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  1. The Holiday Pt 1: On the Beach

    Thanks everyone. I've uploaded part 2 here http://peefans.com/index.php?/topic/8345-the-holiday-pt-2-the-walk/
  2. The Holiday Pt 2: The Walk

    Part one is here http://peefans.com/index.php?/topic/8297-the-holiday-pt-1-on-the-beach/ ________________________________________ I was limping. The four of us were walking to Maddie's house from the hidden cove where my brother David and I had met Maddie and her boyfriend Adam. It was only a half hour's walk, but at one point we'd been forced to push through a patch of weeds, and I'd been badly stung by a bunch of nettles. Now I felt like my legs were on fire, and the walking wasn't helping. “We ought to keep an eye out for dock leaves,” said David, eyeing the red patches on my bare legs. “I have been,” I said. “But I haven't seen any for ten minutes at least.” “How bad is the pain?” asked Maddie. “Not too bad,” I said, with a grimace that betrayed the true answer. Maddie looked concerned. “When we reach my place I can put some salve on for you,” she said. “That'd be great,” I said, “I just wish we were a bit closer.” “You know what's good for stings?” said Adam, looking over his shoulder at us. “Shush, you,” said Maddie. “What's that?” I asked. “Adam was going to suggest peeing on the stings,” Maddie said. “I know how his mind works.” “Gross!” said David. “I thought that was only jelly fish stings,” I said. “It's any sting,” Adam said. “Pee acts as an antiseptic, don't you know.” “I'm not convinced that's true,” I said. “Well, it was just a suggestion,” Adam said. “If you'd rather keep hobbling, that's up to you.” He walked on, and we followed him. “To be honest, I'd be happy to try almost anything right now,” I muttered to Maddie. “Are you sure?” said Maddie. I shrugged. “If it works.” “You can let me do it if you prefer,” Maddie said. “If you're any more comfortable with it.” “Do you have any wee left in you?” I asked. She had done rather a large one before we left. “Beer goes through me quickly,” Maddie said. We looked around for somewhere private. We were walking along the edge of a narrow country road; it was quiet, but the occasional car had been going past. There was a gate nearby, between us and a grassy field. Maddie and I jumped over the gate and walked along a few metres behind the hedgerow so that the others couldn't see us. A few lambs looked curiously at us, but other than that we had complete privacy. “We could do with a log or something for you to sit on,” Maddie said. “But if you just stand here and roll up your skirt, I'll do my best.” I rolled my skirt up until it was around my waist, as she suggested, and I took off my shoes and socks. Maddie was already stripped down to her bikini bottoms, having only bothered putting a shirt back on for the walk home. She came to stand close to me, her legs on either side of mine. She was taller than me, so her crotch came up to about me hip height. “Just relax,” she said. She pulled aside the front of her bikini and crouched slightly, so that her vagina was hovering just above my bare leg. When her pee started flowing, it somehow took me by surprise. I'd peed down my own legs already today, but this was completely different. For some reason, I hadn't expected Maddie's pee to be so warm. It streamed down my leg, pouring over all my stings. The pain seemed to vanish immediately. “Other leg,” I gasped. Maddie nodded and shifted position. The stream of pee came again. This time, there was no surprise, but the warmth felt good, like a hot shower. For some reason, uncontrollable shivers ran up my body. “That's all I have,” said Maddie, as her stream petered out. “Did that help?” “Oh yes,” I breathed. “Thanks.” Maddie handed me her towel. “Seems unfair to make you use your own,” she said. I towelled off my legs and put my shoes back on. We climbed back over the gate, to where the two boys were waiting for us. David looked slightly disgusted, while Adam was smirking. “Walk on,” Maddie said, putting her arm around Adam as she passed. “Nothing to see here, love.” Adam obediently walked with her, but he peered over his shoulder at me. “You've got a damp patch on the hem of your skirt, Sarah,” he said. Which indeed I did – apparently I hadn't towelled myself off very well. It was worth it, though, for the cessation of the pain. After walking another ten minutes or so, we arrived on the edge of the town that Maddie lived in. The streets were wide and suburban, the houses big, the gardens pretty. At one point we cut through an alleyway between two privet hedges, completely screening us from the houses on either side, and with a bridge over a trickling stream. It seemed like the kind of place you might see foxes or muntjacks at night. “Here we are,” Maddie said, turning into one of the gardens we were passing. It was a big but slightly shabby house; the paint was peeling on the front