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    My newest. Might become a series, I don't know. Depends on if you guys like it or not. I have to tell you about something that happened recently after my good friend Tara invited me to her house for some drinks. Her husband was out of town, and both of her kids were staying with friends, so she suggested a girls’ night in. We both worked full time and had families, so other than online or on the phone we don’t get much time to talk. I convinced my husband to watch the kids for the night and since we would be drinking I planned to stay at Tara’s overnight. When I arrived, Tara answered with a squeal of excitement. We hugged and she led me into her front room. “Oh my gosh, I missed you so much. We have so much to talk about,” she said as she pointed to her couch. “Please, sit,” she said and took her own seat across from me in the recliner. “So tell me, how are the kids?” I won’t bore you with all the details of our conversation, because it was about what you’d expect. But after a few minutes, there was a knock at the door. “Oh, it’s about time,” Tara said as she popped up out of her seat. I was confused, especially after she opened the door and squealed in a way similar to how she had greeted me. I turned to see her hugging a curvy brunette in denim capris and a black low-cut blouse. “Come in, come in!” Tara directed our new guest into the front room as I watched, still confused. “Cassie, this is Jennifer, Jennifer this is Cassie.” “Cassie,” the new guest said, “I’ve heard a lot about you.” I resisted the urge to say something snarky like Wish I could say the same about you but I just shook her hand and smiled. “I’m sorry, Jennifer,” Tara said, “I should have told you I was also inviting Jennifer. We work together, and after inviting you I decided to ask her, as well. So now I have my two closest friends to hang out with tonight.” She squealed again, and all jealousy and confusion slipped away from my mind as I laughed. “Let’s go downstairs and get some drinks!” Tara led us down to her basement, which I knew from previous visits was fixed up like a cross between a cocktail bar and a library, with a full-sized bar in the center of the wall, two couches, a glass table, and shelves of books built into the other walls. “Holy shit, this is gorgeous,” Jennifer said. “Thanks. This is all mine. Dan has his man cave above the garage, and I have this. He never comes in here, says it’s too womanly for him. All our mixed drinks, wines, and wine coolers are here. Dan keeps the harder liquor and the beer in his man cave, so if you want any of that I can make a trip up there.” Tara took her place behind the bar and was soon mixing us some drinks. Jennifer and I sat on the couch to the left, and after she brought us our drinks Tara sat on the other couch. We started talking again, Jennifer sharing a bit about what she does for the company where Tara works, and about her family. I shared, as well, and we exchanged a smile. Tara told a brief but really funny story about Jennifer and a coworker. We laughed, but Jennifer’s laugh stopped suddenly as she gasped. “What’s wrong?” Tara asked. “Umm,” Jennifer said. She looked at Jennifer but was darting glances at me out of the corners of her eyes. “Oh,” Tara said. I was confused again, but I didn’t say anything. “Do you need to…” “I don’t think so. I think I’m okay.” “Okay, I am so confused,” I said. “I might as well tell you,” Tara said. “I just had a baby recently, and my bladder is not what it used to be. By that I mean I’ve been having a lot of accidents lately.” “Oh, is that all?” I said. “That’s not a big deal, really.” “I know it’s not, but I don’t really want to have an accident in Tara’s basement bar.” “I wouldn’t mind,” Tara said as she took a sip of her drink. We laughed. “Yeah, okay,” Jennifer said, “I need to get to the bathroom.” “No you don’t,” Tara said. “What the hell are you talking about?” Jennifer asked. “I just told you it’s okay. The closest bathroom is upstairs. Could you make it up there?” “If we keep talking, probably not.” Jennifer stood up and was holding a hand to her crotch. “Seriously, though, nobody comes down here but me, Jennifer. If you want, you can pee down here. I do sometimes.” Now my mouth dropped open. “Are you serious?” I asked. “I am,” she said. “See the carpet shampooer in the corner over there?” She nudged her head toward the outside hallway, and sure enough we saw it standing in the corner. “Sometimes when I’m down here enjoying time to myself, I don’t want to bother going all the way upstairs. So if I have to pee, I just pee down here somewhere, usually in one of the corners or…” She stood up from the couch and walked behind the bar. Then, she closed her eyes and a few seconds later we could hear an unmistakable hissing and a soft pattering sound. “No fucking way,” Jennifer said. She seemed to be grabbing her crotch a little harder as if watching and hearing Tara wet herself behind the bar was almost enough to make her lose hold of her own bladder. “Mmm hmm,” was all Tara said as she looked down and then back up at us, biting her lip. “And it feels so good,” she said, “to just…let go whenever you need to. Ahhh…” The hissing and pattering grew louder as she obviously emptied her bladder all over her legs and the floor behind the bar. “Okay, I can’t hold it,” Jennifer said. I watched, again shocked, as she took her hand away and soon a dark spot appeared and grew as her pee glistened against the fabric of her capris. “Ohh, holy shit,” she said. She unfastened her pants and pulled them and her panties down just below her crotch as her stream continued, spraying messily and loudly against her pants and panties and trickling to the carpet at her feet. I felt like I was in a dream as my best friend and her coworker both stood in front of me with looks of ecstasy as they continued to wet themselves, smiling and clearly enjoying themselves. I felt pressure in my own bladder, as well, and as Tara’s pee came to an end she leaned over the bar and smiled at me. “Do you have to go?” she asked. “I do,” I said “Go ahead,” she said. “But I don’t know if I can,” I said. “You’ve never peed yourself before?” Tara asked. “Yeah, when I was like 5, or maybe as an accident, but not on purpose like this.” “Tell you what,” Tara said, “just do it on the couch.” My eyes widened, and I stared at her. “Seriously, just sit there and just imagine you’re sitting on a toilet.” “You sound like you’ve done that before,” Jennifer said. She was sliding off her soaked jeans and panties and I tried not to stare as she stood right next to me completely naked from the waist down. “Maybe,” Tara said, smiling. I laughed and felt another wave of pressure. “Okay, what the hell,” I said, and I slid my panties out from under my skirt and pulled my skirt up out of the way as I sat down, feeling the material of the cushion on my bare bottom. I closed my eyes and relaxed. I was surprised when it didn’t take long for my pee to start. I immediately felt a warmth between my legs that stayed as my pee dribbled out of me, soaking my inner thighs and creating a puddle under me that was both soothing and arousing. “Ohhhh, wow,” I said as I gasped and the dribble became a full flow, soaking into the cushion with a soft hiss. I barely noticed movement beside me as Jennifer sat back down next to me because I was too busy looking down at my steady flow being absorbed by Tara’s couch cushion. I heard Jennifer moan, though, followed by another hissing and I looked over to see her sitting with her knees bent and she was peeing again directly into the cushion. “Oh my god, girls, I can’t believe this is happening right now,” Tara said. I looked at her, and she seemed to be reaching for something behind the bar. She closed her eyes and bit her lip and I realized she was touching herself. “Ohhh, this feels…so good,” Jennifer said. My pee was finally dwindling, and without even thinking about it I reached under my skirt and slipped my fingers between my soaking slit and started rubbing myself, as well. I looked over at Jennifer who made eye contact with me and was soon slipping her fingers between her pussy lips, as well. Tara was the first to start crying out as she climaxed, and we could hear more hissing and splashing behind the bar as she screamed in pleasure. Jennifer was next, biting her lip hard at first but then opening her mouth wide to cry out. “Oh! Oh my god I’m coming, ohhhhhhhh!” I felt my own climax approaching as I watched her buck her hips and saw shiny droplets of pee around her bottom, thighs, and vagina. I finally gasped and cried out almost in unison with her and then sank comfortably back in the couch. A soft dribble of pee escaped, and I just let it happen, smiling blissfully. “That was amazing,” I said. “And the night is just getting started,” Tara said.
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    Hi everyone -- I'm new to these forums. This is the first part of a series I have been writing; hope you enjoy it. ********** We – my big brother David and I – were on holiday in Cornwall for a week. It was the first time we'd been away from our parents. He was nineteen, me eighteen, and since it was my last summer before going to uni we decided to go on a trip together. We'd spent our first day confined to the tent because of rain, but on the second day it brightened up. We decided to go for a walk along the coast and, we were hoping, find a quiet beach where we could sunbathe and swim. I had my pink, one-piece swimsuit on under my skirt and top – small-breasted and slender as I am, I don't really feel comfortable in a bikini – and David was wearing his red swimshorts, ready for the sea. The clifftop path we were walking along was unpleasantly crowded, however; clearly everyone wanted to come out and enjoy the sun while they could. We walked for around an hour or so, hoping that it would get quieter as we got further away from the town, but if anything the path only seemed to be getting busier. Every beach that we passed seemed to be full of people, lying practically elbow-to-elbow. Eventually we decided to sit down on one of the benches, looking over the edge of the cliff at the sea, and eat our lunch. “I wish these people would stop coming, Sarah,” David said, passing me a box of egg mayo sandwiches. “I need a pee.” “Why didn't you go at the carpark?” I asked. He shrugged. “I felt fine then. Er, I think I won't have a coke just yet, thanks. Better not risk it.” “Do you want to just go behind a bush or something?” I asked. “Not with so many people around. I can hold it,” he said, although he looked uncomfortable. While I ate, I watched the seagulls swooping above the cliff edge, enjoying the way they angled their wings to change direction. After a few minutes, David tapped me on the shoulder. He pointed over the cliff edge. “I think there's a patch of beach down there we could climb down to,” he said. I looked. He was pointing at a region some hundred metres away, where the cliff had a sort of kink in it – as though someone had taken a knife and cut away a chunk of the coastline. There did indeed seem to be a stony beach at the bottom, but I was dubious. “The signs say not to climb the cliffs,” I said. “And what if the tide comes in? We could be trapped.” “It's high tide now,” said David. “And we can always turn back if it's too hard to climb.” I agreed to try it. I suspected David had an ulterior motive: if we climbed down, he'd be able to pee away from prying eyes. Still, we'd planned on going to the beach, and if this was a way to do so while avoiding the crowds, I was game for it. We jumped the fence and pushed our way through a small patch of undergrowth to the cliff edge. I got a couple of nettle stings on my bare legs, but they didn't bother me too much. Nobody on the path seemed to take any notice of what we were doing. The cliff turned out to be quite easy to scramble down – it was only perhaps ten feet high, and the limestone jutted out in such a way that it was almost a staircase for most of the way down. When we were halfway down, however, David put out his hand to stop me. “What's up?” I asked. “There's people,” he said, pointing. There were two of them in the cove already. A man and a woman, both around nineteen or twenty as we were. They were sunbathing, eyes closed, holding hands. The woman – I blinked – was topless. Her boobs were largish, with round, dark brown nipples, and they were lying flat and fried-egg like on her chest in that way that boobs do when you lie down. She was tall, blond and broad-shouldered. Her skin was bronzed all over, with only the faintest tan lines. The man was short and quite stockily built, and equally tanned. He wore skin-tight, speedo-type shorts, with, I noticed, a quite prominent bulge at the front. I giggled and pointed that out to David, who just raised his eyebrows. “If my girlfriend had jugs like that, I think I'd be in that condition,” he said; and indeed he self-consciously adjusted the front of his own shorts as he said it, which I pretended I hadn't seen. We debated going back up, but David pointed out a path that seemed to lead away around the bottom of the cliffs, where we might be able to find another cove and leave this couple in peace. I think he was just keen to see Topless Girl up closer, but I followed his lead down to the pebbles anyway. Speedo Boy sat up as we approached, and called a greeting. “Hi!” David replied. “Don't mind us, we'll keep going that way.” “You'll have to swim,” said Topless Girl, sitting up as well. “That doesn't go anywhere except the sea.” Speedo Boy, I noticed, had surreptitiously drawn his knees up to hide the conspicuous bulge in the front of his shorts. If Topless Girl was at all self-conscious about her state of undress, though, she didn't show it; she just lent back on her arms, smiling at us, and said, “Come and join us if you want, though. We have crisps and beer.” Never one to turn down a free drink, I went over to them, with David following slightly reluctantly behind me. However happy he was to admire a naked pair of boobs from afar, he seemed quite self-conscious now that it came to talking to their owner. Speedo Boy introduced himself as Adam, and said that the Topless Girl's name was Maddie. Meanwhile, she had sat up on the bare stones and pulled her towel up around her shoulders – in no way covering up those boobs – and was rummaging around in a backpack. “Here,” she said, passing me a beer. She offered one to David, but he refused, saying that he had to drive later – although he also didn't want to add any more liquid into his already full bladder. She and Adam both opened theirs, and then passed me the bottle opener. “We should check, though,” said Adam, “are you over eighteen? Because,” he put on a grave voice, “because otherwise we would have to report you for the beer, of course.” I assured him that I was – actually it had been my birthday only a month or so before – and he cracked a grin. “Glad to hear it,” he said, with a sultry wink that earned him an elbow in the ribs from Maddie. “Sorry about him,” she said. “He's a creep, but he means well.” I was laughing, however. We spoke to them for a while. We learned that they lived in a village some half an hour's walk away, and that they often came down to this cove for some peace and quiet. “At high tide you can't reach it except down the cliffs,” said Maddie. “And even at low tide people tend to stick to the marked beaches further along, or go down where it's sandy.” “And since Maddie likes to, you know, let things hang loose, a quiet beach is ideal,” said Adam. “I mean, it doesn't really bother me who sees these,” Maddie said, indicating her chest. “But it's nice to have some personal space, don't you think?” The conversation turned to things we were into. I noticed that Maddie was reading one of the later Harry Potter books (“My fifth re-read,” she said), and Adam told us that he was a particularly big fan of Game of Thrones, both of which sounded all right to me and David. Our biggest surprise, though, came when they mentioned that they were both students, and which university they went to. “Nottingham,” said Adam, “both of us.” “No way!” I said. “I start there in October.” “Excellent!” he said. “We'll be able to show you around. You know, the strip clubs, the insalubrious bars, all our favourite places.” “He's joking, of course,” said Maddie, while I giggled. “But we will show you around. It can be helpful to know someone when you first get there, I think.” David was in some discomfort. Not only was he starting to jiggle with pee desperation, but he didn't seem to know where to look. His eyes flicked down to Maddie's boobs about once every ten seconds, and then he would catch himself and look out to sea, up at the cliffs, anywhere else. He seemed to think this was being subtle. “Excuse me,” he said, suddenly. He got to his feet and hurried away, towards the sort-of path that led around the corner and stopped. “Where's your brother off to?” Adam asked me. I shrugged. “He said he needed a wee,” I said. Adam nudged Maddie. “See?” he said. “He goes around the corner when he needs a piss. What do you think of that?” “A civilised man,” said Maddie, with a grin. “What do you mean?” I asked. Adam smirked. “Maddie here has an unusual attitude to beach urination,” he said. I frowned. “Come again?” “Shall doesn't like to expend needless energy,” Adam said. “She puts convenience before convention.” “I still don't follow,” I said. “You mean – you don't mean –” “The great thing about a stony beach,” Maddie said, “is that you're basically sitting on a big sieve. Any liquid you spill – or otherwise pour away – just trickles through the stones and disappears.” “I think she still doesn't believe,” said Adam. He gave Maddie's shoulder a squeeze. “Would you like to show her?” Maddie grinned. “I think I have it in me.” I watched, dumbfounded, as she spread her legs, showing her black bikini bottoms to me. She stayed in that position for a long moment; then she let out a slow, shuddering breath. As I watched, a wet patch appeared on her crotch, and spread quickly upwards. It was hard to make out on the black