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  1. Why dont new members stay?

    Without making people feel invaded or pushed, we could consider upon this matter. If we enhance our desire of interaction, it will pop up as a natural and spontaneous thing. We come here NOT to be pushed to act a certain way or another, yet without anything that rude, we could and should bring this forum to a next level, not so different to the point of making people feel pushed, not at all, but THAT bit
  2. Why dont new members stay?

    Agree wholeheartedly. On the other hand, Other long term members told me something similar through PM. Obviously I am not saying that they got in their minds the same undermeanings known only to ou first person, they got their own undermeanings, but I noticed that something "happens" to long term contributors. Somebody could say "Exception made for never ending contributor like Ozabot or Zzyzx and those of the likes of them", but if you are careful, they usually share pics and videos and not stories. I mean, I think that "story-teller members" are at a certain point hit with some kind of "something" that discourage them from the same fury of their beginnings, something which apparently doesn't hit pics/videos contributor. There is something in this forum that spoils its potential perfection, and I'm starting to think that beside the actual reasons that I listed, what I felt when I decided to leave was somehow related to this same "change in the atmosphere" This forum is too "loose": people post and share new stuff but somehow we are too "distant" from each other, it is hard to actually say that we are "friends". And believe, beside all my stuff as a Witch I can seriously tell you that regardless of what some portions of your charachter may think, after unloading one's cum and filling one's belly with food, people start to look for friendship, or at least a little tighter interaction. I'm not saying I'm somekind of Saviour come with the answer, I'm just reflecting about it, not only as part of my decision regarding coming back to the forum or not, but also as the thing in itself, 'cause subtle-lingering discomfort is Always interesting for one's growth
  3. Why dont new members stay?