door, and the grass was overgrown. The inside too felt spacious and cosily run-down. The furniture was old and the paint on the walls was discoloured in places. The floor was laminated wood throughout, and the walls were a sky-blue that gave the place an airy feeling. “Make yourselves at home,” said Maddie, holding the door for us. “My parents are away this week, so we have it to ourselves. If either of you want showers, help yourselves. I guess we should let Sarah go first,” she added, “given what just happened.” I smiled gratefully. My legs were still damp with Maddie's urine. “We were going to cook dinner,” Adam said. “You're welcome to join us.” “Absolutely,” said Maddie, kicking her flip-flops off to join a pile of shoes by the door. “Dinner and a movie. Oh, there's something else you should know,” she said, straightening up to face us. “This is a pee-friendly house.” “It's what?” said David. “Pee-friendly. As in, if you want to pee, you can pee. Wherever you like, as long as it can be cleaned up.” “Seriously?” I asked. “It's a long story,” said Maddie. “I'm the youngest of seven – the others have all moved out – and the house only has the one bathroom, so it used to get a bit busy sometimes. We used to get inventive. Like, if someone was in the bathroom we'd piss in the sink, or find a hidden spot in the garden. At night me and my sister used to pee in the laundry basket in our room. Well, one morning we were all getting ready for school, and there was someone in the bathroom so I went to use the laundry basket like normal, only dad had taken it away to do the laundry, so I just sort of went screw it and I peed on the floor in the corner. I think I thought nobody would notice the puddle – I was pretty young at the time. Anyway, my dad walked in on me, and I got all upset because I thought he'd tell me off, but he just said, you know, if we needed to pee and there was nowhere else we could go then doing it on the floor wasn't too bad, and it could be mopped up pretty easily. “So I started doing it more often, and when they realised I wasn't getting told off for it my sisters and brothers started doing the same. At first it was just when the bathroom was busy, and then gradually it just became that we'd do it whenever we wanted, like if we were downstairs and didn't want to have to go up to the toilet. All our friends who'd come over sort of learned it was okay too, like Adam here. Eventually even my parents gave in and started to just piss on the floor with us. Now it's just the way it is, a pee-friendly house. Obviously if you guys aren't comfortable with that, there's still the toilet upstairs -- normally we only use it for solids these days, but plenty of guests have used it too.” I shrugged. “I don't mind. It's your house, I'll live how you do. It's not doing any harm, does it?” David hesitated, but also assented. “Thank god for that,” Adam said. “I've been hopping for a piss since we left.” He turned to face the wall in the narrow hallway, leant against it with one hand while he pulled his cock out of his jeans with the other. His pee spurted out forcefully, clear as water. I watched as it ran down the wall, darkening the faded paint, and collected in a puddle around his shoes. “Too much beer, mate,” Maddie said, patting him on the back as she walked past him down the hallway. She didn't seem to notice the puddle under her bare feet. “Like Maddie said,” said Adam, shaking himself off and zipping back up. “Make yourselves at home here.” Taking Maddie's advice, I went up for a shower while she and Adam started to cook dinner. Their bathroom had a shower head over the bathtub, with a clear plastic screen instead of a curtain. A full-length mirror faced the shower. I found my eyes drawn to the mirror. I can never resist checking myself out when I'm naked in front of a mirror. I watched the water run down my thin arms and legs, my small boobs, the triangle of pubic hair above my slit. I noticed the tan-lines that were starting to form where my costume had been. Perhaps next time we went to the beach I should go topless, like Maddie. The bathroom door opened. I gasped, clapping my arms over my boobs and vag, but relaxed when I saw that it was just my brother. He'd seen me naked plenty of times, we had nothing to hide from each other. “What's up?” I asked, turning the shower off. “Adam says he's going to run some stuff through the washing machine,” David said. “He wondered if you wanted your beach stuff washing?” “Sure,” I said, stepping out of the shower and reaching for my towel. “I'll take it down in a minute.” “Great,” David said. “I'll jump in there if you're done.” He stripped off and climbed up into the shower as I towelled myself down. “Can you believe this place?” he asked, turning on the water. “The way they just pee wherever?” I shrugged. “If it works for them,” I said. “I can see that it's convenient.” And more than that, I thought, remembering standing with