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    Well, hello.. nice to see you here. wanna ask something? don't be afraid, just do it..

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    Public Peeing
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    To much to tell, wanna know What? Just send a message..
  1. Snapchat pissing!

    Everyone can add me too: H0rnyB0y26 (sorry ‘bout the name)
  2. Tumblr

    Are there people here Who have Tumblr? I have it... follow my page it contains a lot of pee! https://publicpboy.tumblr.com/ hope to see you there..!
  3. Newbie

    Well, hello.. i would like to introduce me, my name is Public P. Boy ( not my real name of course ) i was searching the internet for more people who like pee stuff.. then on Google i saw this forum and i thought why not make a account, so i can speak with people with the same fetish. i'm NOT into dating or something like that, what i do want is maybe swap some stories in chat... if you have more questions, don't be afraid, just ask..!