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  1. Pee shyness

    I already have on various parts of the forum
  2. Best place/event for pee sightings?

    I reckon music festivals and carnivals are the best bet if the videos on the internet are anything to go by. Personally I haven't had any chances to go sighting at these types of events (I live in hope for an excuse to visit one). My own sightings are mainly limited to girls peeing near nightclubs and bars either whilst waiting to get in or after they have been turfed out at the end of the night. If there is a queue to get in, there is a good chance at least a couple of girls will leave the queue to pee. Once the bar is closed, there will be girls needing to pee before going home - especially if they have been to a fast food place that doesn't have a toilet before going for their taxi.
  3. @ndr1968pz So I am presuming these toilets were multiple cubicles with doors inside a larger room. In which case, the teacher didn't shut or lock the cubicle door? If that was the case, maybe she HAD heard you cleaning the boys and wanted to be discovered. Whether that was the case or not, certainly a great sighting and an experience to be remembered. The fact that she didn't scream, jump up or try to hide herself makes me think that she wasn't worried and may even have liked being discovered in that position.
  4. A Question for the Sightseers

    The secret is to make them feel comfortable. i.e. first of all don't make it obvious that you are looking. A passing glance whilst you walk by is better than standing there staring! Secondly, have a reason for being there - often if you walk past, say sorry or excuse me and tell them you had the same idea or say that you are there for the same reason and then go and stand behind a bin or by a wall or something and either take a pee yourself or look like you are then they will just think you are peeing and no threat. Another point is to try and look disinterested. Be typing a message on your phone or look like you are otherwise engaged as you wander past. It is best if it looks like you've accidentally discovered them. In that case, they are more likely to be slightly embarrassed and feel that they are in the wrong, in which case, they will probably lower there eyes and cover their face, which actually gives you a chance for a better look. Bear in mind that most of these sightings are where girls are not that well hidden. Often it is a doorway, an alley, behind a bin or between cars, so it is not inconceivable that someone would walk past. They are not hidden in a private place. Sometimes the girl(s) will make a comment such as "Sorry, I was desperate", in which case, it seems natural to respond, so that does give you a little chance to come back with "Don't worry", "Not a problem" or (particularly if pee is obviously cascading across the pavement in front of you) "Looks like you needed it". They will often laugh in that case and it gives you a few seconds to enjoy the view - but previous comments still apply; don't overstay the few seconds required for the natural response, don't stop and stare and don't do anything that would make them uncomfortable. The other one is sometimes you can be sure a girl is going to pee, so you are tempted to follow her. However, only do so at a very discrete distance and again feign a lack of interest in her movements. Look the other way and let your peripheral vision tell you where she has gone to relieve herself. You can then follow once she is clear and chances are you'll go round the corner and find her squatting. If you don't, ah well, you've missed that one. However, if you make it obvious that you are following her then she won't pee and/or she will likely start shouting abuse at you for following her. Far better to lose a few sightings than to upset people. Remember that the more people upset girls peeing, the less likely they are to be willing to pee outdoors again in the future. You need to accept that very few sightings are going to be full on views of the whole episode of peeing and that often you may not see anything other than a bit of pee pooling on the ground. Sometimes you'll be lucky and get a view of well lit, fully exposed girl with a nice jet totally visible. Sometimes you will have a shadowed view of a figure crouched down in a corner, with her actions hidden by clothing, the object behind which she is hiding and the lack of lights. Take them all for what they are and don't be disappointed. Sometimes you can be out for hours and see nothing. Sometimes you'll see several sightings in a short space of time. It is just the way it goes. Going back to your original question - I would say the vast majority don't care - they are so desperate or drunk, they just get on with it. Maybe 10% would try and finish early, jump up and hide what they were doing. Another 10% might make some comment telling you not to look or to go away and maybe 20% might look embarrassed, say they are sorry and hide their faces. The percentage that get upset would be much higher if they thought I was trying to look rather than just accidentally discovering them.
  5. Piss drinking mixers

    I prefer to let my lady do the mixing. i.e. her pee tastes great neat if she has drunk lots of rose wine and lemonade.
  6. Yellow Ribbons and other 'tells'

