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  1. The Clitoris

    Which video were you watching?
  2. I just want to thank all the women who shared their experiences. As a man, it is sometimes a challenge to understand the diversity of outcomes different women attain. Typically, I might encounter one porn video of a woman peeing while standing like an expert, but I have no clue whether or not this is typical for her or if she just won the lottery. It is a shame there aren't more producers who focus on this kind of content, which would allow the viewer to learn from the repeated trials and greater sample size.
  3. yoyotic

    Glad to see new people join the forum. How long have you known you had a pee fetish? Since childhood? Or is it something you developed later on?
  4. Pissing porn. Who pays for it?

    I subscribed to WDgirls once for a month, but I tend to stick to purchasing custom videos because my specific interest (girls trying to pee standing up like men) isn't covered very often in premade content. In the past few years, I've probably spent $1000 on amateur videos.
  5. Dixie Comet (ThatPeeGirl)

    Dixie, were you one of those girls who tried to pee standing up over and over when you were young despite the fact it was messy? Apart from the v-finger method, are there any other strategies that you have tried (successful or not)?
  6. Selling pissy panties?

    You'd probably be better received advertising in the Marketplace forum: http://peefans.com/index.php?/forum/37-marketplace/ Is it just panties, or do you produce videos too?
  7. Angle of the female urethra

    I'd like to second this request.
  8. Angle of the female urethra

    Yes! Watching the sequence from when the urine leaks out the back of the vulva until the stream gains enough force to pry the labia apart is my favorite! It's best seen when a woman is standing straight up because she can go from dripping down her legs to projecting a coherent stream out in front.
  9. I think there is a suitable sub-forum elsewhere for discussing politics. Please move such discussions there and keep this thread focused on the humorous observation that DJT allgedly enjoys golden showers.
  10. Some big allegations regarding American President-Elect Donald Trump: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/3259984-Trump-Intelligence-Allegations.html#document/p2 Looks like I won't be booking a room at the Moscow Ritz Carlton the next time I need a discreet place to have some fun.
  11. Top clips from Pee category

    I know you are just quoting the description provided by the content creator, but just by looking at the GIF it is obviously very inaccurate. The woman depicted is NOT standing up. I wonder how many potential customers are pushed away from C4S as a whole when they see something like this.
  12. Announcement: New mods

    I think having a woman moderating this forum is an excellent decision. I wish Sophie well.
  13. Thank you for providing this information. I hope the updated software was worth the extra 2 weeks' wait. I look forward to resuming the community here.
  14. PissDomination.com

    Yes, but then the women always end up sitting or squatting during the actual urination. Maybe I'm in the minority, but this always ruins things for me.
  15. PissDomination.com

    Wouldn't a standing posture make the woman seem more dominant? For me, the illusion always breaks when I see the woman sit down or squat, which I associate with submission.