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  1. I love cooking programmes, (Nigella Lawson anyone?) and have been watching Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast on C4. Next week the guest is the lovely American Actress, Liv Tyler. Here's a few early photographs of her, I like to imagine her hitching up that short skirt, crouching to release a powerful jet of delicious gold water!
  2. At the risk of repeating a previous post, my current fave model/celebrity would have to be Kate Moss. I have her down as being a big coffee drinker...her pee smelling of honey, laced with burnt coffee, and tasting likewise with a shot of brine...oh Kate, save me the first pee in the morning!
  3. My absence

    It was tempting...! I was going to find a spot where a dog had peed...!
  4. My absence

    Pleasure X
  5. My absence

    For some reason, I had been locked out of this wonderful forum, so it is a joy to be back amongst like-minded friends. I shall post pics, generally under the topic of 'Smell the Honey, Taste the Brine', as I feel it reflects my interest in all matters related to the art of urolagnia. I'm interested in nostalgic and vintage pornography, from any era, but especially the period of the 1960's and 1970's. I regularly explore free sites like Eroprofile and XHamster to find clips from films, amateur as well as professionally shot. I have a close circle of friends who are willing to share pics. I am Bi-Sexual and love all sorts of other perverted (so-called) sex acts. My real name is Sally, I'm 45 years old, divorced and live with my youngest daughter, Lucy who is in her final year at University. XX
  6. The earrings are my daughters!


    1. cheekyfe11a


      Nice earrings hun. And you have gorgeous lips too x x x

  7. Hi everyone on here, I'm back looking for some fun, suggestions, pics on the subject; "Smell the honey, taste the brine".

    1. cheekyfe11a


      Hi greedy hope you are well. Welcome back x x x

  8. New uk user

    Always nice to see a new UK 'Lad' on here. X
  9. Like to see you on the Toilet peeing and then wiping

  10. 11th May 2017, I'm watching the delightful Emily Maitlis on the BBC Newsnight Programme, what a delight to see her in a a micro mini skirt, suede, with matching booties. Love to see her hitching up that skirt, pulling her thong down to her knees and taking a nice hot 'slash' in a BBC Loo...!
  11. The Duke of Burgundy is a 2014 British drama film written and directed by Peter Strickland, and starring Sidse Babett Knudsen as Cynthia and Chiara D'Anna as Evelyn. Basically it is an artfully produced film about a lesbian Dom/Sub relationship. In one scene, Evelyn is subjected to a punishment where Cynthia takes Evelyn into the bathroom and asks her "Lie Down", then you can hear Cynthia say "Open Your Mouth". You then hear the feint 'hiss' of peeing, as Evelyn gags and coughs at the sharp rich taste of Cynthia's urine. The scene is shot through the glass window, so you don't see the deed, but 'hear' Evelyn's humiliation. The actress Sidse Babett Knudsen, is one 'celebrity actress' that I would love to watch pissing.
  12. Just watching 'This Week' with Andrew Neil on BBC TV, UK with an appearance by the model Daisy Lowe, rather sexy I thought, and could imagine her releasing the 'first one in the morning', in the white porcelain below, turning the water golden before tearing off a few sheets and giving that hot tush of hers a little pat and dab...!
  13. Yes, very similar...Stacy Martin.
  14. When my Father died, we found a stash of both hard and soft core pornography in the loft of our former family home. Including many old film magazines and photographs. We found this one of the actress Shirley-Ann Field. Shot in the day when actresses didn't enhance their breasts or have plastic surgery, this is a lovely pic, and would have loved to have seen her 'squat' behind a bush...perhaps getting a bit 'desperate' on set!
  15. Yes, I know that film, and there's a peeing scene in the second part, I'll try and find the cast, it's definitely not Kaya Scodelario though. X