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    Welcome to PeeFans!
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    The UK never does well in Eurovision anymore - there's definitely a political element to it as well as the singing. I didn't see the show, but I would've thought the stage invasion would've got some sympathy votes at least... apparently not! Was the winner actually any good?
  3. I'm surprised to hear this style is new to you; it's the default for the main modern forum software I know of, and also the default for the most popular word processor there is: Microsoft Word. If copying across, you can right click and 'paste as plain text', but otherwise it's fairly easy to just press the shift button when pressing enter to get the effect you want. Though generally speaking, I still think the double line spacing looks better, though I understand you're not used to it.
  4. Yes, as glad1 said, shift and enter sounds like what you want to achieve to get single spacing. The standard is double line spacing as I think it looks better and makes for easier reading. I agree sometimes you may want single-line spacing (especially for stories perhaps?) so by all means use this when needed, but generally speaking I think things look clearer how they currently are. For example, here is the first half of your post using single line spacing, which to me looks far less legible and enticing to read: (This is mostly addressed at Admin, but everyone else should feel free to add their thoughts.) I wonder if it would be possible to change the way this forum handles text formation. I am refering to the fact that - each time you press Enter/Return - you end up not in the next line, but in (what feels like) the line after the next line. To point out what I mean I give an example, that also serves as an explanation of the "problem" in action. Here we go: So this is the first line of the text I wanna write. To show you what my "problem" is, I will just go on and one to write so you can see what happens when I do not press Enter/Return for a line break, but rather what happens when I just write so much text that the line break will happen automatically. Which just happened on my screen after the word "will". But in case your screen is wider then mine, I will just continue writing until a second line break automatically appeared - which you can also force by just making the window of the browser you are currently less wide. Coinsidentally the line break happened (for me) just after the last "are" in the last sentence. Now I will hit Enter. Aaaand, as you might be able to see, it looks like this line - altough ment to be just another line below the last line - is actually another paragraph, instead of just the next line. This is due to the amount of space between this line and the last line. If I wanted to add an empty line between two lines I am used to press Enter/Return twice after ending a sentence - the first for landing in the next line, and the second for adding an empty line. I will do that now:
  5. There is a club called 'members own pictures' or something similar dedicated to that, however I agree with spywareonya that if you'd like to post your own, feel free to just make your own thread. That way it's clear it's your own content, rather than just mixing it in with everything else. It's your call. I think unless explicitly stated otherwise, it's fair to assume pictures posted here aren't from the member usually. An exception to this may be in the male peeing area, which typically is member-own content I would guess. There is some original content in other areas of course, but generally the women who've been kind enough to share their own pics/vids have stated it's' them in the post.
  6. I think it's largely down to there being a lot of negativity around here. It's nice that people have somewhere they feel comfortable to come and vent / share their problems etc, but at the same time it also doesn't create the ideal environment for such a sexy topic. Little arguments, blunt comments etc all contribute to that kind of gloomy feeling too (arguably inevitable the larger a forum grows, I don't know?) Perhaps spywareonya has a point though that this is at a society level, rather than just on this site - people are generally feeling more pessimistic about things and the world in general? Or perhaps it's just a large amount of the regular posters here may have private issues / other things on their minds which reduces their activity/positivity. I'm sure we can all relate to 'life getting in the way'. I appreciate this post itself isn't exactly helping with all that, but it's more just an acknowledgement. I really don't think things are that bad by any stretch of the imagination, but just as I was saying that activity breeds activity, the inverse is true: if a couple of people start being a bit down and disillusioned with it all, it absolutely influences others to a certain extent. Perhaps that is causing the slightly different vibe a couple of us may have noticed. Despite having 1000's of active users, there is a core 30-40 or so members that by far influence the site more than all the others combined. There's no magic cure for any of this of course, and I imagine the majority of people will be wondering what I'm even on about (which is good)... however, for anyone who has felt similarly, I am confident this is very much temporary. There is still loads of amazing content being posted every single day, the site is growing rapidly with more new pee fans finding us, and if any of the above is actually true then I guess it just shows this site really is more than just a pee forum and genuinely is a community.
  7. I was saying that purely from my opinion, not as a declaration of how things must always be - happy for people to discuss which is best, as there's pros and cons of both.
  8. I've just messaged you more details, but just wanted to say thanks a lot for offering to help keep the site running, it's really appreciated. Anything anyone can spare is always a huge help in keeping us online.
  9. Quite a landslide in the voting - unfortunately for the one area I can't really influence that much, as it's really down to everyone as a collective! I'll do my best to bring more people to the site, but activity breeds more activity. A huge thank you to those of you who are already contributing and sharing things regularly, you know who you all are and it's extremely appreciated. I would like this site to become a hub for all things pee, but for now it seems the forum aspect (which has always been the heart of PeeFans) is the thing that needs the most attention, rather than worrying about other aspects which people can already find elsewhere. I have had a weird feeling about the forum side of things lately though, that something feels a little off. Possibly it's me reading too much into it, possibly others agree which has caused tension and a lack of new posts. Either way, hopefully we can all come together in our weird enjoyment of pee and make the forum better than ever. Let's get postin'...
  10. Admin

    2 questions

    1. What error do you get when not connecting via VPN? Or does nothing load at all? Is this the same in all browsers? 2. We don't have an SSL certificate. No credit card information etc is managed through the site anyway though. The site is no less secure than before, but Google now highlight this. It is really nothing to worry about.
  11. That's very odd - nothing that changed should have affected anything like that. Going back a few weeks there was a problem with the reply box now showing, but the problem was found and is now fixed. Try clearing your cache and a new browser, as maybe you have the old settings cached.
  12. I agree with you here @spywareonya on both points. There is a prompt encouraging people to fill in their profiles, but unfortunately a large amount of people seem to want to be as private as possible (perhaps understandably so). Hopefully we can encourage more people to share though. As for displaying a gender badge on every post, it would be easy to add, but given the imbalance of gender on the site, I don't really want to highlight every female poster so blatantly. The current system means it's easy to go and see member's profiles and find out about them if you wish, without opening the floodgates for ladies getting spammed here. Perhaps unnecessarily cautious, but sometimes a bit of extra mystery is fun anyway.
  13. Compilation of short amateur videos where girls film each other publicly peeing. This is a collection of Vines, Snapchats, and YouTube videos of girls having some naughty pee fun! Back to back piss clips - what's not to love?
  14. You're completely right about the video file - I haven't in any way compressed what Spywareonya sent me, but for future files I'll look at providing a second option that's lower in file size?