    I think this man is right Yet, I would offer a slightly different point of view about this subject: I am not that sure that people are aware/intentional/fully conscious of the reasons that bring them here: they subscribe because they are overwhelmed by the fascination of such a place, but they are simply more eager to get than to give, and I'm saying it without any judgemental attitude, I have been an "active lurker" for three years before ever feeling the push to reply or to write something! I think that after they read and watched everything the forum has to give, they simply leave. One could ask: "Then why signing up first place? This is a free forum, you don't need to sign up in order to only-peer-around" Because millennials grew up in the Facebook culture, where you click first and think later. "Meanwhile, do that!" could be their motto, and that is also the reason why millennials are both very creative (a lot of them has really good financial and business-planning ideas) and very impulsive (to the point of almost daily fist fight in dancing clubs)
  4. they're personal reflections about the song I posted more backward in this page, Vato, by Snoop Dogg I found the original, uncensored version, with the cartoon video, and I also posted the lyrics
  5. There is something adventurous in gang life, something wise in those who reject it for political, social and spiritual reasons, and something coward in those who reject it because of a not-better-detailed lingering feeling like "mommy told me it is wrong" Gang life is nothing different from our deep unconscious, savage yet sincere, though immature, in need to be transformed from "immaturely violent" (like many thugs are) to "wisely dark" (like CIA agents who know everything about how Laws and Criminality itermingle in secret operations all around the world) I do not endorse gang life, but people must face their own gang-side, hidden in everyone of us. Pulling the trigger if it is not mandatory then is wrong, there is Always something good in those who stands in front of you, even if they chosed the wrong way in life, and remeber? "Good things should NOT go unnoticed" !!! But if really, really one day it could came up to be (unavoidable, I mean) we must be mature (in the guise of "strong enough to bear the burden of heavy secrets") enough to bring down the motherfucker The world can and should become a paradise, but there will Always be a warfaring side in our soul. To avoid it to malfunction, we must master it, not endorsing it blindly, obviously, but accepting and understanding it, without moral panic This doesn't make us more friendly toward wickedness (quite the opposite indeed), it makes us grow and become more of an adult, able to bear the burden of the complexity of life, and less of a child, which is legitametely terrorized to guess at the fact that sometimes Good and Bad intermingles
  6. HAHAHAHHA Beside being catchy (yet not that much my style, I'm into black metal more than anything) I love the atmosphere and the lyrics That kind of life touched me (no details to be divulged) yet without actually penetrating me, but enough to make me able to understand deep things
  7. I was chilling, Right around my way, 21st Eastside of the Beach, This mother fucker ran up on me, Talkin' shit with his homies, Like he was a straight G, Askin' where I'm from While he runnin' up, Gang bang my set on every one of 'em, Something son they just won't change, Fools don't respect nothin' but the gang bang, What's seen is what's on, Dog is the law I had you niggas runnin' like a marathon, Lil' G's tryin to creep on the ease wit' it, Talkin' 'bout they gon get my chain And they gon leave wit' it, But they don't know, Once they get close It's tic tac toe, Three mother fuckers laid on the flo' (watch out, watch out) Yea, this happened yesterday On the west they spray, I heard a ese say, he said Vato, you won't believe what I saw, I saw this pack of guys and they act real hard (And what they do?) They twist they fingers, say you know who we are, He say I don't give a fuck, I Snoop Doggy Dogg They keep talkin' then it went too far, So Snoopy he went straight to the trunk of his car, ( And what he get?) He got his gun and they start runnin' hard, He started firing and then he just charged, Run nigga run nigga Duck nigga duck nigga Run motherfucker run Run motherfucker run Run nigga run nigga Duck nigga duck nigga Run mother fucker run I didn't mean to hit what I hit, Now that's three mother fuckers dead And I ain't seen shit, But these niggas will scream a plea, But for a G like me It's just a case, really you could see, I crack the mack back and pop off rollin', And smack ya neck back you drop off fallin', I haven't seen my momma in a week, And she ain't even ran her mouth about me, Fuck that, I don't give a fuck about the law, Niggas say they wanna brawl, You would think that they were brods, Believin' all the things that you never saw, In it ya'll, been a Dogg, smoke you like a menethol, You think you know, but this can't go, You think you'll blow, on my door, What the fuck, No, See these niggas proceed with speed, So feel the need to bleed, All you hear my enemies goin' I wouldn't be the nigga that I am, If I didn't pop niggas in they mouth, God Damn, And Snoop will keep one foot on the streets, And leave 'em covered in sheets, Run wit' dem niggas wit da heat, Ya never seen a thug like this, Ya never seen a dub like me, And I ain't weak fo war and peace, In fact I could be Beast of the East, Mother fucka, I never hesitate to blaze, A nigga really tryin' to change his ways, We gotta move our team, Cuz my people is screamin' that we need mo' For funnel is illegal, Ba-ba-bang on this song, Make it feel like a drive by, It's a shame but somebody gotta die, They say it happens state to state, But when I mob in LA, All I hear the ese's say, (They go) Snoop Dogg him bust gun shots, Skate board P they say him bust gun shots DPG them bust gunshots BBC ya know them bust gun shots Come again now, Snoop Dogg him bust gun shots Skate board P you know him bust gust gun shots, Come again now, BBC them bust gun shots, DPG see you know dem bust gun shots Run motherfucker Run motherfucker
  8. Goodbye

    You enacted the greatest crisis of my life, unless it was for you and Fanny I wold have never discovered that deep in my unconscious, I was mistaking spontaneity with moral lazyness I have to grow and become less anxious Love you all, sincerely see you soon, as soon as I will have become a better person
  9. Goodbye

    I don't want forced and nervous appreciation I only felt something was going a bit under Now I confided all of this to you all I'm ready to be back, if you still want me back regardless, love you all, and thanks
  10. Goodbye

