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    Female, bisexual
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    Health care worker (supervisor) + stripper
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    I work in healthcare, as a supervisor, also I love to dance and was a stage stripper till recently, now I’m teaching =}
    I can do the splits, and In good shape! I have a pee fetish (wetting) and lingerie, naughty combo, im also blonde and typically in skirts these days

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    The way it makes your clothes wet, the naughty adventures it can lead to, pressure build up, peesplosion all over my poor clothes as I desperately “attempt” to regain control by making it that more obvious
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    “I was facing the wall with my back away from the door way and I was removing some decor and I felt myself being pressed up against the wall and a hand ran thru my hair then grabbed my ass really hard, and held, it was my bf and he decided to give me two hickies for each side of my lower neck, and I was daring and peed, it rolled down my legs some and caused a semi visible pee streak“

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  1. Omg my hubby wanted to do a private film of what we just did omg , it was incredibly hot and wet, he picked out what he wanted me to wear , omg thinking about what just happened is turning me on but I don’t wanna pee myself again I showered and put a load in the wash and dressed for church, think clean thoughts >.<


  2. Dreams that involve pee

    I Had a dream I couldn’t stop peeing it was messed up
  3. I love the climax of the instrumentals, it's powerful, i've always been a fan of this style of music, a few years ago I would listen to this song at least once every few weeks
  4. Girls' Night 2: Jennifer's Story

    I love a good pee related sex story <3
  5. There is a good variety of fetishes that branches off the pee fetish, welcome
  6. Resting, with my now hubby, omg ! Just omg!

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    2. fannywatcher


      great congrats!

    3. tony for you

      tony for you

      Well done Ivy congratulations :smile::smile:

    4. Ivy1989


      It's so weird calling him my husband now lol

  7. I've added more videos and photos minutes ago, :D :D :D

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    2. Ivy1989


      Lol I bet 

    3. gap


      Lol still would be great to see your videos if you find them 

    4. Ivy1989


      Bachelorette party right now. Well more a luncheon with my girlfriends, I had them on my old pos phone and I gotta find it, 

  8. Hello Everyone

    Hey there, this place is great, share, and like, mingle, more group participations can make this place THE forum to pee
  9. Hey Hey

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    2. Natapee


      Looong... 😵 Hows yours? Still counting hours? 😜

    3. Ivy1989


      I am yes, I'm actually excited and looking forward to this, well, he's the first man i can look into his eyes and tell him i love him, i never could do that b4

    4. Natapee


      So Happy for u! 🙏💋

  10. 3 days, 5hours, 33minutes,

    omg I’m giddy like a school girl :O 

  11. Your profile pic is very becoming, so becoming i'm cumming

  12. After putting my two primary fetishes together i've concluded, i'm a freak, a weirdo, really messed up freak lol, the world takes all types, poor soon to be hubby, he doesn't know what he's geting himself into, RUN AWAY b4 i get u!!! 

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    2. Ivy1989


      I know Iron maiden and Robzombie did Iron Man together I think, or was that ozzy?

    3. tony for you

      tony for you

      I think it was ozzy lol,, good times :) 

    4. tony for you

      tony for you

      Lol,, another good one good times by chic