Adam and Maddie, all three of us pissing where we stood without a care. “And Maddie just walking around topless,” David went on. “I've never met anyone like them.” “You didn't seem to mind that,” I said. I felt a twinge in my bladder, warning that the cans of beer and pop I'd drunk on the beach were making their way through my system. Thoughtfully, I wrapped my towel around my shoulders, adjusted my stance slightly, and concentrated. “Oh I liked it, sure,” said David, not paying any attention to me. “I'm just surprised that -- are you peeing?” My piss fell in a slow stream onto the bathroom mat, making a pattering sound that was audible even over the sound of the shower. I held the towel up out of the way, and kept my legs far enough apart that the urine fell straight down. The mat quickly soaked through. It felt such a thrill, standing right next to the toilet and deliberately not using it. “It's what they do here,” I said to David, as my stream petered out. “You should try it.” “I'm okay thanks,” he said. “There's an actual toilet just there.” I shrugged, wiping my crotch on my towel. Despite his disapproving expression, David's cock had hardened back up to a semi. “Are you sure you want to try aiming in that condition?” I said, trying not to smirk. “If you pee now, there's no problem.” David didn't reply. I got dressed, pulling on my skirt and top -- I decided to go commando rather than put my damp swimming costume back on. I was about to leave when I noticed David start to piss. At first I wasn't sure if it was genuine or just water running off his cock, but as he grew more confident and pushed harder it was unmistakeable. He had a decent amount of pressure. It sprayed up against the perspex screen between us before running down, collecting in little puddles on the edge of the bathtub. He smiled sheepishly at me as the stream ebbed. We had broken him.
  3. The Holiday Pt 1: On the Beach

    Hi everyone -- I'm new to these forums. This is the first part of a series I have been writing; hope you enjoy it. ********** We – my big brother David and I – were on holiday in Cornwall for a week. It was the first time we'd been away from our parents. He was nineteen, me eighteen, and since it was my last summer before going to uni we decided to go on a trip together. We'd spent our first day confined to the tent because of rain, but on the second day it brightened up. We decided to go for a walk along the coast and, we were hoping, find a quiet beach where we could sunbathe and swim. I had my pink, one-piece swimsuit on under my skirt and top – small-breasted and slender as I am, I don't really feel comfortable in a bikini – and David was wearing his red swimshorts, ready for the sea. The clifftop path we were walking along was unpleasantly crowded, however; clearly everyone wanted to come out and enjoy the sun while they could. We walked for around an hour or so, hoping that it would get quieter as we got further away from the town, but if anything the path only seemed to be getting busier. Every beach that we passed seemed to be full of people, lying practically elbow-to-elbow. Eventually we decided to sit down on one of the benches, looking over the edge of the cliff at the sea, and eat our lunch. “I wish these people would stop coming, Sarah,” David said, passing me a box of egg mayo sandwiches. “I need a pee.” “Why didn't you go at the carpark?” I asked. He shrugged. “I felt fine then. Er, I think I won't have a coke just yet, thanks. Better not risk it.” “Do you want to just go behind a bush or something?” I asked. “Not with so many people around. I can hold it,” he said, although he looked uncomfortable. While I ate, I watched the seagulls swooping above the cliff edge, enjoying the way they angled their wings to change direction. After a few minutes, David tapped me on the shoulder. He pointed over the cliff edge. “I think there's a patch of beach down there we could climb down to,” he said. I looked. He was pointing at a region some hundred metres away, where the cliff had a sort of kink in it – as though someone had taken a knife and cut away a chunk of the coastline. There did indeed seem to be a stony beach at the bottom, but I was dubious. “The signs say not to climb the cliffs,” I said. “And what if the tide comes in? We could be trapped.” “It's high tide now,” said David. “And we can always turn back if it's too hard to climb.” I agreed to try it. I suspected David had an ulterior motive: if we climbed down, he'd be able to pee away from prying eyes. Still, we'd planned on going to the beach, and if this was a way to do so while avoiding the crowds, I was game for it. We jumped the fence and pushed our way through a small patch of undergrowth to the cliff edge. I got a couple of nettle stings on my bare legs, but they didn't bother me too much. Nobody on the path seemed to take any notice of what we were doing. The cliff turned out to be quite easy to scramble