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  1. Diuretics

    Some observations I have made over the years about pee drinking: My body may react differently from yours but "a little goes a long way" for me for the stronger yellow pee. Quite bluntly, it acts as a natural cathartic on my gut and sometimes less than an hour after ingesting I have pretty much a shit storm. So! That's a problem if, like me, you love the taste and nastiness and naughtiness of drinking pee. I have found that catching the pee in a glass or goblet first, then diluting with tap water to a light straw color before drinking helps a lot. I still have to be careful though, because sometimes the full strength catch, with it's color, and aroma and warmth there in the vessel is too tempting and I can't resist just a swallow. Often times, that's enough and off to the toilet I run after a while. It's a curse my body places on me. Much like the one that won't let me urinate through an erection. Sigh! On a happier note, the pee I make from Lasix seems to not cause this effect at all. Also, Lasix pee is quite a bit more salty than the "pee & water" drinks I mentioned earlier. Win win! Except that I limit Lasix play to once or twice a month.
  2. Diuretics

    Pee is pee. It's all good!
  3. Diuretics

    Yep. Too much of any liquid taken in too fast can give you the "queezies" (especially coffee). Maybe just make sure to set aside enough time to build up to your pee play a little more slowly? Like anything else, a little planning ahead could make a world of difference. It could definitely prevent the "battery acid blues"! Personally, I like the stronger yellow pees for golden showers. I love the color and smell. It's like it's "more real". After all, it's easily washed off in the shower! Have you tried seltzer or Club Soda? It's an acquired taste I know but it's really easy on the stomach and as noted above almost as much fun as beer.
  4. Calendar Girl

    Every December, I search for retro pin up calendars. Many years I wind up with two or even three of them because I can't make up my mind about which ones I like the best.
  5. Diuretics

    She better be careful or she's gonna shit!! He he he About sparkling water; That's one of the things I did many years ago when I quit drinking alcohol was to replace beer with club soda or seltzer. Fact is, I now have a chest freezer with a thermostat with a soda keg in there and I have CO2 piped in as well. In other words I have my own seltzer factory. It makes 5 gallons at a batch. I found that the seltzer was just as much fun as beer with respect to the gas it makes (at both ends!!) and the flavor isn't that far off light beer. Seltzer is definitely fun in the summer months and I even now drink a glass with meals but for pee fun in the winter, I fall back on the teas I mentioned ('cause there hot) and occasionally Lasix when I want a Niagara Falls of pee.
  6. Diuretics

    Organic "teas" that work pretty good: Ground parsley, brewed in a coffee maker, strong enough to be really deep yellow works fairly well. It's taste, even when brewed strong is quite mild. It's slightly floral. I like it a lot better than the green teas commonly found in the super market. Those all taste metallic to me. Another good one to make you pee just like strong black coffee is ground dandelion leaf brewed in a coffee maker. This drink is not for those who can't drink strong black coffee because that's just what it emulates. It's black and bitter. Definitely an acquired taste but like I said, it will make you pee like strong black coffee without the caffeine and acid.
  7. Calendar Girl

    Yeah. It runs like a movie in my mind! Pretty sweet!
  8. Diuretics

    Steve, One word: Urinal. I buy and use plastic, one quart urinals that are available at reasonable prices online. Been doing it for years. I don't "get up in the middle of the night to pee" I just do it right there in the bed (into the urinal). Then the next morning I empty and clean it and sit it back down right there on the night stand for the next nights use. I have found that I can empty my bladder two or three times a night if need be without getting totally awakened by the process. Makes for a much better nights rest. Try it, you'll like it. I promise! PS If you have to pee a really lot, just get two. I can't see anyone needing to eliminate more than a half gallon in one night!
  9. Diuretics

    Take it from one with chronic liver disease, alcohol abuse will most definitely damage your health or even kill you if not controlled or stopped. I too use Lasix recreationally on occasion. In fact, my bladder is filling quite rapidly even as I type this because I have just had a half tab (10 mg) about an hour ago. I always make sure to keep drinking plenty of fluids before and after. There are safer, "potassium saving" diuretics available but they just aren't as effective or as fast acting as Lasix. Lasix is just downright fun because of the speed with which it acts and the volume it produces! As far as having to get the prescription from your GP is concerned this drug as well as ED meds are available online. Also, that 100 tabs could be stored in the refrigerator and like many drugs can be safely kept and used well beyond the "expiration date". Expiration dates are, in many cases placed on products more for economic rather than perishability reasons. Google it. Anyway, use good common sense and don't make a habit of it. Doing it more than once a week probably would not be advised. You should be OK. I say: Enjoy, and health on ya!
  10. Calendar Girl

    Not a very good image quality (the original's at work) but here's the subject of this fantasy:
  11. She Tries Not to Swallow but...