    The other problem with a secret symbol is that people who don't know what it is are likely to ask what it signifies. A ribbon or bracelet like are mentioned above are common symbols for various charities or awareness events, so it would be natural to ask about it if someone didn't know. Far more realistic would be some kind of pin that anyone who didn't know would just think it was a decorative badge or broach but people in the know would recognise it. I wouldn't wear it all the time, but there could be times that it would make sense to wear it. It could be something like a Peacock - a very innocent symbol which is decorative, but the name peacock does have a link - or it could be something totally unconnected as long as it is not something that is already in common use. It would need to be a new design and only for sale via sites such as these otherwise it could be embarrassing if you struck up a conversation with someone who happened to be wearing a badge just because they liked it.
  7. Several experiences of this. There are certainly many toilets that I've been to that have notices to say that the facility could be cleaned by male or female cleaners. I know that the same applies to female toilets. Much as it might be considered a slight intrusion for a male cleaner to be cleaning a female toilet - they are not going to see anything as everything happens behind closed doors in the cubicle. They may well hear (and enjoy hearing) the women pee, but they are not going to see women exposed. Ladies cleaning the gents however is a completely different matter - the cleaner can clearly see the men at the urinals. Sometimes this would only be from the back and they can't see much, but there are circumstances that the cleaner could see dicks and balls. Personally, I don't have a problem with it and would actually go out of my way to try and be in the toilet at the same time as the cleaner. This has happened to me several times - see further below. Most usually, in the smaller facilities, the cleaner will knock before entering and on receiving no reply will peek in and only actually enter if there is nobody in the room. However, I've been in several places where there are more extensive toilets and the cleaner comes in without knocking and gets on with cleaning whilst the men are going about their business. Now, if the cleaner is already in the room, a new man entering the facility can see her presence and choose to go into a cubicle., but those people who are already at the urinals don't get that choice. Some examples that stick in my mind: A toilet at Legoland, Windsor. The arrangement was that there were several cubicles up one end, then several urinals, then a door which looked like a cleaners cupboard or something. I was stood at the urinal next to the cleaners cupboard when the door opened and a twenty something attractive girl emerged with a cleaning trolley. Turned out that it wasn't just a cupboard, but a service corridor, so she appeared right next to the urinal whilst I was in full flow. I didn't cut the flow or anything, but must have looked slightly surprised to see her appear right next to me. She didn't say anything but smiled an apology. I smiled back. She glanced down at my peeing dick and then looked back and smiled again as she walked on past to go and start cleaning. I noticed that she started by the sinks she was looking in the mirrors to see the action at the urinals. Several other guys came in whilst she was cleaning the sinks. Most had no hesitation in using the urinals whilst she was there, but a few went into the cubicles. I have used that same urinal several times since, hoping to be caught again, but never managed to get the right timing. Unfortunately, they have now changed the toilet usage and that male toilet area has been converted to baby change. Of course, there are still male toilets with female cleaners, but I don't think any of the other ones have that style service corridor. Another time was St James Park in London. I went into a toilet and there was a woman, probably in her 40s, mopping the floor. There were several men at the urinals and the two cubicles were occupied with another couple of men waiting for them. I went straight to one of the spare urinals and started peeing. She kept mopping the floor and actually progressed to mopping next the urinals, basically almost mopping around the feet of people stood there using them! The other one that was memorable was in a motorway services. This was quite a bit toilet area with two alcoves each having several urinals down each side. Normally what happens (or at least what I've noticed) is that if one area of urinals is being cleaned, the cleaner puts a barrier across the end directing newcomers to use the other urinal area. The cleaner then goes off and cleans sinks or something, then goes back to clean the urinal area when it is empty. However, this time, a female cleaner around 30 years old was in there cleaning sinks when I arrived. None of the urinal areas were closed off, so I went in for a pee as usual. There were about 6 urinals down each side and 3 other people peeing in that area. I thought she may go past the end of the alcove in her cleaning duties, so I took up a place on one of the first urinals so that I wasn't hidden at all. As it turned out, it wouldn't have made a difference as she came straight into the areas and started cleaning urinals, regardless of the fact that four men were peeing around her. As I was using the first urinal, she couldn't clean that immediately so she went to the second urinal, which was obviously right next to me. She cleaned the urinal whilst no more than a few feet from me and she had a clear view of my peeing dick. I was nearly finished by then, but I let the last bit out and gave a good shake before tucking my dick away and zipping up. She definitely had a good look. I then went to the sinks and washed my hands. I noted that she moved down the line cleaning the other urinals and had no qualms about cleaning right next to other guys either. One thing that might be worth noting if you want to get caught by a cleaner is that some toilets have those boards which say the toilets are inspected every 90 minutes or whatever and then have a display showing how many minutes until the next inspection is due. You can use this to your advantage in terms or working out when there is a good chance of a cleaner being in there.
  8. Pee shyness

    I don't generally have a problem, but the strange thing for me is that I'm more likely to be pee shy when stood at a urinal next to another man (even though that is the correct and accepted place to pee) that I would be if I was peeing outside in an alley way with people (male and female) walking by.
  9. Peeing at home living with parents