fabric, but it was definitely there. “Oh my god,” I said. “Are you – are you weeing right now?” “Ah, I needed this,” Maddie said, by way of reply. There was now a visible stream of clear urine pouring from her bottoms, with such force that it positively arced forwards before splashing on the grey stones. She pissed like that for more than a minute, before finally the stream drooped and died. She closed her eyes and let out an even huger, almost embarrassingly loud sigh of contentment. “Mmmm. That was three beers, right there.” I was shocked, could barely believe what I had seen. That someone would be so bold – I mean, I would happily wee behind a rock or a bush if I needed to, but to just piss right there, in front of a near-total stranger, knowing full well that they were watching you – it was startling, to be sure. Startling and, I was surprised to find myself thinking, a little awe-inspiring. I felt like I wanted to try it myself, but I was sure I never would. Although, why not? Was it such a bad thing? There was no-one around but us, no-one to be offended. It was true what Maddie had said, as well; the piss ran straight down between the stones, leaving only the slightest of wet patches behind. Even if somebody else came along, there would be no trace of what she had done; and the urine would just end up in the sea along with everyone else's. If it was a crime, it was a victimless one. These thoughts occupied my brain as David walked back up the beach to us. Maddie had moved forward slightly to cover the wet patch on the stones, flashing me a grin as she did so. I noticed that her cheeks were slightly flushed. Adam had drawn his knees up in front of his crotch again as he watched Maddie pee. Adam pulled out a pack of cards, and we played a few hands of Whist and Go Fish. I wasn't concentrating, and kept losing hands because of it. There was a pressure building in my own bladder. I hadn't been to the loo since we started walking, I'd been drinking a lot of water while we walked, and I was now on my second beer. I would have to wee somewhere soon. I could do as David had done, go around the cliffs, out of sight; or, could I just do it here? I was pretty sure I could do it subtly, and no-one would ever know. Really, what was to be gained by interrupting the card game, and walking all the way over to the far end of the cove? Cautiously, I tried to let a spurt out. It was harder than I expected. My mind said piss, but years of instinct stopped me. I tried to relax into it, to unclench my muscles. When the first few drops escaped me, I was so surprised that I stopped peeing almost immediately. I took a deep breath and tried again. This time, I let it flow for several seconds before I stopped. Warm liquid ran along the inside of my swimsuit, collecting around my buttocks. The warmth felt strangely nice, sort of soothing. I could see why Maddie liked it. “Sarah?” David said. “What?” “It's your turn, isn't it?” “Oh,” I said, “thanks.” I was glad he hadn't noticed me peeing. While I wouldn't have minded Maddie or Adam seeing it – after all, I was following Maddie's example – I wasn't keen for David to know just yet. I started to pee in earnest during the next round, a seemingly endless stream of piss gushing out of me. It was amazing how little sign there was of what I was doing – maybe a quiet hiss, but too quiet for the others to hear. After I'd peed for what felt like five minutes, the flow finally slowed and stopped. I savoured the relief and the warmth around my crotch for a while longer. After we'd played cards for a while longer, Adam suggested a game of volleyball instead. We stood up, and I quickly moved my towel to cover the wet spot on the stones where I'd been sitting. I wasn't quite quick enough, however. Maddie saw what I was doing, then looked from there to my crotch. She gave me a smirk. “Pink's a revealing colour,” she said. It was true that the bottom of had gone a bit darker with being wet, but it wouldn't have been noticeable if Maddie hadn't been looking for it. I decided not to worry about it. I'm not a particularly sporty person, and David is even worse than me, so Adam and Maddie trounced us in our first game. After that we switched to boys versus girls, which made us more evenly matched. It also meant both boys were able to watch Maddie's boobs bounce around as she jumped, which they both certainly did as much as they could. After a couple more games, Adam waved his arm. “Pee break,” he said. He took a few steps back away from us, stood with his legs apart, and started to pee, not bothering to move his speedos aside. I watched, fascinated, as the stream of piss ran down his well-toned legs. He was dressed with his willy pushed to the left, so most of it ran down his left leg, but a few trickles migrated over to his right leg as well. “What are you doing?” said David. He sounded shocked; of course, he hadn't been there for Maddie's display earlier. “What does it look like?” said Adam. “I needed a piss, so I thought I'd have a piss.” He sighed as he finished off. “Phew, I needed it, too. Shouldn't hold these things for too long, you know, it's terribly bad for you. Shall we get back to the game?” David didn't look terribly happy about this state of affairs, but he agreed to continue playing. We played a few more games, then went back to sit down again. Adam and Maddie shared some of the snacks they'd brought with us, and we sat around and talked for another couple of hours. At about four o'clock, clouds started to roll in, and before long the sun had disappeared behind them. We all groaned loudly. “There it goes,” Adam said. “I think that might be all we get today.” “Looks like it,” said Maddie, who was checking the weather forecast on her phone. “Rain forecast later.” “How far away if you guys' car?” Adam asked David and I. We told him where we'd parked. “Oh, that's not far from my house,” Maddie said. “Why don't you come over for a bit? My parents are away, we'll have the place to ourselves.” “It would be nice not to spend another evening stuck in the tent,” I agreed. “All right then,” said Adam. “Maddie's place here we come. It's about a half hour walk,” he added, “so I think another pee break might be in order before we set off. Anyone?” So saying, he turned slightly away from us and started to pull down the front of his speedos. David looked awkwardly away. “I'm, er, I'm going to go back there,” he said, and walked away towards the other end of the cove. “Quite the gentleman, your brother, isn't he?” Maddie said, watching David walk away. I was watching Adam, who had by now pulled his penis out from his speedos. The penis was, I couldn't help noticing, both quite large and semi-erect. He was looking at Maddie. “What about you, dear?” he said. “Are you going to be the lady to his gentleman?” “Of course not,” said Maddie. She reached down with one hand and pulled the fabric of her bikini bottoms aside, revealing a triangle of brown hair. The two of them started to piss at the same time, two cascades pattering onto the stones on either side of me. Tiny droplets bounced up against my bare legs. Maddie was giving me a pointed look. “You don't need to go?” she said. I did need to go. I stood in the same stance that Adam had used earlier, legs spread slightly apart, put my hands on my hips, and let myself relax. The stream came easily. It soaked through the crotch of my swimsuit and fell in a torrent to land between my feet. Smaller rivulets were running down each of my legs. It was a glorious mess. Adam gave me a round of applause, using the back of one of his hands because it was still holding his cock. “Bold,” said Maddie. “Particularly for your first day. I think you'll fit in well with us.” “You've made a rookie mistake, though,” said Adam, as he shook himself dry. “Don't pee through the swimsuit just before you leave, or you'll have to get dressed over a wet swimsuit.” He had a point, but I found I didn't much mind. I was still towelling myself off when David arrived back. He saw what I was doing and the puddle where I was standing, but he didn't do anything more than give me a funny look. My suit was mostly dry by the time I put my skirt back on. Adam pulled on a pair of jean shorts over his speedos, and Maddie fastened up her bikini top, and we started the climb back up to the path. I glanced back down when I reached the top. The large wet patch at the foot of the cliff, where three of us had peed together, was just about visible from up here. Yes, I thought, we had made some interesting friends today.
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    Warning, reading this story may seriously affect your ability to view a certain pantomime in the same way ever again. It is also a little lengthy. Chapter 1 – background Cindy Yella was the 18 year old beautiful daughter of Baron Hardup of Hardup Hall; a country estate in a beautiful wooded part of the world. Cindy’s mum had died young and the Baron had re-married to Esmeralda, who had two daughters; Gertrude (21) and Grizella (19). Esmeralda was herself beautiful and had entrapped the Baron with her good looks and charms, however, once they were married and the Baron went away on long business trips, she showed her true colours and turned against Cindy, who she thought was a threat to her own daughters. Cindy was forced to do all the work around the large house, lived in cellar where the kitchen and scullery were located and only came out to do chores for her stepmother and stepsisters. Whilst in the cellar, she found that she could keep herself to herself and nobody bothered her. She liked it that way. Chapter 2 - The lazy ladies One evening in winter, Gertrude and Grizella were relaxing in the drawing room with their mother, sitting by the fire. They had been drinking copious amounts of wine and were a little worse for wear. Esmeralda had been feeling her bladder getting fuller for sometime but was reluctant to get up and leave the fireplace to go to the cold toilet room and release the building pressure. She finally had to go and stood up to leave. She moaned to her daughters about how inconvenient it was that they had to leave the nice warm fireplace just to pee. Then she said something that surprised the girls: “Do you know, I have half a mind to pee here, but I don’t have a chamber pot.” Then after a pause, “What does it matter, that lazy Cindy can clean it up, she doesn’t do anything” Esmeralda walked over to the corner of the room to the r get of the fire and lifted her copious skirts as she squatted down. Within a couple of seconds a splashing and pattering could be heard as her overfilled bladder released its pent up contents onto the bare stone floor as the girls looked on gobsmacked. “What are you looking at?” Quizzed Esmeralda. “You have seen me pee enough times before!” “Yes, maybe in the woods or in the chamber pot, but never on the floor” exclaimed Grizella. “What’s the difference? It can be mopped up. Cindy can deal with it later” “Well, that does make sense. I was about to go and pee myself. So, ..... would it be ok to follow your lead?” “Well of course. Two puddles are not much harder to clear than one. Do carry on.” By this time, Esmeralda’ jet was dwindling and the puddle was spreading out from under her skirts. She gave a quick bounce and stood up, allowing her full skirts and petticoats to fall back into place. Any stray drips being adsorbed by the petticoats as she sat back into her comfy chair. Grizella, was getting a little excited about the prospect of making the usual ordeal of peeing so much simpler. She stood and headed to the corner to the left of the fire where she followed her mother’s example and squatted above the waiting stone floor. “Oh that’s disgusting” exclaimed Gertrude. “You can’t pee there”. “Why not? Mother just did and we have been drinking a lot, so it is not like it is going to smell much or anything”. Grizella opened her flood gates. She lifted the front of her skirt and Gertrude could see her sister’s muff spraying a fan of pee in front of her, splashing down onto the waiting stone and also splashing her legs. “There you go”, said Esmeralda. “That’s so much better isn’t it.” Grizella sighed with relief “I don’t know why we haven’t done this before!” As she finished, she stood and held her skirt up a little as she walked away from the scene of her pee before letting her skirts fall back into place. “Well I am not stooping to your level” said Gertrude. As she stood and left the room, walked down the draughty corridor and squeezed herself and voluminous dress into the small chamber room, where she fought with her dress to lift everything high enough to sit on the toilet. Well, toilet may be a grand term for the contraption. All it was really was a wooden box with a hole cut in the top. The hall had been built to incorporate the device in an overhang which was over the outside walls and bodily excretia dropped to a stream below to be swept away from the hall. The icy drafts blew up from below and caused Gertrude some discomfort as she relieved herself, her own stream falling unhindered from the toilet and blowing away in the wind. The wind was strong, so most of it ended up being blown against the outer walls of the hall and adding to the streaks already present from years of use. When she finished, she straightened herself as best as possible in the confined space and returned to the drawing room. She saw her mother and sister enjoying another glass of wine and was slightly jealous that they hadn’t had to go through her ordeal. “Be a love and ring the bell, Gerty” her mother requested. Gertrude obediently pulled the cord which rang the servants bell in the cellar. Shortly after, Cindy appeared. “Yes m’lady” “Fetch us some more wine and you may need a bucket and mop - we’ve had a little spillage” Esmeralda said as she indicated the two puddles either side of the fireplace. As the evening wore on, the sisters and their mother became more drunk. They finally decided to head for bed, but they all needed to pee again. Esmeralda had no hesitation in backing up to the fireplace, lifting her skirt and peeing from a high squat onto the fire to quench it for the night. She did a good job with a high volume pee impacting the embers and instantly creating clouds of steam. Grizella repeated her performance of earlier, but this time she squatted directly in front of the chair as she was heading to bed, so the puddle wouldn’t cause her any issues. The uneven floor caused much of her pee to run backwards under the chair, where it would no doubt dry before being cleared up. Gertrude decided that if this was now accepted, she wasn’t going to repeat the trauma of going to the freezing chamber room, so she slid forward on her chair, bunched her skirts up behind her and after a bit of nervous pause, managed to release her bladder. Her nerves an uncertainty meant that she peed slowly and a fair bit of her pee ran down her bum cheeks to the front of the chair, the onwards down the upholstered front of the chair to the floor. The other two hadn’t realised what she was doing until she relaxed a bit and her stream increased, leaving her body with a distinctive hiss. Soon she was peeing a forceful stream directly onto the floor. “There you go” commented Esmeralda, “that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Secretly, Gertrude was actually enjoying her new found freedom and felt a tingling down there which she might just have to attend to in the privacy of her bedroom. They left the mess and retired for the evening, knowing that Cindy would be up before them and would clear up before it would cause them any issue in the morning. Chapter 3 - Cindy’s revenge Over the next few weeks, Cindy kept finding puddles around the place and dutifully cleared up as was expected, but she quietly resented the additional work and wished she could have the same freedom. She knew she couldn’t pee and leave it as she would be scolded, but she found that she could exact revenge in other subtle ways. On Tuesday, it was laundry day. Cindy dutifully collected the ladies’ clothes from their bedroom and brought them to the scullery. She knew she would not be disturbed as nobody else came down there. After Cindy had washed the clothes, she laid some of the girls’ best dresses on the floor and stood over them. She lifted her ragged dress and squatted down, releasing her own washing fluid onto the dresses. She took great pleasure in moving her body around to spray as much of the dresses as possible until they were well and truly soaked. She then left them to air dry before returning them to their owners with a faint, barely detectable odour. When she next saw the girls wearing the dresses, it gave her great pleasure to know that they were wearing her pee. Cindy was also finding it to be a pain to go upstairs from the cellar kitchen to the draughty toilet for a pee, so she started taking a leaf from her stepsisters book and finding other options - but ones where she wouldn’t need to clear up. The most common one was the scullery sink. Sometimes there would be pots and pans in the sink waiting to be washed, but that didn’t worry her. She would pull up her rags, reverse up to the sink and let fly all over the pots. After all, it helped to give them a pre-soak. Over time, Cindy resented her stepsisters more and more. She had a wicked idea and decided to pee a bit in their broth. Just a little at first. They didn’t notice. So next time it was a bit more. Still they didn’t complain. She upped the anti and started regularly peeing in the water that was used to cook vegetables, add her own flavour to soups and stews and even sometimes she would take a goblet of wine for herself and top up the bottle by holding it to her muff and releasing her bladder into it. As long as she served that bottle of wine once they were already drunk, they didn’t seem to notice. Chapter 4 - A walk in the woods Cindy had to go out in the woods to collect firewood. She had been out for a couple of hours when she felt the need to relieve herself. She was no stranger to peeing outside as she often ended up staying out for hours just to avoid her annoying stepmother and stepsisters. There