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    Pansexual piss lover. I love golden showers and naughty pissing the best.

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    Naughty peeing, diapers and golden showers
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    Every experience lol
  1. Snapchat pee

    C.stormlive is my naughty snap lol
  2. Toilet seat cover article here

    I lived in a dorm for 4 years with no private bathroom you learn a sweep of tp around the rim does a great job
  3. Tumblr

  4. Beach pee

    Love it I'm jealous i didn't get to see
  5. Last Nights Naughty Pee

    I have done this three more times now. It's too much fun not to
  6. id love for you to piss on a pic of me
  7. Gals for guys but guys for gals?

    Any naughty pee especially is hot. Love watching a guy mark up the inside or outisde with his piss.
  8. Last Nights Naughty Pee

    Cleaned up right after and my walls are red so im not sure about stains
  9. Last Nights Naughty Pee

    So last night my internet wasn't working rightand no videos would load. Idk about anyone else but my favorite thing to do to get ready for bed is to get off. The only thing that helps me cum is piss. I love piss so much. And i got a naughty idea that i have a blanket in my closet i need to wash any ways what a little pee going to hurt. But as a female i love the challenege of standing and aiming and the sound piss makes hitting the wall makes me so fucking horny. So i got myself out of bed already naked, picked a wall in my closet and moved the blanket over. I spread my legs and opened my lips and took aim and nailed the wall with a huge burst of piss. I was so horny i decided to rub my clit and take turns squirting on the wall and rubbing my clit. I dud this till i covered the wall in front of me, soaked the blanket and the floor and legs were shaking in pure pleasure. Im tempted to just use my wall all weekend.
  10. Sexy nudes

  11. where are you

    I'm also in NY and I'm scared to naughty pee in restrooms but i want to lol
  12. Masturbating with diapers

    I love to wet them a little and grind my clit on it. Then lay on my back power spray and rub my clit. Then ill just keep pissing/wetting till i cum. Alway have the biggest full body orgasems that way
  13. Guys pissing in naughty places

    Carpet and mirror pissing is so hot
  14. Long time lurker

    Real name is not Chelsea but you can call me it on here Im 25 and peeing has been a huge turn on for me since i think 15 I'm into receiving and giving, just not drinking. Naughty pissing and public pissing. I like wearing and wetting diapers.