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    22 years old, love naughty peeing and watching women/men, overall a pretty nice person!

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    Girls peeing outside for sure!
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    Probably growing up and peeing side by side with some of my female friends. One time we drunkenly took turns peeing off a picnic table all night.
  1. In town there is a street with various bars and restaurants where a lot of college aged people go to hangout. One night a group of my friends and I went out drinking. There were 4 of us, 3 girls and 1 guy. We bar hopped from 3 different places, having beer after beer. I could feel the urge to pee slowly building and building. We all decided to walk home which was about 1.5 miles away. Immediately upon our walk home I realize I am getting desperate to pee. I whisper to one of the girls that I need to pee. She giggles and says she also has to pee... she blurts out to the group that she is desperate to take a piss. Our guy friend laughs too and says he knows of a place. He walks ahead of us nearing one of the bars. There is a very small alley where there are 3 walls of neighboring buildings and a dumpster. He tells us this is where he always goes for a pee on a night out. The only problem is that it is a reasonably wide alley and a street light is right in front. I decide I am drunk enough that I don't care... my friend follows my lead. I stand right against the wall looking ahead to the street light. I hike up my dress, pull my panties to my knees and let go with my back against the wall. You can hear the hiss of my stream as it hits the pavement. My friend pulled down her jeans and went for a low squat. As her first drops of pee fell out, two other girls run into the alley and look embarrassed as they blurt out that they had the same idea. The two new girls go towards the wall facing the dumpster, both have on jeans and pull them to their ankles, then squat down. I can't help but notice how they look at each others pussies as each begins to go. As soon as I stand up, our 3rd female friend shyly runs to the same wall I leaned on and follows my previous actions. She has on a short dress, but surprisingly no panties... she leans against the wall and spreads her legs and lets go. I stand watching the two random girls and my other friend forcefully pissing onto the ground. All of us soak the ground. Our guy friend watched all of this and had quite the erection. We all made ourselves decent and continued on our journey. The 2 girls got dropped off at their houses while my guy friend and I decided to sit on his porch and talk. He confessed to me he has a thing for watching girls pee. I tell him I really enjoyed being watched... this is where he mentions how he has always wanted a girl to piss down his porch steps. We are sitting on the 4th step, right below the porch. I do have to pee again.... I tell him it's only fair if I can watch him too. I tell him I want him to unzip his jeans, pull out his cock, and lean forward to piss while sitting. He agrees... he unbuttons his pants, pulls out his cock and at the same time I spread my legs and pull my panties to the side. I start first and let out a steady strong stream that continues for at least 20 seconds. He is now pissing down his stairs while looking at my pussy. We are watching each other not even paying attention to if anyone is watching us or not. It felt so good to let go and to watch him do the same. When we finished he put his now chubby cock back into his jeans, and I took my hand off my panties. This prompted him to reach over and put his hand against my panties. I took his hand and slid it into my panties and he started slowly circling my moist clit. This continued until I came against his fingertips on his porch where our puddles sat below us.
  2. Suggestions for me?

    Now you're thinking my style I also like the idea of scooting off the edge and pulling my panties down
  3. Suggestions for me?

    I like to fulfill some pee suggestions, but please keep in mind what I am into! I like peeing outdoors in parking lots, parks, private outdoor places, back roads, beaches, etc. I have a backyard I can easily pee in. I don't like wetting my clothes. I like squatting or standing. Tell me how you'd like me to pee I can pee in my shower/tub as well.
  4. Two Girls and a Nude Beach