was rarely anyone around these parts of the woods, so she didn’t worry too much about hiding herself. She simply squatted down where she was, lifted her ragged dress, exposing her naked bottom to the elements and released her bladder onto the mossy carpet of the woodland floor. However, on this particular occasion, just as she had assumed the position it happened that Prince Charming was out riding his horse and rounded a bend in the path to be greeted by the sight of Cindy’s beautiful derrière in the distance. He was mesmerised and quietly rode a bit nearer. Cindy didn’t notice as she was facing the other way. The Prince silently enjoyed the vision unfolding before him with Cindy’s pale cheeks on show and a glistening stream falling gently and almost silently to the springy moss below her. As the Prince was captivated by the beautiful sight, his horse whinnied. Cindy was startled, jumped up and turned to see the the well dressed gentleman and was mortified that he had caught her in full flow. She curtsied an apology and fled into the thick woods. The prince called after her to stop, but she knew the woods too well and was quickly gone. Over the next few days, the Prince couldn’t get the vision out of his mind and he was determined to meet this girl again, but How could he do that. He didn’t know her name or where she lived. He rode around that area over the next few days but didn’t see her anywhere. Then he came up with the idea of throwing a ball and inviting every lady in the area. Chapter 5 - The invitations Cindy was sweeping the hallway when the great door bell rang. She went to answer it and was greeted by a well dressed man who said he was representing Prince Charming. She showed him in to the Drawing room where Grizella, Gertrude and Esmeralda were sitting having morning coffee. The Prince’s aide announced the Prince’s decree that all ladies should attend a ball that Saturday evening and provided invitations for the four of them. The girls all got very excited, including Cindy, who had never been to a ball or seen the Prince (she didn’t know who it was who had seen her in the woods). No sooner was the Prince’s Aide gone than Grizella turned on Cindy saying “Well don’t think for a minute that you are going! The Prince wouldn’t want to see a scruff like you and you don’t have a dress!” Gertrude continued “And anyway, who is going to stay and clean the house? You will have so much to do that you won’t have the time.” Esmeralda snatched the ticket from Cindy’s hands “This is what your ticket deserves” as she tore it in half and threw it on the floor, then she proceeded to squat over it and pissed a torrent right there in the middle of the room so that the ticket became a soggy mess in a growing puddle. Cindy fled from the room down to the cellar where she slumped in a corner and wept. __________ That's as far as I've got. More to follow shortly.
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    An idea I've had in my head for a while. I'm planning for this to be an 'anthology'-type series rather than a long-running story arc. Shoutout to @Vassal, whose great story about Lavatria was one of the inspirations for the country where the rules don't apply -- hope you don't mind me pilching your ideas ... __________________________________ Before Simon had even found his seat on the weekly plane from Copenhagen to Kaymala, he could tell it was no ordinary place he was going. He had been stood in the queue to board the plane for what felt an age; first in the airport gate, then on the walkway, and then -- even once they'd boarded the plane -- there was a queue down the aisle as the people ahead stowed their luggage and got themselves seated. It seemed even more painfully slow than the London to Copenhagen flight before this had been to board. Of course, this wasn't too unexpected. The handful of travel blogs he'd been able to find for the little-known nation of Kaymala had warned not to expect snap-to-it efficiency from the locals. Kaymalans tended to have a more laidback, laissez-faire attitude to life -- and, as one of the blogs had said, wasn't that the point of going? Still, Simon's backpack was heavy, and the plane seemed uncomfortably hot. He was looking forward to sitting down. His first sighting of one of the unique aspects of Kaymalan life occurred while he was in that queue. They had come to a standstill about a quarter of the way down the plane. In front of Simon, a middle-aged man in a chequered shirt was shifting from foot to foot in what Simon had taken to be impatience. The queue showed no sign of moving. Suddenly the man in front of Simon shrugged, turned slightly to face an empty row of seats beside him, and unfastened his flies. Simon watched, wide-eyed, as the man peed on the floor in front of the empty seats. Piss arced forward in a clear stream, before splashing up from the hard floor and leaving damp flecks on the surrounding seats. Noticing Simon's gaze, the man gave him a friendly nod before turning his attention back to what he was doing. As the man shook himself dry, Simon glanced around the cabin. None of the other passengers seemed at all perturbed by the man now refastening his flies in the middle of the crowded plane. Of course, they were Kaymalans and were perfectly used to that sort of thing. This was their normal. In fact, now he was alert to it, Simon could see several of the other Kaymalans making themselves at home. Many of the other passengers had started to remove their outer clothing in the heated cabin. A few women had stripped down to their underwear, and at least one that Simon could see was naked from the waist up. A girl a few rows down was squatting to pee on the floor in front of her chair, chatting amicably with her friend as she did so. Beside Simon, a man in a business suit had booted up his laptop and was conspicuously watching porn while loosening his belt. It was as though these people were no sooner off foreign soil and into the Kaymala-owned aircraft than they couldn't wait to get back to the Kaymalan lifestyle. Simon couldn't help but stare at these sights, even though he knew that by doing so he was singling himself out as a tourist. The peeing teenager and her friend giggled at the astonished stare he gave them as he passed. The topless woman gave him a friendly wave when he tried and failed to be surreptitious in his ogling. The flight attendant raised her eyebrows at the way he gazed at her short skirt and low top. At last Simon reached his seat, almost at the very back of the plane. He had the window seat. The aisle seat was already taken by a blonde woman of about his own age, wearing a yellow sundress and black leggings. She stood up to let him pass, and he stowed his bag and sat down gratefully. Before she resumed her own seat, Simon was surprised to see her reach under her sundress and pull down both her leggings and panties. She folded these and pushed them inside her handbag, saying something to him in Kaymalan and laughing. Simon laughed as well, rather awkwardly. Her dress swayed as she clambered back into her seat, flashing him a brief glimpse of a shaved pussy. She either didn't notice she had flashed him or didn't care much, because she simply pulled out the in-flight magazine and started leafing through it. He turned to look out of the window, not wanting to come across as rude by staring. The plane taxied to the runway, accelerated, and took flight. The captain's voice came over the intercom to tell us, in Kaymalan and English, that we had left Copenhagen in good time, that we would land in Kaymala in just under two hours and -- her voice took on a reassuring tone -- that Kaymalan laws were of course in effect during the flight. Now he saw it up close, Simon noticed some of the ways this plane was set up for the Kaymalans. Each seat had its own footwell, sunk below the level of the floor, each with a sloping floor and a drain in one corner. On top of that, there was no carpet anywhere; the floors were plastic and rubber, and the seats were upholstered in leather. Even the in-flight magazine was printed on laminated paper to protect it from the damp. Simon couldn't help wondering if this wasn't a better system than the one the rest of the world used. The plane had a single toilet at the very back, but he didn't see a single person queueing outside it all flight. The blonde girl said something else to Simon. From her tone he thought it was a question. “I'm sorry, I don't understand,” he said. “Oh, you speak English?” she said, switching fluidly into English herself. “Where are you from?” “England, actually,” Simon said. “From London.” “Ah. Wow. We don't see many from England here,” she said. “Perhaps you find us a little strange?” Simon shrugged. “Some people do, I suppose.” “Anyway, what I said was, mind your feet,” she said. She folded back the front of her dress, baring her pussy for all to see, and she shuffled forward to the edge of her seat. Simon watched avidly as she used two fingers to spread her lips, and directed a stream of pee with some force into the space below the seat in front of her. Her piss was yellowish in colour, and smelt quite strongly. “To me, I think it's Europe that's strange,” she said, not taking her eyes off her stream. “So many rules.” Her stream petered out after a few seconds. She pushed out a couple of extra spurts, then wiped herself on the front of her dress, to Simon's chagrin putting her vagina out of view again. She went back to reading through the magazine, clearly thinking nothing of what had just happened. Simon knew that Kaymalans rarely travelled abroad. The culture of the tiny country was so unique, even compared to the rest of Scandinavia, that most Kaymalans preferred to stay within its borders. The country attracted very little tourism, perhaps for the same reasons. For Simon, though, the culture was a part of the attraction. He imagined finding a quiet beach resort, doing a spot of nude surfing, then going into a beachside bar where you could drink cocktails and piss on the floor until the sun set. Perhaps he would meet a girl at the bar, and they might find another Kaymalan way of passing the time. Looking around the cabin now that the seatbelt signs had been turned off, Simon could certainly see how Kaymalans liked to spend two hours when they were locked in a plane. Across the aisle from him, a truly beautiful woman with lush hair and gorgeous breasts had taken off her seatbelt and knelt down to give her boyfriend head. In front, the girl he had seen peeing earlier and her friend were both moaning, each with one hand down the other's trousers. In the row behind Simon, an older couple had leant their chairs back and were screwing each other under a blanket. Simon almost laughed at the blanket -- a bizarre gesture towards privacy. And yet among all this, there were also people reading the newspapers, playing games on their phones, listening to music. A clatter from the kitchens momentarily caught Simon's attention. Two flight attendants were busily preparing a drinks trolley to bring around. Both women had removed the uniform tops they had worn at the airport, revealing two pairs of full breasts. They now wore just gloves, boots, and their short, black skirts. After a few minutes they seemed to finish preparing the trolley, but they didn't bring it out straight away. As Simon watched, the closest lady to him reached under her skirt with one hand. For a few seconds she seemed to fiddle about with something up there. Then a stream of urine poured straight down between her legs. She didn't bother to squat but stayed standing, leaning on the side with her free hand and keeping up an uninterrupted conversation with the other stewardess. If he only looked at her from the waist up Simon would have had no idea that she was pissing in the middle of the kitchen floor. Once the woman had quite relieved herself, they brought the drinks trolley round. The couple behind Simon paused mid-coitus to order two glasses of wine. Simon himself ordered a coffee. The blonde woman next to him ordered the same, and also asked for some tissues. Simon took the coffee and sipped it cautiously. He was aware of a growing burden in his own bladder, which he would probably have to take care of before they landed. The blonde woman said something to Simon, but he didn't quite catch it -- he was distracted by the lush-haired woman across the aisle, who was now wiping her mouth and asking the stewardess for a glass of water, while her boyfriend fastened his trousers. “What was that?” Simon asked. “I said, how do you find Kaymalan people so far?” the blonde woman repeated. “I like it,” Simon said. “It's very different from home, but … in a good way.” The woman was fishing in her handbag. “Do you mind if I use this? I wouldn't ask, but since you're not Kaymalan I thought I'd check.” She pulled a vibrator from the bag and looked at Simon questioningly. Simon was taken aback once again, and not sure how to respond. He settled for saying, “Go for it.” She started to attend to herself, leaning back in her chair, eyes closed. Because her eyes were closed, Simon thought that there was no harm in him watching, which he did quite intently. Before long she began to moan under her breath. Her moans mingled with the grunts and gasps coming from the other passengers, creating a strange surround-sound of pleasure, punctuated by the occasional spatter of somebody pissing on the floor. The air in the plane had taken on a distinctive smell -- not the usual plane smell of unwashed bodies and bad breath, but various flavours of urine mixed together with cum and the smell that comes from sweaty naked people. Simon finished his coffee, still keeping one eye on the woman with the vibrator. He was damned horny, but more pressingly his bladder was feeling quite heavy now. It was time to do something about that. The blonde woman's eyes opened. Simon turned away quickly, trying to pretend he hadn't been staring, but she only laughed. “It's okay if you want to watch,” she said. “A Kaymalan would watch without feeling embarrassed.” Simon cleared his throat. “I was actually wondering … do you mind if I pee here? I sort of need to go.” At that she laughed again. “What else are you going to do, walk over to the toilet?” “So … should I stand up, or …” “It's up to you. Act like a Kaymalan: do whatever the fuck you want.” Simon shrugged and unfastened his jeans. He pulled his cock out with some difficulty; he had one hell of an erection. He adjusted his position in his chair and aimed down as much as he could. It took him a few seconds to get going. Perhaps he was shy. He had peed at urinals and sometimes in the swimming pool, but never anywhere as public as this. Eventually it started to come. He felt a mounting pressure in his bladder, becoming a tingling feeling as it moved towards his cock. At first only a few dribbles came, but then -- he relaxed some muscles and pushed with others -- then came a proper stream. It struck the back of the chair in front and spray flew off in all directions. He could feel droplets soaking into his jeans, and was sure a similar amount must have landed on the blonde girl's bare legs. Most of his piss washed down the chair back like a waterfall. It collected in the chair pocket before pouring out through holes that had been cut in the bottom. The blonde woman was watching through one eye, still panting as she moved the vibrator around. “You're learning quickly,” she said. “You have a good stream.” Simon kept pushing until his bladder was empty. His stream slowed to a dribble, then stopped completely. He shook himself off and squeezed to get the last drop of pee from the end of his penis, ignoring the shiver it sent through him to touch himself in his state of arousal. “You also have quite a stiffy there,” said the blonde girl. “Do you mind if I touch it?” “If you like,” said Simon. Thumbing her vibrator off, the woman reached over and wrapped one hand around his cock. Her skin was cool against his warmth. Her long fingers explored their way around his shaft, finding all the tender spots. He felt his breathing quicken, and she smirked. With her spare hand, she tucked the vibrator back into her handbag. “I don't think we need that any more,” she said. She pushed the armrest between them out of the way, and climbed up onto his chair, so that she was sitting astride his legs, facing him. She kept one hand on his cock and used the other to lift her skirt aside, as she guided him into her. “Let's give you a proper Kaymalan welcome,” she said, as she started to move forward and backward. Her face was flushed, her eyes wide, and Simon was sure the same must be true of him. In what felt like no time at all Simon felt himself reach his climax. He came inside her, shooting his fluid deep inside. She continued to grind against him, and a few minutes later she came as well, letting out a gasp that turned into a moan as her body tensed against his. For a few minutes they leant against each other, panting. The captain's voice came over the intercom to announce that she was turning the seatbelt signs back on as they began their descent. Several people groaned. The blonde woman laughed. “I think a few people will be finishing themselves off this flight,” she said. She clambered back into her own seat, using the tissues the stewardess had given her to wipe around her vagina, his cock and the front of his trousers. “Well, thank you for that. A more enjoyable flight than I expected to have.” “Likewise,” Simon said. “I never asked your name, by the way.” “It's Simon.” “Ellen,” she said, shaking his hand. “Look me up while you're in town.” The plane landed at the island's tiny airport, and the passengers started to file out. Ahead of Simon in the aisle he saw Ellen stop, lift her skirt and pee standing, her stream washing over the aisle's polished floor and slowly draining away. A few rows further on, he passed a man who was enthusiastically pissing over an entire row of chairs, watching the pee collect in the leather seats. At the plane doors, a topless stewardess smiled and bowed at Simon. “Welcome to Kaymala,” she said. Simon smiled. He was going to like it here.
