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    Girls who really have to go and have no choice but to let it out
  1. I can piss with an erection. It's just impossible to aim for a toilet. One time a few years ago, I was sitting on my computer and realized I seriously had to piss. My wife picked that moment to decide she wanted attention, so she walked over and started massaging my dick through my pants. Since I had to take a leak that bad, it increased my arousal, and I realized there was no way to take a leak without making a huge mess. We went to bed, stripped, and had sex, which was a real turn-on even though I had no idea if I could make it until the end. I finished, jumped off and ran to the bathroom. I explained it to her when I was done. She asked why I didn't go before sex. I told her I had such an erection, I could never had made it into the toilet, so I would have had to spray it all in the shower. She was amused by that.
  2. WOMEN: Pee after sex, not before

    My wife usually goes before sex because she's afraid if she has anything in her bladder, the pressure will make her lose control. She works in the medical field, and always goes right after sex because of the UTI thing. Sometimes she'll get right into bed without hitting the bathroom first. I usually assume she went recently, but it lets me imagine she's starting to feel it in the middle of sex. I haven't found a way to bring up how much it would turn me on if I knew she had to go before we started.
  3. How many of us are there?

    I've done this, but I try not to dwell on it too much. It would be incredibly awkward to bring this up in conversation. I have no idea how in real life to discuss it. What I'm more likely to do is scan a crowd and wonder how many of the women there are getting desperate.
  4. Festive Peeing

    Forgive me if I got this picture off this forum. This girl really had to relieve herself.
  5. General Opinion

    Haven't tried them yet. I'll have to check them out.
  6. Road Trip Potty

    I would also love to see a video of the thing in actual use. Preferably with a woman, on a road trip, who drank too much water, and has no other choice but to use the thing or make a big mess in the car. Ladies, if you were really desperate, would letting 16oz out into that thing help? Or would you be unable to stop and make a mess anyway?
  7. Listening to people pee

    For men, we can direct ourselves. A lot of times, I'll aim above the water in the toilet so I don't make as much noise. Women can't aim as well. I'm not sure if they try, but I haven't had the chance to have an intimate conversation with a woman about her peeing habits. Sometimes one will start talking about it, but I'm afraid to press for details. Don't want to go too far overboard. I've never had an interest in listening to men, but I enjoy when I can hear women peeing.
  8. Why do you like to see peeing?

    I don't remember not being into this. I guess it is about the beauty and difference and intimacy of the female form. When a girl feels close enough to you to expose her private parts, it's a good thing. When I was a child, when you have to go, you have to go. And if you're playing with girls and adults aren't watching and you need to go, you just do it. And a few times, the girls would squat down and go. Then they grew out of it, and you didn't get to see it anymore. And then it became a prohibition, which made you want to see it because you can't. It becomes mysterious. Then the Internet comes along, and you can see it whenever you want. I can explain why I enjoy seeing women pee, but not quite how I came to associate it with sexual pleasure. For me, an orgasm kind of feels like it does to finally take a massive leak, or losing control and pissing wildly. It comes out of nowhere and can't be stopped. If that doesn't make sense, this forum is the first place in my life I've ever tried to discuss this fetish outside of my own mind.
  9. Peeing favourites

