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    Medical things
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    Love wetting, holding, desperation, outdoor peeing, naughty peeing, some diapers, no toilet days/weeks.

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    The naughty factor, the feeling of trying to control it..
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    Too many to choose...
  1. At work last week

    YOu must love your job!
  2. A different kind of intro

    I can see why you are a "forum legend.."
  3. Marking My Territory

    Very hot...Love the primal aspect of marking....
  4. Grizzlys pee pics

    I always like...there are far too many female pee pics here...
  5. Holding

    You guys could, you know, fail to make the toilet. On occasion. 😎
  6. Some of me - male pee

    Very hot guys! You are making me juicy!
  7. Like what I see! Thanks for posting such hot piss pics!
  8. Feels good after work

    Very hot results...
  9. Pissing on the floor

    Oh God...
  10. Grizzlys pee pics

    Um, holy crap.. that's hot.
  11. Pissing on a towel

  12. Floor Piss

    Any piss, minus the toilet, is hot..
  13. Peeing in a glass

    Love that you mostly missed.