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  1. The Holiday Pt 6: Shopping

    And the seventh and final part is here: http://peefans.com/index.php?/topic/8935-the-holiday-pt-7-the-final-day/
  2. The Holiday Pt 7: The Final Day

    The last in this series, though I'd like to visit these characters again at some point. If you want to go from the start, part one is here http://peefans.com/index.php?/topic/8297-the-holiday-pt-1-on-the-beach/ ____________________________________________________ I woke up late on the morning of the last day of our holiday. From the sunlight filtering through the canvas I could tell it was another gorgeous day. I glanced at my phone and saw it was half past ten. Later than I would normally sleep, but we were on holiday after all. I had a text from Maddie telling me that she and Adam were on their way over. It would take them some time to get here, so there was no rush to get ready. The plan was to have a barbecue to celebrate our last day here. Not that it was the last we would see of them; we would be at university together in a month's time. I crawled out from my sleeping bag and into the outer tent. Our tent was quite small: we had an inner tent with enough room to sleep two, and a small area between the inner tent and the door that we called the outer tent, which was where we kept our bags. There was no ground sheet in the outer tent, which -- we had realised a few days into the holiday -- made it the perfect peeing spot. I squatted over the damp grass, concentrating until my pee started to gush. My first pee of the morning is always strong, and in the hot, enclosed air the smell was distinct. David sat up in bed, yawning. “Morning,” he said. He noticed what I was doing and chuckled. “Morning,” I said, finishing up. I wiped myself on my hand, and wiped that on my top. I climbed back into bed. David had stuck one of his hands down inside his sleeping bag, clearly administering to a different first-thing-in-the-morning need. I smiled. “Do you want a hand?” I asked. “No, I'm fine,” David said. Then a moment later he shrugged. “In fact, why not. It's hardly the weirdest thing we've done this holiday.” I reached over, feeling down into his sleeping bag. “You say that like you don't enjoy it.” As my hand found his cock, he smiled. “I didn't say that at all.” David's eyes were closed in pleasure, a slight smile playing around his mouth. I started absent-mindedly grinding my crotch against his leg through the sleeping bag as my hand dealt with him. We must have lost track of time. Before we knew it a car was pulling up outside the tent, and we could hear Maddie's voice outside. “Come on you two, get up.” “Ten more minutes,” I said. Maddie laughed. Adam said, “If you don't get up, I'm going to pee against your tent.” “If you must, we're not going to stop you,” David said. He leant into me, and I kept playing with his cock. “Don't say I didn't warn you,” Adam said. There were a few seconds of silence, then suddenly we heard the sound of water pattering on the canvas. David and I laughed. “I didn't think he was actually going to do it,” said David. “You should know by now,” I said. A few minutes later David tensed and came inside his sleeping bag. I was horny, but I decided not to finish myself off quite yet. I unzipped the tent flap and looked out. Maddie and Adam were busying themselves setting up the barbecue. Maddie was wearing a plaid shirt and red bikini bottoms, while Adam was in swimming shorts and a t-shirt. The campsite was quiet; a lot of people had packed up and left already. I climbed out of the tent, naked from the waist down. Adam looked up and gave a mock wolf-whistle. “You're spoiling us with that view, Sarah,” he said. “Oh, hush. It's nothing you haven't seen before,” I said. “Nice of you to join us,” Maddie said. “What have you two been doing in there, anyway?” “None of your business,” I said, smiling. Adam laughed. “Dirty.” David joined us outside, fastening his jeans; unlike me, he had decided to get dressed. “Sorry about peeing on your tent, by the way,” Adam said. “I hope that wasn't a joke too far.” David shrugged. “No problem. In fact, since we'll have to wash it anyway...” He turned to face our tent, pulling his own cock out. A few seconds later he was peeing right on the wet patch Adam had left. “Wow,” said Maddie, “you guys have changed. I like it.” Before long we had the barbecue lit and the sausages sizzling. While the sausages cooked, we talked about university. “You'll have to come find us the first day,” Maddie said, who was perched on Adam's lap. “We'll show you all the best places. We've got this house we rent -- but you'll see.” “It's a great uni,” Adam said. “The girls are hot as hell.” Maddie gave him a playful punch on the shoulder. “Adam likes to look at the girls, but they don't let him get any closer.” “Some of them do,” Adam said. “Besides, I have the best-looking girl right here.” He started to play with the buttons on her shirt, unfastening them one at a time. She didn't complain, and before long the shirt was open, her boobs exposed for the world to see. Adam started to massage them, his fingers playing with each nipple. “You know, I think these sausages are done,” David said, standing to look at the barbecue. “Do you guys want them now?” “Sure,” said Maddie, brushing Adam's hands away from her boobs, but not making any effort to cover herself up. I realised I had been absent-mindedly playing with myself, and quickly sat up straight. David picked the sausages off the barbecue and passed plates and buns around to all of us. As we ate, an elderly couple walked past on their way to the toilet block. The man was staring in disbelief at Maddie's boobs and at my crotch, while the woman was giving us a dirty look. I opened my legs a little wider to give them a better look. Maddie chuckled. “This food turned out good,” I said. “Yeah, well done team,” Adam said. “It'll be weird not having you guys around any more.” “We'll see you in a few weeks,” I said. “And until then I'll think of you every time I pee somewhere unusual.” “Speaking of which,” said Maddie, “this beer's gone right through me. Don't mind me, everybody.” There