    There ya go! Just click on the title. P.S. About your story. I read both parts. Very interesting so far. As far as crude is concerned, just do it. Most of us are crude at times and many get a bit turned on by vulgarity. Hell, I know I do! So come on and "vulgar slang" on me baby! BTW are you a native English speaker? If not, I can imagine how frustrating it would be trying to communicate in a different language.
  12. She Tries Not to Swallow but...

    Ivy? I have another story posted up here called "Calendar Girl". Read it? Tell me what you think of that one? Thanks!
  13. She Tries Not to Swallow but...

    Nah. Sorry. This is just the impression I brought away from a particularly hot video I viewed recently. It really got me aroused and I couldn't stop thinking about it and others like it and eventually this description emerged and I just wanted to get it "down on paper" as it were. Thanks for the reading and comment!
  14. 01-07-18 She tries to keep spitting all his pee back out and does so for the most part. It tastes so nasty and strong and filthy. It’s totally yellow and warm though and the smell is fucking nasty and making her horny as fuck! There's something about the flavor at the back of her throat that stimulates something at the base of her brain that says "Don't drink this! It’s not good to drink!” Yet, just the thought of where it’s coming from and how it’s feeling to him as he does it to her, all over her face and into her mouth, makes her want to just fucking drink it down! Yes, she manages to spit most of it back out but she’s getting so fucking horny that sometimes she can’t help it and swallows it anyway. And when she does, the taste becomes so naughty and changes in her throat to something not so bad and it actually gets her god damned hot! Fuck! She’s trying not to swallow any more but it really isn't so bad and … Oh hell! She hurries and gulps down as much as she can before his bladder is empty.
  15. Calendar Girl

    1-4-18, Thursday When I look at that calendar picture at work, the one where the only thing in the picture is a woman and her towel (nothing else), I get an erection when I supply mental animation to the painting. I imagine that I'm a young kid, maybe blank or blank, still wondering why my dick "gets stiff" sometimes. My bladder is full, nearly bursting. I barge into the bathroom with my zipper already yanked down. There she stands, with that surprised look on her face. She's holding the towel up that way, barely covering all her good parts. The bathroom is warm and humid from the hot bath she has just drawn for herself. Hell! I can't wait! I step towards the toilet (it's buried under another towel and her over night case). She sees my intent and reaches down and touches the overnight case, blocking access to the toilet. She stares at me for a moment and then slowly raises her arm and points to the steaming bath water. Nothing further need be said. I whip out my dick and let out a glorious yellow stream right into her bath water. I tinkle loudly and rudely into it for some moments. As it occurs to me what I have just done, my face turns red and I can feel my pulse there as well as in my dick that's still in my hand. Already, it's getting stiff, and sticking out and beginning to rise up. I notice that her gaze has shifted from my face to what is happening at the fly of my blue jeans. When she sees this, a little smirk forms on her face and as it continues to stand up hard, it turns into a smile of delight! Then, she looks back up at me with an understanding smile and desiring to relieve my shame and guilt, she reaches for a glass that's sitting there on the lavatory. She drops the towel, and watching me watch her, she spreads her legs, revealing her sex. She brings the glass up to herself and immediately releases a fat, hissing stream of urine into the glass. When it's almost full she stops the flow and reaches over and pours the yellow pee into the bath. She then, reaches down and pees into the glass again, almost filling it before the flow stops naturally. This she pours into the water as well. She then steps into the bath and looks at me and says "Well.....?" I mean, I'm blank years old here! What do you think I did? I nearly tripped over myself getting the hell out of there! I thanked my lucky stars that no one else in the family saw me exiting the bathroom! In my room, I took a few seconds to get my heavy breathing under control, found an old T shirt to wipe my sweaty face on and reached down and zipped my pants back up. Then, I got my BB gun out of the closet and went outside to hunt sparrows.