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    Well I'm mostly an introvert. I was googling "women peeing" one day in my doctor's office's waiting room. Found this forum in the results, took a look around and thought it was awesome. I work a boring office job, so a site about my favorite fetish is a fun pass time. I also like to draw, write, discover new music, netflix (who doesn't at this point?), videogames, reading and learning new things. I daydream a lot as well.

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    Favorite is voyeur and naughty. I think the hottest thing about pee for me is simply that it represents that a woman had to expose her vagina. It's a stinky nasty liquid that comes from her most private area, which for me, sexualizes female urine.
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    Hearing a hot manager at my old job pissing like a horse, and entering the restroom to clean it after she finished, and then discovering that she had pissed on the seat, floor and left it unflushed. She also didn't wash her hands and went back to serving food after wiping herself.

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  1. Just wondering, does peeing actually feel more good than just relieving bladder pressure? I imagine that the warm feeling of the stream squirting out might tickle the labia a bit and create a nice little feeling of arousal. Does it depend on your arousal before the pee, or how your stream comes out, such as the direction or pressure?
  2. Carrie-Ann Moss Angie Harmon Katee Sackhoff
  3. The person above me just pissed on my leg and told me it's raining.
  4. Voyeur is my favorite. Even though these women are having their perceived privacy invaded, there is still an element of protection for them that usually goes unspoken of. Consider this, who will happen across videos of women peeing? The answer is pee fetishists, whom society condemns as perverted and sick. So say I see a woman I know in some pee voyeur video. Who can I tell without outing myself as a sick pervert? The answer is nobody. It's like knowing that if you confess to the police who committed a murder, dangerous associates will see that you or someone close to you is killed. You tell no one. Other than that, when it comes to when the women are aware of the camera, I sometimes enjoy those if it's a random occurrence, where maybe a woman pulls over to piss on the road, and her friend decides to record it and they have a laugh about it. When it's planned out as a work of film art, I find that the models are annoying to me because they tease for so damn long and over exaggerate every word, emotion and movement to absurdity. And they often don't even have an impressive stream but a quick little tinkle, thinking that they need to look cute. I want unfiltered reality. I want long loud streams, farts, big nasty asses, bushes, tampon strings hanging and getting wet, wiping or lack thereof, and all the dirty things and habits that women do in the toilet.
  5. Temptation

    Okay, I got questions. 1. Who else saw? 2. How did she feel about it? 3. How much did she pee? 4. where did this happen? 5. How much enjoyment did you get from it?
  6. The person above me broke into someones house and bitch-slapped the owner for not having any valuables worth stealing.
  7. The person above me referred me to a kangaroo that does knee surgery. Well he messed up one knee so bad that he amputated my leg. Then decided to cut the other one off to make it look even. I called him up, furious and he said, "Sorry, I got a little jumpy during the operation."
  8. To wipe or not to wipe?

    Yes, some of those hidden cam videos are staged, especially Japanese ones. I'm an expert on these videos, and can spot a staged one instantly. But yes, many women do not wipe after peeing. It also varies by country, as some have different standards of hygiene than others. American women are more likely to wipe. European and Latin women, often care much less. Russian women sometimes wipe with their bare hand and scratch their asshole and they seem to never wash their hands. I've seen a series of videos of Russian nurses in medical scrubs and latex gloves pee, touch their privates and run their fingers along the ass part of their thongs when finishing up, with gloves still on, and simply leave. These are medical staff being this disgusting! You learn a lot when you spend years watching womens unfiltered restroom behavior.
  9. Genuine voyeur sites

    Try this one http://voyeurhit.com/categories/pissing/
  10. Timing of pissing.

    I think there is quite a spread for women because some pee at high pressure and others don't. I've seen a lot of videos where they go for well over a minute, far longer than I could for sure. Heard plenty in real life as well. I've noticed that the tall and slim ones go the longest. Overweight women usually have a shorter and weaker flow.
  11. Genuine voyeur sites

    @fannywatcher I just found this site. Seems like a goldmine. http://pissrip.tk/ Ton of categories on the left side, many of which have legitimate voyeur stuff.
  12. Sexual harrassment