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    A group of four of us decided to spend the weekend hiking in the mountains. There were two male friends, a female friend and me being the other female, this made for quite a good balance of male and female. We decided to go camping way up in the mountains and had to hike for about 2 hours to get to a place secluded and peaceful enough to sleep at for a few nights. We set up camp and got a fire going. Once we got settled we broke out a bottle of vodka we brought with us. We made a few mixed drinks and made sure to stay hydrated with water as well. I knew we were all going to have to keep using the bathroom outside all weekend, but I didn't know the protocol for how far away to go from your friends. I decided I would wait for someone else to have to pee first. One of my male friends, Joe, a tall, handsome, bearded, scruffy 22 year old stood up abruptly and announced he needed to take a piss. He walked over to a tree not too far from our campsite, maybe 25 feet away and unzips his pants, and pulls out his cock and just starts taking a piss. As he starts to pee, our other male friend Thomas stands up and walks over to the same tree and starts to unzip his pants. He pulls out his cock and pisses right beside Joe. They start laughing and making a joke that it must be the pissing tree. They come back and sit down when they are finished. I keep thinking about how it is harder for girls to pee than guys. Since I had a few drinks, I decided to be brave and just ask my friends if they had a problem with me peeing near the campsite. The sun had set and I didn't want to wander off alone at night to relieve myself. My guy friends made a joke that it was fine as long as the tent wasn't dripping. My shy female friend Sam started to blush and announced she was wondering the same thing although she tends to get pee shy. We all agreed as long as it wasn't too close to the tent it was okay. My guy friends even made a joke that they wouldn't have a problem watching or keeping lookout. I went with this and asked Joe to come with me while I peed. I said I was scared to go alone and didn't want to do it in front of the others. Joe agreed, and we walked a little bit down a trail and I made a joke about this being awkward. He laughed nervously. Joe confessed to me that girls peeing doesn't gross him out and it does quite the opposite. I asked him what he meant.... here he confessed to me that he gets a thrill from the idea of watching a girl spread her legs and piss in naughty places. This turned me on, I have always wanted to be watched.... Deciding to just go for it, I start to pull down my shorts and panties, I get in a squatting position and shine a flashlight onto my pussy. Then I start to let it flow, it comes out slowly at first since I am so nervous, but once it starts to come I am making a puddle on the dirt underneath me because it cannot take all of the piss coming out at once. I shake my pussy up and down a few times once it stops. I look up at joe and smile. I quietly pulled my pants up and started walking back to camp. By the time we got back, our friends had cracked open some beers as well as the vodka. I decided to have a beer myself. Eventually Sam mentioned she needed to pee and that she was shy about it. We kept encouraging her that there was nothing to be shy about. I told her I wouldn't care if she peed right in front of my face, hoping it would lighten the mood. I glanced over at Joe and he added in "yeah doesn't bother me". Then Thomas gets up and turns his back away from the fire, towards all of us talking, and walks to the side of all of us, pulls out his cock and starts pissing right next to everyone. He shouts "see, nothing to be shy about....". This makes all of us laugh. Sam gets up and says she is going to go pee now, she walks a few feet away, finds this tree stump, pulls down her jean shorts, sits on the tree stump, spreads her legs and uses the edge of the tree as a toilet. She lets her piss flow down the stump of the tree, pooling near her feet. You can almost see her pussy except for it being a tad too dark. She continues like this for quite some time, once she gets up there is a long dark shadow on the tree stump where she relieved herself. After Sam comes back from watering the trees, I realized I have to piss again for the second time. I decide to be brave and go right in front of everyone. I am sitting on the ground near the fire, and just scoot my shorts off of myself and spread my legs open, as I am already sitting on the ground. All of my friends are staring at me in disbelief. I make a joke about them looking, but then I tell them I really don't mind and kind of like the attention. I start to piss right there in front of everyone with my legs spread open. A puddle forms between my legs. As the last bits trickle out, I start to stand up and pull my shorts back up. I then sit down next to my puddle on dry ground and continue talking like nothing happened. My friends all start laughing. Both of the guys have noticeable chubs at this point..... To be continued....
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    This story is a continuation of the stories with my characters Nina and Katie. Thank you so much for your continued feedback and criticism -- you all have been very welcoming and accepting of my stories! Without further ado... This story contains content that may be objectionable to some, namely themes of vandalism, theft, and malicious intent. All characters and events are works of fiction. Thank you! Pee Vandalism with Nina and Katie - Stress Relief --------------------- "For fuck's sake, Nina! Make up your mind!" Katie squirmed around as her raven-haired friend calmly walked around, meandering between the designer lingerie and formalwear. "I thought we came out to make me feel better, but you're just pissing me off!" Nina turned to look at her blonde bestie and flashed an innocent smile. It was true after all -- Katie had been in a bad mood because her client last night insisted on watching her repair his leaky faucet; she had no opportunities for the naughtiness she so looked forward to during her jobs. To help lift her spirits, Nina decided to take her friend to the immense shopping mall downtown. "I think I'm juuust about done," Nina replied coyly to Katie who was now bouncing around. Since the department store they were in wasn't crowded in the least, Nina knew that Katie wouldn't hesitate to squat down on the carpet and relieve herself in plain sight if she reached her limit. After picking out one more dress from the shelf, Nina motioned to Katie with her head. "Okay, I'm ready!" Katie grumbled something inaudible as she hopped over to Nina. As she looked at the clothes Nina had chosen, she couldn't help but roll her eyes. "WHY did you pick so many? You know this store is hella expensive and I swear you just went and picked up the most expensive shit!" By now, Nina was grinning widely. "Yup!" she winked as she grabbed her friend by the arm and hastily led her -- not to checkout -- but to the fitting rooms. As she closed an empty stall's door behind them, Nina could see Katie's eyes start to light up as she began to put two and two together. "Well?" Nina asked with a smirk. "You have to piss right?" Nina knew her friend well. She knew that the best way to raise Katie's spirits was to let her fuck things up in her own kinky way. She knew that there was nothing that gave Katie more pleasure than to vandalize things at the expense of others for her own relief -- the more destructive, the better. The added bonus for such impish behavior in the mall of all places was the fact that someone would inevitably have to clean up after the girls... but this was of no concern to them. For the first time that day, Katie smiled. "Ninaaaa you're such a dirty bitch!" Katie laughed approvingly as she began to unzip her black sports jacket. Prepared as always, the athletic young blonde surprised her friend by revealing the fact that she was not wearing underwear. Beneath her jacket, she wore the shortest of skirts -- if it could even be called that as it displayed Katie's pussy in full view -- and nothing else. With her jacket open, Katie stood topless with her breasts out and no fabric to interrupt the urine that she so desperately wanted to release. Still, Katie controlled herself. "Whatcha get, then?" Katie asked as she hastily continued to bounce in place. "Seriously, check out the price tags on these!" Nina exclaimed as she held up the designer lingerie that she had picked out. "You'll like this one!" she quipped as she showed Katie a crotchless white thong that somehow just seemed to make the act they were about to commit more disrespectful. "Nice!" Katie grinned as she ripped off the tag and pulled it on. "As for the dresses..." Nina continued with a smirk, "just piss on em. I chose the most expensive ones they had!" Nina could see Katie's nipples hardening as her friend was no doubt imagining herself ruining such expensive merchandise with her pee. Horny at the thought as well, Nina began to strip her own clothing off to stand in front of Katie in the nude. Then, after carefully hanging her clothes and Katie's jacket on the door hanger, Nina also proceeded to don some of the lingerie that was about to be ruined -- more white articles of clothing made out of the finest textiles. Finally, Nina neatly laid the dresses out all over the carpet, in clear shot of Katie's shaven pussy. Altogether, hundreds of dollars of garments adorned the floor. Katie was now breathing heavily, clearly savoring the moments building up to her naughtiness. As the blonde yet struggled to prolong this anticipation, a few droplets of amber began to patter down onto the silken white gown directly beneath her. Nina provocatively knelt down in front of her friend, popping a nipple out of her bra and running her fingers over her covered pussy. "Pee." Nina murmured seductively. Katie let out a small moan as she squat down slightly and began to spray her warm urine all over the clothes on the floor -- including those worn by Nina. The stream soon became an audible hiss and she peed with enough force to send drops of yellow ricocheting across the stall. Nina found herself awash with ecstasy as Katie's warm piss danced across her body and the fine textiles beneath her. Her friend was quite intentionally swaying her hips from side to side to leave nothing in the room unsoaked. The walls were dripping with urine, the carpet beneath them began to squelch, the lighter colored garments were stained an unsightly yellow, ...and her friend was still peeing. Thoroughly enjoying every moment, Katie got down on her hands and knees while continuing to pee steadily. She arched her back and aimed her round little tush (which was nicely accentuated by her useless thong) towards the clothes that could still soak up some of her urine. Holding the sopping articles in her hands, she held them up to her peeing pussy to cause maximum damage, and continued to do so until her stream slowed to a small trickle before stopping completely. "Ahh!" Katie let out a satisfied sigh, showing no signs of remorse for having destroyed hundreds of dollars worth of clothing purely for her pleasure. Indeed, nothing in the small fitting room lay dry. The garments were a sopping mess, the carpet was saturated with her piss, and even the walls showed urine stains that may or may not clean off. Nina ran her hands through her hair -- she was covered in her friend's piss, and the experience only made her hornier. She snapped off her bra and panties by ripping through the delicate fabric, casually tossing them into the pile of soaking fabric. "Here, let me get you something to wipe with!" Nina giggled mischievously as she tore the fabric from one of the dresses to hand her friend. Katie laughed as she accepted the obviously wet piece of fabric and ran it across her pussy nonetheless. She then tore off the thong that had been so powerless to stop her urine, scrunched it up, and tossed it into the pile as well. "Well that felt DAMN good!" Katie exclaimed, obviously in much better spirits. "Let's get dressed and get out of here!" Since Katie wasn't quite as soaked as Nina, she quickly slipped on her skirt and covered her exposed skin with her jacket. She then stepped out of the stall, peered around, and snatched up a cute little sweater to bring back to Nina. "Here, dry yourself off with this." Nina did as she was told, dropped the sweater to the floor, and dressed herself to leave the scene of the crime. Now that Katie had set the mood, Nina now had to plot some naughtiness of her own... "Yep, I know that look," Katie smiled as she hurriedly left the store with her friend. "You need to take a piss now too. Don't worry, I think I know just the place!" Nina stood wide-eyed in front of the store her friend brought her to. "A bookstore?!" Nina gasped as her face began to redden. "Aw don't worry!" Katie chuckled, "I've pissed here before! The place is huge and there's no one ever around. Plus," Katie added with a mischievous smile, "the place has rows and rows of toilet paper for you to pick from!" This seemed to sell Nina on the idea. Not only was she too horny to actually care, the idea of defiling books of all things proved too tantalizing to handle. Plus, this was a perfect opportunity for her to use her new article of clothing. "Surprise!" Nina announced sweetly as she pulled out a white crotchless thong from her handbag. It was identical to the one Katie had worn earlier, but it clearly hadn't been worn. "You little minx!" Katie laughed in amusement. Nina had stolen it from the store -- an activity that neither girl was a stranger to -- and now she clearly intended to use it. "You saw the price!" Nina giggled as she quickly slipped into a corner of the bookstore. Katie had been right -- the store was practically empty and Nina had no problem staying out of sight as she tugged off the black panties that she wore under her own skirt and put on the thong. "The fresh air on my pussy feels nice," Nina whispered to Katie with a laugh. "Now let's see... what do I want to piss on?" Katie was excited. Since Nina was wearing a skirt, it wouldn't be hard to be discreet while peeing unhampered with underwear. As Nina set out to find a secluded area as far as possible from the checkout counter, Katie browsed around for books that would be fun to vandalize. Without paying any attention to the titles themselves, Katie walked around the aisles looking only at the prices. After some deliberation, the naughty little blonde picked out a large book with elegant gold-tipped pages. Plenty of absorbent material here. Nina settled on an aisle towards the back of the store that offered large bookshelves filled with heavy books that would hide her misdeeds. It was about time too -- Nina didn't have the same bladder control as her friend and was starting to feel the desperate urge to relieve herself. "Thanks!" she grinned