    I. What is your favourite peeing fantasy? I've never had a chance to try it, but the way I have often imagined it is, I'm hanging out around the house with a woman. We're either naked, or at least not wearing pants. Talking, watching TV, or whatever. Also staying hydrated. And discussing where our respective bladders are at. "Just starting to feel it", "Getting really full", etc. The rule is, you can go whenever you want, but it can't be in the toilet, and we watch each other. Shower, tub, sink, bottles, bowls, but not the toilet. I'm not in favor of cleaning up a mess or having the house smell like piss. Also playing with each other's parts, especially when really full, and eventually have sex, especially with pretty full bladders. For me, when I have to piss just right, sex or just being touched feels REALLY good. An alternate version is something I do when I'm alone, where we don't fully empty our bladders. We keep a cup or container around, like 8-10 oz, and you can only let that much out at a time, then go back to holding it. I've also wondered how it feels to put myself inside a woman's vagina and we both release at about the same time. I've heard it can feel good. 2. What is your hottest real life peeing experience? The one that didn't happen. I was at a friend's party when I was about 25. He had a new female roommate I think he was trying to hook me up with, but I was no good at reading signals. Everyone else left and my friend went to bed, so I'm out in the pool with this girl, both of us drinking. It was getting late and I was getting tired. I decided to go home. We'd both been drinking, and I know I had to take a leak. I mentioned to her that I needed to use the bathroom before I left. She said "Me too." I've relived that in my mind over the years. I'm sure she liked me and I could have slept with her. I wonder if I'd gone upstairs with her, would we have had sex before relieving ourselves? Then when it's over, she tells me she has to go to the bathroom. I ask if she wants to go together, and we get to watch each other. But it never happened. At one point, I had a girlfriend who sometimes after sex would say she had to go to the bathroom really bad, then get up and go. I never got a chance to ask her if she has to pee when we are about to have sex, please tell me. That would turn me on. 3. What is your main area of interest with the pee fetish Watching girls go, especially when really full. Desperation is OK, but for me, I need to see her actually going without obstructions to really enjoy it. 4. Briefly describe the first pee porn you can remember seeing. When I was about 15, I got into my dad's collection of German magazines. There was a picture of a girl squatting down on a bathroom floor letting a good stream go. The caption said something about "Cheefully, Gabi's brook ripples". I think I've since found the picture online and have it in my own collection. 5. If you could choose any one - but only one - celebrity to either watch peeing or be peed on by, who would you choose? I don't care about celebrities, and they usually don't look as good without makeup and costumes. Maybe Drew Barrymore when she was in her 20's. Although if I were in the presence of almost any female celebrity who said she had to pee and asked me if I wanted to watch, I would not complain. 6. Where is the naughtiest place you personally have ever peed? When I was in the Navy, my first ship had a deep sink next to the stack. Since my workshop was up there, we'd piss in the deep sink at night so we didn't have to find our way down in the dark. One night, a guy I worked with snuck some Jack Daniels on board and we drank it. That deep sink got used a lot that night. 7. Have you ever peed on or in someone else's property? And was it for pleasure or out of necessity? About the worst I've ever done is in hotel rooms. When I'm able to really get into my particular fetish, I drink fluids (usually beer), get my bladder full, and let out a little as needed. I don't completely empty until I'm done, but when I have to go really bad, I let out enough to bring it down to a manageable level so I still have to piss but won't make a mess. I keep a large enough bottle next to me so I can piss in that without getting up. A couple of times I've been doing this in hotel rooms, I got a little too full and didn't get the bottle in place in time, or the bottle slipped, and some piss got on the floor. I always keep the cap on the bottle so it can't fall over and spill. A couple of times, I didn't get the cap off in time before my piss started coming out. I usually keep a pair of underwear nearby that can catch little slips. 8. What is the hottest pee scene you have ever seen on mainstream TV or in a mainstream film. There's a video of a German girl who squats down and pees over 2L into a bucket on a scale. Every time I watch it, I see her squat down to calibrate the scale, and wonder how she is able to hold it in. 9. Describe your favourite porn scene. I don't care for porn. I have no interest in seeing other men. I either want pictures of really cute naked women, or women relieving their bladders, the fuller the better. I only make exceptions when the girl is sexy enough for me to tolerate the guy being in the picture, or when the picture is of a girl losing control of her bladder during sex. 10. Have you ever given or received a golden shower? No. It might be interesting, but I've never had a chance to try it.
  10. Peeing urge stops

    There was a point where I found I could get through a couple of bladder spasms while I was holding it. Usually while I'm drinking beer and looking for pictures and videos of women pissing. I could fight through the first spasm and it would somewhat go away. A little while later, I'd get a second spasm. That was a little harder, but it would ease up. By the third spasm, I either need to put a bottle in front of my dick or squeeze it and start running to the bathroom or it will come out on its own and there's no stopping it.
  11. Does anyone know who this is?