down – it was only perhaps ten feet high, and the limestone jutted out in such a way that it was almost a staircase for most of the way down. When we were halfway down, however, David put out his hand to stop me. “What's up?” I asked. “There's people,” he said, pointing. There were two of them in the cove already. A man and a woman, both around nineteen or twenty as we were. They were sunbathing, eyes closed, holding hands. The woman – I blinked – was topless. Her boobs were largish, with round, dark brown nipples, and they were lying flat and fried-egg like on her chest in that way that boobs do when you lie down. She was tall, blond and broad-shouldered. Her skin was bronzed all over, with only the faintest tan lines. The man was short and quite stockily built, and equally tanned. He wore skin-tight, speedo-type shorts, with, I noticed, a quite prominent bulge at the front. I giggled and pointed that out to David, who just raised his eyebrows. “If my girlfriend had jugs like that, I think I'd be in that condition,” he said; and indeed he self-consciously adjusted the front of his own shorts as he said it, which I pretended I hadn't seen. We debated going back up, but David pointed out a path that seemed to lead away around the bottom of the cliffs, where we might be able to find another cove and leave this couple in peace. I think he was just keen to see Topless Girl up closer, but I followed his lead down to the pebbles anyway. Speedo Boy sat up as we approached, and called a greeting. “Hi!” David replied. “Don't mind us, we'll keep going that way.” “You'll have to swim,” said Topless Girl, sitting up as well. “That doesn't go anywhere except the sea.” Speedo Boy, I noticed, had surreptitiously drawn his knees up to hide the conspicuous bulge in the front of his shorts. If Topless Girl was at all self-conscious about her state of undress, though, she didn't show it; she just lent back on her arms, smiling at us, and said, “Come and join us if you want, though. We have crisps and beer.” Never one to turn down a free drink, I went over to them, with David following slightly reluctantly behind me. However happy he was to admire a naked pair of boobs from afar, he seemed quite self-conscious now that it came to talking to their owner. Speedo Boy introduced himself as Adam, and said that the Topless Girl's name was Maddie. Meanwhile, she had sat up on the bare stones and pulled her towel up around her shoulders – in no way covering up those boobs – and was rummaging around in a backpack. “Here,” she said, passing me a beer. She offered one to David, but he refused, saying that he had to drive later – although he also didn't want to add any more liquid into his already full bladder. She and Adam both opened theirs, and then passed me the bottle opener. “We should check, though,” said Adam, “are you over eighteen? Because,” he put on a grave voice, “because otherwise we would have to report you for the beer, of course.” I assured him that I was – actually it had been my birthday only a month or so before – and he cracked a grin. “Glad to hear it,” he said, with a sultry wink that earned him an elbow in the ribs from Maddie. “Sorry about him,” she said. “He's a creep, but he means well.” I was laughing, however. We spoke to them for a while. We learned that they lived in a village some half an hour's walk away, and that they often came down to this cove for some peace and quiet. “At high tide you can't reach it except down the cliffs,” said Maddie. “And even at low tide people tend to stick to the marked beaches further along, or go down where it's sandy.” “And since Maddie likes to, you know, let things hang loose, a quiet beach is ideal,” said Adam. “I mean, it doesn't really bother me who sees these,” Maddie said, indicating her chest. “But it's nice to have some personal space, don't you think?” The conversation turned to things we were into. I noticed that Maddie was reading one of the later Harry Potter books (“My fifth re-read,” she said), and Adam told us that he was a particularly big fan of Game of Thrones, both of which sounded all right to me and David. Our biggest surprise, though, came when they mentioned that they were both students, and which university they went to. “Nottingham,” said Adam, “both of us.” “No way!” I said. “I start there in October.” “Excellent!” he said. “We'll be able to show you around. You know, the strip clubs, the insalubrious bars, all our favourite places.” “He's joking, of course,” said Maddie, while I giggled. “But we will show you around. It can be helpful to know someone when you first get there, I think.” David was in some discomfort. Not only was he starting to jiggle with pee desperation, but he didn't seem to know where to look. His eyes flicked down to Maddie's boobs about once every ten seconds, and then he would catch himself and look out to sea, up at the cliffs, anywhere else. He seemed to think this was being