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  6. Guys pissing in naughty places

    one of my carpet pees.
  7. Hello. I am a male who loves warm wet goldstreams.  Don't forget to check out my albums and feel free to rate and or comment. Thanks :)

  8. messaging

    So glad this got fixed. :)
  9. MissPiss is here to say Hello : )

    Best of Everything to you and yours Lizz. Thanks for All your past contributions. May God Bless your future life path and all in it.
  10. Pee on,or Pee'd on?

    He's a Lucky Man.
  11. Pee on,or Pee'd on?

    I like both. If given just one choice it would be peed on by her. I have done and love both though.
  12. How do you want your stream?

    there is no way I can pick just one.
  13. How do you want your stream?

    I guess that I'm "that guy" because I like them all !! lol
  14. I have great news :-)

    Congratulations Sephora !! :)
  15. WOW I just found this about kevin. May he Rest in Peace. and my Condolences to his family.