was a hissing sound, barely audible over the wind. A wet patch appeared at the crotch of her bikini bottoms, and then pee was trickling down over Adam's legs. It pooled on the camping chair, drenching Adam's shorts; and then it started to soak through the fabric of the chair. A stream started to fall from underneath the chair, making a pattering noise as it landed in the grass. “Me too, actually,” I said. “Don't let us stop you,” Maddie said. “Ah! I'd been needing that for a while.” I stood up. Peeing in the chair like Maddie was doing looked fun enough, but I had a better idea. I walked over to the barbecue, which was not needed anymore but was still smouldering. On the bricks Maddie and Adam had piled up it was about knee-height -- just perfect. I lifted one leg, pulled my slit up so that the stream would point forwards, and concentrated. At first my stream dribbled down my leg, but after a few seconds it built up some pressure and arced forwards. It hissed as it splashed over the hot coals. Strong-smelling steam drifted off. I pissed for a long time, and by the time I'd finished most of the embers had been extinguished by the blast. Adam clapped appreciatively. “Nice one.” I sat back down in my chair, feeling both relieved and pleased. “It was asking to be done,” I said. “Someone had to.” “Well, I think it must be my turn,” Adam said. “Mind if I stand up, dear?” Maddie stood to let him out. He pulled down his shorts, wet with Maddie's pee, and kicked them away. “We seem to keep upping the ante,” he said. “So I suppose I have to outdo Sarah now.” “Do your best,” I said. He took a couple of steps towards me. “Stay where you are, Sarah,” he said. My breath caught in my throat, but I didn't move out of the way. I just said, “Not on my face, please.” He started to pee. His stream hit my right boob first, dead on the nipple. I couldn't resist a shiver of pleasure. Warm pee quickly soaked the thin fabric of my nightie, running in rivulets down the material and pooling in the chair seat around my butt. I could feel drips running down the inside of my shirt as well, tickling the underside of my tits. A few drops sprayed up to hit me on the chin, so I lifted my head up slightly, keeping my mouth shut. He slowly guided his stream to one side, pointing at my other boob, moving it in small circles around my nipple -- which he could surely see by now through the wet fabric. The warm liquid, the sensation of it hitting me in intimate places, sent tingles of pleasure and anticipation through me. By the time he had finished the front of my shirt was absolutely drenched and all but completely transparent. I was sitting in a puddle, which was slowly dripping through to the ground beneath. My body was aching for more. Adam seemed to have enjoyed himself as well. His cock, still at my eye level, was hard already. I reached out for it with one hand, putting my other hand around one of his butt cheeks and guiding him closer. I opened my mouth and put my tongue on the end of his cock. Beside us, I was vaguely aware of Maddie and David standing up, and heard Maddie say, “We'll give you two some privacy, shall we?” I ignored them. I explored Adam's cock. I found there were certain spots that got a stronger reaction out of him -- not just the tip, but partway down the sides of the shaft as well. I played with it, experimenting with using my tongue and my lips, sometimes enclosing the whole head and sometimes not. He started to move with me, thrusting with my movements. His hands were on my shoulders and the back of my head, but he was oh so gentle about it. My own hand was down below, massaging my aching clitoris. It wasn't very many minutes before he pulled sharply away from me. His load spurted onto my already piss-soaked chest. My own climax came just moments later. I moaned softly. “Wow, Sarah,” said Adam, somewhat breathlessly. “No way that was your first time?” I shrugged, short of breath myself. “Must be natural talent.” Both still panting, we looked around. I wasn't sure if any of the other campers had seen us, but if they had, they were keeping their distance. Maddie and David had moved their chairs to the other side of the tent in the spirit of giving us some space, although from where they moved to they could clearly have seen everything if they had wanted. “Sorry about your shirt,” Adam said. “Don't worry, I've got others,” I said. I pulled the dirty shirt off and dropped it to the ground. At this stage worrying about modesty seemed silly. I crouched down next to the tent to look through my bag. I found a towel, which I used to towel myself down as much as I could, then dug out a shirt that hadn't been worn too much and pulled it on. I stayed naked from the waist down, as did Adam. We carried our chairs around to join Maddie and David. David gave me a strange look -- part exasperated, part in awe. Maddie was just smiling. “You owe me twenty quid, love,” Adam said to Maddie as we sat down with them. She raised her eyebrows. “Does oral really count?” “Sure it does. I let you count that bloke you sucked off outside TJ's.” “Were you gambling on me?” I asked, indignant. “Nothing personal,” Adam said. “Which of us would screw one of you two first. It's a long-running thing when we meet new people, or on nights out, you know.” “You'll find out in a few weeks,” said Maddie, “at uni. I assume you will be coming on nights out with us?” “If they're anything like you say they are, you try to keep me away,” I said. Before long, it was time for David and I to leave. Maddie and Adam helped us pack away the tent, and then we were hugging our goodbyes. “Look us up,” Maddie said, “as soon as you move in at uni. We've got so much to show you.” Then Adam and Maddie were waving to us as we pulled off the campsite, until we rounded the corner and lost sight of them. “It's been an interesting few days,” David said, winding the windows down a crack so that a breeze blew over us. “You could say,” I said. With one hand I switched on the radio. With the other, I absent-mindedly started playing with myself. David noticed what I was doing and smiled. It was certainly a holiday we would remember.
  3. The Holiday Pt 5: Going Into Town

