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  1. Hi how are you. I am new to this. How long have you been a member

  2. Thanks for the follow 

  3. Hi! Welcome and thanks for following!

  4. I would like to welcome you to this site. I have some pee videos and stories too.

  5. Welcome to the site!  Hope you like our friendly group. 


  6. I am always fascinated by people who choose to follow me. I see that you have chosen to follow quite a number of people. What is it that attracted you to me?
  7. I would like to welcome you to this site here. I have some pee stories on this site. I am into female desperation and holding it.
    1. wetpantie4me


      Great I will check them out would love to chat
    2. pee01


      I would love to chat with you anytime you want to.
  8. Hiya how are you doing. I have really enjoyed the site so far looking to have some more adventures how about you
    1. wetpantie4me


      What kind of Adventure would you like to have