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    Hope m pics allowed ?
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    After peeing my pants, still a dribble !!
  5. Nervousness re meet up which has been strongly put on here is understandable, especially for women if with a group of men. Totally see the point, that is why I suggested a location that was "managed" professionally so nobody would be vulnerable. Idea of a social meet first also a way to deal with the issue, Sadly health wise I am not up for a meet at the moment, but let's sort of not give up on it. Thanks
  6. Did pee, as doing so after 1st photo below, pushed nappy/diaper back on and slacks. Nappy did not hold it all, some ran the legs of my slacks and nappy well full. Fun !!
  7. Got to pee soon
  8. Thanks so much and rattmannus love your pics
  9. Some fun when desperate, still working on photo technique, these were the clearest 6 !!
  10. Rich7

    UK Pee Club

    Thanks and yes, we are 2 then and let's hope for many more
  11. So happy about this being launched, Thanks
  12. Rich7

    I'd love some feedback

    So love 3 and 4 (extra one). Seeing you pee when hard, and peeing into a glass