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  1. Cinema rules

    I love this. Would be even sexier for me if you pissed into your empty cup and left it there in the theater when the show was over. The cleaning crew would know of your deed, but no real mess for them to clean up.
  2. Hotels

    I'm not as daring as others. I'd want to have pee fun, but not leave any suspicion at all. I'd definitely soak a few towels, either laying in bed with it between my legs or squatting over one on the floor. I would love to have a sneaky pee on the balcony. It would be great in broad daylight with lots of people around, as I'm wearing a dress and just let the pee trickle down my legs and no one notices. I would definitely also have a pee at on in the pool too.
  3. I would love it if I were told to go out in the garden. And he came with me to watch. Even better if he noticed my shyness, and he let me see him pee first.
  4. Happy Birthday

  5. New member from Bristol UK

    Welcome! It's great to see new members. That was a great first post and I hope to read more.
  6. I typically start here and see what's new, the head over to the pool. I agree that chat works a lot better there.
  7. Pete, even though I know it doesn't help right now, we've all been there. I wish you peace and acceptance. Try to believe that everything happens for a reason and you're set up for something better.
  8. Life Hack: A Spare Bed as a Toilet

    Wow! Such a sexy story. I want to pee in her bed too.
  9. how did it start for you?

    At my house and wasn't allowed to bring friends in. My female friend begged to go in so she could pee. I told her I wasn't allowed and convinced her to pee in an old take-out restaurant soda cup. She went behind a wall so I couldnt see, but I did try to hear. Then she handed the cup to me and I could feel the warmth against my hand. And I've never looked back!
  10. Very nice. Thank you for the selfies.
  11. Long Time Lurker, New member

    Welcome! I feel quite similar to you. I'm a divorced mother of 2 who lives with her boyfriend. I've barely hinted to him about my interests but otherwise I'm totally in the closet about it. Anyway, this is a great site to get to know other like minded individuals. Hope you have fun!
  12. words you prefer to describe urination?

    Pee Pee pee Piss
  13. Hey there! We seem to agree on a lot of things. We should chat sometime.
  14. Hi have you ever peed in bowl or thing like that? I hope you having a great day