    Oh Fanny (I even mispelled yor name in my previous post, forgive me!) The thing is quite clear: I don't beg for attentions, but can't stand something as intimate as my contributions (or other's ones I like/replies vehemently) to go unnoticed! Things deserve a pre-set amount of respect basing on how much intimate (and long/well written when it comes to forum posts!) they are, people's freewill and personal tastes (holy and gift of Nature, nonetheless) should not be used to dabble with this Truth! That is the point! A place (a bar, a friend Group, an internet forum etc) is as worthy as it show to be able to understand this truth and act along its guiding lines: good things should not go unnoticed The better the thing, the Greater the cheering it mandatorily must receive by anybody who wants to be marked as "interested in doing the right thing" The world is going to hell and all of us had been treated as freaks because people do not commit themselves to follow a behavioural code which grants people to mandatorily obtain what they deserve accordingly to how much they previously commited themselves to sticking to that code I don't want to erase freethinking, just to avoid people abuse truth by preferring what they immediately feel to what is holy. Like the last time somebody reeked of judging-attitude that bad that you felt that you would have been rejected if you dared to tell this person that you are a piss-fetishist. The world make sense only if you force it to make sense What we all want? To be treated the way we feel like we deserve. The Cosmical Good wants exactly this for us all. But to make such a world than we must first stick first person to such a code, judging people not about their tastes and even less according to our own, but only about how much commited they are in their life (no matter about what), how much did they mastered their unconscious becoming mature people, and how much do they stick to the Code. That is the way a Witch live, and her only goal in life, beside forcing herself to Always scarier-than-the-former exploration of personal deep unconscious (where all traumas and fears are repressed) is to show people what a glorious world this could be if we stop treating people according to what we feel like, and started not pathetically following a set of rules, but follow guidelines who Always tell ONLY one thing: "Are you showing this (regardless of what "this" is time by time) the proper appreciation?". That is all! For a certain time I felt that I was obtained such appreciation. I don't need it but it would be disrepectful not to show it because that would mean that something good goes unnoticed!! And this doesn't refer to me only AT ALL!!! It is something we must learn to show EVERYBODY ELSE. That would make us much better persons. I live to advise people about what we could get by living that way. Nervous and axious utilization of what I wrote are NOT what I am up. Just to reflect about it from a conceptual point of view. NOW I said everything. I'll be back if people like to have around somebody who live to this end. If elsewhere I would be perceived as rude and morally-bashing my return wouldn't be fitting!
  11. Goodbye

    Terrificly delicate matter. When you live the way I live, becoming so sensitive that even breathing is painful, everything become both glorious and terrible at he same time. Since a Witch means how self-exposing commitment is, If she commits to something than she really commits to it. And in my worldview, commitment must be glorified. Not me, careful, my commitment. That's why I Always said I respect people like you or zzyzx or Ozabot or Funnywatcher etc. Beside one of them who actually became my friend and I can tell you is a marvellous person, I know nothing of them! But there is something I know about them. The sweat they drip for the forum. To me, anything worthy of being done, is worthy of being overdone. To show my appreciation to the enormous, statuary glory of somebody like zzyzx I could create a video where I chant her nickname like a mantra to a goddess, I'm extreme to those pitches when aroused. Now you start to understand me a bit more? Frenzy much more than EGO And by the way, that thing about commitment to the forum was sincere. If I was ever to get a raise or different working schedule, I was gonna propose myself to partecipate in fundraising sometimes you admins asked about and even propose myself as a Moderator or what I know. I love this place and when I love something I feel an enormous sourge of commitment to that place. And in my opinion it must be glorified in a frenzy way. Intense, never ending and heart-touching. Why these words exactly? Because it is EXACTLY how I feel like whenever I post on this forum. Frenzied like the first days when you fall in love with somebody, or when you reflect the marvels of a ten years relationship. Filled to the point I cry and laugh and must finger myself Thats' what I feel for you. And I came upon the immature conclusion that the only way you could give back something similar was by liking me a lot. I'm gowing up and changing my mind. Meanwhile, consider what I whispered through this all-sincere and utterly intimate post
  12. Goodbye