as Katie came back to hand her the book. "This is perfect!" Slightly disappointed that stripping would prove difficult in the store, Katie instead opted to whip out her phone to make a video of her friend's naughty pee. Nina was now squirming a little bit, clearly intending to hold her bladder for as long as possible. Finally, Nina's little pee-pee dance seemed to become too much for the meek raven-haired girl to bear and Nina hastily put the book on the floor, pages open to soak up any liquids that may be dribbled against them. Then, to Katie's surprise, Nina pulled up her skirt to flash her ass and uncovered pussy, twirled around, and sat down on the book. "You wanted a show, right?" Nina giggled as she wriggled around to feel the pages crinkle beneath her ass cheeks. Clearly caught in the thrill of the act, Nina also pulled up her shirt to flash the camera her erect nipples. "Here it comes~!" Nina whispered in a sing-song voice. Katie watched her friend relax her muscles and began to see her start to dribble a golden stream of urine across the book's pages. Nina was intentionally peeing slowly, but Katie could still make out a soft hiss as Nina's pee began to slowly pool into the book's spine and spread across the pages. Getting bolder about the damage she was causing, Nina then adopted a squatting position and began to pee with more force. Though the sounds were still muffled, anyone in the aisle could clearly make out the telltale sounds of urine splattering against paper. Nina giggled to herself as she reached below her to flip through the pages. As she continued to pee with more force, she watched as her piss quickly saturated page after page before starting to pool around the soggy book into the carpet. Katie watched with glee as the book lay soaked in her friend's pee. But then, as she continued to watch her friend relieve herself, Katie gasped. Nina still had plenty of urine to spare, and was not intent on stopping at ruining just one book. Clearly horny from the vandalism she was committing, Nina stood up and aimed her pussy directly at the books sitting on the shelf in front of her. Unapologetically, Nina pissed strong and hard over the books, treating the entire shelf as if it were her own personal urinal. She swayed her hips from side to side to drench as many books as possible, watching as her urine pooled on the upper shelves only to drip down to the shelves below. She kept this up until her warm spray slowed, and emptied the last of her urine directly onto the carpet below her. Katie sat in awe. This girl was fearless. If anyone had come close to entering the aisle, the two of them would have been caught red-handed. Nina had just ruined an entire shelf of books, doubtlessly causing irreversible damage. Calmly, Nina walked over to one of the books on the shelf opposite to her and ripped out a page. Toilet paper indeed. Gleeful at the added insult to injury, Nina ended up tearing out pages from a couple different books to wipe her pussy with, then promptly dropped them over the sopping book that she had been sitting on. Katie whispered excitedly, "Fuck yeah, girl! Let's get out of here though -- this entire aisle smells like your piss!" As Nina quickly adjusted her clothes to cover herself back up, she accidentally stepped on the book that she had so thoroughly peed over. "What book was this, anyways?" Nina asked, amused at the squelching mess of papers beneath her feet. Katie laughed. "The Bible, you dirty bitch!" She took Nina's hand and began to lead her out of the store before she heard a voice from the counter. "Young ladies?" A kind voice inquired. "Is there anything I could help you two angels find today?" With her heart pounding, Katie quickly thanked the clerk and declined so that they could escape as quickly as possible. When the two girls finally felt far enough away to breathe easy, Katie couldn't help but feel giddy. "Angels, huh?" she giggled, watching Nina smirk. No angels would be caught dead engaging in the sinful lust the two girls had participated in that evening. The girls had ruined an immense amount of property -- they vandalized the belongings of others with their pee for pure pleasure and nothing else. Katie felt aroused at the thought of Nina's book still sitting in the aisle, covered with pee, and the fact that someone else would have to clean up after her horny little escapade. "Feel better, Katie?" Nina asked sweetly, herself feeling satisfied from their actions that day. "...yeah," replied Katie with a smile. "Can't wait to go back next time!"
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    After our wetting experience was over, we all three looked at each other, smiling but also realizing nothing would be the same between us. Tara was the first to break the quiet moment. “More drinks?” she asked. Jennifer and I agreed and Tara reached behind the bar and took out some glasses, a bag of ice, some strawberries, a lime, and the bottle of Bacardi. She took all of this to the blender and was soon making us all daiquiris. She handed mine to me and then Jennifer’s and took her own and walked to the other couch across from us. I took a sip and right away tasted the rum. “Strong,” I said, laughing. Tara just smiled her now-familiar wicked smile. “Okay, so I have to know,” Jennifer said. “How long has this been going on?” “What?” Tara asked. “You know what,” Jennifer said. I took another sip of my drink and laughed. “Out with it,” Jennifer said. “Fine,” Tara said, sighing and taking a sip of her drink. “It started when I was in college. I lived in the dorms, and my roommate was a party girl. I didn’t mind, though, because she never partied in the room, and I met a lot of cute guys through her when I joined her at a few parties. But she came back smashed a lot, like almost every night. There was one night she came in and tried to be quiet, but she made a lot of noise struggling to get up into her bunk. I watched her in the darkness but didn’t say anything to let on that I was awake. She eventually gave up trying to climb the ladder and just stood next to our beds. I heard her curse, and then she said, ‘I don’t really want to stumble all the way out there.’ “I had no clue what she was talking about, assuming she was just really drunk, but I kept watching her. She sighed and walked over to the corner of our dorm room. It was a little tougher to see her in the dark corner, but a few seconds after she stepped over there I heard a soft hissing sound. I tried and tried to figure out what it might be, and every time my brain came back to the same thing. She was peeing on our dorm room floor. I finally had to say something.” “’Uhh, Danielle, what are you doing?’ I asked. She gasped, but she didn’t seem to move from her spot in the corner, and the sound continued. ‘I’m really sorry, Tara. I just really had to pee, and I’m too drunk to make it out to the bathroom. I’ll clean it up in the morning, I swear.’ All I could think to say in return was, ‘Umm…okay.’ I was also amazed that she continued to pee a full hissing stream even while talking to me. ‘Thank you,’ she said. ‘I really had to go. Ohh, that feels much better.’ I still couldn’t see very well, but the sounds of her pleasure and relief were unmistakable. Speaking of relief…” Tara sat up and spread her legs. She sighed and a steady stream of urine sprayed from between her bare pussy and soaked the couch cushion under her. She took another sip of her drink as she continued to warm her seat with a hot gush of pee. “Mmm, that’s nice,” she said. “Anyway, back to the story,” she continued, still peeing. “Danielle finally stopped peeing, and I really didn’t know what to say. She walked back over and grabbed her covers and pillow from the top bunk and threw them onto the floor next to our bunks. I noticed she was naked from the waist down. ‘Thank you,’ she said. ‘I understand if you’re grossed out and you want a new roommate, but I had to go.’ I told her it was okay, that it happens sometimes, and she then asked me if I’ve ever been caught short like that. I told her I had, and she pried further until I told her about an accident after work when we were really busy, and we locked up after closing, and I realized too late that I hadn’t used the bathroom. I didn’t make it home, but had to pull off and still ended up wetting my work uniform. Luckily, no one was up when I got home and I changed and showered.” I heard a hissing sound next to me and looked over to see Jennifer licking her lips and sighing. She was sitting normally, though, but the sound and her expressions of relief made it obvious what she was doing. Tara just smiled and continued her story. “So as I’m telling this, I notice movement under Danielle’s covers. She kind of has her legs apart and I gasp when I realize she’s touching herself. ‘Are you masturbating?’ I asked. ‘I am,’ she said. ‘Alcohol makes me randy as hell.’ I laughed. ‘And so does peeing.’ ‘Peeing makes you horny?’ I asked. I was more confused than bothered by it. ‘Well, not like any peeing. It’s not like I get off every time I go to the bathroom. But, like…what I just did…and like in your story…I get off on peeing places I shouldn’t.’ I honestly didn’t know what to say, but I could hear her still rubbing herself like it didn’t even matter that I was right there. And to be honest, I felt kind of horny, too, just from hearing her sighs of pleasure.” I moved in my seat, feeling the pressure in my bladder grow, but I wasn’t ready to release it yet. Tara and Jennifer both looked at me, probably expecting something. “Sorry,” I said, “not yet.” They both laughed. “Anyway, she kept rubbing herself, and in spite of how awkward this whole thing was I found myself reaching under my covers and slipping a finger between my panties to rub myself, too, but being as quiet and subtle as I could. It didn’t matter, though, because Danielle wasn’t subtle at all. Her sighs had become moans and gasps, and I could see her silhouette in the dark room squirming and writhing. She was really into it. ‘Oh my god,’ she said, ‘I’m gonna come. Ohhh!’ She moved and bucked and gasped and then stretched out on the floor and sighed as her climax ended. The sounds of her pleasure and the feel of my fingers stroking my clitoris sent me into my own orgasm, and I bit my lip to keep from screaming, too.” “Wow,” Jennifer said. “Oh, that’s not even the end,” Tara said. As I was coming down, Danielle said, ‘Oh, I always have to pee after I come. Ah, what the hell.’ And I kid you not, she just sighed and I heard her warm pee dribbling as she just laid there and let it out. ‘Sorry,’ she said again. ‘I really will clean it up in the morning.’ I told her it was no big deal, but then I realized I also had to go.” I finally felt the pressure growing enough that I needed relief, so I sat up in my seat, put my legs under me and spread them slightly. I sighed and let my pee go in a steady dribble that splashed against the couch cushion. I sat back and relaxed as I felt some of it absorb into the cushion under me, warming my bottom, and some of it continued to splash and dribble all over my butt, vagina and thighs. “Nice,” Tara said and smiled at me. “Anyway, I knew I needed to pee, too, now, so I had this debate in my head. Do I get up and make the trip down the hall to the bathroom? Thinking that was the sensible thing to do, I sat up and started to get out of bed. Danielle asked where I was going, and I told her. ‘Seriously?’ she said. ‘I just peed on our dorm room floor…twice. You don’t have to walk out there if you don’t want.’ I sat still, wondering if she was serious. ‘For real, Tara. This might be the only time you don’t have to walk all the way down the hall just to pee.’ I laughed. ‘Well what do you want me to do, pee on the floor, too?’ I asked. ‘Do whatever you want,’ she said. ‘Just go over in the corner like I did.’ I couldn’t believe this was happening, but it was kind of thrilling, too. I wanted to, but it seemed so wrong. ‘You really don’t mind?’ I asked. She laughed. ‘No, I don’t mind.’ I heard hissing next to me again and looked to see Jennifer smiling and biting her lip as she warmed the cushion under her again. “Ohhh, god,” she said as the hissing grew louder and I could see a puddle forming under her before soaking slowly into the cushion. “Feel good?” Tara asked. Jennifer just nodded. “So, I got up from my bed and walked over to the corner of the room. I felt the wet carpet on my feet and giggled, surprised that I wasn’t more grossed out that I had just stepped in my roommate’s pee. But by now I knew I would be adding to it anyway. I felt the pressure growing, so I stood still and waited until I knew I couldn’t hold it any longer. I knew I wanted to try just standing there and going through my panties like Danielle had done, but at first nothing would come out. ‘Just close your eyes,’ Danielle said, ‘and imagine you’re in the bathroom, on the toilet, about to go.’ I did as she said, and still nothing. ‘Have you ever peed in the shower?’ she asked. I said yes, that I had, lots of times. ‘Picture that, then,’ she said. I closed my eyes and imagined I was standing in the shower. I could feel my pee getting close, so I reached down and pulled my panties aside. Within a few seconds, a small dribble started and I gasped when it came out. Danielle laughed. ‘Feels good, doesn’t it?’ All I could do was mumble as the dribble became a steady flow that trickled down my legs and splashed to the floor. Not caring anymore, I brought my legs together and sighed as I just emptied my bladder into my panties and let it run down my legs. I gasped again, and I must have had another small orgasm because my knees got weak and I thought I was going to collapse with pleasure. When I finished, I slipped my soaked panties off, left them in the floor, and crawled back into bed. I could hear more dribbling coming from Danielle. ‘Sorry,’ she said, ‘had to go some more.’ I laughed. “Two more times that night I heard dribbling and hissing coming from Danielle. And when the alarm woke us up the next morning, she looked up at me and smiled as she emptied her morning bladder right there where she lay. The carpet under her was soaked. I smiled and sat up at the foot of my bed, facing the corner where we had peed the night before. I could see the dark wet spots from where we had peed there. I had to pee, too, but instead of getting up and walking to the corner I just hung my legs over the edge of the bed and scooted my bare bottom out then let it go. That was the beginning of a friendship that messed me up forever. We scrubbed the dorm floors, but after that Danielle and I looked for opportunities to pee other places: the library, lounges, at parties, and sometimes we would sneak off and masturbate. That was how it started.” Jennifer and I both applauded, and Tara leaned forward into a small bow. When she sat back up, she smiled and sighed and we could see a puddle forming under her again. “And now I’ve messed you two up,” she said. We all laughed.
