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  1. Great, there are lots of free video hosts where you can upload them, and then just post the link in the Videos area.
  2. Just to echo Sophie's message above: congratulations to all of the above, each of you are very worthy winners. That said, everyone who was nominated definitely deserved to be recognised for their excellent contributions to the site. In fact, there are plenty of members who didn't get nominations but have been a huge asset to this community - so a very sincere thank you to everyone from me. Whilst I could be here all day thanking people (this really is sounding like an awards ceremony), I'll keep this brief by just extending an additional thanks to the moderator team - the site simply wouldn't be the same without your help. In particular, @steve25805deserves a mention for not only continuing to help the site financially, but for being here right from the beginning of PeeFans and still to this day being one of our best and most frequent contributors. And of course I'm sure you'll all join me in saying a huge thanks to @Sophiefor not only running these Christmas competitions, but for being such an incredible presence on the forum all year round! 2017 was a turbulent year for PeeFans for sure - but in a slightly selfish way I am glad, as the troubles at the beginning of the year led to me returning, and I am very happy to be back. The site is now 4 years old, but my plans for the site are bigger than ever. I don't know exactly what the new year will hold for the site - likely additional features such as an improved return of the video gallery - but the core forum community aspect will remain unchanged (except for hopefully growing as more pee fans find us). It's nice knowing there's always this group of like-minded people and that we can share our weirdness together. Bring on 2018.
  3. Hi all, Just a reminder that the voting for the 2017 Golden Piss Awards closes tonight. If you haven't already, please go and vote for who you think deserves each category. Have a great new year!
  4. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    Definitely not - would have been no fun if this ended really quickly and well before Christmas. Nice that the thread has been so active. I get that people want to win but definitely no need to worry about that. As for the timezone question, you're right that it doesn't really matter as Sophie hasn't necessarily chosen a time she'd be typically online (the thread automatically locks at the time she randomly chose). That said, I believe she's on GMT/UTC if you're still curious.
  5. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    Yes, it is a well known fact us admin are very wise. If you're reading this and haven't yet voted in the forum awards, please go and do so to show your appreciation to some very worthy nominations (and then get back here to post, because I sense this thread must be closing fairly soon...) I think it's testament to Sophie's previous stories that this thread already has 13 pages and several very keen posters. Good luck and merry Christmas everyone!
  6. Hi all, as we rapidly approach 2018 I thought now would be a good time to ask for any site feedback on the previous year - both positive and negative. What have you liked/disliked? What's missing or you want more of? What can we do better next year? Any input at all would be appreciated. Have a great Christmas and New Year!
  7. This place is amazing!

    Glad to hear that, Tom! Welcome to the site - I hope you enjoy it even more now you're a member.
  8. This thread title would get some very different responses if posted in 'Other adult content'.
  9. Trouble uploading pics

    Yes I can see what you guys mean, will see if there's anything I can do. In the meantime, please just post on the forum instead.
  10. My absence

    Sorry to hear about the problems logging in - glad to hear all is fine now though, good to have you back
  11. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    Anyone else had snow recently? The usual advice of 'be careful of yellow snow' probably isn't as applicable here...
  12. I know this has already been answered above, but just wanted to clarify that not only is this allowed, I'd highly encourage it. So often people only respond to new content (understandably), but there are some great discussions here that haven't been posted in for a while and could do with a revival. I've never seen the point of preventing people chatting about something just because the thread's old, so please don't ever hold back on posting if you have something to say - no matter when the last post was! Same situation for liking/reacting to posts - I'm fairly sure everyone is happy to know their content was liked regardless of whether they posted it yesterday or last year.
  13. Win a custom story! - Last post wins

    Definitely, as long as you're adding to the chat, the more posts the better! Although of course someone could make a single post and still end up being the last poster, but definitely multiple posts a day will boost your odds at least!
  14. Trouble uploading pics

    What file size are they?
  15. Ability to cancel join club requests

    I agree this should be in place, although it's something I think will very rarely be an issue as: Hardly any clubs are closed anyway Generally I doubt people would change their mind about something like that If you get accepted, you can just leave if you no longer want to stay / didn't mean to join in the first place If you don't get accepted, nothing changes I appreciate it's not ideal, but unless I'm missing something it's hopefully not too much of a problem, as this doesn't seem to be an easy change I'm afraid.