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    Watching a girl peeing in the middle of a country lane, after she suggested it and the rest of us challenged her to do it.

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  1. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    It is better to be pissed on than pissed off.
  2. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    Here's a fun game. How many full-bladdered female pissings will be necessary to totally soak every inch of that big rug carpet.....? Now we just need Sophie and a few other lady members to go there and do the pissing so we have an answer....lol Provide pics and vids too, please. Haha
  3. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    If mine is the last post, you can bet the custom story will involve girls peeing in naughty places, lol
  4. The 2017 Golden Piss Awards - Nominations

    Some great noms so far. Keep them coming. And thanks from me personally to those who nominated me.
  5. The 2017 Golden Piss Awards - Nominations

    It takes time for people to stumble across a thread like this. But people will. Give it a couple of days and if members still haven't noticed it, we can post links to it in some of the other most popular subforums.
  6. The 2017 Golden Piss Awards - Nominations

    Thanks for the effort you put into this Sophie. My nominations are......... Best Forum Contributor - Sophie Best Picture Contributor - zzyzx52 Best Video Contributor - Ozabot Best Fictional Writer - Nopjans Best Real Story/Sighting - Sophie Best Newcomer - Natapee Wettest Member - zzyzx52
  7. Suggestions for me?

    How about doing a standing pee against a wall someplace?
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