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    couple (straight male, bisex girl)
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    Nancy: secretary, wannabe-pornstar
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    We are a couple, but I (Nancy) am the one who post on this forum!
    So... about me? I'm a Witch. Don't think you know what it means because I don't recite lullabies walking in the forest. Read my stuff and understand. Pic in the ProfileImage is me. On the sexual level, I'm slutty to the extreme. Sub to my man (though not exceedingly apparent... it would be classless and a turn off), dominant with other girls

    ps I'm in a 9-years relationship but Alex is utterly gentle and discreet and I'm having a lot of sex with girls beside my official couple; sometimes I share them with him, sometimes they are all for myself.
    I'm more than willing to PM with any lesbian or bisex girl (but only if single, one man around is already too much!!!) that could be interested in chatting with me.

    A lot of men PM asking things, my answer is always the same: 99% of probability the answer is already well-explored and explained in one of my threads, and asking me through a PM only shows you didn't read it before contacting me, and is a bad move if you want to gain my respect and friendship.

    On the other hand, wise questions are not only welcomed, but also answered with full eagerness and respect.

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    Retaliating the overpower of Sex against anything else by freely pissing wherever and whenever I feel the need, even without exceedingly-intentional naughtines, but simply because I need and I want!!!

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  1. spywareonya

    Ladies please answer

    these are all beautiful, they deserved a like each they are all Amazing, tight bodies, great pisses, gorgeous pussies, wow!!!
  2. spywareonya

    Pissing as a foreplay

    wow hot, look at how much she proudly pisses in his mouth!!!!!!!!!
  3. spywareonya

    Feel free to get to know me

    that's what matters no problem at all both fascinating and adventurous!!! Though terribly stressful, hope you are fine, your spirit is strong as steel but if I got you right, sometimes your body needs a break oh this REALLY should be the last of your concerns!!! Post what makes you feel glad, what intrigues you, or take a look at other people's stuff and start answering/replying to them there are no rules here, the only rule is having fun while being polite a great kiss and remember: people here appreciate you was I complying (I'm not, I can't) to infringe my privacy shield, I'd fuck a girl like you without thinking twice about it what makes people sexy is charisma
  4. spywareonya

    Worth putting out there

    do it, I'll answer ASAP
  5. spywareonya


    I do too, or better I did (between half an hour ago and a quarter of hour ago, if you see what I mean) and I'll quite likely do again
  6. spywareonya

    Girls,what about mens bits?

    in my Path women stay single and fuck every man in sight until they find a man so powerful he deserves their submission after they find him, they marry him in front of the Entities we serve from that moment on, women can get aroused by men and even flirt with them, but beside particular situations like when flirting with a man which deserves even the girl's master's respect (like sometimes it happen between me and some men on this forum, people even Alex would appreciate), we do not feel that much the need to explore the male-side that much, since we already get our "answer" but pussies, they are no-limits every man and every woman should fuck every pussy they stumble across
  7. spywareonya

    Backyard peeing

  8. spywareonya

    Girls,what about mens bits?

    it's not a section I visit since I am onto this forum more out of my lesbian side, my mind is a bit complicated, so I watch mainly females over here but that section is the fitting one for men pics, there is that hot girl, Curvy Luscius, that is there often so I'm sure you'll have good company there
  9. spywareonya


    she's really beautiful, very strange her man does not react to those pics
  10. spywareonya

    Girls,what about mens bits?

    men peeing section is filled with fitting stuff!!!
  11. spywareonya

    Desperate Co-worker

    whatever you feel comfortable with
  12. spywareonya

    Desperate Co-worker

    I have not that much time to read an entire book, but if you got something heart-touching to tell, send me a PM,, Always honoured to me, you could even post it here, the occult stuff I post isn't less personal, I poste because I trust this forum
  13. spywareonya

    Desperate Co-worker

    better than a sitcom I love your writing style, it's both funny and somewhoe dramatic at the same time, it's great
  14. spywareonya

    So dirty it is almost heart-touching

    yes, it makes Tantra is about having sex while meditating on orgams and on the fact that your partner is doing exactly the same in the meanwhile, so yes, it makes sense I had already been fucked once this morning (wrote in "what aroused you today") and the day looks nice, though we would have relative at home so a bit less privacy and less chances to make noise!! But I can fuck silence-iPhone modality: I tremble, I got illuminated, but I make no sounds ahahahahaha
  15. spywareonya

    What aroused you today?

    IT WAS EXACTLY what I did to my man this morning!!!! I woke up feeling his erection on my ass, and I let out this huge loud bomb, and a second after he was inside me!!! We hadn't even been to bathroom before, but it was Amazing, such a hot ride, cummed 3-4 times, usually I need my body to be a bit more "activated" to properly cum, but this was great