    One Saturday afternoon my best friend Jen and I decided to hang out at this nude beach a couple of miles away. We put on dresses with nothing underneath so it would be easier to take it off at the beach. We packed our towels, lots of water, some snacks and a few beers. We get to the beach and it is pretty packed! We lay down our towels next to a couple, a man and a woman in their early 30s. The man is slender but tall. He is completely naked laying on a towel next to a beautiful brunette who looks a few inches shorter than him, has a lot of curves and beautiful D cup breasts. Jen and I lay down our towels, and slowly remove our dresses reluctantly. We lay down side by side and crack open a beer each. We intermittently sip on water to stay hydrated in the hot sun. After awhile I notice a gentle tinge in my bladder letting me know I have to pee soon. I scan the beach looking for a restroom. I see one all the way on the other side of the beach, with what appears to be a long line out of the ladies room. I mention to Jen "I've really gotta use the ladies room, but I don't know if I can make it through that line!". Jen laughs at me a little bit and said last time she was at this beach the same thing happened and she peed on the sand. This gave me a naughty idea, I scooched to the edge of my towel, dug a hole in the sand at the end of my towel, I sat straight up with my knees bent and spread open, and just let go into the hole. I was filling the hole fast! I quickly stood up, clenching my pee hole shut, moved over a few feet and squatted a little bit and continued to piss on the sand. At this point I was getting a lot of attention... nobody seemed upset about this. When I was finished I sat back down next to Jen. A few minutes later, Jen exclaimed that she now needed to relieve her bursting bladder. She made no hesitation about standing up, walking away from our towels, and squatting down with her legs spread as wide as they could go, and suddenly letting out a torrent of piss. She smiled over at me, and we looked over at the couple who was intently watching her. They smiled and the brunette suddenly edged to her towel, parted her legs and started to pee too! It looked like she had the same idea all along. Jen and the mystery woman finished at about the same time. I couldn't help but notice the man with her had quite a hard on. He was definitely well endowed and was stroking himself. I had to tighten my legs together and wiggle my thighs together to get a little relief on my aching clit. I didn't want to draw anymore attention to myself! After awhile the man stopped stroking himself, but I realized after two more beers it was my time to piss again. I decided to be a little braver and stood up, walked away from my towel and just stood there with my legs apart and spread my lips with my fingertips, and let out my forceful stream of pee. It arched down onto the sand creating a puddle all around. At this point I had quite a lot of stares. To my surprise, a woman in her early 20s halfway down the beach was now peeing exactly the same way as I! It seemed like I started some sort of pee revolution!
  5. Concerts & Music Festivals - best places

    I once went to a bluegrass festival in the mountains where I peed next to a field of grass several times, there were porta potties but they were very dirty so I just kept going behind bushes or sometimes just beside the porta potties hahaha
  6. Peeing on the beach

    My friend Kate and I went for a walk along the beach in the middle of summer. Beforehand we had brunch, since I wasn't driving I had a few mimosas. We were both wearing our bikinis with clothes tucked into our backpacks. The beach was mostly empty with another couple and a lonely girl on opposite sides of the beach. My friend and I picked a spot in the middle and rolled out our towels. We laid under the sun for about an hour casually sipping water as it was so hot. Eventually I realized I really had to take a piss. I mentioned to Kate that I had to go. She laughed and said she kind of needed to as well. She suggested we just move our panties to the side and piss on the sand. I scooched to the edge of my towel, made a hole in the sand, bent my knees up, moved my bikini crotch over a bit and let my pent up energy flow through me and out my body. I let my piss flow into the hole, and it kept going for about a minute. At this point I noticed Kate was sitting next to me doing the same thing. She had her pussy out with pee coming out I watched her as she saw the last few dribbles coming out of my crotch. We both covered the sand in nice puddles of piss. I don't think anyone saw us, but I don't think they cared.
  7. Post about your pee!

    Today I was driving home from the bookstore and was driving through a particular country area with nothing but trees. There is this one small parking lot where you can pull over for phone calls and such. I really had to take a piss and I was about 10 minutes from home... I pulled into the parking lot, walked to the front of my car, pulled down my leggings and started pissing right in front of my car. No one drove by, but I wouldn't have minded if they had! :P
  8. Naughty Friends