    My sister and I used to sometimes play house - often setting up a den in her bedroom creating "rooms" by using furniture and sheets. We used to pretend to cook in the "kitchen" area and play games in the "living area" We created a "bathroom" area which was the area between the foot of her bed and the wall. Both my sister and I peed on the carpet in this area if we needed to pee during our games. Another one was that we didn't have toilet downstairs, but we had stairs that went up half a flight had a middle landing and then another half flight going back the other way. This meant that under the stairs was a storage area (with door) that was reasonably extensive and turned a corner at the back. I set up an old metal biscuit tin in there which meant that we could pee go in there and pee in the tin rather than traipsing upstairs. I know - it wasn't far to go upstairs, but far enough! That was fine and I emptied it when necessary - never leaving it more than a day or so. I used to extract the tin and deposit the contents out of the front door (which was opposite the door to under the stairs). One day I peed in the tin, then got on with things and went back for another pee later on only to find that the tin was empty(!). Turned out that the tin had finally rusted and developed pin holes and my earlier pee had gradually seeped out into the carpet below! I threw that tin away and replaced it with a "new" one, but just let the pee in the carpet dry of its own accord. I also had bunk beds that were slightly away from the wall and had just enough room to get down behind them. I used to sleep on the top bunk and the bottom bunk was just spare in case we had visitors. One night I was busting for a pee but someone was in the bathroom for ages. So I got an old pair of trousers and put them on the floor down the gap, climbed in there and peed on them. I was going to stick them in the washing machine next day, but for whatever reason I didn't. So, next night when I needed to pee, I just used the shorts again. Unfortunately, my mum changed the beds next day and found them. She gave me grief, but I just told her I was desperate and couldn't get in the bathroom.
  10. Peeing in the shower

    Depends on the circumstances. I voted "standing up" as that is my usual position, but the actual peeing varies. If I really need to pee before I get in the shower then I sometimes open the shower cubicle door and pee into the shower tray from outside before I get ready and get in the shower. If I am in the bathroom alone then I often aim my pee up the side of the glass panels and watch the pee cascading down the glass and into the shower tray. Sometimes I will aim my pee upwards onto to my chest and enjoy feeling it run all over me before I shower off. Sometimes I simply let me pee go whilst I am showering and it just goes wherever it feels like - I I stand still and don't aim anything then it often seems to fall on my left foot. If my wife is in the bathroom (but not in the shower), I tend to just let it fall to the shower tray without making a big deal of it. She will sometimes notice but doesn't usually say anything. If my wife is in the shower with me, I will usually aim it to the floor near her feet. She doesn't want to be peed all over (shame), but I do sometimes "accidentally" pee on her legs and she doesn't seem to mind that. My wife also regularly pees in the shower. If I am in the bathroom (but not in the shower) she doesn't announce it but I see a yellowing of the water around her feet as she pees down her legs. If I let her know that I've noticed, she just laughs or says something like "whoops" If I am in the shower with her, she will sometimes open her legs and pee, letting me put my hand or leg in the way of the stream. There is one swimming pool that I sometimes (rarely actually) go to, where the showers are open communal showers between the changing rooms and the pool. Male and females shower together but always with their costumes on. I sometimes pee through my swimming shorts whilst stood next to a lady. I quite enjoy that. I always try and spot the women peeing, but it is difficult to tell as I think they pee when they are covered in soap and it is difficult to detect amongst the water and suds. A couple of times though, I have seen a woman washing herself, then stand dead still for about 30 seconds with her legs slightly apart. The water seems to change to a slightly yellow shade, then she carries on with her washing.
  11. Oldest pee sources you can remember?

    Stu & Ivan's was probably one of my first pee site discoveries. There was also a site freecams.da.ru, which featured various camera feeds - one or two of them were in toilets, which I liked.
  12. Making work interesting

    I have pee fun at work quite regularly. I spend 90% of my working time at home and maybe 10% or around 2 working days a month out on the road. When I'm working at home, I often have peeing videos or forums open on my personal computer next to my work computer. I drink a lot and if I'm on long conference calls, I regularly pee in glasses or mugs or my bin so that I can pee without leaving the call. Sometimes I decide to sit on a towel and pee into the towel. I love doing that while I'm on a call with people and they don't have a clue that I'm doing it. I did it this morning on a call with several other companies. When I'm out visiting sites for work, I always take tea and water with me in the car and I always make a point of peeing somewhere outside before I arrive at whatever site I'm attending. Often the other people I'm meeting arrive on the site and their first question is "Where's the toilet?". I wonder if they have noticed that I never ask that unless I'm there for several hours. Usually I manage to pee before arrival and then after departure.
  13. When did you last watch anyone piss?

