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    I have no job.
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    I am new member from sweden. have neurologic disability from my childhood and urgency incontinence is very common. My special interest is having desperate pee sports in jelly diapers. I Think I have a very good reason to have this interest. I am a private model for diapers and make reviews and pee tests on different brands and flood them as much as possible. 

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    Pee sports in diapers
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    Pee sports in diapers.

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  2. K2 InspireSuper

    I took this image on February 27 2018.
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  5. Hi Why do I get tickling pee orgasms when I pee in my diapers but not when I pee in the toilet, what`s the difference?
  6. Trouble uploading pics

    The size varies from 60 kb to 200 kb. It seems to work when I upload pics to this thread but when I upload pics to my clubs it doesn´t work, that´s strange.
  7. Trouble uploading pics

    No it´s not I have the same problem as before, I think my pics are too big.
  8. Hi I have always wondered if it´s possible to flood a diaper without any notice while you get full body massage? This would be awesome.
  9. Hi Please comment my self edited video when I do a desperate pee test in an Swedish all in one diaper. https://vimeo.com/237782869
  10. Hi How do I upload vids to this site?