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  1. Where would you see me pee?

    OOOOH, my fckg....no I dont believe in anything, except nice, cute, HOT Girls like you, these pics from you..STUNNING, HOT- AROUSING !!!

    and now : healthy and happy new year !
  3. agood slide in the new year ! take care about your Fingers, Hands, Arms and Legs,.....dont blow them away !
  4. Where would you see me pee?

    Elevators : Take care about mirrors in there, most off these mirrors are half permeable, and a camera is behind, same with perforated ceilings, you find often in big office, and warehouses. For libraries in my area : since a pancake faced ugly woman governed our country, and do a lot of bullshit here, all is full of security cams. In the libraries in our city, and around all the books in the two or three lower rows , are taken out from the library shelfes, because the girls pissed so often in the books, the damage was to much, also they cought plenty of girls, specialy in the university library, some of them was workers at hte library, and get cicked out from uni, with a briefing to the next uni, they like to go, that was bad, and the girls wept a lot. because that incidents, the lcity decited to install hidden ! spy cams in libraries. Now some of the new student girls, almost dont pee in the books so much, but they still peeing under the tables, or on the carpet in quit areas, (study cubicles with door) sometimes . as a girl, when you love it to piss on the carpet in a semi public place library study tables are the best, piss under it, with a skirt, or skirt with leggins, and hole in the leggins, also, a security camera dont notice that. Only make sure, do not visit the Library for a few weeks.
  5. Where would you see me pee?

    We sitting at a place in the library where the library staff is far away, he cant hear you, you pissing full force, so your beam ray off hot piss vaporize at the front board from the table and the waiting carpet sipp up hungry your hot juices, mixed off pussy cream and hot piss, so I can smell the popcorn like musky juices from your hot wide open pussy ;-)<3 X-:
  6. Where would you see me pee?

    I imagine, you sitting next to me... at a chair, in front of a study desk... you wear a short skirt,... your legs are under the table... you`re study in a book... you`re squirming on your chair....you spreed your legs wide, your short skirt hitch up in Process, a subtile hissing and pattering cum from under the table, the floor is carpetet, the hissing and pattering get louder, you lean back, a loud splattering cum to our ears,.. you hid with your hot nice smelly pee the wooden inner front board from the table. We are booth in a library ;-) x-:
  7. clps4sale

    Something has changed, in clips4sale. When you try to search a studio, like phils, or evas pee fetish, you get no results... I open a ticket to the support... no response. also when you search on google since one week or so, you enter for example : " clips4sale Evas you got no exactly result. Before you got a lot of results directly links to the studio. I think its goverment censorship. Anybody know exactly whats going on ?
  8. Naughty Friends

    Please warn the next time its male content.
  9. Naughty Peeing

    I noticed, since the islamist people come all over Europe, the naughty peeing has stopped totaly. On clips4sale the phil studio, got since month no update, eva do very seldom, so and candie cane, I think is gone..... gloomy, very gloomy ! That all is very conspicuous. In the web I read the islamists now target western Porn Stars. How far should it go with that MF ???
  10. Candie Cane

    O.K. no answering, is a answer too, now I know more, the only question leave, who has done it ?
  11. Candie Cane

    so no more new clips from candie, now are more than two weeks are gone, thats very unusaly for this girl, the whole thing looks fishy. Anybody please, can tell me whats up with her ? Is she alive or dead, got she a heavy accident ? Please no lies, and no kidding ! Thanks a lot !
  12. Leaky_One's stories

    Ive read some of the leaky_one stories before, but some of them are now posted here, I have never seen before. Thanks a lot for this awesome stories, leaky_one is the institution when it comes to naughty peeing. Very,very good !!! Thanks a lot again !
  13. whatever... "moral" or not, film girls in toilets is NOT fine.... Girls peeing in public places, and caught by security cam, and oe anybody with a smartphone camera is o,k, the girls know about this risk. at last I dont like to see girls peeing in toilets, because most they do some other disgusting stuff to, like pooping, change tampon, to them toilets are disgusting stinky places. I like it, when nice, cute, slim, young girl girls enjoy the rush, of naughty peeing, in places they shouldnt. About this stuff, I only see a few clips over all the Years in the web, are not staged, most are staged.
  14. What is that..moral ??? i dont know that word.
  15. Favourite Pee Model?

    candie cane is really nice one, so dispossable pussy(do no more clips), Of course TamTam South swishersweetie(no more active, but was really into it) Nikki, Rebecca and Pandora from peegarden. All the cute young, slim, loveley little devil amateur girls, love the naughty peeing, and do selfies, are my fav`s at first.