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  1. Going out in a padded nappy for the first time in forever. Already have a mild need - should I keep it dry or use it??

  2. Just had a genuine accident on the way home!

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    2. Adyguy6970


      I'd love to hear all about it too!

    3. Rich7


      Me 3 !!

    4. chubbybirb999


      Your wish is my command :)

  3. Had a nice pee standing up in the bath!

  4. First attempt to video myself peeing myself didn’t go too well! Could barely see the stream until a tiny bit at the end

    1. fannywatcher


      Well,why not post it,and let us see?:11_blush:

    2. pee01


      I would like to see it too.  I like pee videos. I have some too.

  5. Cleaned up most of the puddle but here’s the aftermath of my wetting today 


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    2. glad1


      Lovely! My underwear just got a little tighter. ;)

    3. tompee


      Very niceeeeee and good turn

      on. Would love to see more 

    4. jtcpee
  6. Peed myself literally three steps From the toilet! At least it warmed me up!

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    2. chubbybirb999


      Certainly a puddle! My trousers took the brunt of it 

    3. Grizzly Man

      Grizzly Man

      I could only imagine! Lol did you clean up right away or did you stay in them wet for awhile

    4. glad1


      A big reason why I try not to use a toilet. The closer you get to it, the great chance of having an accident.

      I know better ways of warming you up.

  7. Went to the toilet in a shopping centre while waiting for the train. The cubicles have the hand dryers in next to the toilet that turn on automatically. I take my leggings down, the dryer turns on and I pee all down myself from the fright!

    1. pee01


      You just let it go and wanted to come out of you.

    2. Grizzly Man

      Grizzly Man

      Damn thats really sexy!!! Lol did tou use the dryer to clean yourself up?

  8. Came home and very nearly lost my bladder! Started peeing before getting my underwear down... finished the last of it in the toilet

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    2. pee01


      Ok still want to come out of you. I bet you moan and sigh letting it go. 

    3. glad1


      I think a bladder would be a terrible thing to lose. And, at least you were fortunate that yours saw you almost all the way home.

    4. Grizzly Man

      Grizzly Man

      Im just imagining you spees walk to make it home. Lol what color and  style were your panties if you dont mind me asking?

  9. Desperate for a pee at University with a half hour talk coming up! Dilemma!

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    2. pee01


      Me too I can hold it a long time too. I can pee two minutes long. I have a video of it. 

    3. chubbybirb999


      That’s impressive

    4. pee01


      I Know I didnt feel I had to pee that bad but I was wrong. I can email the video if you like. How long can you pee for ?


  10. Along long hard day. Starting to lose hope of ever finding the chance to have a real life pee buddy =(

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    2. fannywatcher


      Oh shame,me too!What fun we could have.:toilet:

    3. pee01


      Keep holding it in now legs crossed.

    4. Peedream


      If only I was closer 

  11. Having a bad day. Might just get my diapers the rest of the night to feel better 

    1. tompee


      Shame to hear you had a bad day. You have right idea to get over it. Go for it and let us know how you get on. You will feel much better I bet

  12. Loved your uni story. When you have to go you have to go. Us brits take things too seriously.


    1. chubbybirb999


      Totally agree with you! It’s just a bit of pee; it’s nothing to worry about! You’re british too? Whereabouts? 

    2. tompee



      And you

      Love this pee site


    3. chubbybirb999


      Central Scotland for me :)

      and yeah, so happy to have found this site 

  13. So wish I could meet a UK person to have pee play with... :(

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    2. steamlover6


      So, where do you live then? I would be very happy to meet you. I craved to meet someone like that for ages but now I do have a pee friend that I meet and the pleasure is enormous! I would be happy to meet you for some hot wet fun too. I'm in the Midlands but do travel from time to time.  Do get in touch,  Steamlover  x

    3. chubbybirb999


      Glad, I know, it would be good if things were a bit closer. Could work out well. Wishful thinking, eh?

      steamlover, I’m in Scotland so not sure how that would work out?

    4. steamlover6


      Thank you for replying, but its a shame we are so far away. I may be up on a trip in the new year, where in Scotland?  x

  14. Hi nice to see another bbw on here Gilly x
    1. chubbybirb999


      Big, certainly. Beautiful not so much XP thanks though! Nice to know I'm not the only one
  15. Just getting in touch since we're both pee lovers in Scotland. Have fun here!