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  1. Me, working on getting pics clearer, bear with me please, 3 older ones + 4th just now
  2. My absence

    Glad you are back, yes I like 60s and 70s pornography too. Love the picture, lovely legs and deep deep snow !! I have been off here for a long time due to illness, but nice to come back and read your posting X
  3. My absence

  4. Love Your Profile pic, and well Hi !

    1. riverflood7


      Hi Rich7,

      I wish that body belonged to me, but it doesn't. I found it on an photo art website, yes really! If I can trace it back I will send you the link. There were some lovely images there.

      Be good now!

    2. Rich7


      What all the time ?!:9_innocent: Thanks 

    3. Rich7


      And thanks What all the time ?!:9_innocent: Thanks 

      If you can trace it, that would be great 


  5. On a whim, put a diaper/nappy in the fridge. Hours later now, and wearing it. Cold around me, but not painful, heightens feelings and need to pee. Next time will try the freezer !

  6. Love the name !!

  7. Just wanted to outdoors today, when went looking locally, yes with a walking stick, sad reality of life. Was already getting desperate to pee, had sort of engineered that. Love to feel desperate, well hate and love it if you see what I mean. Caught 2 buses (short journeys, but one deliciously late). Walked with increasing need to pee over a sort of area of rough grass land. Was wearing chords, but no pants. Dog walkers seemed to be everywhere. I felt myself leak a bit of pee, but managed to sort of "throttle back". Still a nice warm pee feel round my cock.

    Eventually I found a bit of good woodland cover and peed happily, playfully, with a smile. Ours is not the easiest fetish, but it is the best IMO !   

  8. Hamsters posting

    Hamster, nice to catch up with you again on this site, pics and vids hot and wonderful !!
  9. Great pictures and welcome. HD Wetting is quite a site and Sosha is amazing
  10. Naughty pee in a closet

    So hot MissPiss as always and so deliciously naughty !
  11. Do sometimes let a bit of pee out to feel good. For some reason I feel the urge to do it in ques (supermarkets etc). Not sure if it is all the people about, or knowing that not possible to get to loo without giving up place.
  12. Love the profile pic, av or whatever they call kit LOL !
  13. I'm back!

    Wonderful picture, and am glad you are back too :)
  14. Hi, Anyone know any groups who meet in doors or outdoors for pee fun, wetting etc in the UK, especially The English Midlands ?
  15. Hope to rejoin your site soon. You are the bees' knees as we say here, wonderful !
    1. MissPiss


      hahaha never heard that term before. Thanks : )