subtle. “Excuse me,” he said, suddenly. He got to his feet and hurried away, towards the sort-of path that led around the corner and stopped. “Where's your brother off to?” Adam asked me. I shrugged. “He said he needed a wee,” I said. Adam nudged Maddie. “See?” he said. “He goes around the corner when he needs a piss. What do you think of that?” “A civilised man,” said Maddie, with a grin. “What do you mean?” I asked. Adam smirked. “Maddie here has an unusual attitude to beach urination,” he said. I frowned. “Come again?” “Shall doesn't like to expend needless energy,” Adam said. “She puts convenience before convention.” “I still don't follow,” I said. “You mean – you don't mean –” “The great thing about a stony beach,” Maddie said, “is that you're basically sitting on a big sieve. Any liquid you spill – or otherwise pour away – just trickles through the stones and disappears.” “I think she still doesn't believe,” said Adam. He gave Maddie's shoulder a squeeze. “Would you like to show her?” Maddie grinned. “I think I have it in me.” I watched, dumbfounded, as she spread her legs, showing her black bikini bottoms to me. She stayed in that position for a long moment; then she let out a slow, shuddering breath. As I watched, a wet patch appeared on her crotch, and spread quickly upwards. It was hard to make out on the black fabric, but it was definitely there. “Oh my god,” I said. “Are you – are you weeing right now?” “Ah, I needed this,” Maddie said, by way of reply. There was now a visible stream of clear urine pouring from her bottoms, with such force that it positively arced forwards before splashing on the grey stones. She pissed like that for more than a minute, before finally the stream drooped and died. She closed her eyes and let out an even huger, almost embarrassingly loud sigh of contentment. “Mmmm. That was three beers, right there.” I was shocked, could barely believe what I had seen. That someone would be so bold – I mean, I would happily wee behind a rock or a bush if I needed to, but to just piss right there, in front of a near-total stranger, knowing full well that they were watching you – it was startling, to be sure. Startling and, I was surprised to find myself thinking, a little awe-inspiring. I felt like I wanted to try it myself, but I was sure I never would. Although, why not? Was it such a bad thing? There was no-one around but us, no-one to be offended. It was true what Maddie had said, as well; the piss ran straight down between the stones, leaving only the slightest of wet patches behind. Even if somebody else came along, there would be no trace of what she had done; and the urine would just end up in the sea along with everyone else's. If it was a crime, it was a victimless one. These thoughts occupied my brain as David walked back up the beach to us. Maddie had moved forward slightly to cover the wet patch on the stones, flashing me a grin as she did so. I noticed that her cheeks were slightly flushed. Adam had drawn his knees up in front of his crotch again as he watched Maddie pee. Adam pulled out a pack of cards, and we played a few hands of Whist and Go Fish. I wasn't concentrating, and kept losing hands because of it. There was a pressure building in my own bladder. I hadn't been to the loo since we started walking, I'd been drinking a lot of water while we walked, and I was now on my second beer. I would have to wee somewhere soon. I could do as David had done, go around the cliffs, out of sight; or, could I just do it here? I was pretty sure I could do it subtly, and no-one would ever know. Really, what was to be gained by interrupting the card game, and walking all the way over to the far end of the cove? Cautiously, I tried to let a spurt out. It was harder than I expected. My mind said piss, but years of instinct stopped me. I tried to relax into it, to unclench my muscles. When the first few drops escaped me, I was so surprised that I stopped peeing almost immediately. I took a deep breath and tried again. This time, I let it flow for several seconds before I stopped. Warm liquid ran along the inside of my swimsuit, collecting around my buttocks. The warmth felt strangely nice, sort of soothing. I could see why Maddie liked it. “Sarah?” David said. “What?” “It's your turn, isn't it?” “Oh,” I said, “thanks.” I was glad he hadn't noticed me peeing. While I wouldn't have minded Maddie or Adam seeing it – after all, I was following Maddie's example – I wasn't keen for David to know just yet. I started to pee in earnest during the next round, a seemingly endless stream of piss gushing out of me. It was amazing how little sign there was of what I was doing – maybe a quiet hiss, but too quiet for the others to hear. After I'd peed for what felt like five minutes, the flow finally slowed and stopped. I savoured the relief and the warmth around my crotch for a while longer. After we'd played cards for a while longer, Adam suggested a game of