    I have no idea, but I have most of those in my own collection.
  12. I think i got it..

    Sounds about right. When I was little, long before I figured out masturbation, I would "rub" myself until I experienced something that I later learned was an orgasm. In puberty, the first time I ejaculated, I thought I pissed. Somehow during my younger experiences, I came to associate taking a serious leak with a sexual experience. And of course, being around little girls who said they had to go to the bathroom, which I always enjoyed when we were all too little to hold it or feel shame pissing in front of each other, left me with this fetish.
  13. Dreams that involve pee

    Normally, when I dream that I have to take a leak, it involves doing whatever I can to find a place to let it go. But there are usually people around, and I have to zip back up and run away. That's good, because I wake up and just about run to the bathroom. I've had a few dreams about girls who have to go, and I always enjoy them. But if I have a dream when I'm taking a leak. I wake up and check the bed.
  14. Who Knows? Who do you tell?

    I've only told my ex-wife, when I first married her. It didn't go far. Early on, once in a while, she'd let me go in the bathroom with her, while she sat on the toilet, but it was rare. And she was a "big girl", so I couldn't see anything. For me, this fantasy has always been about watching the piss leaving the vagina. For a brief time, we'd take showers together, and she'd start relieving herself, then tell me. By the time I looked down, she was almost done. But the way I always wanted it to go involved KNOWING she had to take a leak first so I could enjoy it. Maybe "play" with her a little bit while I knew she had to go. The closest I ever got was about 5 weeks after I married her. We went to a wedding, and I ended up having to drive home so she could drink. She was fairly well hammered. She had about 9 drinks, and I don't remember her relieving herself at the reception, which lasted for hours. She came out with me to smoke, and I asked if I could watch her go to the bathroom when we got home. She agreed. Since she was pretty hammered, she was saying out loud and happy that I was going to watch her take a leak. I asked her to quiet down so other people didn't hear. The whole drive home, she talked kept talking about how much she had to pee. I was really erect. We got home, I took our clothes off, and while she kept asking when she could go to the bathroom, I kept wondering how to delay her a little longer. She wasn't dancing or anything. I knelt down and put my hands over her abdomen and my mouth over her vagina. I thought it was hot. I couldn't get her to lay down in bed though. She said she had to go bad and didn't want to have sex before she could relieve herself. That's the closest I ever got to experiencing this fantasy the way I think I'd want it to go. After that, it was a disaster. I never was able to get her that drunk again. I haven't told my second wife yet. Every now and again, she'll want to have sex while I have to take a leak, and damn, it feels good. She mentioned once that she could never have sex while she had to go to the bathroom because she's afraid the pressure would cause her to make a mess. I haven't found a good way to bring it up. I keep wanting to, but after the experience with my ex-wife, I'm kind of afraid. But when we do it while I need to go, it's awesome. One time in particular, I really had to take a leak. She came up and started "playing" with my dick. I got hard fast. So we went in the bedroom and had sex. As soon as we got done, I had to jump up and run in the bathroom. She asked why I didn't go first. I told her I was so hard, I would have had to piss in the shower, because there's now way I could have aimed for the toilet. She seemed amused by that. I also realized that most of my life, I've had a way I want this "fantasy" to work out, but since I've never had a chance to try, I have no idea how it would go. I've halfway thought about using an adult site to meet a woman who is willing to play to my fantasy, but I don't want to cheat on my wife.
  15. Post about your pee!

    I usually keep a Gatorade bottle around, so when I'm home alone and really have to take a leak, I can "measure" it.