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  1. Theman23144

    Help pee

    Are there any guys out there that like when a girl holds there dick while they pee? And any girls that enjoy holding a guys dick while he pees ?
  2. Theman23144

    Where would you see me pee?

    Hi i saw your reply to ny backyard pee topic, i was wondering how you get to pee in your neighbours plants ?
  3. Theman23144

    Backyard peeing

    Or anyone got any good stories about it ?
  4. Theman23144

    Backyard peeing

    I really like waking up and going for a pee in the backyard something about the nice morning air on my willy while peeing is great. Any one else like to pee in the yard in the mornings?
  5. Theman23144


    Hey im new here, keen on talking to people with the same interest in pee that i have
  6. Hi Sophie im new here and i saw you liked outdoor peeing