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    *** Not my best work by any means but I hope you enjoy it!*** “I can’t believe you!” Chloe hissed as I pulled out my pocket mirror. “We’re running late now, you’re lucky he didn’t leave without you. You have no idea how much begging I’ve had to do tonight! And why wasn’t you answering your phone?!” “Sorry, I fell asleep in the bath.” I started applying my makeup, it wasn’t going to be anything fancy tonight. A little foundation, some blusher, maybe some mascara if I had time. I wasn’t going to look my best but on the other hand, Chloe looked gorgeous. She was wearing a little black dress and clearly spent a lot of time with her makeup. She had even curled her hair! “You fell asleep?! Unbelievable… anyway, I’m sorry. Just a bit stressed. How are you? Looking forward to the party?” “I’m good! Can’t wait for the party. We might have lost on the court but let’s see if we can beat these girls on the dancefloor. I do really need a wee though.” “No going on the seat!” she giggled I laughed and finished putting on my makeup as we headed off to the party. Not much more was said between us, just idle chit chat and before I knew it we was pulling up at Barrington Hall. I thanked the driver and apologised for the delay as me and Chloe got out of the car and headed inside to find the girls. The party was already in full swing with dance music playing, a dancefloor set up and a small bar at the back. It didn’t take us long to find the rest of the girls and Chloe jokingly told them how she was going to kill me for making us late. I tried to laugh along but my mind was entirely focussed on my bladder, I really needed to go. I scouted around the hall but found no toilets. “Um… I don’t suppose you know where the toilets are do you? I’m about to wet myself here.” “Good luck with that!” Sarah laughed “They’re upstairs but it’s a single bathroom and there’s a huge line. Renee went a while back and she was gone so long we were about to send a rescue party for her!” It wasn’t looking good. There was no way I would be able to wait in line and I really didn’t want to wet myself in front of everyone. “I’ll just have to go outside then. I can’t wait much longer.” “I’ll join you” Michelle replied, quickly followed by “Me too!” from Sarah, and a “and me!” from Karen. “Well, we can’t all go together, it’ll be too obvious. How about we split up, all find somewhere to pee and then meet up again in ten minutes?” We agreed it was a good idea and all split off to find some relief. Renee and Chloe got the drinks for us while they waited. My first thought was the garden, on the way there we drove past the edge of it and it looked like the perfect place to pee. A large grassy field surrounded by a hedge at all sides. However, as soon as I stepped outside I realised my plan wasn’t going to work. The party had spilled outside and there was lots of people on the grass drinking and having a good time. They would see me. I noticed a very small path next to the hall, presumably leading to the front so I quickly went into there. I walked to the end, hitched up my dress and squatted, immediately starting a very strong hissing stream that jetted across the width of the path. I couldn’t help but groan with relief. I shut my eyes and titled my head back, fully enjoying the sensation of hot pee gushing out of my pussy. That’s why they call it the great outdoors. I suddenly heard the sound of heels and my eyes flew open, praying I wasn’t about to get caught. I could see a tall shadow just next to the path and then a woman came around the corner. It was Karen! “Fancy seeing you here! Great minds think alike huh? Sorry babe but I can’t find anywhere else and I can’t wait!” A smile grew on my face as I watched Karen hike up her dress, showing she wasn’t wearing knickers and bent over in a very high squat. Moments later there was a faint hissing as she started peeing, it cascading down the wall and pooling between her feet. It was such a beautiful sight and I was impressed by how her legs were staying dry. I finished peeing and stayed, admiring the huge puddle in front of me and waiting for Karen to finish. I couldn’t get past her until she was done. She had an impressive river running down the wall and across the path, watering the hedge. After about a minute she sighed and finished peeing just as quickly as she started. “C’mon Soph, let’s get out of here before we’re caught” I followed her down the path and we quickly sneaked back into the house, pretending nothing had happened. Michelle, Renee and Chloe caught our attention and passed us our drinks while we waited for Sarah. “So Michelle, where did you end up going? Me and Karen just bumped into each other outside, she nearly flooded the place” Karen giggled and we high fived. “Erm… the toilets?” We was confused, there was a huge line, remember? “The queue Renee joined was for the ladies, what she didn’t realise was at the other end of the hall was the gents and it was completely empty, but exactly like the ladies. No urinal for me!” We all smiled but secretly we preferred our location much better. Why use the mens toilets when you can answer natures call in nature itself? About five minutes later Sarah came back with a very excited expression on her face. I opened my mouth to ask her where she had been but she interrupted me. “You will NOT believe what I’ve just done!” We all leaned in, intrigued and equally excited. “I went upstairs and saw the line for the ladies so kept going to the next floor, hoping to find some bathrooms there. Well…” she paused to giggle, unable to contain her excitement. “Well… the next floor up is the bedrooms! The first door I opened had a huge four post bed and I started leaking so I didn’t really have much choice.” “Tell me you peed on the floor Sarah, surely even you aren’t that naughty” Michelle laughed “Nope!” Sarah almost shouted “I peed on the bed! I moved the covers to one side, lifted my dress and sat down like a toilet. Oh it was such a long wee-wee!” We couldn’t believe it. “I wonder if anyone will get a wet surprise tonight!” We all finished our drinks and headed to the dancefloor, joining the girls who we played against earlier. It was time to shake what our mamas gave us while we waited for our bladders to refill. There was no way we’d be using a toilet after this kind of start…
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    Hey, so my sisters and I have been into pee play for quite some time. We actually got started really young, because we are triplets. We actually figured out our streams and arc are almost exactly alike too, so we would do things like squat facing each other and start going at the same time, the two opposing streams would arch up and hit splashing all over the place and making us giggle. The other thing's we can pretty much synchronize when we start. So if we want to, all three of us can count down and pee in unison. I have an advantage though; my bladder's bigger so I get to pee even after my sisters run dry. I'm writing, because we did something fun at our third cousin's wedding. She was getting married to her girlfriend and extended family got invited. During the service, we ducked out saying we needed to pee. Our Mom knows we often have to go at the same time, so nothing surprising there. We got out in the hall and ducked around a corner the opposite direction of the bathrooms and found a kitchen, since this was rental space for parties. There was no one there, we were doing food after the service. My youngest sister (came out last...), took her panties off under her dress and went immediately to the fridge. She opened both doors because it was side by side and then hopped her butt onto the counter across from it. With a little bit of shuffling she got her dress situated and started shooting her spent urine all over the contents of both sides. My other sister helped by opening containers and moving fruit around. There was a 3 gallon package of ice cream that got a little melty, well-watered down, and eventually refrozen. I went next and decided the stove needed a good washing. Since my younger sister had just finished wiping (with my other sister's tongue LOL), she came over and helped me up to the counter. I stood all the way up to take down my pants and undies, and popped a squat next to the cook-top. I peed over most of it before she lit a gas burner and then I got to extinguish it. We repeated it with all 4 and I was able to put out the whole flame ring on each. We made sure the gas was off when we were done playing I was still quite full though, so I tensed up and blocked my hole with a finger, hopped off, and opened oven door. I can just barely pee standing if I have something to lean against, so my sister helped me out. I was able to douse the inside really well with her directing my piss. She wiped me with her hand and licked her fingers clean. However, that was when we noticed our older sister had disappeared. We looked around, but my younger sister actually heard the hiss of our sister’s flow through a door at the back of the kitchen. As it turns out there was a second entrance to an office at the back. She had completely removed her shoes and pants (she goes commando) and was on this big desk launching pee all over the flat screen monitor and keyboard/mouse. We both came over and she, with our help to balance, turned to face the chair without stopping. I said I had an idea, so we moved the chair being careful not to get in the flow. Then my sister and I lifted our peeing sister off the desk and walked her around the room to spray anything we wanted like a squirt gun. We drenched a shelf of awards, a sofa, there was a suit jacket on a hall tree that got rained over, we carried her back to the desk and made a small lake that turned into a water fall as it dripped over the edge, and finally we just let the rest go on the carpet. We set her on her feet and she got dressed, before we headed back to our seats. Mom asked why it took so long and we said the toilet only had two stalls (that is true, we checked) and we were all clear. There was more, but that happened at the reception. If you are interested in hearing about us doing a simultaneous pee, just give this post some love. I think I'll let one my sisters write it, but only IF we get enough feedback. ;P
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    Hi My name is Sarah. I'm 45. And - often in the company of my best friend and partner in crime, Barbara, who is also 45 - I like to vandalise, ruin, and destroy things, by pissing on shit!. As does Barbara. It's our thing! And we have never been caught! We are good at what we do and getting away with it. Occasionally, we go on fetish sites to share our confessions. Many love it. Others disapprove strongly. Some of you reading this might be thinking, "Come on girls, sexy ladies peeing all over the place is great but deliberately ruining other people's shit for fun isn't cool!" But hey! It is what it is, guys. I'm not going to sanitise it for you. Neither of us really worries too much about it from a moral viewpoint. That boat sailed out of sight years ago. We just kind of think of it as collateral damage for our fun and not our problem. Think that's bad? Well, let be tell you this. Go on the dark web, buddies, and take a look around! There are far worse things for a couple of ladies to be into, let me tell you! But how did it start? How did we get into doing this stuff? I guess for me the catalyst was the discovery of my parents secret stash of porn videos. And in those pre-internet days it really was actual video cassettes. Thing is - and parents out there take note - kids are often far more up to speed with parents' secret hiding places than they realise Now my parents were good parents. They never encouraged me to pee all over the place or anything like that, nor did they do random stuff like pee on the floor in my presence like it was normal. They raised me right and I "knew" that peeing somewhere other than the toilet was "wrong" and "dirty". Which later just added to the fun when I started doing it, lol. But my parents never encouraged me to be a piss vandal. So what I have become cannot be laid at their door. Well, apart from the fact that they maybe should have been more careful about where they stashed their porn! Lol Because those vids really were an eye opener. There were about 8 of them altogether, and every one of them featured people - mostly women - peeing. So they hid it from me pretty well but apparently this was their thing. The vids were mostly German language, with people peeing on each other with obvious pleasure. And there were scenes featuring ladies peeing on carpets and tables and beds and all sorts which - to be frank - was turning me on. And this was something of an eye-opener for me, the first time I became aware that peeing where you shouldn't could be a turn on. But one film was an amateur production. And clearly home made. And with my own parents' camcorder by the looks of it, haha. Because the first scene I came across was of two women in their 30s, naked, and squatting and pissing on the kitchen floor with obvious grins of pleasure. And I recognised the fucking kitchen as ours!!! In another scene - thankfully I didn't recognise the location - there was the sound of music and much chatter in the background. Obviously a party of some kind. But this scene featured a bedroom into which two women strode, both only wearing bikinis. Guess it must have been high summer. I recognised one of the women as one of the barmaids at the pub my parents sometimes drink in! And she and the other lady were joking about how much it would piss him off - no idea who "he" was - when he found that someone had pissed on his bed. And they both got up onto the bed after removing their bikini bottoms - and started pissing on it, laughing about how much fun it was to fuck his bed up and imagine him finding it later. And from behind the camera I heard mum's distinctive laugh. She was the one fucking filming it!! And it looked like those two women were deliberately pissing on someone's bed behind his back, and laughing at the idea of such deliberate vandalism. This triggered a spark in my brain. The notion of pissing all over someone's stuff and wrecking it for sexual pleasure was something I was getting seriously turned on by. The piss vandal that I became was - if not born then, at least conceived at this moment as I watched this vid. Then I fast forwarded and stumbled across a particularly disturbing scene. Because there was a VCR on the floor of someone's carpeted living room, and one of the two naked women who were stood over it and pissing on both it and the carpet was none other than my own mum! She was clearly loving it as well, which was difficult to get my head around. No idea to this day whose room, carpet, or VCR that was. I only watched that scene for a few seconds. No one wants to see their mum like that. It isn't natural. After that I quickly stashed the films, somewhat traumatised to have seen mum in that way. Yet at the same time the seed of my love for piss vandalism, and the awareness that it seriously floated my boat, was planted firmly in my brain. And I know that this was