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  1. No bits rule.

    It's one of those strange ones is this, it's okay for a bloke to walk down a street with no top on, yet if a woman did it there'd be an outcry, why they both have nipples, would it be any different if it was a flat chested woman? Same with cocks, I've seen lots of documentaries where they'll quite happily show a naked bloke walking about, but if a naked female appears they either move the camera or blur it out if it shows her vagina. The strangest one is the Japanese porn films, they'll show a bloke banging a bird, you can see his cock going in and out, yet where you'd expect to see a vagina, it's all pixellated! To be honest, in this day and age when everyone is screaming equality in all things, I'm surprised the equal rights mob haven't leapt on it.
  2. No bits rule.

    and for those who do like looking at them, here's a picture of a really fine cock!
  3. Dreams that involve pee

    I've had quite a few dreams involving wetting, usually it's some sexy woman, quite often wetting herself while wearing tight clothes and boots, maybe it's a twist, part of my memory replaying events from years ago with my ex, who always wore tight clothes and boots. My friend had a funny experience a few years ago, he had another male friend who had come to visit and they'd gone out on the town, they returned home very drunk and retired to bed, they were in the same room as he had a spare bed from when his brother had lived there. Well in the middle of the night he heard a noise and woke up, his visitor had got out of bed and headed to the wardrobe, opened the door, got in and closed it behind him, then came an unmistakable hissing noise, the door opened he stepped out, closed the door and got back into bed! The following morning, when they woke up he was telling my mate about a strange dream he'd had that night, "I went into this toilet, there was no light and it wouldn't flush" he said, My mate pointed to the damp patch on the floor outside the wardrobe, "it wasn't a dream you fool, and it was my wardrobe, not a toilet"
  4. Naughty places to pee - the percentage count

    I love the memories all this is bringing back, mentally I'm not in a good place at the moment and am waiting to go into hospital, reading this is cheering me up no end. I remember one girl who used to go out without her partner, she'd wear black pvc leggings and boots, all evening she'd stand at the bar and drink, each time she needed a piss she'd just go in her pants, then when she got home she'd show her partner how full her boots were! My ex wife once peed in a shop, she was wearing leather trousers at the time and there was a bloke behind her in the queue, she just let it all out into her pants and boots, and he was non the wiser, she came home as horny as hell from that trip, another time her mother came to visit and we were having a few drinks, she got up from her chair and stood by the fireplace as she finished her drink, I went into the kitchen for more drinks and a few seconds later she followed me giggling slightly, " I've just pissed my pants while chatting to mum and she had no idea" she told me, to be honest I was a bit shocked, but she seemed happy. She peed anywhere she wanted, even topless into her leggings at the side of a road one night, as cars passed only feet away. We only had one close call and that was with a neighbour, you see when she was in the house she always wore her thighboots and kinky outfits, unless we were having visitors, then she'd wear jeans or leggings, she had a real thing for boots too and most of the time if we were going out to the pub or just shopping she wore jodhpurs and riding boots (she used to have a horse) as you can imagine the jodhpurs frequently got pissed into on the way back from the pub. One day she was walking back from the shops and wearing her riding gear as usual when she ran into the neighbour, "excuse me, I was wondering" she said to the wife, "yes, wondering what" the wife replied, "well I notice you always wear riding gear, where do you keep your horse?" she enquired, it was a fair question as we lived in a town and the nearest stables was miles away, the wife looked at her, "it's just I used to ride, but since we moved here I haven't rode in ages "she went on, "I've still got my boots and jods and, well I was wondering if I could come with you sometime?" Luckily my wife thought quickly, "oh, I don't ride anymore" she replied, the neighbour looked at her puzzled, "oh, then why the boots and jodhpurs?" she asked, "well, you see I work in a kennels and wear them for work, as you know jods are much tougher than leggings, and I prefer riding boots to wellingtons" she answered, The neighbour looked a little disappointed, "that's a pity" she replied, "I was hoping you had horses and we could ride together"
  5. Sex in a Public Toilet