    I see my wife pee on the toilet pretty much every day, so the last time for me was this morning before she went to work. Neither of us shut the door when peeing. However, because she sits on the toilet, I never see the peeing - just hear it. Last time I saw someone other than my wife peeing was when I had a night out in Exeter about a month ago. I posted the details on the site. I saw several girls peeing outside near a night club,
  14. Opposite Sex's Rest Rooms

    I remember being in a remote Scottish town with a male and a female friend. We all needed the toilet and approached the block. My male friend and I headed into the gents and the girl headed for the ladies. Suitably relieved, we came back out of the gents and the girl had a worried look on her face. Turned out that the ladies was locked. I told her to use the gents as nobody was in there. My male friend agreed. She thanked us very much and dashed into the gents, slamming the cubicle door. I went and stood in the doorway to the toilet to "stand guard" and I heard a heard the rustling of clothes followed by a downpour of pee hitting the porcelain and the water accompanied by a sigh of relief. Her pee went on for ages and then stopped followed by a few short bursts before I heard the toilet roll dispenser rattling and then the flush and a rustling of clothes. She came out of the cubicle looking much relieved and I said to her that it sounded like she really needed that. She laughed and said that yes she did and she would have pissed outside if she couldn't have used the gents. One half of me regretted letting her in the toilet as I would have enjoyed seeing her peeing outside, but then again I did get to see her peeing outside on other occasions, so hearing her blast the toilet was equally fun. I have also been in female toilets a few times. One time was the reverse of the above - a public toilet had the male toilets closed "due to vandalism" so I thought that this was a great time to visit the ladies with a plausible excuse should anyone catch me. I waited around for a while until I reckoned there was nobody in the ladies - I'd witnessed a couple of ladies go in and come out, so unless someone was in there a long time then it was likely to be empty. I went into a cubicle and closed the door. I was happily peeing away when I heard the door open and the click clack across the tiles of a woman's high heels. She then shut the door, rustled her clothes and started a delicate tinkling pee. By this time I had finished, so I stayed in the cubicle and enjoyed listening to her. After flushing, she opened the door and then headed over to the sinks to wash her hands. I was then trapped as I couldn't very well leave whilst she was there. Meanwhile I heard another lady enter the facilities and take up residence in the cubicle next to mine. There was less clothing rustle and a very rapid but thunderous pee. I thought that she must have been wearing a skirt that she hitched up and peed hovering at a height. As she finished up, I escaped before she flushed. I loitered outside and a couple of minutes later, she emerged, so I could see that it was a woman in her thirties who was indeed wearing a skirt. Shortly after that, a man and a woman went together to the toilets. The man saw that the gents was locked. The woman looked into the ladies, saw it was clear and invited the man into the ladies. He was a bit dubious but he did go in with her. A few minutes later, the lady poked her head out of the door, looked around to check the coast was clear and then called to the man that it was safe to come out.
  15. Best Places to see Peeing

    Definitely near bars or clubs on a Friday or Saturday night.
  16. Pissing porn. Who pays for it?

    I don't currently subscribe to any dedicated pee sites. However, in the past I have had short term subscriptions to various sites over the years: I loved Rebekah Dee's Needapee.com. I also enjoyed Pisshunters.com and sneakypee.com WDgirls I enjoyed - although it was focused mainly on getting girls drunk, that naturally led to peeing and a lot of it was either public or indoors, which was great. I was with this site for a while, but eventually decided to save some money and let it drop. Czechav.com has some definite merits - they have a wide variety of sections of various types, but includes a series of girls in a toilet but also has other areas like amateurs, garden parties, prostitutes, etc., many of which have some peeing in them.
  17. For me, definitely the ability to pee a large volume on demand. Too many times I have emptied my bladder and then want to be able to pee again, but can't because I have to wait for my bladder to refill.
  18. Why do you like to see peeing?

