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    Single guy love peeing. Especially girls pissing into a swimming pool.

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    Naughtiness of it
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    Pissing on the floor in my walk in closet while nude with other people sleeping in my living room.
  1. Wet Carpet magazine

    Great story Steve 😊😊
  2. Wet Carpet magazine

    yeah it's hard to come up with new stuff. I know the feeling there. For what it's worth.... you guys stories were awesome. 😊
  3. Lurker

    Male 41. Been lurking and checking out content for a while. Love being naughty and pissing somewhere i shouldnt. Shower. Sink. Floor. Public carpark. My favourite has to be my oen front yard though. Looking forward to hearing stories about the same thing.
  4. The new girl lol

    Welcome Amanda I'm sure you'll love the site
  5. The Guest House

    Love the idea of just being able to piss wherever you like. Great story.
  6. Neighbors Part 1

    I love the idea of women pissing in the shower and outside in their own back yards like most of us guys do. Great story. Definitely post new parts in their own thread though so people don't miss them. Keep up the good work.
  7. Roommates: The Party Part 1

    Nice story wetwulf. 😊
  8. Post about your pee!

    Mine was last night about 2.30am in the sink. My toilets been playing up and since I sleep naked I just walked into my ensure and used the sink. Always fun seeing my naked reflection in the mirror. Not that I really like my body. I'd happily swap it if it was possible. But i love checking out my tattoos :-)