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  1. Where did you find us?

    i do that with my girl as of recent,, i'd love to talk about it with you ,,
  2. hi New Here

    Wecome Nickie, hope you have a great time on here as we do, its an amaizing place to be ,
  3. Temptation

    Ive imagined saying it in my head lol,, there is a girl that works on the desk in the ferry port that i use often & she wears those nice knee lenth office type skirts with dark tights & a white almost see through blouse, i'd love to have the courage but never would lol,,
  4. Chaps wearing panties and tights

    Thanks for that grizzly,, tomorrow night is the night, i shall post on here how i get on, i so hope this works, i have so many scenarios going through my head right now especialy looking at the percentage ratings on here ,,
  5. Chaps wearing panties and tights

    My lady friend likes me to wear her silky ones & i must admit they feel super sexy, it turns her on when im leaking pre cum through them, this is a recent thing she asked me to do so maybe now is the time to tell her about my pee thing & see what happens;,
  6. I guess I should probably introduce myself

    Hi & welcome, i know exactly how you feel, hopefully youll find someone who shares your desires, the hardest part is bringing the subject up lol,,,
  7. If you had a choice...

    Definately the average girl, supermarkets do wonders for the imagination lol,,
  8. How many of us are there?

    I would be curious to know how many are into pee over here on the isle of wight,, so far i only know of 3 people including myself, if only i had the courage to do a survey lol,,
  9. mature women in there panties

    I love these pics,,
  10. Keeping PeeFans.com Alive

    I,ll help out no problem, i definately dont want this site to go down,,
  11. I'd love some feedback

    Very nice,, i love girls peeing but this did get me going,
  12. Isle of wight

    Just wondering, is there anyone else on here from the isle of wight or hampshire ?
  13. These are my first pics i hope you girls like them, & guys of course.
  14. Uk pee lovers

    I would definitely be up for a wet party, I'm on the isle of Wight but I could travel no problem,,
  15. Pee drinking.

    Try getting the girl or guy to drink a few of those blue wicked drinks, then their pee tastes lovely, I only had it happen once with an ex girlfriend, we'd been out to a party & she was downing those all night, when we got home I had her sit over my face while was giving her oral when she said urgently ,, I need to pee,i held on to her & she started to let go in my mouth & wow it tasted lovely & sweet ,,