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  1. Pee Porn. First Encounters

    Speaking of porn magazines reminded me of my first encounter with them, I was about 14 at the time and my parents had moved into a new bungalow, not brand new but new to them. Well my father was a plumber and had always involved me in any jobs he was doing outside his regular work, so, when it came time to upgrade the heating system naturally I was the one to crawl around in the crawl space which was only around 18 inches deep. Whilst under the bathroom I discovered a large stash of porn left by the previous owner, magazines such as Penthouse, Parade, Razzle, and many others.Oddly enough as well as pictures of naked women, many performing various sex acts, there was also some interesting articles of a non-sexual nature. I managed to move these around under the floor until they were beneath my bedroom, later on by pulling the carpet back and popping a loose floorboard I was able to read them at my leisure.
  2. Diuretics

    Be careful, not only from a health point of view, but also you could end up looking really stupid, you can bluff people into giving you Diuretics once or twice, as there are certain conditions which though relatively harmless and short term can cause water retention. However there are some pretty serious ones, that can be life threatening that can also cause fluid retention, such as chronic heart failure, pulmonary problems, kidney diseases, and bladder issues. If you go too often for the diuretics, then any responsible doctor will certainly send you for further investigation, imagine being sent for a load of scans, blood tests, X-Rays etc, which all come back clear, then having to admit you have a pee fetish, embarrassing or what?
  3. other kinks that go with your pee fetish

    I have a thing for women in long boots, also because I worked around riding stables (where I met my ex-wife) I like a nice tight pair of jodhpurs too. The ultimate thing for me is a girl in tight beige or white jodhpurs, with black thigh boots, taking a piss in her pants and watching it run down into those long sexy boots.
  4. Sophie

    I too prefer non fiction, I read a lot of crime books and similar stuff. recently I wrote my autobiography, although I haven't had it published yet, maybe you would like to cast an eye over it and give me your opinion.
  5. Water the plants

    I remember an incident when I was in my late teens, I had this motorbike, it was only a 125 but it was the fastest production bike in it's class at the time, and the previous owner had had it race tuned. It could outrun bikes a lot bigger, and was the only one for miles around where I lived, naturally owning this made me quite popular with the other lads, and also some of the girls. One night we were all parked up at our local hangout, and this girl appeared and began talking to me, she was absolutely stunning, most of the lads wanted to go out with her. She wore skimpy tops, tight jeans, and also those wetlook leggings like Olivia Newton John in Grease, in short she was a real head turner. On this particular evening she was wearing these really tight pale blue jeans, the obligatory skimpy top, and pixie boots, we chatted for a while, smoked a cigarette, and then she asked if she could have a go on my bike.she climbed on the back, wrapped her arms around my waist, and clamped her legs firmly against mine. I fired up the engine, kicked it into gear and snapped back the throttle! I pulled a decent wheelie, and shot off down the road, within seconds we were doing over 60mph, suddenly she let out a scream, "STOP, I,m going to wee myself ! " I hit the brakes and stopped suddenly, to be honest I was more concerned about the bike seat than her, it was fine, but there was a small damp patch on the crotch of her jeans. Looking back I wonder what would have happened if she'd had a full blown wetting? Later on I was to hear stories from the lads who'd been fortunate enough to get into her jeans, apparently she was as horny as hell! Looking back, if she'd wet herself properly then the only decent thing to do would have been to take her home to change out of those wet things, and who knows where it would have ended! Unfortunately back in the day I was far too busy with motorbikes and my career to give women my full attention, much to my loss I may add. I remember one time going to a convenience store on Christmas day, it was about 3 miles from home and the only one open, as usual I'd gone to my parents house for the day, and as usual my mum had forgotten something, hence my trip to the store. As I stood scanning the shelf for the item in question, a very attractive young lady of a similar age to myself, moved alongside me and began to look at the shelves, her hand reached out and she began to rub my crotch through my jeans. For some unknown reason I found what I was looking for and left the store, feeling slightly confused! I arrived home, removed my jacket and handed over the item to my mum, she noticed the look on my face and asked if I was ok. "no I don't think I am" I replied, "you see I was in the shop and this young woman began to rub my crotch" I replied, grabbing my leather jacket and heading for the door, "oh I see" my mum replied, looking a little shocked "so where are you rushing off to now" she enquired, "back to the shop of course" I laughed, "you never know, maybe I can find her and see how far she wants to take things". I hurried back to the shop, she wasn't there, I spent a good 15 minutes riding around the area, hoping to run into her, I didn't. Oh well, as someone once said, "life is a series of missed opportunities".
  6. Sexual harrassment

