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  1. Grizzlys pee pics

    Morning pee.
  2. Home alone

    Added a few more self pleasure pics
  3. Unfortunately been home alone and been on a self pleasure kick. Figured i would share some pics with everyone. I love to use panties as clean up. Any body else use panties?
  4. Circumdecision

    My member is cut. I dont have an excuse to not have good aim lol
  5. My aim tries to go hi then i get the look and it backs itself down lol
  6. Well hers went like this. Didnt get mine on camera.
  7. The wife and i both peed in the shower this morning lol
  8. Question of the day

    Hi everyone! Question for everyone, what is your opinion on beards? Im not talking a week or even a month but a true man mane! For me I have been growing mine for 2 years and enjoy the compliments and respect from other bearded brothers.
  9. Salt n peppa "The shoop" lol gotta have the cooking music on
  10. Cum on Clothing

    I love it when she doeant care if i dirty her shirt or blouse. I also love it when she takes her panties off to use as a rag after i have cummed on her chest
  11. I knee it! She is so sexy! Lol Daniel Craig does play a good Bond.
  12. Didnt she have a role in one of the newer Bond movies?
  13. Where would you see me pee?

    Well you know you have 1 female follower from my better half!
  14. Where would you see me pee?

    I had too lol
  15. The wife really likes to buy panties for me to wear! When she very first asked me to try some on it made me feel embarrassed. She loved it lol any other women shop for your man?
  16. Panty pics

    Sexy! Nude sleep is good sleep lol
  17. Panty pics

    My panty fetish is getting to me today my curiosity is running. Any woman care to share the color and style they have on today? You're also more then welcome to share pictures of your panties. Clean or not so clean 😉 lol
  18. Panty pics

    What no pic?😢 lol i love it! Very sexy! You cant feel constricted when you go to sleep!!!
  19. Where would you see me pee?

    PM sent!!!!! Lol jk
  20. Where would you see me pee?

    I know she will!
  21. Where would you see me pee?

    We watched it last night for late night date night we have.
  22. Where would you see me pee?

  23. Slits...

    I really do love showing her off! Shes so sexy!!!