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    I'm a printer. I try to only work three days a week now but that's often upped to four days a week.
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    I'm an older guy (68 this month) and I've been doing this a long time but it never gets old or boring. One day a week my GF and I get together. Most times I get down in front of her with a towel under her and she pees in my mouth while I pee into a towel on the floor. Then she usually gives me a good blow job. I usually water load pretty good before I go to pick her up and while waiting for her to come out to the truck I will pee into a bottle and pour it out the window. This gives me a pretty good thrill and I look forward to it every Saturday morning.

    Other times during the week I get up at my usual 4:00am and drink coffee and water and pee while I sit here at computer naked and masturbating until I cum a few hours later.

    Thank God for those little blue pills. My sex life now is twice as good or better than when I was younger and made lifestyle decisions that dulled my sexual performance.

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    It's Yellow, It's warm, It tastes good (sometimes), It can be naughty, especially when it starts to smell afterwards
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    The first time my ex peed in my mouth, years ago. I can still remember it like it was yesterday. I can even still cum thinking about it sometimes when I'm in that sort of mood.

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  1. Sure wish we could get this "out there" in front of all members somehow so it would possibly get more voting to show a larger (read more accurate) sample.
  2. Where would you see me pee?

    I often drink my own while looking at porn on computer. I usually catch it in a wine goblet and like a fine wine this is much how I enjoy it. Flavor, appearance, odor, temperature all add their part to the experience. Would you drink a nice rose' or Zinfandel off the floor? Or, even straight out of the bottle for that matter? Of course not! (There are exceptions to this). Wine drinking is a sensual experience and so too can pee drinking be. In fact, when taken this way, urine is every bit as sensual as wine and more. There's the naughtiness and taboo factor to feel also. I understand if you are a bit shy about it. Don't want anyone to get outside their personal comfort zone here! I was just answering the thread question, letting you know what I would love to see!
  3. Wheres Puddyls?

    This is so hilarious!
  4. Lessons in magick

    Reminds me of the Beatles on Let it Be "The Long Winding Road" "Lead Me to Your Door". All of us have "baggage" (in todays jargon). We all have such twisted mysterious, paths to past pleasure/pain and our conscious or subconscious reactions to it that it's a miracle to me that the human animal can get anything at all accomplished. Yet, we do and most of us accomplish a fair modicum of happiness and satisfaction from life before death finally overtakes us. So, sure darlin' I'd like to hear about any tips and guidance to get down this path.
  5. Blue urine?

    Looks a little like a glue-on "Texas Catheter" (External-male-catheter) which is made from the same clear silicone material.
  6. Pissing while hard

    I use this technique a lot. It can get you wanting to pee every 10 minutes or so if done properly. What fun!
  7. Multiple quotes

    Thanks so much! Sophie (big sloppy hug and kiss from an old man :)! The "quote this" function was what I needed. It was right there in front of me but I'm still gun shy from the early days of the internet where pushing a button you didn't know the function of could cause all kinds of problems including infection with some nasty spywares and worse. Love ya!
  8. Where would you see me pee?

    I must say I'm a little disappointed but don't in any way want you to do anything you would be uncomfortable with. (Would loved to have seen the color. That's what makes pee in containers so attractive too me. I love the transparent yellow color of healthy urine. It's so...yellow!)
  9. Where would you see me pee?

    Oh yeah, I got a little sidetracked there. In response to the spirit of the thread: I would like to see you pee in any clear container. I would like to see the liquid...the color...the volume...your stream filling it. In short, I want to see your pee.
  10. Question: How do you do multiple quotes when responding to a comment within a thread? I see it done all the time and it has to be much simpler than my method of quoting the whole thing then carving bits off until I finally arrive at the small line or two I wanted to respond to. Then, after I do that, I'm at a loss as to how to quote another bit to respond to all in the same reply.???? Thanks, in advance for your help and answer.
  11. Where would you see me pee?

    This second person 'hypothetical' plus the photos really did it for me! I become aroused every time I read it! It stirs my imagination totally up! It forms a living image in my mind! I am sitting here with wood even as I type this! I know you only meant it as an example but believe me, I got much more from it than that. Silly me! Mind always in the gutter Can't help it. I am just a dirty old man. Speaking of magic; Isn't it wonderful what the power of written language can do? Just those little squiggles and lines on a screen, made by one person and later, viewed by another can cause such profound understanding between the twain. Mental intercourse at a distance. Distances that can be crossed through space and time. Utterly amazing, the human brain! As Carl Sagan said; "Books are time machines". I submit that any written language can also have Time Machine status as well as all the other amazing tributes mentioned above.
  12. Where would you see me pee?

    Sorry, didn't mean to make light of your observance. It's just that it looked so dam erotic to me! And your "theoretical" you described above just about blew me away! Love back at ya, girl!
  13. Where would you see me pee?

    There needs to be a chalice of some kind under you (or, hell, an empty pickle jar!). I'd drink it!
  14. Evacuation

  15. Evacuation

    Scot, Is this a record breaker for drought there? Southern California tries to burn up pretty much every year here and in the mid south we have had some really bad droughts in recent history. I remember getting tired of the smell of smoke as a constant presence for days and weeks on end. I feel for ya and am praying for rain.