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  1. tompee

    Cup piss

    Glad you liked it...shall we share some more???
  2. tompee

    locker room pee

    I'm like you....peeing in change rooms is great to do. I have done it after swimming when nobody around unless somebody has same urge
  3. tompee


    Would love to be her teacher..
  4. tompee

    Pissing as a foreplay

    Great outdoor pics..making me want to go to local wood now. Strip off totally and have a pee. No doubt other things will follow....
  5. tompee

    Pissing as a foreplay

    Theres always something nice about being naked outside.. I love it
  6. tompee

    Pissing as a foreplay

    The outdoor shot is good.. The chance of being caught..real turn on
  7. tompee

    Pissing as a foreplay

    Mmmm tasty tasty
  8. tompee

    Pissing as a foreplay

    Same here.. But together is best
  9. So what are your favorite pee games?
  10. tompee

    Pissing as a foreplay

    A real turn on....
  11. tompee

    Ever drank urine?

    Wow wow wow Amazing!!
  12. tompee


    Good relief shots
  13. tompee

    Cup piss

  14. Love this pic. Beautiful arse and good jet of pee for her bum hole
  15. Great pics
  16. tompee

    Impromptu masturbation.

    Hi Blackinksoul.... You sound like an interesting soul. So what's your favourite... Pee play or masturbation....
  17. Lovely picsy. Love the one in the pink white skirt...her tits and nipples are amazing and hard nipples
  18. Great pics..just what I needed. They are a real turn on. More more....
  19. You must post some shaved pussies. I think we will all like that..
  20. I agee. With shaved you can see everything!!!!
  21. tompee

    pissing in plastic nappy

    Thanks Curvy. Try to please..