    Exactly! I have often thought along the same lines, especially when a group of people come forward after their alleged abuser has been found guilty of offences against other people, are they hoping to jump on the bandwagon and get a few quid in compensation? I was recently discussing something similar with a lady who runs a company providing support for domestic violence victims, take this hypothetical situation. A man is accused of raping a woman, his name and more often than not, the street where he lives will plastered all over the press, he may lose his friends, his partner may leave him, he will no doubt find his job affected also. Following a trial,if there is one (quite often it doesn't go to trial) he's found not guilty and his accuser is found to have lied! If she is named, all too often it gets a couple of column inches somewhere in the back of the paper, usually where it will not be seen by most people. If they are going to name anyone before they are found guilty, then lets name the accused and the accuser, it should be both or neither. If a woman is capable of making malicious allegations, then it is only right that she be named also..
  7. You've just reminded me of an incident that happened many years ago, at the time I was living with this very slim, very attractive young lady who was several years younger than me.She always wore tight leggings, revealing tops and long boots, I could get a hard on just looking at her! Well my mate and I were doing some contract work for a local council, installing central heating in houses, most were ok, some were a bit rough, and one or two were bloody filthy! One day I noticed a spot developing on my chin, my mate also had one on his arm, within a couple of days these things had turned into weeping sores, we were seriously concerned, so, both made appointments to see our doctors. My mate got his appointment first, and rang me as soon as he knew what it was. I'd just got in from work, was covered in all kinds of grime and desperate for a piss, and the phone rang, "Phil, it's Martin, I've just left the doctors and it's not good" he told me. I was worried now, it must be bad for him to ring me straight away, "it's bloody impetigo mate" he said "basically the stuff in the spot spreads like wildfire, get it on your hand the touch your face and you'll get another spot where you've just touched". I was feeling seriously worried now, he told me how the doctor had given him special instructions, there was a cream to put on the spots,you had to wash hands before and after using it, separate soap, flannel, towels, etc from everybody else, basically it was so contagious that nobody was allowed to touch anything after you'd handled it,cups, plates, glasses, use them and wash them immediately ! He ended on a really worrying point, " oh and one more thing, wear surgical gloves when you use the toilet, the doctor reckons if you get it on the old lad, it can do a lot of damage, bye" and with that he put the phone down, I'm now in a situation, I'm on the verge of pissing myself, but can't go to the toilet without gloves, so I ask the girlfriend if we have any. She tells me that we don't but she can pick some up in the morning, meanwhile she'll just have to "help me" when I need a pee! It was absolute murder, that night, trying to piss and you've this attractive woman in a pair of spray on black leggings and patent thigh boots, stood at the side of you holding your cock!
  8. Sexual harrassment

