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  1. Pee shyness

    That sounds great let's do it.
  2. Pee shyness

    I like to get naked and stand over the toilet and take a long pee after holding it in.
  3. Pee shyness

    I love a full bladder and then letting it go. Nice thick hot steam coming letting it go. You
  4. Pee shyness

    Ya that good to do.
  5. Pee shyness

    Having a full bladder makes me horny too. Letting it go I love the feeling letting it go. It's a lot of fun holding it and take a long pee
  6. Pee shyness

    I think its just the fact you have to relax your bladder. Not use to going in public. For me after holding it so long and needing to go so bad its crazy I cant get it to come out of me. Bladder mussels are so tight from holding it. For me its better to just go in a stall and let it go. I dont like guys looking at my go.
  7. I always knock too on the ladies room door. When I used to clean them. I have banged on the door hard too before going into ladies room. I had it when I was cleaning and I had door open to ladies room and I told her all I had to do was clean the floor. She walked in went into the stall and took a pee. I didnt move out of ladies room. I also had a coworker say when I was cleaning the ladies room I didnt care if I dont move out of the room she had to pee. I used to walk out of ladies room if they needed to go and listen to them pee. Some women pee loud and fast in the stalls. Some women asked can I use this ? I always shocked the way they pee.
  8. Pee shyness

    That sounds like a good idea.
  9. Pee shyness

    I dont like crowd too when I go to the rest rooms. I like no one in there. I like hear myself pee. I like hearing the pee hit the toilet letting it go.
  10. Pee shyness

    At least people on here know and understand where I am coming from. I can be bursting and cant go. I go in stalls most the time when I am in public. I have to fish out my dick sometimes too. I have a bladder that not weak and can hold it takes longer to release it out of me. Takes me a few to get it started and I dont like guys looking at me gets me scared. \ I like the sound of the pee hitting the water in toilet in the stall too.
  11. You lucky to hear a teacher pee that way. I love to hear her go then. I used to clean ladies room at work I had a lady come up to me and say can I use this. I walked out and listen to her go. She was a young women at the time. I love hearing older women pee too. Women make different sounds then men at peeing. You are lucky she didnt get mad at you watching her pee. You have some good stories too.
  12. Funny how it works with cleaning rest rooms. You are a lucky man to have this happen to you and nice stories here. Wired how women dont care if men go in there and use them. I love to pee with women in mens room and pee with a women. Take them into mens room if desperation.
  13. Peeing in the shower

    I would like to get peeing in the shower with a women seeing it. I hope one day this comes true to me. Seeing my hot stream come out of me. I love taking long pees in shower.
  14. Peeing in the shower

    Ya I like letting it go in the shower. I tell them I had to go bad and cant wait to go.
  15. Pee shyness

    I get pee shy a lot and it sucks. I try to stand and relax my bladder. Crazy how bad I have to go and cant let it go out of me. Hurts from holding it and cant let it go. I once went two minute long pee and still needing to go hurt from holding it in. Then I went a hour latter and still had to try to release my bladder and let it go.
  16. Peeing in the shower

    I pee in the shower a lot of the time. I drink lots of water during the day and need to go a lot. I stand and let it go in the shower. A nice hot thick stream coming out of me.
  17. I used to clean rest rooms at work. I leave door open and put trash help keep door open. Lady one time stud by door. I say finish moping the floor. She went in stall and took a pee. I didn't walk out and heard it all. Another time I had a coworker walk in when I was cleaning the rest room and say I don't care I'f you don't walk out I have to pee. I didn't walk out and I heard her pee.
  18. Opposite Sex's Rest Rooms

    I have a story like that years ago. I was at my cousin graduation my mom and I had to go at the time bad. Mens room locked and I told my mom she say I can go with her to the ladies room. I took a stall and then my mom took a stall too. I heard her go and other women in the ladies room go. That a very nice story you and you are a luck man to have that happen to you. I love to hear her go and see it too. You are a brave man to walk into ladies room to take a pee in there. Also lucky that you can hear them go too. I would do the same thing too at the time. I would have stay there and listen to them pee too. So hot hearing them go. That interested story too about the mens room locked.
  19. Using Opposite sex restrooms any stories stories on this ? I would like to hear about it tell me.
  20. I miss her here. I want to see and hear her pee videos. I took some long pees and have videos of them. She would like to see them and I like to hers.

  21. hi how are you ?

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      I have not seen you onĀ  here that much.

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      I like your post.

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  22. I would like to hear some stories on the long rest rooms lines you have on here. What did the desperation people do in line ? I want to hear you stories.
  23. hi New Here

    Welcome here to this site. I am into female desperate and holding it in. I like holding it and taking long pees. I can go two minutes long and have a video of it too.
  24. Timing of pissing.

    Keep time the pees. I take long pees morning and at work.
  25. Timing of pissing.

    29 seconds not bad for a average pee. Keep it up. 44 seconds a long pee for most people. Goal should be a minute long or more pee.