    Yes. Society has a hard time entertaining the thought of false rape allegations. Most popular sources estimate 2 to 10 percent of accusations are false. The statistic only includes cases that are proven 100 percent to be false, either with the woman admitting she lied, or the guy has solid proof. That leaves a LOT of possibility for the false accusation rate to be much higher but people don't want to hear it. The accused should be anonymous until proven guilty, a rape allegation destroys a man's life because society will always see him as the rapist. It's also a gross injustice that a woman proven to have made a false claim usually suffers no punishment, even if an innocent guy spent time in prison as a result. In California, consensual sex between two drunk people is automatically rape. It literally implies that women are incapable of consenting while intoxicated, but a man is somehow impervious to alcohol. So if a couple have some wine and a romantic night of sex, she was raped according to the law. It's absolutely screwed up beyond comprehension that this is allowed. You cannot make catch all draconian policies that destroy lives, in the pursuit of justice. Doing so leads to greater injustice. Listen and believe versus investigation and fair trial, as well as rights for the accused, is how in the old days, any white woman could yell rape at a random black man and he would be lynched on the spot, no questions asked. It's inaccurate to assume that I have no sympathy for real rape victims. It's a terrible thing, but that is no excuse to blindly believe every accuser, and condemn the accused automatically, without investigating and protecting the rights of the accuser and the accused, which is what the news media encourages.
  13. Sexual harrassment

    Here is my take. The news media is no longer concerned about being objective and practicing proper reporting, but rather their main concern is generating a craze for viewership and revenue. What they cover and the method in which they cover it are very calculated. The sexual assault allegations in the media right now are the latest hot thing that generates viewership, article clicks on websites and social media posts. Hashtag me too is a clear example of it working. Bill Cosby was a hot story. It was a huge rating spike. Now the same with Weinstein and all others that have been accused. A few things to consider: Why wait 10, 20, 30 years to speak up? They say that rape victims are afraid and it can take a long time to come forward. That's true, especially when the rapist is powerful. So then the question that needs answered is, how the hell did they suddenly develop the confidence to speak up, all at the same time, for the entire world to see? No one develops that kind of strength out of the blue. Another question is, why post it on social media, if you are a real victim and want justice served? Posting on social media is drawing attention to yourself, tipping your rapist off so they can better defend themselves and also makes it far more difficult for the police to properly investigate. If you are a scared shitless legitimate rape victim, the last thing you will do is tell the whole world on social media, instead of filing a police report. If you notice, these women making accusations are all washed up actresses that don't get gigs anymore and are probably looking for a payday. If someone killed your family, would you call the police, or post on Facebook? Alyssa Milano, the most outspoken accuser of Weinstein, has a history of whoring herself around in Hollywood for attention. One more that I want to mention, is that you should always be suspicious of whatever big ongoing story the news is talking about. Remember, they are not concerned about the truth.
  14. Possibly. I think that would have been more likely 10 to 15 years ago when video footage was very rare or impossible to find. These days, porn of every category imaginable is available in endless supply, on free streaming sites. Personally, when I come across a trailer that links to the producers site, and I head over to see that they want a paid subscription or sell videos separate, I'm gone. The first thing is, I don't care enough to pay the ridiculous prices they charge. I'm talking like 20 bucks for a 6 minute video. I understand that they are trying to cover their production costs with a small audience but still, it's too much money to ask. Second, there are security concerns any time a credit card has to be typed in to any site, but especially some obscure porn site that's run in some country on the other side of the planet, where they may have no concern for your security at all. Add to that, their likely financial difficulties, and they are very unlikely to have a secure transaction server. Third, odds are the video is already uploaded somewhere for free. I have purchased videos in the past, only to see them turn up on Pornhub or something. I think for the most part, it's a dying market, just like DVD rental stores began dying when Netflix blew up. Free porn is just too easy for most people to open their wallet.
  15. So.....gun control

    Well said. My perspective has taken a similar trajectory to yours. The older, wiser and more annoyed at humanity I get, the more hardened I've become in my outlook. That is good reason for being allowed to own a weapon. If these kids are going to harass law abiding citizens, and the police do nothing about it, citizens will take matters into their own hands, which unfortunately, is a sign that a society is decaying. The young guys are out of control and joining gangs in droves because they have no father figures. Absence of male authority, especially with boys, always leads to hyper aggressive behavior and reckless sexual behavior in both boys and girls. They need grown men to show them how a man carries himself, otherwise they default to primitive savage ways, as you described. I never had a father and as a teen, I myself was starting to mingle with aimless guys with no future. I was flunking out of school. Then my uncles, who are Vietnam veterans found out and holy shit did they straighten me out quick. Now I am a college grad with an office job, while the other guys are out of work and making babies that they cannot support. Western society is, and will continue paying a devastating price for mocking and reducing the importance of fathers to a joke. It's a direct cause, among many, of the gun violence in the USA.