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  1. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    This thread is still open. Can't quite believe it
  2. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    Of course..until the magic moment of relief when a winner is announced
  3. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    You say that like it's a bad thing! Nice to find a little bit extra later on
  4. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    That's so cute..I'd never thought of it like that before
  5. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    Feeling Christmassy..wrapped up warm, watching the snooker with a hot drink and a mince pie, and writing Christmas cards
  6. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    Eggnog is really difficult to find in the UK. It isn't the same as Advocaat. Speaking of which, football fans will surely agree that the worst cocktail in the world would be Dick Advocaat
  7. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    It's like we're in a waiting room, chatting to pass the time till we are called (or the thread closes)
  8. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    Sophie wrote an excellent (fiction) story about her friend pissing in her car back when we were all on peesearch, I remember. More recently a similar idea has been put into the wetcarpet thread by, I think, Hentailtxt
  9. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    Then it really would be Sophie's Choice!!
  10. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    I'd better reply or else you might win a custom from yourself Sophie!!
  11. So here's probably the bit where you think I went too far. Hey..I'm not a cruel person..quite the contrary. But by this point any semblance of normality was out of the window..two girls had now pissed on Cass's new carpet and one of them was Cass herself...so all bets were off. I was fairly sure that after the fun was over, we'd be doing something as a group to help Cass replace the carpet..so why on earth was Sarah so bothered about using the actual loo. and yet..if I didn't do something now, she was going to hobble her way to the toilet like a good girl. I made up my mind..I didn't want to miss the opportunity "Sarah whatever you do, don't think of running water pouring steadily out of a tap..just flowing freely, a big gusher of liquid spurting forth" I said pretending to be sincere but fooling no-one. "Shut up Sophie" she gasped in agony.."I can do this" Debbie grinned and picked up on my idea though and joined in "Yes..whatever you do, just avoid thinking of a stream..a stream that flows into a river...a gushing, bubbling river that flows wherever it needs to". "Guys you'll make me piss right here, and I'm so close to the toilet" wailed Sarah Jessica added "Then don't think about a waterfall..that amazing volume of liquid that just has to complete it's unstoppable journey..the sheer force of that dam, bursting forth and soaking everything in its path" Sarah had stopped now..frozen. She couldn't move forward but she refused to give up..... and so Debbie ran to the kitchen and turned the taps on full blast, forcing Sarah to hear the sound of powerful streams of water coming from the tap. Cass was trying to yell support for Sarah "Ignore them Sarah, you can do this" "two minutes..just hold on for two minutes and you'll be at the toilet" but to our delight, our words had been all that was needed to tip Sarah over the edge. "Sorry Cass, I really really tried" she said as she desperately pulled off her white panties from beneath her black skirt...I just had time to notice they were quite cute, with a little bow on the front, and hearts on them, before they were thrown aside and literally at the same time we heard the familiar hiss and saw piss beginning to pour down onto the floor. I noticed we were all fascinated and had all taken a few steps closer to get the best view. It was a very civilized piss from Sarah..by staying in her skirt and just moving her legs apart, we couldn't actually see any of her body beyond what we normally would if she was standing waiting for a bus. No decency or morals were being offended here, other than Cass's increasing futile belief that a carpet is not a suitable toilet for a young lady. "oh yes..oh my god..that feels so good" Sarah gasped and in fact this seemed far less decorous than the piss itself. If anyone had heard but not seen her, they would have imagined Sarah to be in the throes of sexual pleasure, as we teased her about afterwards "Oh yes..oh YES..Oh my God!" she cried with passion. She was mortified when we teased her afterwards..she confirmed, as I had suspected, that these were purely the cries of a girl whose bladder had been at absolute bursting point "I have never needed a wee so badly" she confided..and upon gaining relief she couldn't help but articulate the delight at that relief. "My carpet..my beautiful carpet" bemoaned Cass "Hey you pissed on it yourself" pointed out Michelle.."you can't blame the rest of us" The stream itself was really powerful, and a nice pale yellow, and needless to say Sarah had plenty of it, spraying almost directly downwards and onto the floor. She was clearly embarrassed and unsure what to do with her hands, as all us girls gathered close and watched the piss 'magically' pouring from beneath her skirt. Eventually she settled for clasping them together in front of her skirt..but