something I was never meant to see, and that in all other obvious respects, my mum was an awesomely great parent. And yet...with the hindsight of years and a little pseudo-psychology....I have come to realise that the fact that my awesomely good mum was secretly ok with this sort of thing kind of subconsciously circumvented any moral qualms I might otherwise have had. If mum was ok with doing this it must be ok, right? So I began to nurture fantasies about peeing on this or that persons stuff and wrecking it for fun, and the notion of doing it for real never really troubled me morally all that much. After all, mum did it! Lol. I began to nurture naughty ideas, like peeing on my own bedroom carpet on purpose. But though the idea "interested" me, it didn't quite hit the spot. After all, it's not really vandalism if you do it to your own stuff, is it? And the necessary cleaning up afterwards to make sure mum never found out was never part of the fantasy. So when it came to the carpet, it was really someone else's carpet I wanted to pee on, and then just leave it there with the naughty knowledge of what I'd done! Well Barbara has been a lifelong friend. We shared the same class in school together and everything. And we shared everything sooner or later. My head was done in by the vids I'd seen, both eroticised and to some extent disturbed. After all, whilst watching people with no clothes on peeing all over the place for pleasure is fun to watch, no one wants to see their own mum doing it...haha. So eventually - when I was about 18 - I ended up confiding in Barbara, showing her the video evidence. My parents' video stash was still there, lol. Anyway, Barbara was amused, and somewhat shocked to see people she recognised - including my mum - pissing all over stuff for a thrill. She pretty much said "Wow", and "Oh my God", and laughed. A lot. I said that seeing my mum like that was a shock. "I'll bet!" she laughed. But I also said that in some way I envied how much fun they were having doing that stuff and admitted it turned me on. Barbara looked at me with a grin but seemed ok about it. "Does that make me a perv?" I asked. "Who cares?" she laughed. "Everyone has to piss so why not have fun with it? And what they were doing sure looks like a lot more fun than boringly sitting on the toilet for ages. I'd love to be able to just piss anywhere for a laugh. If some dude cheats on me? I'll just piss on his bed when he's not looking, hahaha!" "So you're not bothered about it then?" "Me? Nah, it was fun to watch! Your mum is way more cool than I realised." We laughed at that before Barbara lowered her voice conspiratorially. "Wanna know a secret? Sometimes I pee on my own bedroom carpet on purpose, just because I like doing it!" "Really?" "Yeah, done it quite a few times. You should try it sometime! It's fun!" I told her I thought about doing it but it would be way more fun to do it on someone else's and not have to worry about cleaning up. "Why worry about cleaning up? I just leave it. Yeah, my bedroom smells a bit pissy at times but I'm not bothered, and my mum never goes in there anyway." " I could never get away with that cos my mum does come in here." "Would she be bothered? After all I've just seen her with no clothes on and pissing all over someone's VCR and carpet for fun." "Well yeah, but you know my mum. She'd say that there was a time and a place and suchlike BS. Besides, it would be WAY too awkward." "Yeah, I guess, haha." Then I said that fucking up someone else's stuff - carpet, bed, furniture, electrical goods, whatever - would be a lot more fun cos for me the shear wrongness of peeing somewhere outrageously bad was only half the thrill. Wrecking someone's shit in the process and then just walking away was also a major part of the deal. And she agreed that peeing on someone else's stuff would be a whole lot naughtier and therefore sexier. And so, the idea was born. We decided that we both wanted to piss all over someone else's stuff and just had to figure out a way to make it happen. The plan we came up with was to hunt for a suitable victim in nightclubs, to drink little ourselves and find someone way ahead of us when it came to being boozed up, let him know he had a chance of getting lucky with us, get him to invite us back to his place for more drinks, then make sure he got so drunk that he crashed out into an unwakably deep sleep. Then the fun would REALLY begin! Well we found some drunk asshole of a guy, making lewd comments, not to mention sexist and offensive ones, and being aggressive to others for no reason and generally being a dick. Any moral qualms we might have had, he pretty much killed by being such a knobhead, lol. Anyway, when we led him to believe that we both liked him in spite of all this - which he was stupid or drunk enough to believe - and suggested that back at his place he might get to have fun with both of us at the same time, he thought he'd died and gone to heaven! It was almost too easy. Back at his, we carried on drinking some more.....this time we started drinking too, mostly high fluid drinks like lager rather than spirits to increase our fun later. And we spiked his drinks with spirits. Poor sap never did get lucky, he just crashed out into drunken unconsciousness. And there was evidence in his home that he actually had a girlfriend who was away with relatives. So a wannabe cheat as well So I kind of feel he deserved what he had coming. With him crashed on the sofa, Barbara - who was a trainee medical student at the time - got a couple of pills out and gave me one. She explained that they were diuretics, pills that make the body expel excess fluid. Basically they make you pee a lot. And what with the lager we'd been drinking - and were carrying on drinking - we were going to piss gallons, lol. Right at the start, Barbara pointed out that it would be even more fun if we were naked. So we undressed completely then both adopted a semi squatting stance with our hands on our knees right there in his living room. And we started pissing right there on the carpet, swinging our hips with huge grins on our faces, gleefully spraying as much of his carpet as we could to maximise damage. It was stunningly erotic. Never had I had such sexual pleasure before, not even when I rubbed one out. The room was filled by the hissing sound of our relief - isn't it funny how girls make that sound but guys don't? - and the sound of our pee loudly splashing down onto the ever more sodden carpet. We'd totally fucked up his carpet. It was so fucking saturated with piss that you could hear it squelching when you stepped on it. Well, that was just the start. We knew this guy would be out of it for hours so we hung around for more fun. And the lager we were drinking combined with the effects of the pee pills was really doing it's job. Seemed like every 30 minutes or so we needed another massive piss. Which was awesome! For our next extravaganza, we headed into his kitchen where Barbara grabbed his kettle with a smirk, which - after removing the lid - she placed on the floor. She adopted another semi-squatting position over it, and laughed, "Hope he enjoys his first coffee in the morning!" And she started pissing right there in his kettle. Mind you, I should qualify that, because her aim was all over the place. Half the time she was missing completely and her pee was just loudly splashing down onto the floor tiles. By the time she'd finished, the kettle stood in the centre of a very large puddle on the floor. I myself then said, "You think that's bad? Watch this!" And I opened his fridge door - it was full of cans and food - and stood naked before it with my hips thrust forward. And yeah you've probably guessed it. I pissed in his fridge, Barbara laughing as I deliberately sprayed my hot piss all over everything inside it. Quite a lot flowed out of the bottom onto the floor in front - another large puddle of pee on his floor tiles. At least I was polite enough to close the door again when I was done, lol. For our next bout of pissing fun some half an hour or so later, we decided to fuck up his bed. So we went upstairs into his bedroom where I paused us for a moment. I rummaged in his wardrobe where I found some expensive designer shirts. I threw them on the bed. Then I spotted a large portable radio/cassette player on a desk. So I grabbed that and placed it upon the carpeted floor in front of the bed. I laughingly suggested that Barbara get up on his bed and piss on his shirts, whilst I fucked up his ghetto blaster. Which is pretty much how it went down. Barbara climbed up onto his bed and squatted in the middle of it right over his shirts, and started pissing. Within moments, I too was squatting over his ghetto blaster on the floor, my piss spraying all over it, though most of it ended up on the carpet. By the time I was done that shit was totally fucked. I'd peed loads and there was a massive wet patch on the carpet as well. But incredibly, Barbara was still going and continued for another ten seconds or so. Fuck knows how she managed to pee so much, or hold it in the first place. By the time she stepped off that bed, not only were his expensive shirts soaked in piss, but the mattress itself was totally soaked through and surely a write off. In fact, we heard the sounds of liquid dripping onto the floor and when we investigated the source, we saw pee had soaked through both the mattress and bed so completely that it was starting to drip onto the carpet underneath. "How'd you fucking pee so much!" I laughed. It wasn't long before our bladders let us know it was time for our next pee adventure. Those diuretics are brilliant when combined with alcohol I must say that I have used them a lot over the years. Anyway, this time we decided to fuck up his dining room. We found a rather large glass table in the middle of it. Barbara said, "Glass table, nice touch. There's something especially kinky about pissing on a glass table!" I laughed, "That's because there's usually some pervy guy underneath wanting a view from below without being peed on." "Haha, you can always get underneath and watch while I piss on it if you want to, Sarah." "It's ok, the view from here will be just fine." This amused us both. Then she got up onto that table and crouched down into a squat in the middle of it. And with obvious glee she stared pissing there! And she peed loads again, the puddle upon the glass surface soon enveloping her feet as it expanded. It was still forcefully splashing down when her piss was flowing off the edge of the table in several places to patter down onto the carpeted floor. She climbed off when she was eventually done, with pissy wet feet and a broad grin as she took in the sight and sound of her piss still flowing off the edge of the table to splash down onto the carpet. I'd been happy to enjoy the spectacle and delaying my own relief until she was done. You see, I enjoy watching her - or any other good looking girl - peeing. Think she's the same which is part of the dynamic between us. Anyway, I'd noticed the wallpaper in the room which looked expensive. But didn't look waterproof. And therefore not piss proof either, lol. Which is all the inspiration I needed. I told Barbara I was going to piss against the wall and fuck up his wallpaper. She thought this quite funny. "You actually going to just stand there and piss against the wall like a guy?" "Why the fuck not? Hahaha. Guys do it all the time!" "Yeah, but not in people's dining rooms!" "Bet my dad would if mum had a camcorder!" "Yeah probably, haha." "Mind you, bet my mum would too actually!" We both laughed at that. By which time I was already standing facing the wall, legs apart and hips thrust forward. A moment later I was doing it, my piss spraying against the wallpaper, soaking into it and clearly ruining it. I swung my hips slowly from side to side to spray - and ruin - as much of that wallpaper as possible. My pee flowed down the wall, soaking into and damaging even more of the wallpaper as it did so. Most of it ended up on the carpet at the base of the wall. By the time I was done a large area of the wallpaper was damaged irreparably and would clearly need repapering. And Barbara's pee was STILL dripping off the edge of the table onto the carpet as we left the room, lol.. Sleeping beauty, meanwhile, was still giving out zeds on the sofa, wholly oblivious to what was going on. Barbara joked about pissing on HIM next time. But we thought we'd better not go that far. We might inadvertently wake him up! By the time we needed our next pee it was gone 4am and sooner or later this dude was going to wake up. We realised it would be better for us if we weren't around when he did. So we decided to have one last pissing adventure in his house before leaving. I rummaged in a cabinet in his living room and found what looked to be important business documents. So I placed them on his coffee table just in front of where he was sleeping, and stood facing it with my legs apart. Then I started pissing all over the table, soaking all those documents in the process. The table wasn't large so pretty soon my pee was flowing off it onto the carpet. But I just carried on pissing there anyway until I was done. Barbara unplugged his VCR, and placed it on the floor in the middle of the already soaked living room carpet, then grabbed his collection of video cassettes and placed them in a heap upon and around it. Then she stood over it all and peed, completely ruining the VCR and fucking up all his videos - and saturating his carpet with piss even more. After that, we high fived each other and got dressed, then swiftly departed to crash out at my place. I'd love to have been a fly on the wall when he woke up and found all this. We'd stopped drinking now of course but could not entirely switch off the effects of the pee pills. So as we walked the two mile or so walk to mine we had to pee en route. So we found a public telephone box and laughingly took turns in holding the receiver between each others' legs as first she - and then I - peed all over it. And that, guys, is how my piss vandalism began, a generation ago now. But I - and Barbara too - have had a lot more fun with it over the coming years. I'll tell you some more about that next time.
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    So last night my internet wasn't working rightand no videos would load. Idk about anyone else but my favorite thing to do to get ready for bed is to get off. The only thing that helps me cum is piss. I love piss so much. And i got a naughty idea that i have a blanket in my closet i need to wash any ways what a little pee going to hurt. But as a female i love the challenege of standing and aiming and the sound piss makes hitting the wall makes me so fucking horny. So i got myself out of bed already naked, picked a wall in my closet and moved the blanket over. I spread my legs and opened my lips and took aim and nailed the wall with a huge burst of piss. I was so horny i decided to rub my clit and take turns squirting on the wall and rubbing my clit. I dud this till i covered the wall in front of me, soaked the blanket and the floor and legs were shaking in pure pleasure. Im tempted to just use my wall all weekend.
