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  1. she is so yummy, she can use my tongue to clean her pussy
  2. Thanks for joining my new pee club

  3. This is for the girls who have thought about being pee'd on by a group of guys http://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/Thirsty-German-slut-in-wet-action
  4. I just logged in again, really sad to hear this, I do not claim to know him all that well but did read a lot of his stuff here, seemed like a really nice guy RIP Kevin you will be missed
  5. Lickher2

    Stress Relief

    Um, . . . with 2 girls I would have thought you'd lick enough pussy to never be stressed
  6. Lickher2

    So.....gun control

    Please note, that I was not trying to change the post, just to add a comment . . . . this didn't turn out as I expected, appologies if it appeared that way, it was not the intent. I was not actually aware,until now that you could change someone else's post
  7. Lickher2

    So.....gun control

    Not sure there is much to decide I think it is all pretty much basic logic, we are all born with rights . . . . weather the sleazall system, and/or dodgy bankster controlled politicians agree or not . . . and I certainly would not trust them to decide for me, . . . I just think it is time the mass populace stood up against the corrupt system Quote from Ballard . . . "It may not be easy, convenient or politically correct to stand for truth and right, but it is the right thing to do - always"
  8. Lickher2

    So.....gun control

    this is true . . . the sleazall system. . . er legal system has a lot to answer for . . . . . the RIGHT to self defence is a right not a privilege . . . . if we lived in a democracy we could have proper home defence/no retreat laws
  9. Lickher2

    So.....gun control

    In my whole life I have never met an Anti-Gun Nut who could sustain an argument for very long the only form of "Gun Control" we need is a straight eye and a steady hand
  10. Lickher2

    So.....gun control

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_Arthur_massacre_(Australia) . . . this is so far from the truth it would be laughable . . . if it wasn't so serious
  11. Lickher2

    So.....gun control

    Ha ha . . . excellent . . . . . in the Bodyguard game we've had these for decades
  12. Lickher2

    Conspiracy Reality

    For those in the uk . . . . . Richard Gage (Founder & CEO AE911truth) and Dr Niels Harrit (Eminent Researcher) will be making presentations to Fire Engineers (03May) & Fire Prevention Officers (04 May) . . . . there is also a public presentation at the Bloomsbury Conference in London, Saturday 07 May In the US they will be presenting Resolution 16-3 to the AIA National Conference . . . . . . . . . . the Truth is out there . . . . . and too big to hide any longer ae911truth will shortly pass 3000 members
  13. Lickher2

    Conspiracy Reality

    NEWSFLASH . . . . . just in . . . . . the 28 pages of the congressional investigation into 911 that have been suppressed for the last 14years might be about to be de-classified
  14. Lickher2

    Conspiracy Reality