volleyball instead. We stood up, and I quickly moved my towel to cover the wet spot on the stones where I'd been sitting. I wasn't quite quick enough, however. Maddie saw what I was doing, then looked from there to my crotch. She gave me a smirk. “Pink's a revealing colour,” she said. It was true that the bottom of had gone a bit darker with being wet, but it wouldn't have been noticeable if Maddie hadn't been looking for it. I decided not to worry about it. I'm not a particularly sporty person, and David is even worse than me, so Adam and Maddie trounced us in our first game. After that we switched to boys versus girls, which made us more evenly matched. It also meant both boys were able to watch Maddie's boobs bounce around as she jumped, which they both certainly did as much as they could. After a couple more games, Adam waved his arm. “Pee break,” he said. He took a few steps back away from us, stood with his legs apart, and started to pee, not bothering to move his speedos aside. I watched, fascinated, as the stream of piss ran down his well-toned legs. He was dressed with his willy pushed to the left, so most of it ran down his left leg, but a few trickles migrated over to his right leg as well. “What are you doing?” said David. He sounded shocked; of course, he hadn't been there for Maddie's display earlier. “What does it look like?” said Adam. “I needed a piss, so I thought I'd have a piss.” He sighed as he finished off. “Phew, I needed it, too. Shouldn't hold these things for too long, you know, it's terribly bad for you. Shall we get back to the game?” David didn't look terribly happy about this state of affairs, but he agreed to continue playing. We played a few more games, then went back to sit down again. Adam and Maddie shared some of the snacks they'd brought with us, and we sat around and talked for another couple of hours. At about four o'clock, clouds started to roll in, and before long the sun had disappeared behind them. We all groaned loudly. “There it goes,” Adam said. “I think that might be all we get today.” “Looks like it,” said Maddie, who was checking the weather forecast on her phone. “Rain forecast later.” “How far away if you guys' car?” Adam asked David and I. We told him where we'd parked. “Oh, that's not far from my house,” Maddie said. “Why don't you come over for a bit? My parents are away, we'll have the place to ourselves.” “It would be nice not to spend another evening stuck in the tent,” I agreed. “All right then,” said Adam. “Maddie's place here we come. It's about a half hour walk,” he added, “so I think another pee break might be in order before we set off. Anyone?” So saying, he turned slightly away from us and started to pull down the front of his speedos. David looked awkwardly away. “I'm, er, I'm going to go back there,” he said, and walked away towards the other end of the cove. “Quite the gentleman, your brother, isn't he?” Maddie said, watching David walk away. I was watching Adam, who had by now pulled his penis out from his speedos. The penis was, I couldn't help noticing, both quite large and semi-erect. He was looking at Maddie. “What about you, dear?” he said. “Are you going to be the lady to his gentleman?” “Of course not,” said Maddie. She reached down with one hand and pulled the fabric of her bikini bottoms aside, revealing a triangle of brown hair. The two of them started to piss at the same time, two cascades pattering onto the stones on either side of me. Tiny droplets bounced up against my bare legs. Maddie was giving me a pointed look. “You don't need to go?” she said. I did need to go. I stood in the same stance that Adam had used earlier, legs spread slightly apart, put my hands on my hips, and let myself relax. The stream came easily. It soaked through the crotch of my swimsuit and fell in a torrent to land between my feet. Smaller rivulets were running down each of my legs. It was a glorious mess. Adam gave me a round of applause, using the back of one of his hands because it was still holding his cock. “Bold,” said Maddie. “Particularly for your first day. I think you'll fit in well with us.” “You've made a rookie mistake, though,” said Adam, as he shook himself dry. “Don't pee through the swimsuit just before you leave, or you'll have to get dressed over a wet swimsuit.” He had a point, but I found I didn't much mind. I was still towelling myself off when David arrived back. He saw what I was doing and the puddle where I was standing, but he didn't do anything more than give me a funny look. My suit was mostly dry by the time I put my skirt back on. Adam pulled on a pair of jean shorts over his speedos, and Maddie fastened up her bikini top, and we started the climb back up to the path. I glanced back down when I reached the top. The large wet patch at the foot of the cliff, where three of us had peed together, was just about visible from up here. Yes, I thought, we had made some interesting friends today.