    When you understand all of this, you come to understand that people are not wicked, they are just ignorant, because religions and censorship keep them in this condition. But Knowledge is not everything. Because we have been detached from a safe lifestyle for millennia, we are all fucked in our unconscious, we need a psychological therapy to get in touch with our instincts again (without stumbling in our own feets becoming raving maniacs) How much do you (not you Brutus, I mean the one who reads) have the real knowledge a Witch conquered by risking her life contacting Dangerous secret societies or elsewhere obtained by herself, spending eight hours per day (while living all the features of a normal life) for 15 years to link together ancients manuscripts and modern psychology and genetic? How much do you understood all the subtle yet very important links that create Balance among Nature and among the behaviours of all its inhabitants, humans included? How much did you suffered to stick to that code, a code which (since must be explored through Nature) is not personal, related to this or that religion, and is the only one true code that programs each of us, genetically and spiritually speaking? How much did you break through the veil of censorship and rediscover both instincts and sensibility? The value of a human soul is weighed by that And by all of this, one must understand that fetishists (and among all piss fetishists because pee has enormous links to deep unconscious) are quite superior to normal people Among us it is pointless to make a hieararchy, but still it is true that according to Balance, the more intimate, conquered-through suffering, touching experiences, are more worthy than simply saying "I witnessed this". Nothing bad with the latter, only the former is better. If people are strong enough with their characters, they will not suffer by admitiing that somebody is better than them. I do that daily about some people that really deserve my worship. Also, intensity is importance: somebody who contribute a lot must be respected more than somebody who do less. That is the difficult point: I'm not saying that normal forum contributors are less worthy, I'm not saying that, please understand! We are all Vikings, we are all Black-skinned Congo hunters, we are all Mongols in the Waste, we are all conquerors. Only, somebody deserves to be cheered more than Others, I feel not offended by the all-obvious superiority in the amount of sweat Admin or all other people like him drip for the forum. But I also am proud to say that the amount of sweat I dripped myself is far superior to a lot of other people, there should be not EGO-issues Abou that, nobody feels offended by reading that almost every week zzyzyx is #1 contributor, over and over and over again. Hierarchy should not be humiliating, it should only be used to ensure that somebody who gave her soul to this forum doesn't end up behind
  13. Goodbye

    After years spent in talking with these entities, you start to understand a great and terrible truth. Good and Bad actually exist. Man is not free to do whatever he wants and just think he's ok, he must stick to a code, elsewhere be labeled as uncaring to Balance or even nefarious to it. The funny thing is that Balance and the Good that stems from it is quite exactly the opposite of the concept of christian goodness we've been taught about, and this created the misunderstanding about Witchcraft being rebellious or even satanic. We live as animals, we care for human technological evolution, the study of psychology and genetic, and the erasing of moral censorship. Yet erasing moral censorship should not create an overly violent world: we would never evolve in a world where anybody could kill you without a reason. That's where LOVE comes up, to make people feel that being loved and respect each other is not simply mandatorily because somebody said so, but because it is actually good for us, and so sweet to be not only heart-touching, but soul touching. Still, sometimes you need to be naughty to make your hormons run Balance! Obviously it is nothing that simple
  14. Goodbye

    Ok Brutus, I knew this would have came sooner or later. And probably that was the real reason I left: to be as mature as possible waiting for all of this. It's time to say things clearly. Being a Witch means that you believe in the fact that Quantum Physics is much more extended than actual science knows about, basing on particularly stoning connections between uncomprehensible secrets from occultism thousands of years old, and modern (even kept-hidden-from-common-people. Freemasons are great at that) scientifical knowledge. All of this is explored both scientifically and in a occult way, developing (it may takes years to actually understand how) rituals that pushes humans latent psychich powers to manifest. During these rituals, it is possible (though usually people do exactly what I'm gonna tell you that it should NOT happen) to contact actual entities made of energy, which have been around Earth since the dawn of History, and are NOT construct of the human minds. Usually people are indeed talking to personified hallucinations from their own unconscious, but if you really got the right features, you may rise the interest of something REAL. To tell the difference, you need support from other human beings, rich and capable to put their hands on still-secret technology like the one about secret experiments on psychihc powers in old URSS and the like, to study your brain and assist you in the ritual. Ys, I'm actually talking about secret societies. Elsewhere, you need help from somebody who's been trained by them and can tell the difference in a second, even without technology.
  15. Goodbye