    I remember some years ago, I had started to frequent this pub in town, it was known for wild things happening but I'd never experienced anything personally, although I'd heard tales from people who had. One day I was working in the town centre with a group of lads from out of town, naturally being the local it fell to me to show them a good place for lunch and we headed to this particular pub. We all got a drink and waited for our food to arrive, we'd nearly finished our first drink when one of the guys announced he'd get the next round in, but needed the loo first, he was gone for a good while and eventually we got tired of waiting and one of the others said he'd buy the drinks. We were sitting drinking and the other guy returned looking somewhat dazed, he'd been gone for a good ten minutes and we were wondering if he was ok, he sat down and told us that as he was leaving the gents toilet, a young woman had appeared, she'd pushed him back inside and dragged him into one of the cubicles, whereupon, she'd sat down on the toilet, dragged his jeans down and performed oral sex on him! She'd sucked him dry, and swallowed the lot, she'd then got up and walked away leaving him feeling rather confused, as she hadn't even told him her name! I was gutted, I'd been going in there for months and nothing like this had ever happened to me, and over the rest of the time I drank there, nothing ever did. Still I suppose he'll never forget the time he visited the place, lucky sod.
  6. Naughty places to pee - the percentage count

    I have absolutely no idea how I got into this fetish, or how I developed a thing for boots for that matter, however I did come across something over the weekend whilst looking for something and it brought back a few happy memories, let me tell you the story. I met my wife Shirley, back in 2009 at a friends party, I'd seen her previous to this as we were both single and my friend, who works with her was trying to do a bit of matchmaking, it never happened.On this particular night, my friends partner had asked me over for barbecue and some beers, we go back years and met up every so often, his other half who worked alongside Shirley had invited her to come along, unaware that I had been invited too. Shirley thought it was a set up and was going to leave, but we persuaded her to stay and we all had a great time, that was in the July and we married in November the same year. One of the first things I bought her was a pair of black knee high boots, it was winter and she hadn't got any and it was cold and wet when we went out, I payed quite a bit for them and she wore them nearly all the time.When it came to our wedding, I took personal charge of it, even designing the cake myself, she'd had a rough time with her previous partner and I wanted to make sure everything went perfectly, although I had been married before, she hadn't and although we couldn't afford a big wedding I wanted to make sure that the one we had went off as it should. We were discussing what we were going to wear, I decided on a suite, and she wore a long white dress that came to a couple of inches off the floor.Next came the choice of footwear, If I was going to be on my feet all day then I was adamant I was wearing something comfy, and announced that I would be wearing my Doc Martins shoes, they were my work shoes and I'd had them for a few years, I polished them up and they looked fine, Shirley decided that If I was wearing them, then she was going to wear her boots, black knee high with a 3 inch spiked heel, everybody thought we were mad! Anyway the wedding went fine apart from the minor detail of her son's car breaking down on the way to the registry office, and her telling me not to get oil on my suit as I fixed it. We had a gathering of friends and family afterwards at our local pub, then we left for our honeymoon weekend in Blackpool, we chose that place as we'd been there a lot when we were courting. Well, we arrived at the hotel and as we pulled up outside my new wife told me she had a problem, and didn't think she could get out of the car, you see she'd had quite a bit to drink at the reception, and after the long drive she needed to piss and she needed it now, she was certain that by the time we'd booked in and gotten to our room she'd end up wetting herself. There was nothing she could do, and it looked like it was all going to end in disaster, she couldn't hold it, and there was no way she was going to walk into a busy hotel with a wet dress. I looked around for something, anything, that she could relieve herself into but there was nothing, I'd cleaned the car out the day before, then as disaster seemed imminent I realised there was only one thing in the car that she could relieve herself into , her boots! I told her that the only answer was for her to piss into her boots, she refused at first, but quickly realised that it was either her boots or her dress, she quickly pulled off one of her boots and hitched up her dress. Unfortunately she was so desperate she was unable to get her white silk panties down in time and only just managed to get the boot between her legs before she lost it. when she'd finished I took the boot full of steaming piss from her and discretely emptied it out of my car door. It was at this point that she remembered she had not brought any other footwear and had to put the damp boot back on.We checked into our hotel, and headed to our room, I told her to remove her dress, and she stood there in her white silk underwear, (wet panties) and her long black boots, I told her she'd been very naughty and would have to be spanked, she laid on the bed and I gave her a playful spanking over her wet panties,before taking her from behind. When we were finished, she replaced her dress and still wearing her now even wetter panties, we headed to the bar. It was one hell of a turn on knowing that she was sat beside me, with her boots damp from her piss, and her white silk panties also damp, not only from her earlier piss, but also from the load of spunk I'd deposited earlier, and would by now be leaking into her panties! I was married once before and to be honest I can't remember that wedding night, however I'll certainly never forget this one, even after nearly 19 years it's still fresh in my mind, and what did I find whilst searching for something over the weekend, you may be wondering, well I'll tell you. She still has those white silk panties from our wedding night! The bra may have gone and the boots got worn out years ago, but she has kept those panties for all these years, maybe she's planning to wear them again some day, I hope she still wants to wear them soaked in piss and cum, and with piss soaked boots!
  7. Naughty places to pee - the percentage count

