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  1. Snapchat pee

    Anyone up for fun on Snapchat then add me on jayj751
  2. Looking for someone to control me ;)

    So piss queen even though it's over a year later are you still wanting to be punished ?
  3. Favourite Pee Model?

    http://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/Blonde-BBW-Pissing-On-Park-Bench absoloutley love older/chubby girls doing it ?
  4. Snapchat pee

    I'm 28 as male but would gladly let you see me as would love to see you do it too ??
  5. Post about your pee!

    So my latest one was this morning, some of you might find it strange but I love it! still rather drunk and on it haha but it was so good. Nothing better than using a vibrator in my ass until I piss everywhere, known as a pissgasam it's incredible i do it for hours and hours and it just keeps coming out! ? Add my snap chat be you can see it's jayj751
  6. Snapchat pissing!

    Hi lads do any of you have any good piss girls for me to add as there's not many who reply on here. Thanks
  7. Snapchat pee

    Any ladies out there up for trading snaps? I'm 28 from Yorkshire uk especially into older/chubbier women ? Add me jayj751
  8. Snapchat pee

    Jayj751 28 from Yorkshire women only though please
  9. Spend so much time on eroprofile watching pissing but also pegging. Not sure if it's just me but when I have a finger in my arse it makes me have a pissgasam it's honestly the best thing ever! Has anyone else ever had one?
  10. Snapchat?

    I love sharing snapchats it's so much fun chatting to a girl and trading videos. Add me jayj751 women only tho please
  11. Long time lurker

    Welcome 'Chelsea' ? Also a new member. Where abouts are you from? X
  12. Must be some naughty ladies who have read this surely!?
  13. where are you

  14. Snapchat pissing!

    Jayj751 I'm 28 from Yorkshire. Would love to trade on Snapchat ? X
  15. Snapchat pee

    Hey pissbaby. I've added you a while ago on Snapchat it's jayj751 are you still using it would love to see ? X