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    30 West Texas married 10 years to Bonnie (bonita) who also enjoys the wet life. I write true stories about Bonnie and our wet sex together. Read more here: http://peefans.com/index.php?/search/&q=bonnie&sortby=relevancy

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    This afternoon around 3 pm as I was reading a magazine and enjoying a coffee, wife Bonnie suddenly grabs me by the arm and says "quick -- come with me I need you to do something right away" and leads me to the back porch.

    She's says "get into position quickly as I can't hold it" and I scramble around to the rear of the deck as she drops her panties rapidly and bends over to offer her ass to my face. I'm instantly hard and hurriedly take out my cock which is suddenly hardened.

    Bonnie spreads open the cheeks of her ample ass and her pussy lips full and swollen part quickly as suddenly her bladder voids itself in a rush, hissing rapidly through them spattering the edge of the deck as it rebounds off the head of my engorged member and ballsack. Her puckered anus pulses as rivulets of warmth trickle over it, and halfway through the flood she farts noisily and says "sorry" ..but I'm not sorry she farted.

    Now I hadn't been thinking about sex until just this moment, but as I'm as horny as a teenage linebacker in a hottub full of cheerleaders and I can feel my cum starting to rush. Normally I'd hold off until Bonny had finished emptying her bladder, then I'd lick her dry and we'd rush into the house so she could receive my full load of jizz high up into her greedy cunt, as she prefers to enjoy her multiple orgasms which begin as soon as my load soaks her cuntal membranes.

    But this afternoon my orgasm caught me short -- and with just a few strokes my tallywhacker disgorged its white hot sticky cargo forcefully into the air, landing directly on Bonnie's protruding asshole, cunt lips, and pisstube. She immediately cums as she fingers her clit to finish , moaning and sucking air as her vagina absorbs my hot spew.

    There's a beach towel hanging over the rail to dry from the pool, so we both clean up with that, and after I wipe down Bonnie's rump and ladyparts I can see that she's still wanting more, so we repair to the bedroom where I give her the high hard one until we both cum hard one more time and are completely worn out.

    We'll both sleep well tonight -- and tomorrow might be another pee day.


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  1. Measurements

    Being as I'm from the US I'll be using US measurements -- if the average vagina has a depth of 9 inches and the average cock is 6 inches long, that means, worldwide, there's an average of 3 inches of unfucked pussy in the average woman . Every girl's a virgin, dudes. Get busy!
  2. So.....gun control

    Being from West Texas, there's no such thing as a friendly discussion about infringements of a god-granted right of self defense' The LESS government is the best.
  3. Ass Eating While Pissing

    Bonnie and I have done this deed a few times -- with my tongue lapping in and out of her tight bunghole as she unloads her foaming piss onto my lips and chin and I feverishly rub her clit bringing on her hot cum. She likewise will do a rusty trombone from the rear on me -- pumping my cock which spurts its pee randomly as her greedy tongue forces itself in and out of my clenching asshole, pausing only to let me squirt with my final cum douches out onto her hot fist and licking tongue.
  4. Black Rifle Coffee Commercial Pee based

    Psssstt--- [it's a JOKE] {insert laugh here}
  5. Lots more here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/people-peeing-in-art_us_55f74c62e4b0c2077efbd961
  6. Definately worth a look -- Akers has good form and a luscious ass. Would have liked to see more of a stream though as that would provide a flow to her artistic statement which I'm still working to comprehend. Nice display.
  7. New urinals for women?

    I think her shrink is the person to take care of her problem with pissing into a porcelain mouth but I also think the designer of aforementioned urinal wanted to create that feeling in certain individuals and in this case his task was accomplished. I think a unsexed urinal would have a better reception in most cases though. For me it wouldn't matter and I'd probably chuckle over it.
  8. married couple in usa

    West Texas couple here. Welcome and enjoy. West
  9. Who Knows? Who do you tell?

    You're absolutely right about everything here, exactly! We must keep our fetish to ourselves in most instances until we discover another person so inclined and even then be careful whom you let in on the secret. Bravo for excellent writing and hitting the nail squarely on its head.
  10. Penis avatars!

    Agreed. I have to work with too many pricks as it is :)
  11. The Clitoris

    I think this clit could do that job...
  12. Dreams that involve pee

    Feast your eyes and fantasize on this clip of her on stage picking her asshole:
  13. Is it contagious?

    hmm... I'm guessing if the urine isn't ingested or enters the body through a cut or opening it might not transmit whatever's in it.. good question though.