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  1. Guy pissing on girl
  2. Thanks for joining

  3. Could you please tell us what do you like to do with pissing men? We are interesting in knowing about pissing preferences of women like you. Anything you would like may be highly appreciated by the male friends here.

  4. Can you suggest some good sites to find videos of spying Indian women are pissing.

    1. vpw


      Its a rare commodity as usual nothing organized but with some luck you might find some stuff at Xossip or xvid.

  5. I read and enjoyed too, I am looking forward to encourage him to find some friends from India.
  6. I don't think this is a big disadvantage. We can move ahead with new things.
  7. We must encourage other members also for doing such things.
  8. That is why I always searching for interesting and more pleasure generating pee material on the internet and bring them here.
  9. If we do that, some of better pee fans may be stay with us.
  10. Well, keep going on and will expand current items.
  11. Pussy holding piss. I think this is a sample of Jade-net. If any one can find the full video clip it will be great. https://www.xvideos.com/video26359071/full_view_pussy_holding_the_piss_in