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    We are a couple, but I (Nancy) am the one who post on this forum!
    So... about me? I'm a Witch. Don't think you know what it means because I don't recite lullabies walking in the forest. Read my stuff and understand. Pic in the ProfileImage is me. On the sexual level, I'm slutty to the extreme. Sub to my man (though not exceedingly apparent... it would be classless and a turn off), dominant with other girls

    ps I'm in a 9-years relationship but Alex is utterly gentle and discreet and I'm having a lot of sex with girls beside my official couple; sometimes I share them with him, sometimes they are all for myself.
    I'm more than willing to PM with any lesbian or bisex girl (but only if single, one man around is already too much!!!) that could be interested in chatting with me.

    A lot of men PM asking things, my answer is always the same: 99% of probability the answer is already well-explored and explained in one of my threads, and asking me through a PM only shows you didn't read it before contacting me, and is a bad move if you want to gain my respect and friendship.

    On the other hand, wise questions are not only welcomed, but also answered with full eagerness and respect.

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    Retaliating the overpower of Sex against anything else by freely pissing wherever and whenever I feel the need, even without exceedingly-intentional naughtines, but simply because I need and I want!!!

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  1. spywareonya


    somewhere I've got a link to a video (45 minutes stuff) of lesbian domination where the bad girl is a mexican mob mistress🤣
  2. it's a great country, there are some from this forum who are from there, do not remember who exactly🤣, but I know they are, they told me
  3. that stuff from the thread Brazen sightings is good, isn't it? He lived in India for a lot of time, so it fits with the concept of "Inviting new friends from all over the world", compared to the mainly USA&Europe membership!!!
  4. spywareonya

