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  1. Desperation Skype shows

    They are private, paid shows - just you & me. You get to tell me details about what you'd like to see and once we figure it all out, I'll Skype you ; )
  2. Desperation Skype shows

    I pee on cam sometimes, but my favorite thing to do is desperation Skype shows. You can join me in holding, or just watch - up to you. I'm also happy to do commissioned videos if there's something you'd particularly like to see ;)
  3. Long time lurker, new member

    Hey all! I started putting up pee videos online a bit back and not only is it wicked fun, but more people than I thought are super into it, so I thought I'd say hello here as well. I do cam/skype shows now and then, so let me know if you're interested ;) a8a575d6-53ec-4053-a34f-78d872101214.mp4