    For me, it all started when I was much younger and used to catch girls peeing outside when we were as groups away from our houses and didn't want to go back just to pee. I was fascinated by the difference between the male and female anatomy and catching a girl peeing was the time when I got to see that. Later on, when I was at university I caught a woman peeing on the pavement by the side of a road and the image is still etched in my mind. Throughout university I saw other girls peeing outside and really enjoyed it. I was fascinated by the different peeing styles and the way the flow varied from girl to girl and pee to pee. Now, this has developed to be mainly focused on girls peeing where our culture says they shouldn't pee. I love the idea of a girl not caring about peeing outside or even better inside a structure such as bus shelter, a phone box or a building. It is a very complex attraction. Some girls are peeing out of necessity and really don't want to be peeing in these places. They will hold on as long as they possibly can in the hope of finding a toilet. Others don't give a shit and pee in public because they need to pee. Yet others deliberately make a point of peeing in a "naughty" location. That is particularly hot. Sometimes girls pee in naughty places not because they want to be naughty, but because they are desperate to pee and it gives them more cover than peeing outside in the gutter or on the grass. They would make less mess and less damage if they peed on the grass, but they are exposing themselves. However, if they go and pee in a phone box, bus shelter or car park stairwell, they preserve their privacy and so the pee being deposited in that location is of minor consequence to them. Still other girls wouldn't dream of peeing in view, but would sooner wet themselves. If that is because they enjoy it then great, but for those who wet themselves and don't enjoy it, but are embarrassed by it, I find it difficult to see why they would wet themselves rather than exposing themselves. I get that they really don't want to be exposed and will fight the possibility until it is too late, but surely it is better to bare your butt and pee outside, even if people see you - it will be over in 30 seconds and you move on whereas peeing in your clothes means that you are wet for the rest of the evening and many more people know what you have done. The psychology behind different attitudes to peeing is fascinating and I just love it. If I could do a university psychology study on it then I would love to! As to what turns me on the most - it is definitely about peeing in naughty or unacceptable places. I can watch a grainy CCTV video that shows a girl squatting in an elevator or alleyway with a puddle growing beneath her but no visible genitals or pee stream and that can turn me on more than a clearly posed explicit video of pee emerging from a woman into a toilet or even a bath. There is definitely something about voyeuristic videos or even better, actual sightings where the girls tried to get a bit of a quiet spot to pee and didn't realise they were being watched.
  19. Where would you see me pee?

    @spywareonya I've only just come across this thread today, but what a thread! I love the idea of you peeing in all those naughty places and thank you for the pics which definitely show your beauty.
  20. Goodbye

    @spywareonya, I think you've made a very interesting contribution to the forums and it would be sad to lose you. Like @ndr1968pz, I tend to agree that a lot of what you have discussed is way over my head, but it does give food for thought. As for getting "likes" and feedback, it is an unfortunate fact of forums like these and any other come to that - there will always be lurkers who read without commenting. There will be many who read and don't like/love or otherwise rate a post. It doesn't mean the post isn't appreciated. I have written stories that have had many hundreds of views, but only a handful of likes and next to no comments. But I don't write to get likes. I write because I want to write and because I want others to enjoy reading. I agree that it is often disappointing that people don't like or post comments, but it is down to individuals. I agree with you that if people commented more and showed feedback more then it would definitely encourage more writers. The other thing to say is that I probably haven't commented/liked on a lot of your material because I don't spend much time in the areas of the forums in which you have posted - I didn't even realise that you had posted most of your accounts in the "Pee Talk" section until today. However, I'll be sure to look them up. If you decide to stay with us then that is great, but if you move on to other things then I wish you well and hope you may drop by again in the future.
  21. Welcome to Kaymala

    Fantastic story and great idea. I love the way that you write and definitely look forward to reading more.
  22. The Holiday Pt 4: In The Morning

    This is an excellent series. The casual exposure and entertainment for the older guy was a nice touch. Certainly looking forward to what happens in town.
  23. I was walking in the woods and came across an abandoned toilet. No idea why it was there. Would appear that someone dumped it - except, it was a fair distance from any road. Anyway, I thought it was an opportunity not to be missed, so I peed in it. It felt good to pee in a toilet but totally in the open air. Of course, I couldn't flush though! Unfortunately, I had to cut it short as a bloke walking his dog appeared on the adjacent path. Another day, I was in a hotel and saw someone had left a dirty plate on a window sill in the corridor. I was wearing a coat, so I slipped my cock out of my jeans under the cover of the coat, then walked up to the window and pretended to look out of the window whilst I was peeing into the bowl. I didn't completely empty my bladder, but left a nice bit of pee in the bowl. You can see in the pics the position of the window and the bowl and then the bowl after adding pee sauce to the dish.
  24. Cindy Yella

