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  1. While i was at work, my husband sends me this picture: To add to this message, I come back from work and open the front door and he's laying on the floor waiting for me. Of course that not just end with a GS. I have not seen him in 4 days!! Lolol
  2. Blue urine?

    Hahaha, it's a cup which you must squeeze it inside which lasts for almost a day or when ever I take my shower which is pulled out and washed. It is very comfortable and I can still receive oral with no worries. I highly suggest it for other women to try it out.
  3. Ever drank urine?

    I have tried it once from my best friend believe it or not and I have swallowed some in small mouth dose being concerned about throwing up. It was okay however it's not my cup of tea. I have asked my husband what does it do for him. First, I am not for peeing in a jug and watch him drink, that's a no no for me, maybe because I am turned on by his desperate reaction. His eyes has like a glaze and he get's horny knowing I'm about to pee. I would say, he swallows at least the first 15 seconds ish and the rest well he can't keep up lololol He told me how it tasted and said it tastes not bad at all and has no problem drinking. As long as it turns him on, I will keep doing it for him.
  4. Blue urine?

    Personally, i use a Diva cup for my menstrual moments. It's about $30 and is washable and reusable too and It's quite awesome however weird at start.
  5. Pissing while hard

    Hahahahahahah oh my, that must be an issue for you guys. The superman position cracked me up. lolol
  6. Ever drank urine?

    Perhaps this explains why I haven't had any complaints regarding how it tastes. I would believe that my morning pee is not as transparent if I may say and seems to have a lite odor, how ever, as the day goes, I don't seem to have any bad sent to it. I do drink a lot of water and my health is quite good and my husband has never complained once. Besides no one is forced to drink urine.
  7. Yellow Ribbons and other 'tells'

    How about Yellow Showers?
  8. Happy Saint Valentines

    Hahahahahahahaha silly.. however, quite creative. I can't even imagine this happening to me.
  9. To all the peefans, I send you my love..
  10. Timing of pissing.

    I never really got a solid answer as to why I do pee longer, is it a bladder thing, a drinking thing or maybe a healthy thing. I don't really know and as long as it's working, great!!
  11. OMG!! I would like to thank my fans, my producer, my family... LMAO!! Thank you for nominating me and reading my stories, I would also want to thank Sophie for making this happen. It's good to have fun and laugh with respectable people.
  12. Timing of pissing.

    It varies for me, however I would say from 30 to 40 and it's not a tinkle or pushed out if that can help you out.
  13. It's not for me, perhaps I am doing something wrong however, I am satisfied with sitting or squatting.
  14. The 2017 Golden Piss Awards - Nominations

    So since i have been nominated for best contributor, must i post a pic of me peeing or should I say, vote for me and i will post a picture? *wink* lolol