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    I love watching movies, TV Reading books, Working out. Going out and having fun. Talking to people. Listen to music in my free time. Watching sports games and go out to watch games. Research things online.

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    Pee desperate long pee and holding it
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    I was in the basement playing beer pong. There were a few ladies and men there. I followed a lady up stairs. She went bathroom shut the door. I heard her pee she went a long time and loud. I love hearing her pee and shocked how long she pee for.
  1. Like to see you sitting on the Toilet and Peeing and Wiping? Have you got a Hairy Vagina?

  2. Suggestions for me?

    Pee in the street. Pop a squat in the street. Go in a parking lot.
  3. Suggestions for me?

    Pee in a water bottle. Pee in a bath tub. Pee in the sink.
  4. Making work interesting

    Really he takes a long pee outside and she her take a long pee outside. Two minutes long pee.
  5. Making work interesting

    Lucky man to hear and see her go. I like seeing her go too. Nice she allowed you to go too.
  6. Slits...

    Nice pee stream coming out of her pee hole. She has a nice pussy and picture of pee coming out of her.
  7. Slits...

    Nice pictures she has a nice pussy. I want to see and hear her pee.
  8. How long did you pee for yesterday ? How long were you holding it for ? I love to see pee videos from you. I have some new ones.

  9. I would like to welcome you to this site. I have some pee videos and stories too.

  10. Glad to see you back here. I will like talking to you at some point. 

  11. I pee in shower all the time. I love sound hitting shower floor. Sometimes I am hard and let it go on the floor.
  12. What is your Skype  I would like to talk to you on there ? 

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    2. pee01


      I just sent you another pee video to your email address. Check your email. Its from a few weeks ago taking a long pee desperation at work.

    3. PeeG59


      I definitely want to skype with you on the weekend of November 10 when I am by myself. I want to do lots of peeing with you, and anything else you want to see as well. I will be putting household objects in my pussy too that weekend! I'd love for you to watch that too if you would like! Soo hot and horny thanks to you! I'll make more videos and send to you!




    4. pee01


      I understand you here. That hot you want to do some pees with you.  I want to see you hover over toilet taking a long pee. I long hearing you moan and sigh when taking a long pee. Anything you want to see from me pee wise let me know. I would to to watch you too. I am horny too watching you pee and looking pussy. You pussy is hot. I am looking forward to seeing your pee videos. I cant wait to sea long pee videos from you.  

  13. Listening to people pee

    I try to aim right middle of the toilet when taking a pee. I will like to talk to women about pee. I enjoy listening to women pee more.
  14. Road Trip Potty

    That's a good point see women use them. Road trip good plan holding it. Being desperate more than 16oz. Over flow a mess pee.
  15. Time your pee

    If you had to time you pee how long normal it takes you to pee ? What is a long pee for ? How long is your longest pee you have done ? How long can your friends pee for ?