    Next part: http://peefans.com/index.php?/topic/8934-the-holiday-pt-6-shopping/
  4. The Holiday Pt 6: Shopping

    Part one is here http://peefans.com/index.php?/topic/8297-the-holiday-pt-1-on-the-beach/ ____________________________________________________ We bought coffees and walked around town for a bit, Maddie and Adam pointing out the major sights. It wasn't a big town, and there wasn't a huge amount to see, but it was a pretty place with a nice feel to it. Good company made it from a pleasant walk into a fun one. Once we'd finished our coffees we decided to split up. Adam volunteered to take David to the museum he was interested in, while Maddie and I thought we would go shopping for a while. We agreed to meet up again for lunch. Maddie led me to a big clothes shop, one of the chains, and we spent a while browsing what they had. I was looking for a new top, and Maddie found a couple that she thought I would like. Her tastes were generally a bit more revealing than mine, but when I pointed this out she just laughed. “We're going to be at uni together in a few weeks, right?” she said. “A couple of nights out with us and you won't be calling this revealing. I can show you sleazy if you want.” I took the top she was holding out and examined it. It was black, a kind of velvety material, and it had an open back with just a piece of string to hold it together across the shoulders. The front was shaped, and I thought it might be quite form-fitting when I tried it on. The open back meant it would look a lot better worn without a bra. “You might as well try it on,” Maddie said. As we looked further, Maddie asked me how I was finding the holiday so far. “Good,” I said. “Really good for having met you guys.” “Thank you,” she said. “I'm glad you think so. You don't … I mean, sometimes people find us a bit much, I think. A bit hard to get used to, what with … you know, the way we do things.” “It's different,” I said, “but I like it. You two are like nobody I've known before. It's cool.” “And how do you find Adam? I know he can be a bit forward sometimes, but I hope you haven't found that, you know, off-putting. I hope he's not going too far for you, last night in particular.” “No, I like him. He's kinda cute. And you didn't mind us -- you know, what happened last night?” Maddie laughed. “Course not. I've fucked far more people than he has, though it's not for lack of trying on his part. We are going out, but we're not jealous of each other, you know? We do our own thing as well. If I'm on a night out and Adam's not there, and I see a fit guy, I don't see why I need Adam's permission to fuck the other guy. And Adam does the same thing, obviously. Sometimes he'll bring someone home with him, and that's even more fun. I love him and he loves me, and we trust each other, so why limit ourselves? Anyway, Sarah, what do you think of this top?” She pointed out a sheer black shirt, made of some thin-weave material that was almost completely see-through. Any bra I wore underneath would be completely visible. “I can't wear that,” I said, shocked. “Sure you can,” Maddie said, picking it off the rail. “You just need good underwear.” There was a couple stood a few metres away. The guy had looked over his shoulder at us when he heard Maddie's words, clearly intrigued. Maddie threw him an exaggerated wink, causing him to blush and look away. His girlfriend, a freckly blonde woman of about our age, gave me an encouraging smile and pulled him away to a different aisle. “Sure, I'll try it,” I said. “We'll pick you out something good to wear underneath, too,” Maddie said. She dragged me over to the underwear aisle, where she immediately started looking through the skimpiest, frilliest bras they had. I was finding this all rather exciting, and a little nerve-inducing. I'd never thought about my body in quite the way Maddie was talking about it. I had been feeling a bit horny since that morning, and this shopping trip was only making it worse. I was also aware of a growing pressure in my bladder; I hadn't peed since the campsite. “Is there a toilet near here?” I asked Maddie. “Not in the shop,” Maddie said. “Closest are the public toilets on the seafront, maybe five or ten minutes away. But they're pretty grimy. I can hold your shopping if you want to go?” “Don't worry,” I said. We chatted for a few minutes more. I was aware of the pressure growing, and my own excitement with it. An idea had occurred to me that was at once thrilling and terrifying. I looked around the shop. There were several people in nearby aisles, and a member of staff restocking the shelves two aisles across, but in this aisle we were alone. I concentrated until I felt the tingle of pee coming. I adjusted my skirt slightly to pull it out of the way and let out a few trial spurts into my leggings. A damp feeling spread out from my crotch and down my legs, but there was no loud noise or other tell-tale signs of what I was doing. Trembling slightly, I relaxed my bladder and let it flow. Streams of warm pee ran down the insides of my legs, causing shiny streaks on my black leggings. The material was quickly drenched, and pee started to run onto my feet, flowing over my flipflops and soaking into the carpeted floor. Maddie giggled softly when she realised what was happening. “Wow, Sarah, you've gotten bold.” I couldn't reply. The piss kept flowing, and with it came waves of ecstasy. The warmth, the relief, the thrill of doing this in public -- I was tingling all over. Eventually the flow stopped. I squeezed out a last couple of spurts, and glanced again around the shop. Apart from Maddie, nobody seemed to have noticed. My leggings were pleasantly warm, and the damp made them cling to my crotch in a way that didn't help lessen my arousal. I wished I could start touching myself right there in the shop as well, but surely somebody would notice that. “I decided it wasn't worth the walk,” I whispered to Maddie, making her giggle again. “Come on,” she said, “we should move away before somebody notices your puddle. Here, try these. You've got a good figure for lace.” She gave me a black bra with matching panties, and we scurried over to the changing rooms. The blonde woman we had seen earlier was sat on a bench in the corridor outside the cubicles, fidgeting uncomfortably. There didn't seem to be an attendant around. “You go ahead,” the blonde woman said to us. “I'm just waiting for my husband.” Maddie joined her on the bench while I took one of the empty stalls. I stripped off my shirt and bra, and tried on the ones Maddie had picked out for me. The result worked rather well, I thought, as I checked myself out in the mirror. Maddie was right, the black lace was a good combination with my slender figure; and the see-through top certainly didn't hide anything. I poked my head around the curtain. “I like it!” I said to Maddie. “Well, don't be shy, let us have a look,” Maddie said. I pulled back the curtain to let her see. She winked and gave me a thumbs-up. The blonde woman on the bench raised her eyebrows at the see-through top, but said, “Cute.” “Thanks,” I said. Now that I was in the dress, I didn't find it as intimidating as I'd expected. If anything I quite enjoyed having everything on display. The blonde woman still looked uncomfortable and fidgety. “Wish he'd hurry up,” she said, indicating the stall beside mine. “I'm dying for a wee. Do you know if there's any toilets in here?” “There aren't,” Maddie said. “If you need to go, though, you could just go here.” The woman blinked. “What do you mean?” “In one of the stalls,” Maddie said. “No-one will see. And we won't tell anyone.” When the woman still looked undecided, Maddie stood up. “I'll show you,” she said. “Keep an eye out for me, Sarah?” She strode into an empty stall and turned to face us, not bothering to pull the curtain across. She lifted one leg up onto the stool in the corner, pulled her skirt right the way up, and directed a powerful stream of piss onto the carpeted floor. A dark stain spread across the floor, and froth started to form around the base of her stream. The blonde woman had clapped one hand to her mouth, but Maddie seemed oblivious to her shock. She kept her eyes on her stream until it slowed and stopped. Once finished, she wiped herself on a fold of her skirt and came out to join us in the corridor. “See?” she said to the blonde woman. “Nothing to be worried about.” The woman hesitated a moment longer, then shrugged. “What the hell,” she said, “you're only young once.” She went into the same stall, unbuckling her jeans as she did so, and perched on the edge of the stool with her jeans around her ankles. After a few seconds she started to pee. Her stream wasn't as focused as Maddie's; most of it spurted onto the floor where it joined Maddie's, but some too trickled down onto the stool, collecting around her backside. It was no lie that she had been desperate: she peed for at least a minute. When she eventually finished, she closed her eyes and gave a loud sigh. “That felt good,” she said. She stood up, brushing off her wet bum, and added, “I guess I was a bit messier than you.” I suddenly felt that I had seen as much as I could bear without some relief of a different kind. I hurriedly said something to Maddie about wanting to try on the other top, stepped back into my own cubicle and pulled the curtain closed behind me. Alone, I sank onto the stool in the corner, put my hand up my skirt, and gave myself the fingering I'd been dying for since breakfast.
  5. The Holiday Pt 4: In The Morning