    this whole thing is getting out of hand recently, sexual harassment is wrong, of course it is, but how do you clearly define it? If I ran a pub and told all my barmaids that they must wear short skirts and low cut tops to please the customers, that would be sexual harassment, however if the staff wore them of their own volition to get bigger tips, that would be fine. Grabbing hold of a woman is never ok, it's unwanted attention, I get incredibly annoyed when people say that a rape victim was asking for it because she wore tight trousers, or a short skirt, she wore what she was comfortable in, end of! I'm from an era when men would put their arm around a woman's shoulder, say when guiding her through a door, or through a crowd, it was a kind of protection. Shouting crude remarks at women in the street is never ok, but sometimes a whistle can actually lift a woman's spirits. Maybe her husband has made her feel worthless and unattractive, he tells her she's ugly and nobody else would want her, a whistle from a bloke may actually make her feel like she could attract another fella. I sometimes wonder if some of the people who complain about things do so because they are not getting any, do some women thing a wolf whistle is degrading simply because nobody ever whistles at them? Isn't it a bit like smoking or drinking, there are people who supported a smoking ban in public places, not because of health concerns, but simply because they didn't want to see people enjoying themselves! Here in the UK where they banned smoking in public buildings, there are now people who want to take it a stage further, by banning it in parks and open spaces! I remember recently I was at work and got talking to a lady, personally I thought she was quite attractive, I mentioned something about my age (52) and she replied that she knew what I was saying as she was 50 and didn't feel as sprightly as she did when she was younger. My response was that I couldn't believe she was 50, I thought early 40's, the reaction was instant. You could physically see her straighten up, push her chest out a little, and walk that bit taller, I could imagine when her husband came home from work, she'd be all happy and tell him how today a bloke had told her she looked a lot younger than she did. Is this sexual harassment? no, in my day it was called paying a lady a compliment. It's the same with some of the allegations being made over events that happened in the 70's, to give anyone a fair trial then the jury would have to consist of people in their 60's or 70's, because things that were considered normal then are not considered normal today. I remember seeing girls of 14 or 15 waiting to meet their favourite pop stars, while wearing very short skirts and even shorter tops, that was the way back then, I've seen girls ask for an autograph, then pull their top up and ask for it written across their tits. My wife whom I would hardly describe as a tart, will happily tell you of times back then when aged about 15, her mother would make her change her skirt for a longer one, before going out, and how before she'd reached the corner the skirt would be rolled up at the waistband, and now rested several inches above her knee. I doubt anyone who knows her has not heard the story of her favourite outfit, the red pvc mac and matching pvc knee high boots, worn with a tight top, and a skirt that ,as she puts it was so short it was practically a belt. She'll laugh as she tells you that it was so short if she bent over, it showed more than a flash of her panties. Like most girls of that era, by the time she was 18 she was settled down and had her first child, that was the way it was, they left school, settled down and had kids, ran a house and their husbands went out to work, that was the done thing back then, any woman in her mid 20's who wasn't settled was looked on as unusual, not like today where women are still single in their late 20's or early 30's, still partying and nobody thinks it's odd. There are far too many things happening today that annoy or worry me, look at the growing number of people who feel it is their solemn duty to be offended on someone else's behalf! If the Irish bloke who drinks in my pub doesn't get upset if people call him Paddy, even though his name is Micheal, then why should anyone feel they need to be offended on his behalf? If Mr Singh who owns the corner shop iis happy that everyone calls it Abdul's then whats the problem, is he really arsed what you call his shop as long as you spend your money there? Probably not, if he was, then no doubt he'd soon tell you. It's the same with gay people ( I know quite a few) most of them are not bothered by a lot of this "equality for gays" stuff that's doing the rounds, they've lived with partners for years without bothering about being legally married, and no doubt some would have preferred it if things had been left as they were, a lot of what has gone on has only brought them into conflict with the real anti gay nutter brigade! Think of it another way, before modern methods of warfare, battles were fought with swords and cannons, does that make our ancestors savages because they stabbed people, rather than killing them neatly and cleanly with a bullet? No it doesn't it's called progress, something which a lot of these people today need to remember.
  9. So.....gun control

