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  1. Hello friends, As you all know I have closed my site and retired. People think I am "Born Again" but I am not sure that is correct. I hate labels and assumptions. Yes I have a strong relationship with God and I met a new man who adores me. I retired from the internet to lead a more clean and respectful life for my new man and children. Just trying to be a better person in Gods eyes and in the eyes of people i love. I have been extremely blessed this past year and feel positive with my chloices. i hope you are all doing well. : )
  2. Ashley & Lizz Pee in Hawaii

    Well my trip to Hawaii was a sucess. The weather was perfect and I spent alot of time peeing on the beach. Ashley evern filmed it with her cell phone. I will be posting that on my site very soon. have a wonderful day and i just wanted to say I'M BACK!!!
  3. All right, time to stop lurking

    Very nice introduction. Glad you came out of hiding : )
  4. Newbie here

    How about a California MILF? hahahaha
  5. Just another introduction

    That is a very nice introduction. Welcome to the forum I hope you enjoy your adventures : )
  6. hi from malaysia

    Hello and welcome!!!
  7. any one aroud sweden/norway/danmark her?

    Not from that area but hope to travel there soon!
  8. Some days when I’m feeling excited for that warm damp feeling I’ll purposely let out a few drops of pee right in my panties where it isn’t so noticeable. Usually if I am weraing a loose skirt or sweat pants. Just enough trickle to feel a little damp spot in my crotch. Then as the day progresses I’ll let out a tiny bit more pee (about every 30 minutes or so) just to keep that wonderful moist feeling of being wet even longer. There’s nothing quite like that naughty secret of being wet as I roam around the house, grocery store, or where ever I may be, with a nice damp crotch.
  9. Staged videos are still REAL

    Yes of course the desperation is exagerated for entertainment purposes. But if the model truley lets out a good long flow then you know she experienced some discomfort while getting to that point.
  10. Staged videos are still REAL

    I agree. . . and that's my point You cannot fake a good long pee.
  11. Staged videos are still REAL

    I am NOT speaking about models who do that. Not only is that staged but it's completely false in every way! And in my opinion an insult. hahaha So I agree with you!
  12. Even if a woman (me sometimes as well) "makes" a pee desperation video. . . of course it is staged. . . but in reality in order to stage it we STILL need to be desperate to pee. Unless we can somehow fill our bladder with water, of course we cannot. . .so the only way to do so it to drink fluid and hold it until we are completely full. So while the video might be "staged" (setting up camera ect with the intention to film) we are STILL holding our pee for a long time thus becomming desperate to pee in order to acheive the long power flow. So that my friends is REAL!!!
  13. Ashley & Lizz Pee in Hawaii

    Yes money is always involved. We make private videos as custom orders.
  14. Ashley & Lizz Pee in Hawaii

    I would have loved to gone back to NC but the invitation was never given again
  15. Do You Pee In Front of Your Kids?

    As a mother of 5 children I can say yes of course I have peed in front of my kids. Moms have to do alot of things in front of their kids because there is never any alone time. haha