    The old guy was an idea I was first thinking of having in the previous chapter -- as one of Maddie's neighbours maybe. I thought it worked better on the campsite though.
  6. The Holiday Pt 4: In The Morning

    Thanks again all who've commented. For posterity, the next part is here http://peefans.com/index.php?/topic/8860-the-holiday-pt-5-going-into-town/
  7. The Holiday Pt 5: Going Into Town

    Part one is here http://peefans.com/index.php?/topic/8297-the-holiday-pt-1-on-the-beach/ ____________________________________________________ We picked Maddie and Adam up from Maddie's house on our way into town. The previous evening the two had promised to show us around the local sights. It was a Saturday and the roads were busy, and we got stuck in a traffic jam on the way into the town centre. Looking in the mirror, I could see Maddie starting to jiggle in the back seat. For a few minutes she didn't say anything. “So guys,” Maddie said after a while, leaning forward between the seats to speak to me and David. “I wonder if you have an opinion on people peeing in your car? Because I drank two coffees this morning and they've gone right through me.” “Probably best not to,” I said, while David rolled his eyes. “It's our parents' car, we don't want to get it messy.” “No worries,” Maddie said. “I can hold it a bit longer.” The queue crawled forward, and eventually we managed to find a spot in the multi-storey on the edge of the town centre. All four of us climbed out of the car and stretched. It was a hot day, and it had been stuffy inside the car. Given the heat, Maddie and I had both opted for pretty short skirts; I had leggings underneath the skirt and wore a pink tank top, while Maddie had put on a tight-fitting chequered shirt. Both boys wore t-shirts and shorts -- in Adam's case, the swimming shorts that he seemed to wear everywhere. “I'm going to have to pee here,” Maddie said, sinking into a squat beside the car. “Wait for me, will you?” “Watch out, though,” Adam said. “People coming.” He gestured towards the lifts, where there was indeed a couple walking towards us. Maddie swore under her breath and stood up quickly. “Let's get going, then,” she said. “There might be some toilets downstairs,” David said, as we crossed towards the elevators. “There are,” Maddie said, “but they've been out of order for months.” She scurried ahead of us to push the elevator button, and stood restlessly shifting her weight from one foot to the other. Once the lift arrived, she darted inside and waited impatiently for us to join her. “Listen,” she said, as soon as we'd caught up with her. “I need one of you to hold the 'close doors' button for a few minutes.” “Why?” asked David, startled. “Why do you think?” Maddie said. She rolled her skirt up, giving us all a clear view of the fact she hadn't put underwear on today, and adopted a high crouch position. In no time at all, a forceful stream of piss was hammering onto the hollow metal floor. The noise echoed in the enclosed room. Drops of spray bounced up the walls, and the floor was soon completely awash with her puddle. “My classy girlfriend, ladies and gentlemen,” Adam said, snickering. “You have a better idea?” Maddie asked, still pissing like a racehorse. “No,” Adam admitted, “and if it's going to be a mess in here anyway ...” He started to unzip his flies, before looking questioningly at me and David. “You two not joining in?” David shook his head, and I said, “I peed back on the campsite.” Adam shrugged and continued what he was doing. He didn't turn to face the wall, but pointed his cock towards the centre of the elevator, giving us all a good view of it. He played with it for a few seconds, making it harden a little, before he started to piss. He was facing me, and his arc landed between my feet. I felt droplets of spray land on my leggings, making them damp. I found it difficult to look away from that big, hardening cock pissing straight towards me. From the corner of my eye I saw Maddie standing up, her own piss finished. She was watching Adam and me, smirking. David was looking nonplussed. Adam finished up as well. He spent another second or two playing with his cock, before Maddie leaned over and grabbed it. “If there was time, I'd help you take care of this,” she said. She lowered her voice another notch, and added, “And I think Sarah wouldn't mind helping out as well.” I felt myself going red, but Maddie just gave me a wink as she tucked Adam's cock back into his shorts. David cleared his throat. “Er … What floor was it we wanted?”
  8. A Paradise called Lavatria: Part 3

    Been hoping for another chapter of this - great work!
  9. The School of Working on Education and Excellence

    I really like this @CON2H4 -- a great idea for a setting, please keep it up!
  10. Welcome to Kaymala

    Thanks a lot! I might return to Simon at some point, but I'm planning to do a few with different characters -- I want to explore more situations than is really doable with one character.
  11. The Holiday Pt 3: Maddie's House

    Thanks. I've just posted part 4 http://peefans.com/index.php?/topic/8802-the-holiday-pt-4-in-the-morning/
  12. The Holiday Pt 4: In The Morning

