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    Watching a girl peeing in the middle of a country lane, after she suggested it and the rest of us challenged her to do it.

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  1. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    One night a little girl walks in on her parents having sex. The mother is going up and down on the father and when she sees her daughter looking at them she immediately stops. “What are you doing, Mommy?” The mother too embarassed to tell her little girl about sex so she makes up an answer. “Well, sweetie, sometimes daddy’s tummy gets too big so I have to jump up and down on it to flatten it out.” The little girl replies, “Well, mommy you really shouldn’t bother with that.” The mother has a confused look on her face, “Why do you say that sweetheart?” The little girl replies, “Because mommy, everytime you leave in the morning, the lady next door comes over and blows it back up.”
  2. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    A dick has a sad life. His hair's a mess, his family is nuts, his neighbor's an asshole, his bestfriend's a pussy, and his owner beats him.
  3. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    Rudolph the well hung reindeer, Had a great enormous cock, All he could ever do with it, was beat it off inside a sock, All of the female reindeer, Had pussies that were just too small, Poor old well hung Rudolph, Could not get any sex at all, Then one horny Christmas eve, Santa came to say, "Rudolph with your cock so strong... Fuck my arsehole all night long!" Then all the reindeer loved him, A few of them were heard to say, "Rudolph the well hung reindeer... You're so lucky Santa's gay"
  4. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    I didn't know whether to shit or go blind. So I closed one eye and farted.
  5. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    Please allow me to use this forum to address Donald Trump for a moment.......
  6. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    As the old saying goes..... When she pees in your hand it is better than two pees behind the bush.
  7. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    When it comes to stories about cars, this is the kind of thing I'd most like to read about.......
  8. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    It is better to be pissed on than pissed off.
  9. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    Here's a fun game. How many full-bladdered female pissings will be necessary to totally soak every inch of that big rug carpet.....? Now we just need Sophie and a few other lady members to go there and do the pissing so we have an answer....lol Provide pics and vids too, please. Haha
  10. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    If mine is the last post, you can bet the custom story will involve girls peeing in naughty places, lol
  11. The 2017 Golden Piss Awards - Nominations

    Some great noms so far. Keep them coming. And thanks from me personally to those who nominated me.
  12. The 2017 Golden Piss Awards - Nominations

    It takes time for people to stumble across a thread like this. But people will. Give it a couple of days and if members still haven't noticed it, we can post links to it in some of the other most popular subforums.