    Warning, reading this story may seriously affect your ability to view a certain pantomime in the same way ever again. It is also a little lengthy. Chapter 1 – background Cindy Yella was the 18 year old beautiful daughter of Baron Hardup of Hardup Hall; a country estate in a beautiful wooded part of the world. Cindy’s mum had died young and the Baron had re-married to Esmeralda, who had two daughters; Gertrude (21) and Grizella (19). Esmeralda was herself beautiful and had entrapped the Baron with her good looks and charms, however, once they were married and the Baron went away on long business trips, she showed her true colours and turned against Cindy, who she thought was a threat to her own daughters. Cindy was forced to do all the work around the large house, lived in cellar where the kitchen and scullery were located and only came out to do chores for her stepmother and stepsisters. Whilst in the cellar, she found that she could keep herself to herself and nobody bothered her. She liked it that way. Chapter 2 - The lazy ladies One evening in winter, Gertrude and Grizella were relaxing in the drawing room with their mother, sitting by the fire. They had been drinking copious amounts of wine and were a little worse for wear. Esmeralda had been feeling her bladder getting fuller for sometime but was reluctant to get up and leave the fireplace to go to the cold toilet room and release the building pressure. She finally had to go and stood up to leave. She moaned to her daughters about how inconvenient it was that they had to leave the nice warm fireplace just to pee. Then she said something that surprised the girls: “Do you know, I have half a mind to pee here, but I don’t have a chamber pot.” Then after a pause, “What does it matter, that lazy Cindy can clean it up, she doesn’t do anything” Esmeralda walked over to the corner of the room to the r get of the fire and lifted her copious skirts as she squatted down. Within a couple of seconds a splashing and pattering could be heard as her overfilled bladder released its pent up contents onto the bare stone floor as the girls looked on gobsmacked. “What are you looking at?” Quizzed Esmeralda. “You have seen me pee enough times before!” “Yes, maybe in the woods or in the chamber pot, but never on the floor” exclaimed Grizella. “What’s the difference? It can be mopped up. Cindy can deal with it later” “Well, that does make sense. I was about to go and pee myself. So, ..... would it be ok to follow your lead?” “Well of course. Two puddles are not much harder to clear than one. Do carry on.” By this time, Esmeralda’ jet was dwindling and the puddle was spreading out from under her skirts. She gave a quick bounce and stood up, allowing her full skirts and petticoats to fall back into place. Any stray drips being adsorbed by the petticoats as she sat back into her comfy chair. Grizella, was getting a little excited about the prospect of making the usual ordeal of peeing so much simpler. She stood and headed to the corner to the left of the fire where she followed her mother’s example and squatted above the waiting stone floor. “Oh that’s disgusting” exclaimed Gertrude. “You can’t pee there”. “Why not? Mother just did and we have been drinking a lot, so it is not like it is going to smell much or anything”. Grizella opened her flood gates. She lifted the front of her skirt and Gertrude could see her sister’s muff spraying a fan of pee in front of her, splashing down onto the waiting stone and also splashing her legs. “There you go”, said Esmeralda. “That’s so much better isn’t it.” Grizella sighed with relief “I don’t know why we haven’t done this before!” As she finished, she stood and held her skirt up a little as she walked away from the scene of her pee before letting her skirts fall back into place. “Well I am not stooping to your level” said Gertrude. As she stood and left the room, walked down the draughty corridor and squeezed herself and voluminous dress into the small chamber room, where she fought with her dress to lift everything high enough to sit on the toilet. Well, toilet may be a grand term for the contraption. All it was really was a wooden box with a hole cut in the top. The hall had been built to incorporate the device in an overhang which was over the outside walls and bodily excretia dropped to a stream below to be swept away from the hall. The icy drafts blew up from below and caused Gertrude some discomfort as she relieved herself, her own stream falling unhindered from the toilet and blowing away in the wind. The wind was strong, so most of it ended up being blown against the outer walls of the hall and adding to the streaks already present from years of use. When she finished, she straightened herself as best as possible in the confined space and returned to the drawing room. She saw her mother and sister enjoying another glass of wine and was slightly jealous that they hadn’t had to go through her ordeal. “Be a love and ring the bell, Gerty” her mother requested. Gertrude obediently pulled the cord which rang the servants bell in the cellar. Shortly after, Cindy appeared. “Yes m’lady” “Fetch us some more wine and you may need a bucket and mop - we’ve had a little spillage” Esmeralda said as she indicated the two puddles either side of the fireplace. As the evening wore on, the sisters and their mother became more drunk. They finally decided to head for bed, but they all needed to pee again. Esmeralda had no hesitation in backing up to the fireplace, lifting her skirt and peeing from a high squat onto the fire to quench it for the night. She did a good job with a high volume pee impacting the embers and instantly creating clouds of steam. Grizella repeated her performance of earlier, but this time she squatted directly in front of the chair as she was heading to bed, so the puddle wouldn’t cause her any issues. The uneven floor caused much of her pee to run backwards under the chair, where it would no doubt dry before being cleared up. Gertrude decided that if this was now accepted, she wasn’t going to repeat the trauma of going to the freezing chamber room, so she slid forward on her chair, bunched her skirts up behind her and after a bit of nervous pause, managed to release her bladder. Her nerves