    Part one is here http://peefans.com/index.php?/topic/8297-the-holiday-pt-1-on-the-beach/ ____________________________________________________ The sun was shining through the fabric of our tent when I woke up the next morning. The campsite was quiet, so I guessed it was probably early. Even so, I felt wide awake, and I had a pressing need to go for a piss. I sat up and stretched, my sleeping bag falling away. I sleep wearing a pink nightshirt and no underwear. David was still sleeping, halfway out of his own sleeping bag. I pulled a corner of the tent door open and glanced around the site. As I had thought, there were not many people about yet. The rows of tents and caravans were still zipped up and closed. I looked across the site to the toilet block, two fields away. A longer walk than I felt like doing. Then it occurred to me -- why bother walking? If there was noone around outside, surely I could go anywhere? Excited by the thought, I climbed out through the door. I took a more careful look around the site. There were a few people about at the far end of the field, but nobody close. My nightdress hung down quite a long way, so I wasn't too worried about people looking from a distance. I stood with my legs shoulder width apart, holding the front of my nightdress forward a bit to keep it clear. It took me a few seconds to get going, but once it came there was no stopping it. My first pee of the morning was always a gusher. At the far end of the field there was a couple sat eating breakfast, looking vaguely in my direction. It was such a thrill being able to pee there, in the middle of a field, with people all around but nobody aware what I was doing. Once the stream finished, I wiped myself on the front of my nightdress. Part of the fabric caught on my clit, and made me shudder. I was more turned on than I had realised. I took another look around the campsite, and saw something that made me jump. In the window of the caravan next door to us, an elderly man was stood watching me. His eyes caught mine and he suddenly moved away, as though embarrassed. Had he seen, I wondered? In fact, had he been purposefully watching? I found that I didn't mind the idea too much. David was stirring when I climbed back into the tent. “Morning,” he said, sleepily. “Where did you go?” “For a piss,” I said, climbing back into my sleeping bag. “You weren't very long. Did you go down to the toilet block?” “Why walk all that way? I just went outside.” He laughed. “Thought I heard something.” He stretched, then pulled a face. “I've got some serious wood this morning. Do you mind if I masturbate?” “Go for it. I'm pretty desperate for that myself.” I pushed a hand inside my sleeping bag and started to rub myself, while in his own sleeping bag beside me David did the same. This kind of openness was a practicality we'd arrived at on previous holidays, when we were often sharing tents or hotel rooms without much privacy. Otherwise we'd both come back from holiday horny and gasping for relief. Although for years we had been open about masturbating in front of each other, it had only ever been that -- each of us doing our own personal thing. What happened last night at Maddie's house was different, but I hadn't worked out how I felt about that yet. David came first, and was out of his sleeping bag and dressed before I gasped my way to relief. By the time I had got dressed myself, he had the stove set up brewing a pot of tea. We sat outside to drink the tea and eat our cereal. It was another beautiful day. We had made plans with Maddie and Adam to go into town today; they would show us around, we would do some shopping and maybe catch a movie. David and I chatted about our plans while we ate. I was keeping one eye on the caravan next door, and so I saw the old man when he came outside. He saw me as well, and gave me a small smile. He sat in a folding chair outside, facing towards us, and started to read a book. Perhaps it was just me, but his eyes seemed to keep straying from his book towards us. The way we were sat, I was facing the old guy and David was facing away. I moved my legs slightly wider apart, pulling my skirt higher in the process. I did it subtly enough that it could be mistaken for just fidgeting in my chair. If the old man was looking, though, he would have a good view of my white knickers. This time I definitely caught his gaze lingering on my crotch before he quickly looked down at his book again. I chatted to David a few minutes more, all the while enjoying watching the gent's gaze dart towards me every few seconds. I wondered how far I could push the game. The cup of tea was going through me quickly. I could feel my bladder filling up. And after all, the old man had seemed to enjoy watching before. David was talking about a museum in town he wanted to go to. Continuing to respond to him, I shifted in my chair again, moving forward until I was sat right on the edge of the seat. Purposefully not looking at the old guy, I reached down and pulled my knickers aside. I let my muscles relax, and started to piss right there on the grass. It flowed in an arc to land about half a foot in front of me; not a forceful stream, but not hesitant either. “I'm just not sure I'm a museums person,” I said to David, looking up at him while the piss kept going. He looked startled at what I was doing, but didn't say anything. I risked a glance back at the old guy. He had given up on any pretence at reading, and was staring openly at the stream coming from my muff. David had no idea the old guy was watching. I kept up the conversation about that afternoon. Once I'd finished, I wiped myself with one hand, pulled my underwear back into place and sat back in my chair. While David busied himself with the stove again, I met the gaze of the elderly guy. He gave me a smile. I winked. He stood up to go back inside his caravan, holding his book self-consciously over his crotch area.
  13. Welcome to Kaymala

