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    Love wetting, holding, desperation, outdoor peeing, naughty peeing, some diapers, no toilet days/weeks.

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    The naughty factor, the feeling of trying to control it..
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    Too many to choose...

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  1. Curvy_Luscious

    Do girls sniff MENS undies?

    In my experience with two husbands, I never had to sniff them to get an unwanted whiff.
  2. Curvy_Luscious

    pissing on the carpet

    Lovely, guys! Carpet peeing is the ultimate naughty hotness. Nice dicks too.
  3. Curvy_Luscious

    Peeing the bed

    Nope. I made it to the shower where I stood outside the stall and peed into the drain standing. Nice long one.
  4. Curvy_Luscious

    Peeing the bed

    Not time to get up... Bladder is probably 5 cups. I would love to just relax..... And soak my sheets. But alas, not on this morning.
  5. Curvy_Luscious

    Girls,what about mens bits?

    I love men and all their bits. Love seeing penises large, small... balls tight, hangy... man asses... Love.
  6. I have had a few spontaneous orgasms. See g something hot (peeing or desperation) when I wasn't expecting it. Otherwise clit stimulation, though other things can speed up my climax.
  7. Curvy_Luscious

    Look at her watching

    I would stop and openly gawk.
  8. Curvy_Luscious

    This is about to get interesting

    Wish I had a friend with a pee fetish who would pop over when he was in the neighborhood.
  9. Curvy_Luscious

    Asst Amateur Male Piss Pictures

    Awesome variety of pissy fun
  10. Curvy_Luscious

    pissing in panties

    Amazing pics...
  11. Curvy_Luscious

    my pissing

    Love dicks pantyhose peeing...
  12. Curvy_Luscious

    pissing in plastic nappy

    Every bit of that is pretty fucking hawt!
  13. Curvy_Luscious

    Nappy and Tunbler Play

    Hot! Love filling a diaper.
  14. Curvy_Luscious

    For Distance!

    Lucky wooden floor!
  15. Very sweet. But no, I imagine sometimes I am a sight to behold.