an uncertainty meant that she peed slowly and a fair bit of her pee ran down her bum cheeks to the front of the chair, the onwards down the upholstered front of the chair to the floor. The other two hadn’t realised what she was doing until she relaxed a bit and her stream increased, leaving her body with a distinctive hiss. Soon she was peeing a forceful stream directly onto the floor. “There you go” commented Esmeralda, “that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Secretly, Gertrude was actually enjoying her new found freedom and felt a tingling down there which she might just have to attend to in the privacy of her bedroom. They left the mess and retired for the evening, knowing that Cindy would be up before them and would clear up before it would cause them any issue in the morning. Chapter 3 - Cindy’s revenge Over the next few weeks, Cindy kept finding puddles around the place and dutifully cleared up as was expected, but she quietly resented the additional work and wished she could have the same freedom. She knew she couldn’t pee and leave it as she would be scolded, but she found that she could exact revenge in other subtle ways. On Tuesday, it was laundry day. Cindy dutifully collected the ladies’ clothes from their bedroom and brought them to the scullery. She knew she would not be disturbed as nobody else came down there. After Cindy had washed the clothes, she laid some of the girls’ best dresses on the floor and stood over them. She lifted her ragged dress and squatted down, releasing her own washing fluid onto the dresses. She took great pleasure in moving her body around to spray as much of the dresses as possible until they were well and truly soaked. She then left them to air dry before returning them to their owners with a faint, barely detectable odour. When she next saw the girls wearing the dresses, it gave her great pleasure to know that they were wearing her pee. Cindy was also finding it to be a pain to go upstairs from the cellar kitchen to the draughty toilet for a pee, so she started taking a leaf from her stepsisters book and finding other options - but ones where she wouldn’t need to clear up. The most common one was the scullery sink. Sometimes there would be pots and pans in the sink waiting to be washed, but that didn’t worry her. She would pull up her rags, reverse up to the sink and let fly all over the pots. After all, it helped to give them a pre-soak. Over time, Cindy resented her stepsisters more and more. She had a wicked idea and decided to pee a bit in their broth. Just a little at first. They didn’t notice. So next time it was a bit more. Still they didn’t complain. She upped the anti and started regularly peeing in the water that was used to cook vegetables, add her own flavour to soups and stews and even sometimes she would take a goblet of wine for herself and top up the bottle by holding it to her muff and releasing her bladder into it. As long as she served that bottle of wine once they were already drunk, they didn’t seem to notice. Chapter 4 - A walk in the woods Cindy had to go out in the woods to collect firewood. She had been out for a couple of hours when she felt the need to relieve herself. She was no stranger to peeing outside as she often ended up staying out for hours just to avoid her annoying stepmother and stepsisters. There was rarely anyone around these parts of the woods, so she didn’t worry too much about hiding herself. She simply squatted down where she was, lifted her ragged dress, exposing her naked bottom to the elements and released her bladder onto the mossy carpet of the woodland floor. However, on this particular occasion, just as she had assumed the position it happened that Prince Charming was out riding his horse and rounded a bend in the path to be greeted by the sight of Cindy’s beautiful derrière in the distance. He was mesmerised and quietly rode a bit nearer. Cindy didn’t notice as she was facing the other way. The Prince silently enjoyed the vision unfolding before him with Cindy’s pale cheeks on show and a glistening stream falling gently and almost silently to the springy moss below her. As the Prince was captivated by the beautiful sight, his horse whinnied. Cindy was startled, jumped up and turned to see the the well dressed gentleman and was mortified that he had caught her in full flow. She curtsied an apology and fled into the thick woods. The prince called after her to stop, but she knew the woods too well and was quickly gone. Over the next few days, the Prince couldn’t get the vision out of his mind and he was determined to meet this girl again, but How could he do that. He didn’t know her name or where she lived. He rode around that area over the next few days but didn’t see her anywhere. Then he came up with the idea of throwing a ball and inviting every lady in the area. Chapter 5 - The invitations Cindy was sweeping the hallway when the great door bell rang. She went to answer it and was greeted by a well dressed man who said he was representing Prince Charming. She showed him in to the Drawing room where Grizella, Gertrude and Esmeralda were sitting having morning coffee. The Prince’s aide announced the Prince’s decree that all ladies should attend a ball that Saturday evening and provided invitations for the four of them. The girls all got very excited, including Cindy, who had never been to a ball or seen the Prince (she didn’t know who it was who had seen her in the woods). No sooner was the Prince’s Aide gone than Grizella turned on Cindy saying “Well don’t think for a minute that you are going! The Prince wouldn’t want to see a scruff like you and you don’t have a dress!” Gertrude continued “And anyway, who is going to stay and clean the house? You will have so much to do that you won’t have the time.” Esmeralda snatched the ticket from Cindy’s hands “This is what your ticket deserves” as she tore it in half and threw it on the floor, then she proceeded to squat over it and pissed a torrent right there in the middle of the room so that the ticket became a soggy mess in a growing puddle. Cindy fled from the room down to the cellar where she slumped in a corner and wept. __________ That's as far as I've got. More to follow shortly.
  25. Wet Carpet magazine