    I've pissed on clothing, in a sink, leaning out of a bedroom window (nearly fell out), the weirdest two were in women's boots! one time I was banging this ex girlfriend and we'd been at it on and off for hours, I had reached the point where I was so desperate to piss that I couldn't concentrate on what I was doing. I got up to go to the bathroom and she asked me to pass her her boots that she'd worn to the pub the previous evening, I thought she was going to put them on, but no, she held one in front of me and asked me to piss in it, they were her best black thighboots, and I pissed loads, when I'd finished she just stood it up in the corner and we carried on shagging. The second was in the works van, I was giving a girl ride and at one point we were stuck in traffic and wouldn't you know it, I was bursting, and there was nowhere to go, anyway she took off one of her black ankle boots and told me to piss in that, it was murder as despite busting for a piss, the thought of pissing in this sexy girl's boot had given me a raging hard on! Eventually I managed it, and when I had finished she simply took it off me and put it back on her foot, with the piss still in it. She sat there wearing the piss filled boot for many many miles before we reached her destination, she thanked me for the lift, picked up her bag and walked off down the road, you could hear the piss sloshing in her boot.
  8. I remember at college, there was this girl who was known to be up for absolutely anything, well there was a trip organised to a holiday resort, sort of a team building week, I didn't attend because I don't like those sort of things, from experience I find that those who shout loudest about being in a team are the ones who are most likely to be out for themselves when push comes to shove. Anyway back to the story, when they got back, one of my mates was boasting about how during breakfast one morning he happened to be sat at the same table as this particular girl, they had a full English breakfast, bacon, sausage,egg, beans, fried bread, tomatoes, mushrooms. As she was eating one of the sausages, she looked at him and began to simulate performing oral on it, suddenly she dropped her knife and went under the table to retrieve it, the next thing he knows, someone is unzipping his trousers, he looks down and it was her, she mouthed to him "eat your breakfast" and smiled. The next thing he knew she had his cock out and was blowing him under the table! After a short while apparently he shot his load in her mouth, she swallowed it and returned from under the table after retrieving her "dropped knife". He thought nobody had seen it happen he reckoned, personally it sounded so unbelievable I thought it was a load of BS! Well when I went back to college the following week the whole place was talking about how Carol, had blown Dave under the table at breakfast, it would appear that several people had noticed what was happening,but nobody had said anything. Dave was called into the office and asked about it, naturally he denied it,insisting it was just one of those wild rumours that gets spread around. Carol was also called in and she denied it, however she had lets say a known track record, of being caught doing things she shouldn't, and although no action was taken I believe she was banned from going on any more trips. Several months later, we had a disco, to cut down on potential trouble it was decided that it would be an event organised by the male students, females could not attend unless accompanied,and neither could males, basically every male attending had to have a female partner who he had invited. A strange idea but there it was, so there should have been equal numbers of men and women. I was amazed when this girl Carol approached me and asked if I had decided who I was taking to the event, I told her I wasn't going because I had better things to do. She asked if I'd like to take her, "I'm sure we'll have a really memorable night" she said with a wicked grin, so, I decided to take her, after all Dave had certainly had a memorable time with her on the holiday! The night of the disco arrived, I got dressed up in my best gear, jeans, T shirt and denim jacket, and met her outside college, She arrived wearing this very tight T shirt, and a pair of really tight, spandex leggings ( think Olivia Newton John in Grease), My jaw dropped, the outfit left very little to the imagination, if the rest of the night was as good as she looked it was indeed going to be a memorable one! It did turn out to be memorable, for all the wrong reasons, once inside she disappeared with another lad and they were caught having sex behind the stage! Oh well, always the bridesmaid, never the bride, as the saying goes!
