in the hall and ducked around a corner the opposite direction of the bathrooms and found a kitchen, since this was rental space for parties. There was no one there, we were doing food after the service. My youngest sister (came out last...), took her panties off under her dress and went immediately to the fridge. She opened both doors because it was side by side and then hopped her butt onto the counter across from it. With a little bit of shuffling she got her dress situated and started shooting her spent urine all over the contents of both sides. My other sister helped by opening containers and moving fruit around. There was a 3 gallon package of ice cream that got a little melty, well-watered down, and eventually refrozen. I went next and decided the stove needed a good washing. Since my younger sister had just finished wiping (with my other sister's tongue LOL), she came over and helped me up to the counter. I stood all the way up to take down my pants and undies, and popped a squat next to the cook-top. I peed over most of it before she lit a gas burner and then I got to extinguish it. We repeated it with all 4 and I was able to put out the whole flame ring on each. We made sure the gas was off when we were done playing I was still quite full though, so I tensed up and blocked my hole with a finger, hopped off, and opened oven door. I can just barely pee standing if I have something to lean against, so my sister helped me out. I was able to douse the inside really well with her directing my piss. She wiped me with her hand and licked her fingers clean. However, that was when we noticed our older sister had disappeared. We looked around, but my younger sister actually heard the hiss of our sister’s flow through a door at the back of the kitchen. As it turns out there was a second entrance to an office at the back. She had completely removed her shoes and pants (she goes commando) and was on this big desk launching pee all over the flat screen monitor and keyboard/mouse. We both came over and she, with our help to balance, turned to face the chair without stopping. I said I had an idea, so we moved the chair being careful not to get in the flow. Then my sister and I lifted our peeing sister off the desk and walked her around the room to spray anything we wanted like a squirt gun. We drenched a shelf of awards, a sofa, there was a suit jacket on a hall tree that got rained over, we carried her back to the desk and made a small lake that turned into a water fall as it dripped over the edge, and finally we just let the rest go on the carpet. We set her on her feet and she got dressed, before we headed back to our seats. Mom asked why it took so long and we said the toilet only had two stalls (that is true, we checked) and we were all clear. There was more, but that happened at the reception. If you are interested in hearing about us doing a simultaneous pee, just give this post some love. I think I'll let one my sisters write it, but only IF we get enough feedback. ;P
  11. Library piss

    At this point the info in most encyclopedia text is outdated, especially depending on the year of printing. I have worked at two different library (1 more than a decade ago) and the opinion was they were wasted shelf space if they were more than 5 years old. Even then they were considering digitizing and scrapping the originals in favor of books with more up-to-date info and the digitizing was for archival purposes only.
  12. New Story: Initiation

    Sorry I know I'm bumping 1 of my own threads back to the top and it's... fairly old. I'd commissioned some1 to do a picture of the Djinn from the story. I thought some of you might like to see it even if this was from months ago. Sorry again.
  13. Library piss

    Sounds good to me, just tell her to make sure it's on garbage books. Don't have her ruin good stuff... (Seriously, I would even say encyclopedias count as garbage though.) What kinda cost are you looking at?
  14. Tried to write a joke...

    Well, I said it needs work. I have had people ask me about the javelina too. I figured the three little pigs was mostly universal, there are still some that don't know the classic classics...