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    Married couple that love to share experiences with others.(men and women) Always willing to try something new. Want to talk and have fun message us.

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    The sight, the sound, the taste the experiences
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    Receiving my first golden shower! The warmth running over me and being up close and personal!

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  1. Showing off my panties

    Special occasions only lol
  2. cock jewellery

    Little self play
  3. cock jewellery

    Nothing on but still hard as could be!
  4. Pissing in the sink

    Kitchen sink is always fun too
  5. You o.o I think I saw the Incredible Hulks cousin, Incredible Bearded Hulk rampaging again, telling ppl to fuck off like Gordon Ramseys, and expecting perfection in the grill, was that u or do i look for another?

  6. Feels good after work

    I could barely get my fly undone! I had alot of pressure and missed the toilet in the begining. Lol i held all day. I wasn't planning on staying at work as long as i did.
  7. Magical word that starts with S and ends in M, 4 letters

  8. Was holding all day at work and i barely made it home. Felt good to release this pressure. Lol
  9. Peeing on a night away

    Nice pics! I have always wanted to play around in a hotel. I feel guilty of the maid had to clean it up. Lol
  10. Pleasure

    Kitchen table
  11. Holding

    I bet it felt good. I was trying to hold yesterday. Ended up having going outside in the lawn lol
  12. How about peeing all over a bath matt while taking a shower. Mid shower open the door and pee onto the matt just outside
  13. Pleasure

    Thank you
  14. Where did you find us?

    Hi welcome there are lots of active members.