  9. Spyware's last post talks of people with our fetish being thought of as freaks by a lot of people, sadly she is right, I'm sure we've all had partners at some point whom we haven't mentioned it to or if we have they've treated us like we're something terrible. It made me think about how little people understand, or try to understand, for most people, myself included pissing themselves at the wrong time would be terribly embarrassing. now supposing you were in a situation, I'm not talking about in front of a crowd, or it the middle of a shopping mall, I mean somewhere semi-private, stuck in a long jam or a lift or something like that, just you and your partner. Now there comes a point when you need to pee when you just can't hold it anymore, it's happening and there's nothing you can do about it, the only certainty is something, pants, jeans, skirt, whatever you are wearing is going to get wet, would it not make you feel better to turn it into something sexual, rather than just piss yourself. Imagine a woman wearing a pair of light grey pants, for whatever reason she's stuck with her partner somewhere where she can't get to a toilet, she's going to piss herself, and he's going to see it, would she not feel less embarrassed, would he not feel less awkward if it was made into some kind of game, for example, she places his hand on her crotch and he rubs it, then she says something like, I could really do with a piss, imagine your hand rubbing me as I take a long hard piss into my pants, imagine the feeling as it soaks into the material. Now you've taken it from something potentially embarrassing/disgusting to something sexual which would take the edge off the deed, so to speak, plus I think it would help the lady too if she thought her husband was getting off on it. I remember my wife, she'd done the very occasional little wee in her pants for me, usually when she'd had a few drinks, then one evening we were stuck in traffic a fair distance from home. She'd not had any alcohol, but quite a few soft drinks and as the journey was taking longer than expected, she found herself caught short. There was nowhere to go, and we couldn't even get off the motorway, whichever way you look at it, she was going to piss in her tight pants, no amount of squirming, bobbing, puffing or pleading was going to change it, there was only one certainty that evening, and it was that by the time we arrived home, she was going to be sitting in a pair of piss soaked pants! I hated seeing her getting upset at the thought of what would soon happen if I could have found any way for her to relieve herself I would of, then I had an idea. I reached over and slipped my hand in between her legs, the crotch of her thin black spandex leggings was quite damp the wetting wasn't far off. "feeling horny are we" I joked, "no I really need a wee" she whimpered, "I'm going to end up weeing all over my pants, my boots, the car seat, it's awful". "Oh I see" I said, reaching onto the back seat and grabbing an old coat that I kept there,"well stick this underneath you then", she raised herself up and placed the coat to cover the seat, I slipped my hand back between her legs, much wetter! "you can't kid me you know, you're getting horny, the possibility of wetting yourself is turning you on" I replied, "no I really need to wee, it's going to come very soon" she whimpered again, I began to rub her crotch slowly, a couple of spurts leaked out, "oww, it's coming" she wailed. I kept rubbing slowly, "listen, you are going to wee in our pants, but not before I tell you to, if you do then as soon as we get out of this traffic, I'm going to find somewhere quiet, spank your wet bottom, then pull down your wet pants and shag you", I slid my hand along her thigh, then when she was at her most relaxed I squeezed it hard and sudden, she squealed with the shock and at that moment began to wet her pants. I slid my hand back onto her crotch and rubbed it gently, feeling her warm wetness run through my fingers. "you lose" I said as she sat pissing in her pants, "that means a good spanking in your wet trousers, followed by a hard shag". by now I was as randy as hell and when we eventually got free of the traffic I lost no time in finding a quiet spot to park up. I got her to turn over and spanked her wet bottom, pulled down her leggings, leaving her panties up and began to ride her, each thrust causing the wet panties to push hard against her bottom. " I think you did that on purpose didn't you?" I asked grinding hard against her sopping panties, "no, I really needed a wee" she sniffled, her face pressed into the headrest. " I think you did, and the fact your hole is soaking proves it, you wanted a spanking so you pissed your pants to get one, knowing it would turn you on" I said, pretending to be annoyed, I pounded away and pretty soon she was making one hell of a noise as she came, totally soaking her already wet panties, I shot my load into her and after getting back on my seat, I felt the wetness on her crotch. "If you ever want your bottom spanking again you only have to ask," I told her, " and of course if I ever catch you weeing in those sexy little panties you know what will happen don't you". She smiled at me, "I suppose you'll have to spank me" she giggled, "but if you spank me I'll wee myself anyway, so I suppose either way my panties will get wet" There's been a couple of times since then when she needs to go but couldn't and she's just put the coat under her, sat back down and said "I think I'm going to need a spanking soon", usually followed by a slight hissing sound as she wets her panties. It's one way of turning what would normally be something embarrassing into something sexual, now who could complain at that!
  10. Goodbye

