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    Ladies peeing in naughty places, especially carpet
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    Watching a girl peeing in the middle of a country lane, after she suggested it and the rest of us challenged her to do it.

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  1. Cherry

    Great story. Hope to see more.
  2. Favourite Pee Model?

    This girl? I am quite a fan of hers too. I'm into any highly attractive girl into doing stuff like this.....
  3. What would you change about how you pee?

    Two things I'd like to change about the way I pee. 1) I'd like to pee for 15 minutes instead of 15 seconds. 2) I'd like to pee all over Shakira instead of in the toilet. (She can pee on me too, lol)
  4. Pee Porn. First Encounters

    The first pee porn I ever saw was an illicit video cassette back in the early days of VCR. It was a German film produced in 1980 about a runaway teenager getting into all sorts of sexual adventures before finding the man of her dreams at a sex party to marry at a sex party, taking him back home to her parents who were unaware of what her daughter had been doing. The title of the film was "Biggi. Eine Ausreisserin", which translates as "Biggi. A Runaway". Prior to that I'd read the occasional panty peeing reader's confession in Fiesta magazine, but never seen anything visual, not even a pic. This was the early 80s in the UK, and laws against porn were far more stringent whilst the internet did not yet exist. Such pee porn as was around tended to be underground and bought in from abroad via mail order with lots of rip off merchants around, or sold "under the counter" in sex shops for high prices. So seeing this film for the first time, with scenes of a girl semi-squatting astride a candle in a bottle in a bar, and extinguishing it by pissing on it, and of a woman pissing in a girl's face and mouth in a bath....well it was mind-blowingly erotic at the time. Especially as I was then aged 17 or 18 and like all lads that age was a bag of raging hormones and powerful sexual desires. This is actually that very film....... A bit crap by today's standards but when it's all you have and the first thing of it's kind you've ever seen, it does it for you and sticks in your mind...... https://tubepornclassic.com/videos/143689/biggi-eine-ausreisserin/# This is actually a screenshot I have just taken.....
  5. What happened to clubs?

    To be fair, almost all my gallery pics were duplicates anyway. The same ones in the gallery that I posted in the forums. I began posting them in the galleries because Admin asked if I could contribute towards filling them, but found increasing issues re pic sizes and posting failures, and eventually found it wouldn't let me add new stuff at all. After a week of that, at that point I gave up trying. Good that they have not been lost though, because others may well have posted some original content there.
  6. Keeping PeeFans.com Alive

    Am doing my bit as you know......but I possess the lottery tickets. All lady luck needs now is for the right numbers to come in and I will bank-roll the whole thing, maybe buy the site and pay you to run it, video gallery and all, lol. Still, pigs might fly someday too but it aint happening anytime soon, lol. Seriously though, if anyone else feels like helping out financially it would be appreciated.
  7. What happened to clubs?

    I had not noticed before this. I don't know. @Admin never said anything to me beforehand. Truth is I often had more issues uploading pics there than posting them in the threads so stopped going there. I will email him.
  8. Cindy Yella

    Great work @Alfresco Love the originality too.
  9. Wet Carpet magazine

    Dear Wet Carpet My name is Jodie and I'm 49 years old. And I have always been into peeing in random places. My current boyfriend is great. He loves having me pee on the carpet beside his bed. Says the smell is kind of homely when I'm not there, lol. I stumbled upon a video a few years back, with a woman sitting on the front edge of her couch, and spraying pee all over the carpet. It got me so hot. I had to try it myself. So I peed all over my own living room carpet, lol. It was most exhilarating. My best mate is an even skankier bitch than me. There is a space in the corner of her bedroom where the carpet is totally ruined. She's been regularly peeing there for years, lol. She hides it with a throw rug but you cannot miss the distinct aroma of the place. She lets me pee there too, which is fun. One time after a little bit too much to drink, we both just popped a squat in the middle of her living room and peed on the carpet there. Seemed like a lot of fun at the time. And oh yes, haha. One time this pervy guy wanted us both to piss on his bed! So we did! Another time a former boyfriend wanted to watch us both pee against a wall. So we did it right there and then against his living room wall! He called us a pair of dirty bitches but thought it was funny. Jodie
  10. Private messaging issue

    I have been having the same problem. Was unable to PM my fellow mod Sophie yesterday because the text box failed to appear. But I found that by accessing her profile and using the messaging option there, I was able to message her. Only @Admin has the tech know how to sort this out.
  11. Goodbye

    Sorry to see you go. You had a depth to your soul that was far deeper than just being here to get off. You were interesting. And had a good heart and an insight into the true nature of things that is rare. I wish I'd found the time to converse with you more. I sincerely hope that this is not a permanent goodbye, and that you feel like posting again. Never say never. Perhaps just take an indefinite break? With a willingness to return when and if you feel like you want to contribute something? By all means PM me if there is anything you'd wish to discuss about this forum or anything to do with the place. Would hate to lose you. But if this is farewell, I wish you all the best.
  12. Pee Porn. First Encounters

    No worries. I wasn't getting on your case. Easy mistake to make and all that.