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  1. sathuta

    What happened to clubs?

    My pee club is going on, and it is healthy so far.
  2. sathuta

    Started a new pee club

    I started a new pee club, this is for sharing especially Japanese and other Asian pee stuff. We need pee fans from all over the world. Pee fetish from different ethnic groups and cultures will be awesome. http://peefans.com/index.php?/clubs/36-japanese-asian-pee-club/
  3. sathuta

    Started a new pee club

    Now I am posting all Japanese and other East Asian related pee stuff are there in my new pee club. So please visit there and enjoy Japanese / Asian pissing a lot
  4. My previous post was disappeared and no way to restore. So I thought of reminding this again. The thing I have pointed out was we need some more Japanese friends here. Because they are very sensitive to pissing relates sex. They are doing this better. And their pee videos are also very creative. If some more Japanese male and female friends are it will be great and this forum will be very active. So lets Invite new friends from all over the world, especially from japan.
  5. Nice sexy lady showing her panty under her skirt and taking a leak in front of camera. https://www.viptube.com/video/2739655/fetish-japanese-hos-piss
  6. Hey guys..! Can any one suggest that, what are the better social medias for creating an account to share pee related stuff? Moved to correct section ~ Sophie
  7. Nice girls are pissing in sexy uniforms. https://www.viptube.com/video/2827687/asian-spied-on-pissing
  8. sathuta

    Interesting new items

    I created a new pee club for sharing Japanese / Asian pee stuff. I already shared some interesting Asian pee stuff their. I am looking forward to share all Japanese and other East Asian pissing related things in there. There are lot of interesting things to share. So I would like to invite our forum people to come there and enjoy. Definitely all of you can enjoy different things related to pee and feel a little difference. http://peefans.com/index.php?/clubs/36-japanese-asian-pee-club/
  9. Please come to my new pee club, I have created it recently for Japanese and other Asian pee stuff.


  10. sathuta

    Measure your pee

    I'll try
  11. Guy pissing on girl
  12. Thanks for joining

  13. Could you please tell us what do you like to do with pissing men? We are interesting in knowing about pissing preferences of women like you. Anything you would like may be highly appreciated by the male friends here.

  14. Can you suggest some good sites to find videos of spying Indian women are pissing.

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    2. sathuta


      I would like to suggest something here. Because of you lived in India. So Shall we try to find some Indian pee fans and invite them to join with us.

    3. vpw


      Thats definitely a good idea.

    4. sathuta


      I will help you in every possible way

  15. I read and enjoyed too, I am looking forward to encourage him to find some friends from India.
  16. I don't think this is a big disadvantage. We can move ahead with new things.
  17. We must encourage other members also for doing such things.
  18. That is why I always searching for interesting and more pleasure generating pee material on the internet and bring them here.