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  1. Do Women Enjoy Drinking Pee ?

    Nice one Carly. Light beer always make me want to pee a lot especially if I have drank a lot of it. My cock becomes like a hose pipe lol
  2. I'm new :)

    Hiya Cherry Welcome to the site have fun x
  3. Hope you like the pics so far Here are a few more :)
  4. And a last pic of my cock no pee though (sorry ladies lol) :wink:
  5. Here is one of me peeing in a sink Some double stream action going on Lol :wink:
  6. Hiya, Here are a few pics of me having a piss from my hard cock I got the idea from some of the other guys who have posted selfies on here Cheers fellas Hope some of the ladies of the site enjoy seeing my cock having a piss :tongue:
  7. pervy man next door

    He is a lucky bloke having you as a neighbour :wink:
  8. New girl

    Welcome to the site. Have fun :wink: x
  9. I'm back!

    Welcome back Very nice picture you posted :) hope to see more soon :wink: x x x
  10. A Summer of Sport

    I used to have a right crush on Annabel Croft thought she was posh top totty lol :wink:
  11. Nice new Avatar Greedyneedy I like it ;) x
  12. Hey there!

    Hiya Rosie welcome to the site. Hope you have fun here :)
  13. Thanks for the follow back Nicole :)
    1. NicoleHolds4U


      You're welcome!