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  1. Where would you see me pee?

    Stunning I somehow imagined that you would look a bit 'wild hearted' after reading your descriptions of yourself but man....sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words. Very sexy!
  2. And when you look at it from an economical standpoint it also saves water. So if you want to convince someone to pee in the shower say it's for mother nature.
  3. Where would you see me pee?

    Besides the places mentioned either here or by yourself at some point (which is basically everywhere :D) i can't really think of something right now. When i can think of some places or positions i'll let you know. Just have to say, this is pretty awesome, thanks a lot!! Oh yea, voting for you: done!
  4. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    You've got a good taste! Thanks for your stories, those are really outstanding!!
  5. Water the plants

    pure awesomeness! That is all so amazing, probably even the ones you don't consider to be. Standing spraying things and leaving pee just everywhere (and on whatever hehe) you can imagine no matter what...wow. I can hardly put into words how great i think this is. You could totally have your own pee diary. As for it being a curse i think it's because it is something rare and unaccepted. Stories of girls peeing naughty are quite scarce in comparison, even more so the girls that openly admit to do it or get a kick out of it. For example when you go out clubbing and you see girls heading for a spot to pee most people probably don't actually care about it but with this kink you can't stop thinking about it. They maybe just like 'we just peed' and the case is closed but my mind is like: "where? how? tell me more tell me more!". Or seeing social media pictures online...your mind always wants some background, wondering how it all went along. So you get teased a lot. You don't just go and ask girls "Hey, you want to pee in a naughty place for me?" It's kinda like a nomad in the desert who desperately wants to go ice skating because he saw it in a picture. So with all that said....THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Thanks for sharing your stories and for coping with those questions and answering those. It is very much appreciated, no need for you to ask for forgiveness. I should rather ask for forgiveness for asking so many questions. As you said, for you it is the normal everyday lifestyle and nothing special anymore (which is amazing in itself!) but for me every little story is a win, even those you might not consider worthy. So again, thanks a lot for sharing your experiences here and for giving us some insight.
  6. Water the plants

    Some detailed background on those things would be amazing, the bicycles, the car, furniture, clothes......i gotta say that is all pretty awesome. I like the kind of spiritual insight or reflection you guys have on this. You are an enrichement to this place. To be honest, for myself i somehow see it as a curse to get turned on by girls naughty peeing.
  7. Members' interests.

    Golden showers - 1 Pissing in naughty indoor locations. - 5 Pissing outdoors or in public - 5 Wetting - 2 Watching someone pee - 5 Drinking someone's pee - 1 Desperation - 2
  8. Just curious

    Around 13. Posted my first experiences somewhere on here, mostly peeing in the basement of an apartment building. It was probably the thrill of doing something that is forbidden / taboo and is considered disgusting that made me enjoy it.
  9. Pissing porn. Who pays for it?

    I recently started to pay for this even though i was contemplating if i should because there is a lot of free (... leaked) stuff and secondly this can be a neverending story because there are quite a few sites and it can be quite costly so you gotta know what you are really looking for. I'm only on mdh (but i never use a c-card but rather pre paid cards for online shopping), prices are reasonable for the most part and content grows day by day. When it comes to naughty and outdoor peeing there some videos that just can't be found on the net for free so you gotta go through the pain of paying for it. And i like it amateurish/ candid most so i'm buying quite some stuff from girls who still have this amateur vibe. Some other stuff looks good but is quite pricey, like the videos of Candie Cane who is now on mdh also. Besides that there is a tumblr blog where you can obtain a lifetime snapchat subscription for an amazon gift card. When she is getting back on i'm going for that too.
  10. Dreams that involve pee

    There are a few i can remember. One dream involved a juvenile me strolling around with a group of people, mostly girls. And they had to pee and since we were in a residential area they knocked on a door to ask for permission to use the toilet. I remember looking at the girl crossing her legs in desperation as she was standing in front of the door. One old creepy lady lets us in and we all went to the bathroom, but i think it was dirty and creepy or something and they wouldn't go there....so we formed a plan and "escaped". And the girls ended up pulling down their pants and started peeing right on the little street paved with cobblestones outside. I remember feeling excited by the sight. Those huge streams were just shooting out of them and forming huge puddles. And thats when i woke up.
  11. Recently i tried to pee using different "girl techniques" like squatting or sitting and pulling the pants down just enough to pee. I got to say, it is pretty difficult to not splash your shoes and pants in the process. Let alone it is far more difficult to go unnoticed because your rear is always exposed. I can imagine that as a girl it is no fun if you really have to go and there are people all around. So this is my puddle using the sitting technique. You can see the typical splash free areas. Just add some tissue to it...et voilĂ  you got yourself a girl puddle.
  12. Is it contagious?