    An idea I've had in my head for a while. I'm planning for this to be an 'anthology'-type series rather than a long-running story arc. Shoutout to @Vassal, whose great story about Lavatria was one of the inspirations for the country where the rules don't apply -- hope you don't mind me pilching your ideas ... __________________________________ Before Simon had even found his seat on the weekly plane from Copenhagen to Kaymala, he could tell it was no ordinary place he was going. He had been stood in the queue to board the plane for what felt an age; first in the airport gate, then on the walkway, and then -- even once they'd boarded the plane -- there was a queue down the aisle as the people ahead stowed their luggage and got themselves seated. It seemed even more painfully slow than the London to Copenhagen flight before this had been to board. Of course, this wasn't too unexpected. The handful of travel blogs he'd been able to find for the little-known nation of Kaymala had warned not to expect snap-to-it efficiency from the locals. Kaymalans tended to have a more laidback, laissez-faire attitude to life -- and, as one of the blogs had said, wasn't that the point of going? Still, Simon's backpack was heavy, and the plane seemed uncomfortably hot. He was looking forward to sitting down. His first sighting of one of the unique aspects of Kaymalan life occurred while he was in that queue. They had come to a standstill about a quarter of the way down the plane. In front of Simon, a middle-aged man in a chequered shirt was shifting from foot to foot in what Simon had taken to be impatience. The queue showed no sign of moving. Suddenly the man in front of Simon shrugged, turned slightly to face an empty row of seats beside him, and unfastened his flies. Simon watched, wide-eyed, as the man peed on the floor in front of the empty seats. Piss arced forward in a clear stream, before splashing up from the hard floor and leaving damp flecks on the surrounding seats. Noticing Simon's gaze, the man gave him a friendly nod before turning his attention back to what he was doing. As the man shook himself dry, Simon glanced around the cabin. None of the other passengers seemed at all perturbed by the man now refastening his flies in the middle of the crowded plane. Of course, they were Kaymalans and were perfectly used to that sort of thing. This was their normal. In fact, now he was alert to it, Simon could see several of the other Kaymalans making themselves at home. Many of the other passengers had started to remove their outer clothing in the heated cabin. A few women had stripped down to their underwear, and at least one that Simon could see was naked from the waist up. A girl a few rows down was squatting to pee on the floor in front of her chair, chatting amicably with her friend as she did so. Beside Simon, a man in a business suit had booted up his laptop and was conspicuously watching porn while loosening his belt. It was as though these people were no sooner off foreign soil and into the Kaymala-owned aircraft than they couldn't wait to get back to the Kaymalan lifestyle. Simon couldn't help but stare at these sights, even though he knew that by doing so he was singling himself out as a tourist. The peeing teenager and her friend giggled at the astonished stare he gave them as he passed. The topless woman gave him a friendly wave when he tried and failed to be surreptitious in his ogling. The flight attendant raised her eyebrows at the way he gazed at her short skirt and low top. At last Simon reached his seat, almost at the very back of the plane. He had the window seat. The aisle seat was already taken by a blonde woman of about his own age, wearing a yellow sundress and black leggings. She stood up to let him pass, and he stowed his bag and sat down gratefully. Before she resumed her own seat, Simon was surprised to see her reach under her sundress and pull down both her leggings and panties. She folded these and pushed them inside her handbag, saying something to him in Kaymalan and laughing. Simon laughed as well, rather awkwardly. Her dress swayed as she clambered back into her seat, flashing him a brief glimpse of a shaved pussy. She either didn't notice she had flashed him or didn't care much, because she simply pulled out the in-flight magazine and started leafing through it. He turned to look out of the window, not wanting to come across as rude by staring. The plane taxied to the runway, accelerated, and took flight. The captain's voice came over the intercom to tell us, in Kaymalan and English, that we had left Copenhagen in good time, that we would land in Kaymala in just under two hours and -- her voice took on a reassuring tone -- that Kaymalan laws were of course in effect during the flight. Now he saw it up close, Simon noticed some of the ways this plane was set up for the Kaymalans. Each seat had its own footwell, sunk below the level of the floor, each with a sloping floor and a drain in one corner. On top of that, there was no carpet anywhere; the floors were plastic and rubber, and the seats were upholstered in leather. Even the in-flight magazine was printed on laminated paper to protect it from the damp. Simon couldn't help wondering if this wasn't a better system than the one the rest of the world used. The plane had a single toilet at the very back, but he didn't see a single person queueing outside it all flight. The blonde girl said something else to Simon. From her tone he thought it was a question. “I'm sorry, I don't understand,” he said. “Oh, you speak English?” she said, switching fluidly into English herself. “Where are you from?” “England, actually,” Simon said. “From London.” “Ah. Wow. We don't see many from England here,” she said. “Perhaps you find us a little strange?” Simon shrugged. “Some people do, I suppose.” “Anyway, what I said was, mind your feet,” she said. She folded back the front of her dress, baring her pussy for all to see, and she shuffled forward to the edge of her seat. Simon watched avidly as she used two fingers to spread her lips, and directed a stream of pee with some force into the space below the seat in front of her. Her piss was yellowish in colour, and smelt quite strongly. “To me, I think it's Europe that's strange,” she said, not taking her eyes off her stream. “So many rules.” Her stream petered out after a few seconds. She pushed out a couple of extra spurts, then wiped herself on the front of her dress, to Simon's chagrin putting her vagina out of view again. She went back to reading through the magazine, clearly thinking nothing of what had just happened. Simon knew that Kaymalans rarely travelled abroad. The culture of the tiny country was so unique, even compared to the rest of Scandinavia, that most Kaymalans preferred to stay within its borders. The country attracted very little tourism, perhaps for the same reasons. For Simon, though, the culture was a part of the attraction. He imagined finding a quiet beach resort, doing a spot of nude surfing, then going into a beachside bar where you could drink cocktails and piss on the floor until the sun set. Perhaps he would meet a girl at the bar, and they might find another Kaymalan way of passing the time. Looking around the cabin now that the seatbelt signs had been turned off, Simon could certainly see how Kaymalans liked to spend two hours when they were locked in a plane. Across the aisle from him, a truly beautiful woman with lush hair and gorgeous breasts had taken off her seatbelt and knelt down to give her boyfriend head. In front, the girl he had seen peeing earlier and her friend were both moaning, each with