    De Praestigiis Angelorum 3

    “Scar” the voice was monotone, but nobody except him called her that way. “Da” Scarlet used russian to reply, the only inheritence of Makharo that she used to disclose. “I found it”. She couldn’t believe what she just heard. She controlled her emotions, but it wasn’t easy: “Where?” “A man named Pedro Escobar got it. He doesn’t look like he’s from there, and goes by the name of CompTon Gregg, he flaunt it like shit” “Where do I can catch him up?” Scarlet couldn’t resist , but it was too important. She remembered the training. “He will attend a political meeting at Forst Palace” Makharo was irreproachable, as usual. “Stephen Forst?” “Yes. Now listen carefully. Wear red, very short, and find a girlfriend to giggle with, he got a thing for that kind of women, there’s plenty of stuff on his computer. He will notice you” “Was it difficult?” nothing is for free in this world, she reflected. “That man is asking problems to shove it up his ass. Broke inside in less than an hour. Never hacked something so simple in years”. “Boris” she couldn’t help calling him with his true name. He remained silent, didn’t see it coming: “What?” “Thank you” she whispered. The sound of the phone that had been hung up. Claire was speechless when she saw the phone ringing and no number on it, not even the notification of hidden-out number. It was Scarlet. She picked up, the voice broken in a soft shriek: “Hi”. The red haired Witch didn’t want to put Claire into it, but if all would have gone the right way, she would have had a lot of fun, and nobody would have got hurt. Nobody beside CompTon Gregg. Comp Ton. Such a stupid name. Scarlet talked calmly but with strenght: “Darling, I’m going to a party tomorrow night. Would you like to come with me?”. Claire was turned inside-out by emotions, the world of her friend disclosing unto her: “Which kind of party?”. The heavy silence on the other side of the phone was a powerful answer, and the sweet blondi corrected herself: “Yes, yes I’m coming. Sorry”. Scarlet was pleased for the quickness by which the little girl understood her fault: when she talked, people agreed or declined, did not ask questions. Anyway, she came up with the thought she had been too hard to her, and wanted to ease things a bit. She softened her voice, and asked her: “What were you doing, sweetie?”. Claire never obtained that degree of confidence since they started to have sex. On the bus they were talking like nothing, but the more the red haired one disclosed to the other, the more the blondie started to understand what kind of person she was befriending. She started to be unvoluntarily submissive to her, and every day more in love, desperately in love: “Nothing… last night something strange happened to me”. She paused, reluctant: what if Scarlet would have made fun of her? Breathing slowly, she went on: “I was drunk, and felt the need to…”. “To piss?” the voice on the other side wasn’t teasing at all, it was like… motherly. “No” she replied, “I felt the need to be more like you!” she threw up the last words, because she wouldn’t have had the guts to simply speak them. Silence again. “Wet yourself”. Claire was puzzled by what she just heard: “You mean now?”. Scarlet voice reversed to the steel: “Yes. Don’t move. Don’t undress. Don’t move a muscle, beside those of your bladder”. Claire couldn’t believe her ears. Scarlet would have never known if she had just adjusted herself a bit. But her voice was mesmerizing. Without even consciously knowing, she released her bladder. Piss slide down her legs, under the oversized white shirt she used as a robe when at home. No panties, according to last night oath. She remembered little from it, except they brought ther home, and didn’t call her since that. Good friends. Fuck them. Pee was hot, she held it for a while as she was too focused on a scientifical research she undertook. No less than two hours of green tea without release. Now a full torrent, her piss jetted down, on the same moquette Scarlet treated with such a great generosity. She stood there, unable to reply, nor to disobey, like a column descending from the skies and landing in her bladder, waiting to proceed in his crusade toward earth. The golden rivulets soaked the carpeted floor, her feet feeling the hot of her own bodily function. A deranged tought went through her mind: if it felt like that, she wanted Scarlet to piss on her. She definitely wanted her lover to prey on her, submit her, squat on her, and soak her hair and dresses with her unrepentant and disrespecting liberation. She wanted to be trashed, humiliated, she wanted to be Scarlet’s toilet, and used accordingly. She wanted the weak her to be definitely drowned, a unholy Witch baptism, a Path of Gold, instead of the pointless white of modern religions. Without noticing, a finger slided down there, starting to massage the swollen clit while the hot stream continued to gently flow. She pressed the phone to her ear, so ashamed to be unable to feel any shame, and breathed heavily while her fingers took care of the fire eager to explode from her most intimate recess. In the end, while the last driblets run down her long and tight legs, her pleasure exploded with no boundaries, and she screamed, and screamed, and screamed out all she got, with full lungs, and fuck the neighbours, fuck the neighbours ‘cause I’m cumming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “Your place tomorrow, six p.m. Put on the dress I gave you” Unwithstand the dangers of the situation, Scarlet couldn’t help her pussy to wet copiously from Claire performance. She reached for her privates, and started to massage. “I love…” Claire started, a whisper, almost in tears. But the phone had already been hung up.
  5. yeah, that's what a Forum is about!!! In fact I'll make new videos soon!!!
  6. and here comes the problem, because many of us would really do not know where to start from!!! I mean, most of the pee pictures I have saved on my pc comes from this very site🤣 with videos is easier, I post tasty things from time to time last but not least those of me!!!!
  7. and that is exactly what make you so great Will eagerness and skillfulness
  8. agree wholeheartedly but as you said, it is about entertainment, it is important we play hard and keep posting good stuff and then, it will be up their free will
  9. I am just saying you are an example for everybody
  10. Sat listen, you re-appeared out of nothing a few months ago, with just a bunch of posts and likes how do you think you get where you are in so little time? it's because you got HEART and you put it in the way you contribute for example, that plan to find japs at first startled me because I wasn't sure it will have worked, but now I have complete trust in you, keep it the fucking up as you're doin' !!!!!!!!
  11. with you around it will not be hard and my personal videos will help too🤣
  12. The only problem is that sometimes people really came along just to read and then vanish I don't judge them since I did like that for years but yes, you are right, that is the way we should proceed, regardless of initial problems
  13. we are doing our best, the last year had been great!!!
  14. spywareonya


    This is what it means to be a man Agree 101% without knowing, you described a tenet of my Path Yeah, I have Always acted that too, even when I was still scared, it's the right way
  15. spywareonya


    no, it's Paradise🤣 hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!