    It depends on many things like the kind of sickness or the parasite/bug i guess.. The presence of blood or vaginal fluid in urine increases the risk of infection for example. Here are some english articles i found: http://www.black-rose.com/cuiru/archive/3-2/dr3-2.html http://www.empowher.com/sexually-transmitted-diseases/content/golden-showers-health-perspective http://www.thedailybeast.com/is-urine-sterile-are-golden-showers-unhealthy Basically it is less risky than other sexual acts though some diseases can indeed be transmitted through it. If it's just a little cold a good hydration will minimize the risk. If you got any questions regarding specific sicknesses or things you should look out for one of those places online where you can ask medical professionals or you just call a doctor.
  13. Peeing favourites

    I. What is your favourite peeing fantasy? If i think about it.....probably spending the day with a nice girl who is aware of this kink or even has it herself. Shopping, cinema or whatever you can imagine....and she would always look out for some naughty places to pee. For her fun, for pleasing me.....naughty peeing all day long and i'm the one watching and standing guard. 2. What is your hottest real life peeing experience? The hottest and craziest is probably the girl relieving herself on the bus seat during carnival. (i posted a thread about it) 3. What is your main area of interest with the pee fetish Girls peeing in naughty places or outdoor or on things. It does not matter if they do it because they really need to go and can't make it otherwise, if they do it for fun or for their own arousal. It all has something egoistic about it, a strong i-don't-give-a-fuck attitude. Which is hot. 4. Briefly describe the first pee porn you can remember seeing. The first explicit pee porn i discovered (some youtube stuff might have been there earlier for me, i don't remember what came first) was actually the site of Rebekah Dee. There were some other girls featured but it was mostly her i think. I was too young to buy it and didn't have a CC anyways but reading the video descriptions along with the preview pictures of those videos was already enough to give me a good time. 5. If you could choose any one - but only one - celebrity to either watch peeing or be peed on by, who would you choose? I am not someone who is into worshipping any stars and i am probably forgetting someone. All i can think of now is german singer Lena Meyer-Landrut, she is cute. 6. Where is the naughtiest place you personally have ever peed? In the basement of an apartment building through my teens. 7. Have you ever peed on or in someone else's property? And was it for pleasure or out of necessity? Also in my teens in the basement of that 8 party apartment building. Peed on various items in a deposit room for stuff people didn't need anymore or that was too huge to store otherwise. And in a compartment down there, right onto some cupboard a few times, but only a little bit each time, too scared for a full release. They asked around if someone knew who spilled something into their compartment, they never really said anything about pee i think. As i wasn't the only one around my age in that building, including their own spawn, and i never knew anything the case was closed :D Needless to say it was all pleasure. 8. What is the hottest pee scene you have ever seen on mainstream TV or in a mainstream film. I can hardly think of any right now so a rating is hard. One scene though is on my mind, it's from the movie 'Doc Hollywood' where the girl is driving through the forest with M.J.Fox and discovers that there are hunters around. So she squats down in several spots to mark the territory and keep the deer away with her scent in order to safe them from the hunters and she encourages him to pee there too i think. Probably forgetting some good scenes. (something interesting in that matter: http://www.imdb.com/list/ls002068915/) 9. Describe your favourite porn scene. With so much choice i can't really have an all time favourite. So i'll mention a recent highlight even though it's an older video on mdh (from fraeuleinjones) where two girls walk through the forest to someones empty tent and they pee on it. One of them pees for over a minute, forming a little lake, and when you think she is about to stop she starts peeing again. 10. Have you ever given or received a golden shower? No, not really.
  14. Best pee porn?

    If we are talking about stuff you have to pay for i go with mydirtyhobby. There is a huge pee category with a lot of different amateurs creating content. New videos daily. And all niches are covered: wetting, golden showers and of course some pretty naughty and public stuff. So everyone will find something there. Since i like it being more candid and there are a lot of real AMATEURS who post videos there (and enjoy it) it's my place to go. Of course some girls who hardly count as amateurs anymore upload there too but it still has a very amateurish feel to it. And the quality of most videos is pretty good.