    Good luck in the future I hope you find what you are looking for, I enjoyed reading your posts, they made me smile,best wishes, not only from me, but from the rest of us "freaks" on here. We're only freaks to those who don't understand.lol
  11. Cum on Clothing

    A friend of mine, she's the same age as me but fairly quiet and not very experienced, well she likes wearing boots and on this occasion was wearing a rather sexy looking pair of black suede knee-highs. I don't know how she'd got them, but down each leg of the boots was a thin white stain, like something had been splashed on and dribbled down the leg. It certainly wouldn't have been spunk, she's not that type, I couldn't help but look at it, she was wearing tight black leggings with the boots and she's a good shape and nice looking. In the end, I felt I had to say something and asked in a jokey sort of way if she'd been having fun recently, she looked a bit puzzled and asked what I meant. I mentioned the stains on her boots and the fact it looked like someone had shot their load down them, she looked down at the boots, "oh my god, no wonder I've been getting funny looks off blokes all day" she giggled. I bet she was getting funny looks, it's not often you see an attractive slim woman in tight leggings and boots with "spunk stains" splattered down the front.lol
  12. Pee Porn. First Encounters

    Speaking of porn magazines reminded me of my first encounter with them, I was about 14 at the time and my parents had moved into a new bungalow, not brand new but new to them. Well my father was a plumber and had always involved me in any jobs he was doing outside his regular work, so, when it came time to upgrade the heating system naturally I was the one to crawl around in the crawl space which was only around 18 inches deep. Whilst under the bathroom I discovered a large stash of porn left by the previous owner, magazines such as Penthouse, Parade, Razzle, and many others.Oddly enough as well as pictures of naked women, many performing various sex acts, there was also some interesting articles of a non-sexual nature. I managed to move these around under the floor until they were beneath my bedroom, later on by pulling the carpet back and popping a loose floorboard I was able to read them at my leisure.
  13. Diuretics

    Be careful, not only from a health point of view, but also you could end up looking really stupid, you can bluff people into giving you Diuretics once or twice, as there are certain conditions which though relatively harmless and short term can cause water retention. However there are some pretty serious ones, that can be life threatening that can also cause fluid retention, such as chronic heart failure, pulmonary problems, kidney diseases, and bladder issues. If you go too often for the diuretics, then any responsible doctor will certainly send you for further investigation, imagine being sent for a load of scans, blood tests, X-Rays etc, which all come back clear, then having to admit you have a pee fetish, embarrassing or what?
  14. other kinks that go with your pee fetish

    I have a thing for women in long boots, also because I worked around riding stables (where I met my ex-wife) I like a nice tight pair of jodhpurs too. The ultimate thing for me is a girl in tight beige or white jodhpurs, with black thigh boots, taking a piss in her pants and watching it run down into those long sexy boots.
  15. Sophie

    I too prefer non fiction, I read a lot of crime books and similar stuff. recently I wrote my autobiography, although I haven't had it published yet, maybe you would like to cast an eye over it and give me your opinion.