one hand down the other's trousers. In the row behind Simon, an older couple had leant their chairs back and were screwing each other under a blanket. Simon almost laughed at the blanket -- a bizarre gesture towards privacy. And yet among all this, there were also people reading the newspapers, playing games on their phones, listening to music. A clatter from the kitchens momentarily caught Simon's attention. Two flight attendants were busily preparing a drinks trolley to bring around. Both women had removed the uniform tops they had worn at the airport, revealing two pairs of full breasts. They now wore just gloves, boots, and their short, black skirts. After a few minutes they seemed to finish preparing the trolley, but they didn't bring it out straight away. As Simon watched, the closest lady to him reached under her skirt with one hand. For a few seconds she seemed to fiddle about with something up there. Then a stream of urine poured straight down between her legs. She didn't bother to squat but stayed standing, leaning on the side with her free hand and keeping up an uninterrupted conversation with the other stewardess. If he only looked at her from the waist up Simon would have had no idea that she was pissing in the middle of the kitchen floor. Once the woman had quite relieved herself, they brought the drinks trolley round. The couple behind Simon paused mid-coitus to order two glasses of wine. Simon himself ordered a coffee. The blonde woman next to him ordered the same, and also asked for some tissues. Simon took the coffee and sipped it cautiously. He was aware of a growing burden in his own bladder, which he would probably have to take care of before they landed. The blonde woman said something to Simon, but he didn't quite catch it -- he was distracted by the lush-haired woman across the aisle, who was now wiping her mouth and asking the stewardess for a glass of water, while her boyfriend fastened his trousers. “What was that?” Simon asked. “I said, how do you find Kaymalan people so far?” the blonde woman repeated. “I like it,” Simon said. “It's very different from home, but … in a good way.” The woman was fishing in her handbag. “Do you mind if I use this? I wouldn't ask, but since you're not Kaymalan I thought I'd check.” She pulled a vibrator from the bag and looked at Simon questioningly. Simon was taken aback once again, and not sure how to respond. He settled for saying, “Go for it.” She started to attend to herself, leaning back in her chair, eyes closed. Because her eyes were closed, Simon thought that there was no harm in him watching, which he did quite intently. Before long she began to moan under her breath. Her moans mingled with the grunts and gasps coming from the other passengers, creating a strange surround-sound of pleasure, punctuated by the occasional spatter of somebody pissing on the floor. The air in the plane had taken on a distinctive smell -- not the usual plane smell of unwashed bodies and bad breath, but various flavours of urine mixed together with cum and the smell that comes from sweaty naked people. Simon finished his coffee, still keeping one eye on the woman with the vibrator. He was damned horny, but more pressingly his bladder was feeling quite heavy now. It was time to do something about that. The blonde woman's eyes opened. Simon turned away quickly, trying to pretend he hadn't been staring, but she only laughed. “It's okay if you want to watch,” she said. “A Kaymalan would watch without feeling embarrassed.” Simon cleared his throat. “I was actually wondering … do you mind if I pee here? I sort of need to go.” At that she laughed again. “What else are you going to do, walk over to the toilet?” “So … should I stand up, or …” “It's up to you. Act like a Kaymalan: do whatever the fuck you want.” Simon shrugged and unfastened his jeans. He pulled his cock out with some difficulty; he had one hell of an erection. He adjusted his position in his chair and aimed down as much as he could. It took him a few seconds to get going. Perhaps he was shy. He had peed at urinals and sometimes in the swimming pool, but never anywhere as public as this. Eventually it started to come. He felt a mounting pressure in his bladder, becoming a tingling feeling as it moved towards his cock. At first only a few dribbles came, but then -- he relaxed some muscles and pushed with others -- then came a proper stream. It struck the back of the chair in front and spray flew off in all directions. He could feel droplets soaking into his jeans, and was sure a similar amount must have landed on the blonde girl's bare legs. Most of his piss washed down the chair back like a waterfall. It collected in the chair pocket before pouring out through holes that had been cut in the bottom. The blonde woman was watching through one eye, still panting as she moved the vibrator around. “You're learning quickly,” she said. “You have a good stream.” Simon kept pushing until his bladder was empty. His stream slowed to a dribble, then stopped completely. He shook himself off and squeezed to get the last drop of pee from the end of his penis, ignoring the shiver it sent through him to touch himself in his state of arousal. “You also have quite a stiffy there,” said the blonde girl. “Do you mind if I touch it?” “If you like,” said Simon. Thumbing her vibrator off, the woman reached over and wrapped one hand around his cock. Her skin was cool against his warmth. Her long fingers explored their way around his shaft, finding all the tender spots. He felt his breathing quicken, and she smirked. With her spare hand, she tucked the vibrator back into her handbag. “I don't think we need that any more,” she said. She pushed the armrest between them out of the way, and climbed up onto his chair, so that she was sitting astride his legs, facing him. She kept one hand on his cock and used the other to lift her skirt aside, as she guided him into her. “Let's give you a proper Kaymalan welcome,” she said, as she started to move forward and backward. Her face was flushed, her eyes wide, and Simon was sure the same must be true of him. In what felt like no time at all Simon felt himself reach his climax. He came inside her, shooting his fluid deep inside. She continued to grind against him, and a few minutes later she came as well, letting out a gasp that turned into a moan as her body tensed against his. For a few minutes they leant against each other, panting. The captain's voice came over the intercom to announce that she was turning the seatbelt signs back on as they began their descent. Several people groaned. The blonde woman laughed. “I think a few people will be finishing themselves off this flight,” she said. She clambered back into her own seat, using the tissues the stewardess had given her to wipe around her vagina, his cock and the front of his trousers. “Well, thank you for that. A more enjoyable flight than I expected to have.” “Likewise,” Simon said. “I never asked your name, by the way.” “It's Simon.” “Ellen,” she said, shaking his hand. “Look me up while you're in town.” The plane landed at the island's tiny airport, and the passengers started to file out. Ahead of Simon in the aisle he saw Ellen stop, lift her skirt and pee standing, her stream washing over the aisle's polished floor and slowly draining away. A few rows further on, he passed a man who was enthusiastically pissing over an entire row of chairs, watching the pee collect in the leather seats. At the plane doors, a topless stewardess smiled and bowed at Simon. “Welcome to Kaymala,” she said. Simon smiled. He was going to like it here.
  14. The Holiday Pt 2: The Walk

