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  1. Girls Night 3

    Wow, I really, really, long to hear the adventures of the young Tara and her roommate Danielle!
  2. The Jellyfish Sting

    Oh... I agree it is fun to have two characters with really close names (like Selena and Serena here), but it's unfortunately a terrible mistake. It makes it much much harder for the reader to remember which is which. I really, really, advise you to edit your story and change of the character name.
  3. Cindy Yella

    Oh that's an excellent spin! The only criticism I have is that the "pure of heart" description by the godmother doesn't seem to match the vengeful behavior of Cindy; I think that since we are talking about fairies it would have been better to spin Cindy's behaviors as pranks, rather than revenge.
  4. looking for a story

    You're in luck, I just re-read this story yesterday! (Great minds think alike I guess) The story is by PrivateWiddle in the WetCarpet magazine thread... over at peesearch. Definitely a great read :)
  5. Chloe - Part One

    Hum... Is there any reason this is named "Chloe"?
  6. Pee Vandalism with Katie - Job 1

    This is terribly naughty, how appropriate! If I may make a tiny recommendation: please post each subsequent chapter as a separate thread, it makes it easier to find them later on :)
  7. We're back! (Please Read)

    Hi Admin, thanks for being back! --- Brainstorming about the videos section, I wonder if it would be possible to "offload" the material (and hassle) to a video sharing site. Of course, it's always possible to post videos on such sites and then link to them; however this makes "starring" and commenting a bit more difficult. On the other hand, many video sharing sites have an "embeddable" UI of sort, so I think it should be possible to tell posters to: Upload their video on a specific site (I like eroshare, at least for viewing, since it's ads-less), Post the URL to the videos section And then have the videos section display the posts (complete with author, description, preview, comment section, ...), but having the video being streamed from the video sharing site instead. I would be much more lightweight in terms of bandwidth of course, and also probably in legal terms, since all the hosting would be done by a 3rd party.
  8. Neighbors Part 1

    Nice introduction. Given her upbringing I am looking forward to her "adventures". If I may give a piece of advice: please post each part in a dedicated thread, so that it doesn't end up burried in the comments.
  9. Bedtime Fable

    I was somehow thinking of Maggie_555 recounting this story to her daughters...
  10. Leaky_One's stories

    I second Vassal. It's a treasure! I've been wanting to read the sequel for years!
  11. Wet Carpet magazine

    > 'Bathroom's out, use the stairs' Ah! Made my day!
  12. Behind closed curtains: chapter 1

    Wow, that's a nice story. I'm looking forward to the next chapter! As for the cleanup, I imagine a moderator can step in and remove the less "liked" ones :)
  13. Aliyah's Story Part 6

    Oh! I really want to hear that one then, because while Rose's pee is pretty tame after all, Aliyah's were both risky and hot!
  14. The girl who loved to pee

    I must admit it was not too arousing, probably because the "exciting" scenes are a bit too spaced out for that and maybe not that detailed... ... but it was a very sweet story, and I liked it a lot. I am very glad I got to read it.
  15. The Rugby Girls

    Oh take your time Alfresco! You have an excellent setup here, so it would be a shame to rush it and give away everything in just a couple sentences then be left with nothing to tell. I much prefer that you pace yourself and take the time to develop each situation to its fullest, I think it's much more enjoyable this way.