she was clearly embarrassed by the attention...well have you ever been watched whilst you have a wee? It's fine if you're a bit of an exhibitionist, but Sarah is quite a quiet, shy girl. We had all cheered when she started, making her blush bright red, and now we watched fascinated as the area of carpet beneath her took a good soaking and turned a lovely deep brown. Despite her very best efforts, having her legs wide apart, the sheer force of the stream meant occasionally, when it veered slightly off centre, a few drops were splashing onto her legs...but she was doing a really good job at keeping herself dry and it really was only a couple of splashes. She must have pissed for the best part of a minute, before finally stopping and then grabbed a bit of loo paper to wipe herself with (again being careful to reveal nothing to us) before tossing the tissue in the bin and picking up her panties and putting them back on, before turning to Cass and saying sincerely "I am so sorry Cass..I really tried" I had a naughty idea and went and grabbed the toilet sign that hung from a pin on the outside of her loo. Grabbing marker pen I added the word Ladies to it...well we didn't want any guys thinking they could piss on her carpet...and then came back and, to great laughter and cheering, placed the 'Ladies Toilet' sign on the sitting room door. Of course with Debbie and Jessica having used the real loo, Michelle having wee-d on Nikki, Nikki, Cass and Sarah having pissed on the carpet, there were only two of us left who hadn't wee-d. Renee and I....I do hope you're all keeping up! I am not sure who was more desperate but I think it was me. Certainly Renee still presented as being okay. She was crossing her legs of course, but she wasn't at the hands into crotch stage like I was. . "Go on Sophie..it's your turn" laughed Debbie, seeing I was bursting for a wee. "there's no way you can be boring and use a proper toilet now" agreed Michelle and they were right..and yet..and yet..peeing on her carpet seemed slightly passe. 3 girls had now done it "Not you too" begged Cass.."not on my carpet..anywhere but my carpet..anywhere but my carpet" Now I know exactly what she meant by 'anywhere but my carpet'..but taken literally those words were like an open invitation. A smile played around my lips. I couldn't be that naughty could I? Jessica could clearly read my mind and encouraged me "go on Sophie..do it!" I looked around the room. There were the walls, of course, a beautiful pail blue colour., then there was her beautiful beige sofa, or how about a couple of pretty vases, one a sort of opaque blue, and the other a tall black one, with red squares on it. What's a girl to do? Any suggestions on where I should have my naughty piss??
  12. The 2017 Golden Piss Awards - Nominations

    Thanks so much for the nomination Sophie. Really really stoked about that. RL means I am not here as often as I would like, and don't write as often as I would like so I don't feel informed enough to nominate people, but I love your fiction stories, and and so I nominate you for the best fiction category, as your cheerleader series is truly wonderful.
  13. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    Well this is certainly interesting :). A bit like pass the parcel
  14. Cass and Sarah released their hold on Nikki's arms and legs and tried to stand up to head to the toilet. Sarah began taking gentle delicate steps in the direction of the toilets..pure concentration on her face as she tried to hold on. For poor Cass, however, even trying to change position was too much. I should probably tell you what she was wearing. As previously mentioned, she's quite a curvy girl, with big boobs, and a large bottom. She was wearing a black long-sleeved top and a short pink skirt "Oh shit" she gasped. "oH SHIT..OH FUCK..NOT ON MY NEW CARPET I can't..I musn't..oh god I can't stop it". Desperate to protect her pretty pink pleated skirt, she hitched it up, and she pulled her white knickers, already damp from the first few drops leaking in, to the side, and then like a volcano she erupted..over her own new carpet. Maybe I've seen a piss jet burst forth with more power, but I really can't recall it. The pale yellow jet was spraying onto the carpet at incredible pace, as we all watched fascinated. It all seemed to be happening in slo-mo. The piss was landing inches from Nikki who managed to roll out of the way, just in time. It began to pool in the area Cass was standing and , unable to stop the piss pouring out of her, she began to rotate her hips to spray the piss around. She was clearly doing it to try and stop any one area of the carpet getting totally ruined, but it almost gave the impression she was trying to vandalise as much of her own carpet as possible..which was hilarious. Certainly Debbie and Jessica thought so. They were pointing and laughing "Can't believe she's having a wee-wee on her own carpet" giggled Jessica Cass was mumbling a series of 'Oh shit..oh fuck..oh no's but her facial expression told of the sheer physical joy of relief from her total desperation and even she added 'that feels so much better' The carpet was a very light brown colour, or it had been. Now the largest puddle was a very dark brown and across a semi-circular arc there were smaller circles of piss. We were all fascinated, except for Sarah who was still hobbling really slowly across the room, trying to make it to the loo. I looked across and noticed