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    We are a couple, but I (Nancy) am the one who post on this forum!
    So... about me? I'm a witch. And a bitch too!

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    Girls peeing where they shouldn't!
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    Nancy: peeing in a club on the floor during a concert, leaving a big puddle stepped in by everybody during the mosh!

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  1. Cum on Clothing

    In clubs is where it could happen! But imagine down the streets! or at the supermarket! Oh sorry madame, you stifled my cock, can you plase HAND(job)LE the problem? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH If I was to make all that got a stiff at me cum, I wuould need a 72-hours day
  2. Post number 666

    This is one of the deepest Mystery of Witchcraft, something in which comparison my ritual pics are horse-shit so FUCKING READ CAREFULLY AND DO NOT INTERPRET, I COULD KILL TO THAT. Sex was born as an archetype to counteract on the quote above. It doesn't manifest in lower beings like virus but is a cosmical truth that just awaited to manifest in entities complex enough to grasp it. Sex is just the more immediate manifestation of the meta-human, not-human-constructs, archetype of Pleasure, of which Technology, Science, Art, Magick, Existence itself, are just subsequent and more complex manifestations it is like telling these over-cosmic creators/destroyers "Hey, take a look at what we managed to create just evolving from brutish matter while you were asleep. When you will turn the Wheel and restart creation to refresh existece, bookmark us before turning the pc off" this is not something we will be able to do ourselves in first person, is an archetypical thing that Existence as a Whole perform in front of Them, but is the very secret source of our dirty lifestyle: Something Enormous and utterly predatorial and stranger to mercy will one day judge us, if we were cool enough Play hard!!! Informations may be asked but discussing thing it itself is something I would NOT apreciate, this archetype prevent Witches from suicide when they contact the deepest and more harsch of truths so please avoid comments, both liking and disliking or I'll edit the post. Questions are apreciated
  3. Post number 666

    Things are darker and more complex than that
  4. Cum on Clothing

    Yes but it is difficult in Real Life!!!
  5. Diuretics

    Seltzer is GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD For what concerns that fart video, oh that was such a nice music by the way, alcohol is holy to a Witch but if somebody must quit it for any reason, he is doing something Worth of the utmost respect so kee it up
  6. Cum on Clothing

    In fact in the theory there is a never-undertaken rule in withcraft that says that if you give a man a boner, you should make him cum but as you can understand nobody follows it today because it is difficult to live like that It was born in the Past, and it sounds like "If you teased a man and he started desiring you, satisfy him" or something like that...
  7. Cum on Clothing

    It is the first thing women must learn to stop Sexes-War. Though it is hard for women to admit it, but it was we that started this war, when subtly starting to begrudge men for conquering power UNINTENTIONALLY in an age where physical violence was needed (10 000 - 0 years ago) interrupting the timeless female dominion over tribes (500 000 - 10 000 years ago). We must now get back to love them, it isa new age (0 years ago >>> future) where we can be equal, but we must stop begrudge them and see them as inherently-unavoidably-rude
  8. Cum on Clothing

    Men are shy, their psyche is much more deep and/or twisted than people believe. He needs to be taken hand in hand and learn to let himself go. I'm sure that Ivy will be able to do that. Dirty glances and warms hugs, combined with real love, can do anything, and she sounds capable of both
  9. Post number 666

    Oh Ivy, a most sincere hug. Ancient Christianism relied utterly on pagan root, in a classified text absconded by the Church in 1990 Jesus plainly stated that the most powerful of Earth's Gods was a female entity and that the Heavenly Father was more of an over-god figure, utterly unreachable, and that he talked about it only to explain his fellows where it all began, but without hinting in any way that they should actually worship such an unreachable entity. He never said he was the son of that guy, unless Jesus would have had tentacles, a thousand mouths, and with flaming beam projecting out of his eyes What he meant is that he was the world top-servant of the most powerful male entity of the planet, (who is the Firstborn of the Goddess and main male god of this planet) people mixed the things he said about this earthly god (terrible and honourbale, but reachable) and the few he said about the "heavenly allmighty creator" which looks most like the image I posted above and has nothing to do with Earth (and with morality even less)
  10. Naughty places to pee - the percentage count

    It was a burlesque-evening and was drunk as shit. Hangcoats were absurdily low in fact Alex's leather longcoat actually touched earth and curled on the floor, low at that degree. I was in a shiny dress that barely covered my pussy (and my ass not at all) in fact I was scared about complaint in the short track between the parking lot and the club itself (it was in the main city streets). While I was going out with Alex, I just stood standing and release a piss stream all over the other jackets, just like that, without thinking about it, swinging my pussy left and right, then ran away with Alex.
  11. Naughty places to pee - the percentage count

    Sincerely interested in who, why, for how long. Not judging, quite the opposite indeed. Even through PM.
  12. Naughty places to pee - the percentage count

    Oh... Well, you must fix this thing We want some pics!!!
  13. Peeing on the beach

    No incontinency, is just arousal
  14. Peeing on the beach

    She make me slobber too
  15. Peeing on the beach

    But beaches are particularly cute, and @pop-a-squat is hot as hell. A combo worthy a fingering!!