    A group of four of us decided to spend the weekend hiking in the mountains. There were two male friends, a female friend and me being the other female, this made for quite a good balance of male and female. We decided to go camping way up in the mountains and had to hike for about 2 hours to get to a place secluded and peaceful enough to sleep at for a few nights. We set up camp and got a fire going. Once we got settled we broke out a bottle of vodka we brought with us. We made a few mixed drinks and made sure to stay hydrated with water as well. I knew we were all going to have to keep using the bathroom outside all weekend, but I didn't know the protocol for how far away to go from your friends. I decided I would wait for someone else to have to pee first. One of my male friends, Joe, a tall, handsome, bearded, scruffy 22 year old stood up abruptly and announced he needed to take a piss. He walked over to a tree not too far from our campsite, maybe 25 feet away and unzips his pants, and pulls out his cock and just starts taking a piss. As he starts to pee, our other male friend Thomas stands up and walks over to the same tree and starts to unzip his pants. He pulls out his cock and pisses right beside Joe. They start laughing and making a joke that it must be the pissing tree. They come back and sit down when they are finished. I keep thinking about how it is harder for girls to pee than guys. Since I had a few drinks, I decided to be brave and just ask my friends if they had a problem with me peeing near the campsite. The sun had set and I didn't want to wander off alone at night to relieve myself. My guy friends made a joke that it was fine as long as the tent wasn't dripping. My shy female friend Sam started to blush and announced she was wondering the same thing although she tends to get pee shy. We all agreed as long as it wasn't too close to the tent it was okay. My guy friends even made a joke that they wouldn't have a problem watching or keeping lookout. I went with this and asked Joe to come with me while I peed. I said I was scared to go alone and didn't want to do it in front of the others. Joe agreed, and we walked a little bit down a trail and I made a joke about this being awkward. He laughed nervously. Joe confessed to me that girls peeing doesn't gross him out and it does quite the opposite. I asked him what he meant.... here he confessed to me that he gets a thrill from the idea of watching a girl spread her legs and piss in naughty places. This turned me on, I have always wanted to be watched.... Deciding to just go for it, I start to pull down my shorts and panties, I get in a squatting position and shine a flashlight onto my pussy. Then I start to let it flow, it comes out slowly at first since I am so nervous, but once it starts to come I am making a puddle on the dirt underneath me because it cannot take all of the piss coming out at once. I shake my pussy up and down a few times once it stops. I look up at joe and smile. I quietly pulled my pants up and started walking back to camp. By the time we got back, our friends had cracked open some beers as well as the vodka. I decided to have a beer myself. Eventually Sam mentioned she needed to pee and that she was shy about it. We kept encouraging her that there was nothing to be shy about. I told her I wouldn't care if she peed right in front of my face, hoping it would lighten the mood. I glanced over at Joe and he added in "yeah doesn't bother me". Then Thomas gets up and turns his back away from the fire, towards all of us talking, and walks to the side of all of us, pulls out his cock and starts pissing right next to everyone. He shouts "see, nothing to be shy about....". This makes all of us laugh. Sam gets up and says she is going to go pee now, she walks a few feet away, finds this tree stump, pulls down her jean shorts, sits on the tree stump, spreads her legs and uses the edge of the tree as a toilet. She lets her piss flow down the stump of the tree, pooling near her feet. You can almost see her pussy except for it being a tad too dark. She continues like this for quite some time, once she gets up there is a long dark shadow on the tree stump where she relieved herself. After Sam comes back from watering the trees, I realized I have to piss again for the second time. I decide to be brave and go right in front of everyone. I am sitting on the ground near the fire, and just scoot my shorts off of myself and spread my legs open, as I am already sitting on the ground. All of my friends are staring at me in disbelief. I make a joke about them looking, but then I tell them I really don't mind and kind of like the attention. I start to piss right there in front of everyone with my legs spread open. A puddle forms between my legs. As the last bits trickle out, I start to stand up and pull my shorts back up. I then sit down next to my puddle on dry ground and continue talking like nothing happened. My friends all start laughing. Both of the guys have noticeable chubs at this point..... To be continued....
  9. I am a girl who loves to pee outside and watch other girls pee outside. Anywhere outdoors/in public! I am not very into wetting, I am really into girls squatting down and pulling their panties down or to the side. I am from the east coast, I am 21 and I am bisexual.