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  1. woman's bare Bottoms

    Love the one with the black stockings and top
  2. So you liked Grizzly bedroom picture...naughty pee? 

  3. Peeing after work

    Yep .good pics
  4. Hi. Hows you

  5. One night stand

  6. One night stand

    Hi. I would need to be the maintenance man coming round to sort your knackered toilet. When I arrived you told me to go into the bathroom. When I did your wife was taking a pee (i think you knew she was in there! !) I just stared and watched her and she carried on. It was a real turn on and I got very hard. She asked me to get closer and unzippedy my fly and took my cock out and said piss now..I did and what a fantastic feeling. Anybody else have any ideas what they would want to do..lets share. My pic to follow .
  7. Panty pics

    Have put it right now....hot!
  8. Panty pics

    Wrong icon
  9. Welcome. As everybody says join in. Everybody is a good bunch here. Let your confidence grow and you will have a good time.
  10. Naughty pee and golden showers are good

  11. woman's bare Bottoms

    Another great set of pics Hard to choose best ones
  12. Slits...

    Love the pic. Great pussy and nice close up peeing. Can imagine being there watching.
  13. Personal Pee Pics

    Peefun. Do you mind if I post a pic of my cock on this forum as would love to see it next the pussy pic? Let me know if ok
  14. Just had pee standing in bath. Desperate as held in for a few hours
  15. Mainy home shower terryboy but have done it once in gym changing rooms when nobody around. So you like doing same thing and position?