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  1. Using Opposite sex restrooms any stories stories on this ? I would like to hear about it tell me.
  2. I would like to hear some stories on the long rest rooms lines you have on here. What did the desperation people do in line ? I want to hear you stories.
  3. hi New Here

    Welcome here to this site. I am into female desperate and holding it in. I like holding it and taking long pees. I can go two minutes long and have a video of it too.
  4. Timing of pissing.

    Keep time the pees. I take long pees morning and at work.
  5. Timing of pissing.

    29 seconds not bad for a average pee. Keep it up. 44 seconds a long pee for most people. Goal should be a minute long or more pee.
  6. Timing of pissing.

    I like to see more people post there pee timing.
  7. Timing of pissing.

    That like my timing of my pee and most people. I hold it more and I have to go more mornings. After drinking coffee water and Oj.
  8. golden globes pee

    Her desperate and take a long pee in that hot. Her wiggle around in that.
  9. golden globes pee

    I saw that the golden globes on tonight. I was thinking how do women pee in those dresses? What happens if they have a long line? Can they make it? Are they hearing other women pee hard and fight over stalls?
  10. golden globes pee

    I love to hear and see her go.
  11. Timing of pissing.

    Nurses pee longer than most people do and hold it more . Most do go 30 or 40 seconds.
  12. Timing of pissing.

    You should time her go. I would.
  13. Timing of pissing.

    Most women pee around that time. I know some that can pee for at least a minute and half or two minute long too. Nurses have some of the biggest bladder I know of.
  14. Good article on interesting. I want to see bursting women.
  15. A guy brought this up yesterday talking to hem about new years eve in NYC. Where do they pee in the street for new years eve ? Drinking all that achoo l and super cool outside. I say good point and I say I dont know. Probably go in the street or some bar. Below is a article about this topic I saw and I though it is interesting post to talk about. I love to see and hear long pee from women desperation squat on the street after drinking. https://lifehacker.com/how-to-survive-the-perils-of-new-years-eve-5871932
  16. Suggestions for me?

    Pee in the street. Pop a squat in the street. Go in a parking lot.
  17. Suggestions for me?

    Pee in a water bottle. Pee in a bath tub. Pee in the sink.
  18. Making work interesting

    Really he takes a long pee outside and she her take a long pee outside. Two minutes long pee.
  19. Making work interesting

    Lucky man to hear and see her go. I like seeing her go too. Nice she allowed you to go too.
  20. Slits...

    Nice pee stream coming out of her pee hole. She has a nice pussy and picture of pee coming out of her.
  21. Slits...

    Nice pictures she has a nice pussy. I want to see and hear her pee.
  22. How long did you pee for yesterday ? How long were you holding it for ? I love to see pee videos from you. I have some new ones.

  23. I would like to welcome you to this site. I have some pee videos and stories too.

  24. The other web site I posted my pee videos eroshare site is down and does not work anymore. The site is die and web site dos not work. If anyone knows of a website where I can post my pee videos let me know. Anyone who wants to see my pee videos let me know. I can pee a very long time here. I can pee around 1.40 mins too. I know some people pee longer too.
  25. Glad to see you back here. I will like talking to you at some point.