    Dear Wet Carpet Magazine, I'm surprised there are not more letters covering peeing at night clubs - maybe because it is actually quite common and people don't feel the need to write about it because they are just peeing out of necessity. Anyway, I often go clubbing with my two friends Lynne and Michelle. We live in a suburb of a small city in South West England. We are of like mind and if we need to pee, then we pee - we are not shy of peeing in public although we do try to be a bit discrete but we can't see the point in suffering discomfort just because there is no toilet handy. As an example, I'll give you a summary of our antics from last Friday, which is quite typical of a night out for us. We met up at Lynne's house and had a couple of beers whilst we were getting ready. I wore a tight fitting white top and a short black leatherette skirt. Lynne had on a flared blue dress and Michelle had a miniskirt that was almost indecent with a sheer top that left little to the imagination. None of us wore knickers - we have found from experience that they just get in the way. We caught the bus into town about 9pm and were already slightly tipsy. The bumping bus didn't help our filling bladders and as soon as the bus stopped in town we dived into a side street where we all lined up against the wall, squatted down and watered the pavement. Two lads walked past and had to step over our puddles, getting a good view of our pussies as they went by. They certainly weren't offended and they didn't hide the fact that they were having a good look. We joined the queue for the pub and soon were inside where more drinks were consumed. We were enjoying dancing and drinking but of course soon needed to pee again, so we headed to the ladies and being early, there was no queue outside the toilets, but once we got inside, all cubicles were occupied and several other girls were waiting. We didn't fancy waiting, so Lynne and I hopped up on the sink counters and peed in the sinks whilst Michelle hovered over a bin to pee. The girls waiting looked a little surprised, but when we were done and leaving before they had even got into a cubicle, I think they realised that we had the right idea. Next time we needed to pee, the queue for the toilets was out of the door and down the corridor. We all joined the queue, but had no intention of waiting in it. We squatted down and pretended to be checking things out on our phones whilst waiting for the queue to move, but of course this allowed mine and Michelle's skirt and Lynne's dress to hang out of the way whilst our pussies were just inches from the floor. My skirt was slightly less obliging than the others as it was not loose enough to hang completely out of the way. First Michelle, then myself and finally Lynne all started to pee whilst we were there in the queue. The area was dimly lit and the music was of course very loud, so nobody realised what we were doing. Michelle and Lynne peed directly into the carpet, but my pee was directed at the back of my skirt, from where it ran down the inside of the skirt to the floor. Being leatherette, it didn't show anything on the outside. When we were finished, we all stood up and left the queue with Michelle saying quite loudly "I'm not waiting in that queue". The girl behind us said "You'll lose your place!" but I replied - "It's OK we don't need to pee any more", which got a round of laughs from the other two as we walked away. I expect the girls behind us worked out what we meant when they shuffled forward to take our place and felt the carpet being squishy under foot. More dancing, more drinking, then we had a rest on one of the leather sofas which we were lucky had just been vacated. It was in a corner with a gap between the left hand end and the wall. At the other end, there was another small gap and then another sofa. Of course we needed to pee again by now. Michelle perched on the arm of the sofa, with her feet on the sofa cushion and her pussy just clear of edge as she was leaning on the wall. She let loose with her pee, that fell to the carpet in the gap between the sofa and the wall. She then slid down off the arm and onto the seat, wiping her pussy on the sofa arm as she went. Lynne was sat in the middle of the two seat sofa, with her skirt carefully pulled out from under her. She reached underneath herself and pulled the cushions slightly apart before proceeding to pee forcefully into the gap between the cushions. I was sat at the other end of the sofa from Michelle and I just peed where I was. My leatherette skirt acted as a barrier between me and the sofa and as the sofa was low, my knees were higher than my bum, so my pee pooled inside my skirt, warmly caressing my bum. When I had finished, I was left sat in a puddle of my own pee, which wasn't going anywhere. I waited until nobody was obviously looking our way, then I slid to the front of the sofa and raised my bum. The pool of pee flooded out of the skirt and formed a waterfall to the carpet for just a few seconds. I stood up and walked about for a minute to allow most of the residue to run out and fall to the floor. Soon it was time to go home. Of course, there was a queue for the taxi rank and the cold air combined with the latest round of drinks had an effect of our bladders so we all took it in turns to nip into the nearby car park stairwell for a pee whilst the others kept our place in the queue. On this particular evening, we managed to get home without further event, but I will just say that there have been taxis in the past that have been left with wet puddles on the floor or upholstery, although I wouldn't like to say how it happened!!! Happy Clubbing Julie