    A man once said, "guns don't kill people, people kill people" , however having a gun makes it so much easier, if you talk to troops who've seen active service, a lot of them will tell you that it's easier to shoot someone at 200 yards with a rifle, than stab them with a knife. The distance makes it much less personal, you don't actually have to get close to the victim. The UK is a microcosm of the American way of life, what happens in the US usually happens here 20 or so years later, yet people are slow to learn lessons from what happens there, before it happens here. America has had gang problems since the 1970's, Crips, Bloods, et al, virtually every city has at least a couple of gangs, often fighting over trivial things, in the UK we had no such problems, OK in the 60's we had criminal gangs, or firms as they were known, the Krays, the Richardsons, to name but two. These were gangs who by and large fought amongst themselves, usually over criminal issues, if you weren't in the gang, then you weren't involved and therefore safe, women and children were not touched and in many ways these guys actually kept crime down. If you lived in London in the 60's and mugged an old lady or hurt a child, then god help you if the Krays found out about it! Now unfortunately we have loads of kids running around in street gangs, dealing drugs, robbing people, committing rapes, it's getting out of control, they have no respect or fear of anyone. It's pathetic really, young white kids walking around talking like they are black, "innit, know what I mean bruv", they are getting hold of guns and shooting each other for fun, sadly all too often innocent members of the public get killed or hurt by being caught up in all this. There have been lots of cases where an innocent person going about their lawful business has been shot and killed in a case of mistaken identity, currently over here we have a trend of revenge crimes, a lot of them against innocent people, what's going wrong? A young girl, late teens, her only crime was to be going out with a member of one gang, who had disrespected a member of a rival gang, they were unable to avenge this perceived insult against him directly, so this is what happened. One day while this young lady was out, she was captured by members of the rival gang, and taken to an unknown location, she was then subjected to multiple acts of rape, and various other forms of degrading sexual abuse, all this was videoed, and sent to her boyfriend! I have never believed in the need for ordinary members of the public to carry firearms, however now my views are changing, in the course of my life, I have been stabbed twice, and shot at twice, all while going about my legitimate business. Ask most gang members why they carry guns, and you'll usually get the same answer, for respect.Now correct me if I' m wrong here, but not upsetting some nutter who happens to have a gun pointed at you, is nothing to do with respect, it's a perfectly sensible survival technique! Would the same bloke, who just happens to be pointing the gun at you attempt to rob you without it? Probably not, would you hand over your wallet to an unarmed stranger, just because he asked for it, again probably not, in fact you'd probably tell him to sod off, and give him a thump.NO!The simple fact is that most of these people are cowards,without a weapon they are nothing, I think that over here when you look at it these gangs go for the soft option, most of our police forces are not allowed to chase motorbikes, so we now have gangs in most major cities, who, ride around on stolen mopeds, committing various criminal acts, they know they can get away with it because the police are not allowed to chase them. If however tactics changed, and a few were killed, being chased by the police, then maybe they'd stop doing it, the same with guns, if they knew that by firing at someone there was a good chance the intended victim would return fire, and possibly be a better shot then maybe they'd think twice. I don't think over here that there is any place for rifles, we don't hunt like you guys do in the USA, but I think it is time we had a rethink on allowing people to own a handgun.
  10. A wide necked bottle is the answer, I had a short spell driving trucks over here in the UK, I was getting advice off another trucker on essential items to carry in my truck. After going through various items, he told me it was time for the most important piece of kit I'd ever need, a fabric conditioner bottle, I was a bit confused at first, then he explained, it has a very wide neck and holds about a litre, "get stuck in heavy traffic mate and you'll be glad you carry it" he laughed, then the penny dropped. Over here you can always tell where the bad traffic jams are, there's usually loads of soft drink bottles lying on the verges, or hard shoulders, they all contain a yellow liquid, lol. I remember once getting stuck in traffic, I may have mentioned it here before, but basically I was giving a young lady that I knew, a lift to another part of the country, we were only in a small van, and anyone in any of the cars could look over and see inside. Well we were stuck in this traffic for ages, nowhere to pull off the road, and I was getting more and more frantic, it was fast approaching the point where I seriously thought I was going to piss myself! At this point the young lady leaned forward and removed one of her boots, they were black ankle boots, she handed it to me, "here use this" she said, I looked at her in amazement, "but I can't piss in your boot" I replied, she smiled at me, "you don't really have much choice do you?" she told me, I had to admit I didn't. She held the boot between my legs as I unzipped and pissed into it, it was such a turn on, having an attractive young lady, hold her boot and tell me to piss in it, when I'd finished she just smiled at me, placed it on the floor of the van and slipped her foot back into it! It made me feel really horny knowing she was sat there with my piss sloshing around inside her boot.
  11. Desperate Outdoor Peeing

    I remember my wife telling me a story of something that happened when she was with her ex partner, it went like this. He never took her out anywhere, he was out most nights playing pub games, darts, pool, etc, there was always a reason to go to the pub! One night his sister decided it was time she went out, so she arranged a babysitter and took her to a local club for the evening. However as the evening wore on, and they'd had a few drinks, his sister decided to stay out very late, my wifes ex would have gone mental if she'd not been home when he got in, so she decided to make her way home alone, it was only about 3 miles, a fairly straight well lit road, no problem, except she'd had a few drinks! She'd walked along the main road, but instead of going straight on, she must have turned right, and ended up in the town centre, she'd wandered around for a good 45 minutes, and suddenly realised she needed to have a wee. At this point there were a few people about, so she carried on, hoping to find a quiet entry, it wasn't happening, there seemed to be people at every turn, by now she was leaking like made into her pink panties, she ducked into a doorway, just as she lost it, she managed to avoid wetting her shoes, but her panties were soaked. She said after she'd wet them she had to put them into her handbag to take home, I asked her why, and she told me that he was such a control freak that if he'd have found out she'd returned without her panties, there,d have been major trouble, so she had to take her wet panties home to show him that she'd wet herself and that was why she wasn't wearing them.
  12. The Adventures Of Sophie Episode 3

    An excellent piece of writing, can't wait to see how it pans out.
  13. It tends to happen quite often with older ladies, plus given they often have a bigger bladder capacity, often leads to interesting events.
  14. Peeing underwater

    That's what I always thought, I've read several articles stating this, however I recently read one written by some professor, he reckons he's produced a chemical that does react with urine and changes colour, there is however one major drawback, It's so expensive to produce at the moment that it isn't worth it, so for now at least we can all pee in the pool in complete safety if we want to.lol
  15. Famous Babes

    Carole Vorderman, she's one sexy lady, I've always fancied her, even at 50 she's still superb. I look at the pic of her in the suede boots and the way she's sat it seems to me as though she's dying for a wee, maybe it was the end of a long shoot.