    I made up my mind, and I'll be back soon But before all of that, I have to tell you all something When I got here, I almost "played" about being a Witch, I was dead serious but I never really took things as they were, because deep in my soul, I never really accepted I was one. You have to understand, I am a woman (but when I started about Witchcraft I was nothing more than a girl) which unbearably powerful sexual desire, during my childhood I had my first orgasms clutching my six years old little legs tight together watching at a marvellous collector-edition doll with a supremely. heart touching blue dress, on display in a shop but much over my parents budget. At the age when girls played knights and princesses, I played queen and hand-maiden and kissed actually (and I came up with thinking that the girl at a certain point talked with her mother, maybe thinking there were nothing wrong, because she was suddenly removed from visiting our house again and with no explainations). I Always felt religion was about something real and looked for love in those roundabouts, but as my mediumship abilities started to develop, I came up with the conclusion that yes, Jesus had existed, as magician, and as a man, but that all of the Christian mythology was a hoax. Then, I started to tak to the nameless things that visited me during my first, self-build (almost randomly) rituals. When in the end I met Alex, at first I was scared by him, thankful for his love but scared by his anger and the darkest corners of his Knowledge. The terrible secrets about unfathomably-rich secret societies around the world, aliens, Govs, and Neanderthal Age visit (of which some traces remains) from something so vast and terrible that in comparison both aliens and Earth Gods are little embers in the vast cold void of infinity. I learned about the power that comes from supremacy, and the predatorial (and NOT the parental) stance of superior, Multiversal entities, the "peace" They established (read my post 666 thread) more about "responsibility" than "goodness", though I had been taught about the fact that goodness is mandatory to be responsible, elsewhere you are just hypocrite. But when I started, I didn't want to learn about all of that. I just wanted inner peace. But as Caesar said, "Si vis pacem, para bellum", "If you want peace prepare for war". During my first tranche here, I tried to be both naughty and silly, shifting from trying to be both somehow scary (as an immature form of realism toward the seriousness of these subjects) and friendly (because I am!) as a form of balance from the abovementioned behaviour. I have Always loved the Gods but deep in my soul, I must now admit I would have preferred to discover a much more simple and human-centered Truth about the ways Life and Good-vs-Bad worked. What I found won my respect but not immediately my happiness. And THAT is the reason why I didn't really explained why I left: because to me it was quite obvious that a person enburdened by my overall dark feeling would have never been loved as much as plain and silly people was, and in fact it was starting to go that way: very personal posts obtained nothing in return and other people obtained something of the like of half a thousand likes in a week. But while I was away, I underwent a completely different level of initiation, which turned my world upside down. I started to understand the end of the circle, leading me back where I started but not going round, spiraling, getting where I began but on a higher level. I understood how it all entwine about life and Death, tenderness and violence, evolution and despair. I also started to understand how deep and real my love is for both Alex and the Gods. Now I'm more focused. More happy, less silly. More gentle, less merciful. Both lighter and darker, at the same time. I'm no more afraid of what I am and what I know and I'm no more ashamed of what make me myself. I'm less looking for being appreciated-at-all-cost. I'll be back soon, meanwhile, reflect about this, because I'm no more afraid of rocking things in people's life: how much do we take things for granted in our lives, hiding behind the fact that we asked nothing from them and then we owe them nothing, theoretically speaking? Forums can be blighted with that unvoluntary attitude. I never partake in something unless I want it to evolve. To really be back, I want to set a next level to evolution in this forum. I had experiences while I was away, I mean sex related, so mind-crushingly arousing that could make your cocks backfire and blow your heads. I will share gold-worth things. But show the proper appreciation. Not in a silly, like-asmuch-as-you-can, but in mature, and CONSCIOUS way. Nothing is granted, everything must be earned, first through valor, or AFTER receiving it as a gift, through appreciating it. My posts are not to be there until somebody in four years from now stumble upon them and answer/like without even know that maybe I quit forever because what I know I have been taked by aliens the following year. They are gifts for YOU. And THAT is the only kind of relationship that I want between you and me. Contributions will be obviously part of my being back here around, but more than else (mark my words) I will be back about FRIENDSHIP. Elsewhere I'll be gone FOREVER soon. It is not a threat, is a subtler concept: it's about making people understand how things work, so that they will have control. It's about YOU, it's up to YOU if I'll stay or not. YOU will have the power. Just like in both Science and Magick: energy will do your biddings, but first you must learn why it works the way it works, and why it should never work in a different way, and why it is right that in order to have it bow to you, first it must be YOU who bow to it.