we had all clocked that Cass had a 'brazilian'. Saucy minx..I had no idea. But I wasn't here to stare at her pussy, pretty though it was..I was focused on watching her yellow piss fall onto her own carpet as she yelled "why is there so fucking much?" She certainly had been desperate to piss. By the time her stream slowed to a trickle and finally stopped, and she released her pretty white panties, with the very evident wet spot, back into place, and pulled down her skirt, the carpet looked brilliant..with one really large pool of piss, and several smaller ones. Plus, I found myself thinking, with Cass having soaked her own carpet..some of the other girls might feel it was open season. They might even feel they could pretend to not be able to make it to the loo, even if they could..just for the naughty pleasure of weeing on another girl's carpet. Don't get me wrong..Cass is a good mate. But lets be honest, how many times in your life do you get the opportunity to piss on someone else's new carpet..with no consequences..and besides..Cass started it. I'm not a mind reader so I have no idea whether that was in Nikki's mind..or whether she was remembering Cass had been one of the girls who had held her down while Michelle punished her..or maybe Nikki really couldn't hold it any longer but she stood up. As you'll recall she was already bare from the waist down. Unlike Sarah, she was making no effort to head for the loo. She found a nice clean patch of carpet and stood with her legs apart. Cass quickly realised what was going on "Don't you dare" yelled Cass "Not on my precious carpet, "do it do it do it! chanted Debbie & Jessica "Look Nikki..please don't" begged Cass For seconds that seemed like minutes, nothing happened. No-one was sure whether Nikki was considering Cass's plea, or was just teasing her..or whether she had suddenly got pee shy. Cass was saying " oh thank-you..you don't have to do this..you can be the better person....the toilet's not far at all" but I reckoned Nikki had just got 'nerves'. I called out "“You can do it Nikki, we all know you can. Just imagine you’re on the toilet; just think about the great feeling of relief.” This obviously did the trick as just seconds later we heard that lovely familiar hiss that accompanies the beginning of a wee-wee and she began to piss onto Cass's once pristine carpet which was now clearly being designated the ladies loo! Her powerful yellow jet sprayed out, as she stood nonchalantly, hands on hips, and we all watched mesmerised. I had imagined she might spray loads of different areas, but she had clearly decided she just wanted to really soak one spot and a large piss puddle was appearing. I did feel a bit guilty for Cass..I'm not a nasty person, and in my head I was thinking we could all have a whip round after this was all over and help her buy a new carpet if she wanted..but there was no denying that watching girls peeing somewhere naughty was great fun. "Feck!!!!" she yelled 'Oh the relief..my god I was bursting for a wee and it just needed to come out..and that....that just feels SO bloody good" she said, pointing to her jet of hot piss releasing from her. She was so impassioned I couldn't help but laugh The puddle of pee on the carpet from Nikki's piss was really quite large..at the centre not all the pee had fully soaked in, when, after just under a minute her stream, finally tailed off. Now two different sections of Cass's carpet were piss soaked. Cass berated her 'I can't believe you just did that Nikki' but as Renee pointed out, Cass really had no grounds to complain as she had pissed on her own carpet first. Meanwhile Jessica had actually run and got the loo roll from the toilet and she handed it to Nikki, who took a couple of sheets and wiped like a lady should..before putting the damp paper in the sitting room bin I have to say that now that two girls had pissed over the once beautiful carpet, there seemed no reason for Sarah to kill herself trying to hobble to the loo..what difference would another piss make, and I really wanted to see it happen. But Sarah is a good person, and I think she felt it would be wrong, so she was still trying. to hobble in the direction of the hallway. Her hand was still in her crotch, as she shuffled in tiny baby steps. I had no doubt that she was going to make it to the toilet. But I couldn't possibly let her get away unscathed, could I? I wondered whether I should let her make it, or intervene. Mind you, my own bladder was getting increasingly insistent that it needed release. Still, I was clearly nowhere near as desperate as Sarah..so I had a decision to make.
  15. The Volleyball Girls - Part Five

    I loved his next exciting instalment. Some of my favourite lines or bits: "I don’t suppose you know where the toilets are do you? I’m about to wet myself here" I loved the idea of one girl using the gents..and in a perfect world, would have loved a bit more detail etc of what it felt like..maybe another character can use the gents later in the story..and maybe have a naughty piss in there? and then the coup de grace of Sarah. I loved Michelle's comment "“Tell me you peed on the floor Sarah, surely even you aren’t that naughty”" which was brilliant, and Sarah's reveal that she really HAD been that naughty and gone in the bed was superb. Then the thrill of the last line : "There was no way we’d be using a toilet after this kind of start…" So thanks very much, it was superb ..and bring on part 6