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    Female, bisexual
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    Health care worker (supervisor) + stripper
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    I work in healthcare, as a supervisor, also I love to dance and was a stage stripper till recently, now I’m teaching =}
    I can do the splits, and In good shape! I have a pee fetish (wetting) and lingerie, naughty combo, im also blonde and typically in skirts these days

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    The way it makes your clothes wet, the naughty adventures it can lead to, pressure build up, peesplosion all over my poor clothes as I desperately “attempt” to regain control by making it that more obvious
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    “I was facing the wall with my back away from the door way and I was removing some decor and I felt myself being pressed up against the wall and a hand ran thru my hair then grabbed my ass really hard, and held, it was my bf and he decided to give me two hickies for each side of my lower neck, and I was daring and peed, it rolled down my legs some and caused a semi visible pee streak“

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  1. I'm Ivy

    Posted a few but my August one
  2. The 2017 Golden Piss Awards - Nominations

    Aw thank u ☺️
  3. Where did you find us?

    Looked for a forum to share experiences and to know I’m not the only girl into wetting
  4. Had an amazing workout, I was in my blue workout pants, I really had to pee, and it was to much work to use the ladies room, yeah.. “whoops “

    1. Ivy1989


      And I peed my pants!! Don’t believe me? I took a pic and uploaded it 😁

  5. I’m thinking of doing a pee related catalog, via video, me peeing in assorted clothes and sexy lingerie under neith and in compromising positions, so when I do get married and present him with this , he can choose anyone he wants or mix and match, I may take a few wet shots within agreed upon reason and upload a few, 

  6. Peeing after work

    Possibly?? Meaning there is a 50/50 chance?? I see how this works 😢
  7. Peeing after work

    And u missed the panties and got the toilet 😱
  8. Peeing after work

    But are u man enough to wear pink panties tho??
  9. I survived the trip to the store, survived a few sips of coffee, I was in the candle section and I sneezed , and lost it all 😰😱

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    2. Ivy1989


      I don’t mind public wetting but not soaking my skirt lol

    3. Grizzly Man

      Grizzly Man

      What did his parents say when it happened?

    4. Ivy1989


      That accidents do happen to the best of us, I’m gonna post my experience 😘

  10. I always wear my nicest for church, pink floral dress (straight cut) to my knees, white shirt u can tie around your bust, black nylon stockings, and hair down with a clip, if ur asking “have I peed myself in this?” The answer is yes, just not publicly, and today I’m gonna hold it, 6am had a coffee with water later, it’s 1:09pm, now I need to pee but I’m gonna try to hold till 4:00pm , then no promises after that and yes, one more xl coffee is in order =}

    1. Ivy1989


      Groan lol, gonna push another hour 😰

  11. For money?

    Recording online is very high risk and can get complicated, record at own risk but know the risks first
  12. I was a bad girl 



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    2. pee01


      OK that still a long time holding.  You like getting wet. I like holding it letting it go. 

    3. Ivy1989


      I like to hold till I can’t , and yes to wet, the pressure and tightness of my clothes ADDS to the sensation, I would pee in public and take a pic but that requires another pair of hands and Cherry is away =( that and sexually not allowed as per her hubby , oh well, I have no shame, I’ve blown my ex fiancée in public b4 back in montreal lol, no shame no limit , fudge... =P

    4. pee01


      I like to hear that. I hold it too until it hurts me and I can't take it. Then I like take long pees. You are the type I like letting it go anywhere. 

  13. SO busy next week, Thursday after primary job, I model With a few other ladies then after I teach how to strip at the strip joint I work at, then Friday I wrap up the modelling and then I have a special request to dance for a respectable client then Saturday back to back with like 30min in between is the Christmas party from my main job then my boyfriend’s , I told him if hea Santa I’ll br his sexy elf assistant, he said then he’d commit adultry cause I’m no ms clause, so I thought “hoe hoe hoe =})

    hes not Santa just an elf passing out gifts to children, I can’t be to sexy, one day XXX , what we don’t see in Santa’s workshop...