    Thanks for the comments everyone! and sorry for the long radio silence ... I've been away a lot the past couple of months and haven't had much time for writing. Anyway, part 3 is here
  15. The Holiday Pt 3: Maddie's House

    Part one is here http://peefans.com/index.php?/topic/8297-the-holiday-pt-1-on-the-beach/ I joined my new friends Maddie and her boyfriend Adam in their kitchen, stepping over the slowly-spreading puddle Adam had left in the hallway. Both of them wore shirts and their swimming stuff, a bikini bottom in one case and a rather tight set of speedos in the other. Adam was stirring a pot on the hob, while Maddie waited for the kettle to boil. The windows had been thrown wide to let some cool evening air into the stuffy kitchen. “What are you making?” I asked. “Chilli,” said Adam. “It'll just about be ready when David comes down.” “Do you want a drink, Sarah?” Maddie asked. “Tea? Coke?” “Just coke, please,” I said. “Tea goes straight through me.” “Don't worry about that here,” Maddie said. “We'll mop the floor before we go to bed.” She poured three teas and one coke for me, just as my brother David reappeared, his hair wet from the shower, still wearing his knee-length swimming shorts. Adam dished up the chilli and we sat down around the kitchen table. The table and chairs were both wicker, old and worn but perfectly comfortable. I noticed Adam's glance dropping to my legs as I sat next to him, my skirt riding up slightly as I sat down. Aware of my lack of underwear, I crossed my legs and pulled the skirt down slightly. While we ate, we talked about what to watch after dinner. I was interested in Doctor Who, but Adam and Maddie had a film they both wanted to see, and in the end we decided to go with that. The chilli was good but hot, and I quite quickly finished my coke trying to cool my mouth down. We finished eating and all sat back in our chairs. “Good food, Adam,” Maddie said. “Yeah thanks for cooking for us, both of you,” I said. “No worries,” said Adam. “What you two are doing tomorrow?” “No plans,” I said. “Maybe going back to the beach if it's good weather.” “Adam and I were thinking of going into town at some point,” said Maddie. “Hang on a sec.” An unmistakeable pattering sound came from under the table. Glancing down, I saw Maddie holding her costume aside, peeing through the wickerwork of her chair onto the floor. “Ahh,” she gasped, closing her eyes. “I needed this. I didn't want to interrupt while you were all eating.” “I love it when you do that,” Adam said. “Well, you keep your hard-on to yourself while there's company over,” Maddie said. “Shall we watch TV?” The four of us moved through to the sitting room, grabbing cokes and beers on our way. Three of us sank onto the sofa, while Maddie sat on the armchair turned half towards us. I had turned down the tea at dinner because I knew it would go straight through me, but the trouble is that coke and beer aren't much better. By ten minutes in I was getting a bit fidgety, and by twenty minutes I had my legs crossed to try to hold it in. I didn't want to be the first to interrupt the movie, though. After about half an hour, at a quiet part of the film, Adam stood up. “Anybody want another beer?” he asked. “Bring me one, love?” Maddie said. “I'll come with you,” I said. I followed him through to kitchen, where a small room off to one side housed a second fridge full of beer and coke. “What do you want?” he asked, holding the door open. “Whatever you're having,” I said. “Listen, do you mind if I pee here? I didn't want to interrupt the movie.” “I don't care,” he said. “Pee if you want.” I didn't need any further pursuasion. I lifted my skirt out of the way and peed, stood upright, onto the tiled floor. My piss came out crystal clear and with a lot of force. I sighed with relief. “You sure did need to go,” said Adam, staring. I nodded. The stream kept coming for a full thirty seconds or more, and by the time I was done there was a sizeable puddle around my feet. Adam stepped back a little to avoid it. “You've made me feel like I need to go,” he said. He winked at me. “Watch this.” He took his cock out from his speedos, pulling back its flesh. Once again it was pretty solid. Still holding the fridge door open with one hand, he used the other to aim his cock towards the fridge's interior and squirted his pee up towards it. “Really?” I asked. “Relax, it's all in cans,” he said, still peeing. “It's not the first time.” I watched, fascinated, as he sprayed up over the lines of cans and bottles. His piss ran in rivulets down the cans, looking just like innocent condensation. It collected in a puddle on the bottom of the fridge and started to drip down onto the floor. Adam finished up, shook himself dry, and tucked his cock away again. “Wasn't that fun?” he said. I raised my eyebrows. “You looked like you were enjoying it.” “The secret of our pee-anywhere lifestyle,” he said. “It's fun as well as easy. Want a beer?” I took the can from him and wiped it on my shirt as we were heading back to the living room. “Beer, Maddie?” Adam asked, holding another can out to her. She took it, felt the moisture on the can, and licked it. She raised her eyebrows at him, and he winked. David jumped to his feet as we sat down next to him. “Just going to the loo,” he said. “We're coming up to the good bit,” Maddie said. “You don't want to miss it.” David hesitated, then shrugged. He went out into the hallway, leaving the door wide open so he could see the TV. We heard the powerful gushing sound of him peeing against the wall. “He's settling in,” Maddie said. “They both are,” said Adam. He reached out a hand to brush my leg. “You've got pee on your knees, Sarah.” “Must be splashback,” I said. He didn't take his hand off, and I didn't object. David re-entered the room, retying the draw string on his shorts, and sat back down on my other side. “Well, you've made me need to go,” Maddie said. She pulled the front of her bikini aside and peed where she sat. I could see her pale stream disappearing into the seat of the chair, and a dark patch spreading quickly out on the seat until it had surrounded her. “In fact, I'm feeling a bit turned-on,” Maddie said, her eyes still on the TV. “Do you guys mind if I rub one out?” Without waiting for an answer, she slipped a hand inside her bikini and started to do just that. Within a few minutes she was breathing heavily and grunting softly. “Fuck, I'm horny as well,” Adam said. “How about you, Sarah? How are you feeling?” I shrugged. “A bit, I guess.” In fact, Maddie's brazen masturbation was making me feel pretty aroused. Adam's hand moved further up my leg, until it was inside my skirt. I could feel my breath quickening, my pussy moistening. I glanced at Maddie to see how she would react. She shot me a wink before concentrating on what her own hands were doing. That was enough for me. I reached down for Adam's hand and pulled it further up. His fingers found my cunt and got to work. My breath caught. He was good at what he did. Beside me, David was looking from Maddie's crotch to mine. His face was confused, but his cock was hard and straining against the elastic of his shorts. On an impulse I reached out and grabbed it through the fabric. I felt him tense for a second, then he relaxed into it. With my other hand I reached out for Adam, slipping my fingers inside his briefs to wrap around the trunk of his penis. For a few minutes all four of us sat there, grunting and sighing, lost in our pleasure. David came first, his load splattering against the inside of his shorts. Adam's fingers inside me were well-practised. He teased, bringing me to a swell and then leaving me to sink back before driving me to another crest. Eventually I reached orgasm, letting out a moan as it crashed over me. Then it was Adam's own turn to come, his juice filling the inside of his trunks and covering my fingers. Maddie came last, bringing herself to a moaning orgasm a few seconds after Adam. A few seconds of breathless silence passed. I felt like my brain was struggling to take in what had just happened. I drew my hand slowly back from my brother's crotch. “Man,” said Adam. “You guys can come over again!”