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  1. Sorry to go off topic, if men have a full bladder and sneeze, do you ever wet yourself? To me, it's the most annoying thing
  2. Nice story Brutus and no its not hard to believe as i can relay to this. If we need to go badly, there is pressure against the bladder, even more when squatting, i can confirm that. And once it starts, the relief feels good.
  3. Yes, more than average, my sister is 5' 10 almost 11 inches
  4. Sephora

    Do you have a celeb crush?

    Jason Momoa, omg he can ask me to do anything to him
  5. Hahahahah omg, wow, talk about research. I am 5 foot 9 inches, more toned and it can be somewhat loud, squatting or sitting. Now your saying that pregnant women its hit or miss. great!!
  6. Sephora

    Do you have a celeb crush?

    If i was going to add a small list of actors i do find hot, they would be: Tom Hardy Chris Hemsworth Jason Momoa Michael Fassbender
  7. That is an interesting story Brutus. Do you know or anyone else knows if the womans build and size might effect the way the pee? Personally, i can't tinkle even after trying.
  8. Sephora

    What are your favorite full bladder challenges?

    I look for a place to go asap. Too many accidents has happen to me.
  9. Sephora

    Measure your pee

    Well someone defeat me. Congratulations!
  10. Sephora

    Please Read:

    Thank you Brutus
  11. Sephora

    Please Read:

    Thank you so much for accepting me at the start when i first came here for information regarding a fetish my husband want me to try and you have been a great help.
  12. Sephora

    Please Read:

    I haven't been on recently because of issues regarding me posting personal pictures, public and private, which my husband found out. He did not approve and it caused big issues on between us. I want to apologize to everyone about the confusion for posting a fake picture and story like I have with the soil story. I went the wrong way about it to finally find out if he was using my account and i am very sorry to everyone. Unfortunately, I won't be able to post personal pictures of myself or take video requests anymore for protecting our personal lives. I hope everyone understands and respects my decision.
  13. Sephora

    Measure your pee

    I think it's a wonderful idea! Now we need to get the most participants.
  14. Sephora

    Ladies please answer

    Squatting, i am not good standing up.
  15. Sephora

    Measure your pee

    Oh, I have not seen this post, is the challenge still on?