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  1. Outdoor shots always good...
  2. cock jewellery

    Glad u like pissbaby...
  3. Who else wears bling??
  4. Chaps wearing panties and tights

    Will have to see what I can do for you greedyneedygirl... Good if others join in ...
  5. Pissing in the sink

    Had my rings on and needed to pee .
  6. cock jewellery

    2 rings on...... and a bit harder
  7. Personal Pee Pics

    Great pic. Nice view ...always nice to know someone could be watching and getting turned on by it
  8. Great pics Rich. Always nice not to waste any pee
  9. Suppose I may add some pics here to keep you happy. If you want
  10. PJ Pee

    Amd maybe get people to hold each others cocks and imvite some ladies
  11. PJ Pee

    Would be good of there was a group there with you .....we.could take it in turns to fill jug and watch each other pee
  12. cock jewellery

    As you have done pics my turn I suppose. Peeing with ring on
  13. cock jewellery

    Great you are joining in rich and glass half full.
  14. cock jewellery

    Well done for joining in. Love the ring you are wearing. I mightput my ball ring on next
  15. cock jewellery

    Rings do work...makes and keeps hard. Anyone use them???
  16. Slits...

    This pic best view. Can imagine her pulling her panties down slowly to reveal best site....slit ever
  17. Personal Pee Pics

    Brilliant pics and outside too. Great feeling when you know people might be watching
  18. cock jewellery

    Looking good and love those knickers
  19. cock jewellery

    Always nice feeling with ring on when you are pissing
  20. cock jewellery

    Without bling