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    watching girls peeing on the toilet ,
  1. Slits...

    awesome posts , is this you? Your beautiful ?
  2. The new girl lol

    welcome Amanda
  3. Pissing via skype!

    I'd be interested in having a discussion about the possibility
  4. Ashley & Lizz Pee in Hawaii

    did you take any of either one of you sitting on the toilet and peeing? Maybe taking turns?
  5. most places in Europe , in hostels theirs not separate bathrooms just a number of toilets, so guy and girls could easily be peeing next to each other. Thats a little exciting and kinda hot.
  6. I'm back! and will be caming tonight!

    thanks for clarifying i appreciate it.
  7. I'm back! and will be caming tonight!

    welcome back ! just curious if you sit on the toilet or do it some other way?
  8. Slits...

    this thread is like the best discovery i've made in a long time! Thanks to everyone who posted.
  9. Unisex restrooms and the future of pee porn

    wow i didn't realize realize women in Asia where so open with peeing, most places women perfer privacy , and seeing them actually pee is a rare , at lest that was always my understanding.
  10. Happy Birthday
  11. Menstruation

    personally not a fan of seeing blood or pads, however seeing girl wear a tampon is so hot.
  12. I'm thinking of joining your site, do you have must content of women peeing on the toilet with out panties on?
    1. MissPiss


      I have a little of everything!
  13. Does anyone know who this girl is?

    Does she do a pee video ? she's beautiful , i'm going to check her out.
  14. My Tumblr milestone

    its a great site, congratulations.