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    Part one is here http://peefans.com/index.php?/topic/8297-the-holiday-pt-1-on-the-beach/ ________________________________________ I was limping. The four of us were walking to Maddie's house from the hidden cove where my brother David and I had met Maddie and her boyfriend Adam. It was only a half hour's walk, but at one point we'd been forced to push through a patch of weeds, and I'd been badly stung by a bunch of nettles. Now I felt like my legs were on fire, and the walking wasn't helping. “We ought to keep an eye out for dock leaves,” said David, eyeing the red patches on my bare legs. “I have been,” I said. “But I haven't seen any for ten minutes at least.” “How bad is the pain?” asked Maddie. “Not too bad,” I said, with a grimace that betrayed the true answer. Maddie looked concerned. “When we reach my place I can put some salve on for you,” she said. “That'd be great,” I said, “I just wish we were a bit closer.” “You know what's good for stings?” said Adam, looking over his shoulder at us. “Shush, you,” said Maddie. “What's that?” I asked. “Adam was going to suggest peeing on the stings,” Maddie said. “I know how his mind works.” “Gross!” said David. “I thought that was only jelly fish stings,” I said. “It's any sting,” Adam said. “Pee acts as an antiseptic, don't you know.” “I'm not convinced that's true,” I said. “Well, it was just a suggestion,” Adam said. “If you'd rather keep hobbling, that's up to you.” He walked on, and we followed him. “To be honest, I'd be happy to try almost anything right now,” I muttered to Maddie. “Are you sure?” said Maddie. I shrugged. “If it works.” “You can let me do it if you prefer,” Maddie said. “If you're any more comfortable with it.” “Do you have any wee left in you?” I asked. She had done rather a large one before we left. “Beer goes through me quickly,” Maddie said. We looked around for somewhere private. We were walking along the edge of a narrow country road; it was quiet, but the occasional car had been going past. There was a gate nearby, between us and a grassy field. Maddie and I jumped over the gate and walked along a few metres behind the hedgerow so that the others couldn't see us. A few lambs looked curiously at us, but other than that we had complete privacy. “We could do with a log or something for you to sit on,” Maddie said. “But if you just stand here and roll up your skirt, I'll do my best.” I rolled my skirt up until it was around my waist, as she suggested, and I took off my shoes and socks. Maddie was already stripped down to her bikini bottoms, having only bothered putting a shirt back on for the walk home. She came to stand close to me, her legs on either side of mine. She was taller than me, so her crotch came up to about me hip height. “Just relax,” she said. She pulled aside the front of her bikini and crouched slightly, so that her vagina was hovering just above my bare leg. When her pee started flowing, it somehow took me by surprise. I'd peed down my own legs already today, but this was completely different. For some reason, I hadn't expected Maddie's pee to be so warm. It streamed down my leg, pouring over all my stings. The pain seemed to vanish immediately. “Other leg,” I gasped. Maddie nodded and shifted position. The stream of pee came again. This time, there was no surprise, but the warmth felt good, like a hot shower. For some reason, uncontrollable shivers ran up my body. “That's all I have,” said Maddie, as her stream petered out. “Did that help?” “Oh yes,” I breathed. “Thanks.” Maddie handed me her towel. “Seems unfair to make you use your own,” she said. I towelled off my legs and put my shoes back on. We climbed back over the gate, to where the two boys were waiting for us. David looked slightly disgusted, while Adam was smirking. “Walk on,” Maddie said, putting her arm around Adam as she passed. “Nothing to see here, love.” Adam obediently walked with her, but he peered over his shoulder at me. “You've got a damp patch on the hem of your skirt, Sarah,” he said. Which indeed I did – apparently I hadn't towelled myself off very well. It was worth it, though, for the cessation of the pain. After walking another ten minutes or so, we arrived on the edge of the town that Maddie lived in. The streets were wide and suburban, the houses big, the gardens pretty. At one point we cut through an alleyway between two privet hedges, completely screening us from the houses on either side, and with a bridge over a trickling stream. It seemed like the kind of place you might see foxes or muntjacks at night. “Here we are,” Maddie said, turning into one of the gardens we were passing. It was a big but slightly shabby house; the paint was peeling on the front door, and the grass was overgrown. The inside too felt spacious and cosily run-down. The furniture was old and the paint on the walls was discoloured in places. The floor was laminated wood throughout, and the walls were a sky-blue that gave the place an airy feeling. “Make yourselves at home,” said Maddie, holding the door for us. “My parents are away this week, so we have it to ourselves. If either of you want showers, help yourselves. I guess we should let Sarah go first,” she added, “given what just happened.” I smiled gratefully. My legs were still damp with Maddie's urine. “We were going to cook dinner,” Adam said. “You're welcome to join us.” “Absolutely,” said Maddie, kicking her flip-flops off to join a pile of shoes by the door. “Dinner and a movie. Oh, there's something else you should know,” she said, straightening up to face us. “This is a pee-friendly house.” “It's what?” said David. “Pee-friendly. As in, if you want to pee, you can pee. Wherever you like, as long as it can be cleaned up.” “Seriously?” I asked. “It's a long story,” said Maddie. “I'm the youngest of seven – the others have all moved out – and the house only has the one bathroom, so it used to get a bit busy sometimes. We used to get inventive. Like, if someone was in the bathroom we'd piss in the sink, or find a hidden spot in the garden. At night me and my sister used to pee in the laundry basket in our room. Well, one morning we were all getting ready for school, and there was someone in the bathroom so I went to use the laundry basket like normal, only dad had taken it away to do the laundry, so I just sort of went screw it and I peed on the floor in the corner. I think I thought nobody would notice the puddle – I was pretty young at the time. Anyway, my dad walked in on me, and I got all upset because I thought he'd tell me off, but he just said, you know, if we needed to pee and there was nowhere else we could go then doing it on the floor wasn't too bad, and it could be mopped up pretty easily. “So I started doing it more often, and when they realised I wasn't getting told off for it my sisters and brothers started doing the same. At first it was just when the bathroom was busy, and then gradually it just became that we'd do it whenever we wanted, like if we were downstairs and didn't want to have to go up to the toilet. All our friends who'd come over sort of learned it was okay too, like Adam here. Eventually even my parents gave in and started to just piss on the floor with us. Now it's just the way it is, a pee-friendly house. Obviously if you guys aren't comfortable with that, there's still the toilet upstairs -- normally we only use it for solids these days, but plenty of guests have used it too.” I shrugged. “I don't mind. It's your house, I'll live how you do. It's not doing any harm, does it?” David hesitated, but also assented. “Thank god for that,” Adam said. “I've been hopping for a piss since we left.” He turned to face the wall in the narrow hallway, leant against it with one hand while he pulled his cock out of his jeans with the other. His pee spurted out forcefully, clear as water. I watched as it ran down the wall, darkening the faded paint, and collected in a puddle around his shoes. “Too much beer, mate,” Maddie said, patting him on the back as she walked past him down the hallway. She didn't seem to notice the puddle under her bare feet. “Like Maddie said,” said Adam, shaking himself off and zipping back up. “Make yourselves at home here.” Taking Maddie's advice, I went up for a shower while she and Adam started to cook dinner. Their bathroom had a shower head over the bathtub, with a clear plastic screen instead of a curtain. A full-length mirror faced the shower. I found my eyes drawn to the mirror. I can never resist checking myself out when I'm naked in front of a mirror. I watched the water run down my thin arms and legs, my small boobs, the triangle of pubic hair above my slit. I noticed the tan-lines that were starting to form where my costume had been. Perhaps next time we went to the beach I should go topless, like Maddie. The bathroom door opened. I gasped, clapping my arms over my boobs and vag, but relaxed when I saw that it was just my brother. He'd seen me naked plenty of times, we had nothing to hide from each other. “What's up?” I asked, turning the shower off. “Adam says he's going to run some stuff through the washing machine,” David said. “He wondered if you wanted your beach stuff washing?” “Sure,” I said, stepping out of the shower and reaching for my towel. “I'll take it down in a minute.” “Great,” David said. “I'll jump in there if you're done.” He stripped off and climbed up into the shower as I towelled myself down. “Can you believe this place?” he asked, turning on the water. “The way they just pee wherever?” I shrugged. “If it works for them,” I said. “I can see that it's convenient.” And more than that, I thought, remembering standing with Adam and Maddie, all three of us pissing where we stood without a care. “And Maddie just walking around topless,” David went on. “I've never met anyone like them.” “You didn't seem to mind that,” I said. I felt a twinge in my bladder, warning that the cans of beer and pop I'd drunk on the beach were making their way through my system. Thoughtfully, I wrapped my towel around my shoulders, adjusted my stance slightly, and concentrated. “Oh I liked it, sure,” said David, not paying any attention to me. “I'm just surprised that -- are you peeing?” My piss fell in a slow stream onto the bathroom mat, making a pattering sound that was audible even over the sound of the shower. I held the towel up out of the way, and kept my legs far enough apart that the urine fell straight down. The mat quickly soaked through. It felt such a thrill, standing right next to the toilet and deliberately not using it. “It's what they do here,” I said to David, as my stream petered out. “You should try it.” “I'm okay thanks,” he said. “There's an actual toilet just there.” I shrugged, wiping my crotch on my towel. Despite his disapproving expression, David's cock had hardened back up to a semi. “Are you sure you want to try aiming in that condition?” I said, trying not to smirk. “If you pee now, there's no problem.” David didn't reply. I got dressed, pulling on my skirt and top -- I decided to go commando rather than put my damp swimming costume back on. I was about to leave when I noticed David start to piss. At first I wasn't sure if it was genuine or just water running off his cock, but as he grew more confident and pushed harder it was unmistakeable. He had a decent amount of pressure. It sprayed up against the perspex screen between us before running down, collecting in little puddles on the edge of the bathtub. He smiled sheepishly at me as the stream ebbed. We had broken him.
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    Hello everyone, this is the original forum founder speaking, not the admin who has been running the site in recent times. I sold this site (originally called WatchGirlsPeeing) for personal reasons a few years back. However, whilst the previous admin seemed to have kept things running relatively smoothly, he suddenly had to shut down the site due to advice from his lawyer regarding changes to laws in his state. When I heard the whole site - including all posts and uploads - was going to be deleted, I decided something had to be done to save this community, which is why I have now returned. However, I plan to run this more as a hobby than a business, and unless sufficient funding can be raised, the video gallery may not return. Everything else will remain unchanged, but this is the biggest drain on resources and the factor that causes potential legal issues. Whilst I haven't ruled out its return, there are so many free places to access videos that I am hoping it is not integral to the site's success, and that people would rather at least keep the forum side, rather than lose everything. Apologies for the recent downtime, a lot has been going on over the last week or so to try and get everything back up and running smoothly. We are now on a new server, and the only problem should be that pictures aren't loading - this will be resolved in the next 48 hours. Feel free to continue posting in the meantime. Please let me know below should any other issues arise, as there may be some teething problems from the switch. I'm hoping this site can become better than ever with the help from you guys. I'll keep this brief for now, but stay tuned for new developments shortly. Thank you very much to everyone for your patience and understanding, and thanks also to those who have pledged to contribute to help keep the forum running (please drop me a message if you're still willing to help). Also, a thanks to PeeSearch staff for allowing developments to be discussed whilst this site was down. Finally, a huge thanks to the past admin - without him, none of this would have been possible. Anyway, please spread the word that PeeFans is back! I'm looking forward to chatting with you all again!
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    Here it is the post I was talking about The robe and the knife are real, and the performance too. It simply was a celebration more than a Conjuring, and celebrations requires less stuff (the altar) and can be shown to outsiders IF THEY ARE TRUSTWORTHY Robe (originally from another coven but re-consecrated to the Gods) and Knife (From Egypt, forged on purpose from another powerful magician) Peeing out the brew, to greet the Gods and cheers to you (black candles all aorund, hard to see in this pics) closer Cannot stress enough how personal all of this is
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    My robe is S-E-R-I-O-U-S BUTt meanwhile say hi to my sassy ass&pussy
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    I'm still looking for my camera... Meanwhile,, a little gift for you all, to show my appreciation for you making me win the Belt for Best Newcomer (shot by a female friend with professional cam)
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    This is a continuation of Emmy and Jade so I would suggest reading those first. Enjoy. The lovely trio of Emmy, Jade, and Leena had been living together for 3 years now. Jade and Emmy finally graduated college and work together as co-directors of the choral program at a High School. Leena had also snagged a position as the coach for cheerleading and girls soccer. "Great job ladies! Hit the showers. Tomorrow we need to work on our routine for regionals." Leena said with a smile as she wrapped up practice. She had also been sweating so she decided to hop in the shower as well. She undid her blue sports bra and slowly pulled down her black leggings. As she did this, she thought about the which songs to use for the competition. A sharp pain in her butt snapped her out of her thoughts. With a squeal, she quickly turned around a spotted her tiny, dark-haired girlfriend. “Jade! For fuck’s sake don’t sneak up on me!” Leena shouted while clutching her chest. Jade pulled her lips into a pout and looked at the floor. “I thought you’d be happy to see me. I forgot to text you that I couldn’t make it to lunch today. I was giving a voice lesson.” She replied as she took a seat on the bench. Leena’s face softened and she took a seat next to Jade. “Aw Pooh don’t be so sad. I love you.” the blonde said as she pulled Jade in for a kiss. Jade pulled back with a blush and pushed her glasses back into place. “I’m going to be late for rehearsal. See you at home.” Jade said as she stood up with a rush and walked towards the door. “Woah not so fast. You’ve got 10 minutes until rehearsal starts.” Leena states while pushing the smaller girl into the corner. Jade blushes and peeks over the black rims of her glasses. “C-can we do this some other time? I really should get going.” Before Jade could ramble on any longer, Leena’s lips once again met hers. Leena slipped her hand under Jade’s skirt and started to rub her pussy through her white panties. Jade whimpered quietly and allowed Leena’s hands to wonder. “Wait I need to have a piss.” Jade said shyly while trying to push Leena off. The blonde simply lays down on the floor and spreads her legs. “Do it here babe. I was just about to shower anyways.” A mischievous smirk appeared on Jade’s face as she moved closer to Leena. She squatted slightly and spread herself. Her pale yellow piss stream leapt forward and rained down onto the gorgeous blonde’s body. Leena moaned out and rubbed Jade’s delicious piss into her skin. Jade shifted slightly and aimed her piss right at Leena’s face. She parted her lips and allowed the lemon colored nectar to enter her mouth. Jade groaned and bit her lip at the sight of her lover drinking her piss. She finished and looked back down to Leena. “Lick me clean?” She asked in a low, sultry voice. Before the blonde could answer, the bell rang out. Jade hurriedly pulled up her panties and adjust her clothes. “Sorry love looks like you have to wait.” She replied with a giggle. Jade reached her hand out to help Leena off the floor and gave her a quick kiss. “Bye! Love ya!” Jade yelled as she hurried out the door. “Love you too!” Leena called back as she watched Jade walk of the locker room. She grabbed the mop and cleaned up the small puddle of piss and then proceeded to enter the shower. Leena turned on the hot water and began to hum a tune quietly while she rubbed the sweet-smelling soap into her skin. After washing every bit of her curvy body, the blonde turned of the water and dried her hair. Once Leena was fully dressed, She decided to head to the auditorium. Jade and Emmy were quietly watching the talented group of kids run through the final scene of the play when they heard the door open. Both women turned their attention to the back of the auditorium and saw Leena walk through the doors. “Hi. How’s the rehearsal going?” She asked the girls as she took a seat in the row behind them. “Awesome! Everyone has their lines down and the props are all finished and stage-ready.” Emmy said with a bright smile. Both her and Jade enjoyed their jobs and loved to see the kids blossom into professional artists. “That’s lovely!” Leena replied with the same amount of enthusiasm. Rehearsal had been dismissed but the trio sat in the auditorium and continued to discuss the details of the production. “The only thing left is costumes. I’ll pick everything up this week. That’ll leave us with a solid 2 weeks for alterations.” Jade stated. The other two girls nodded their heads in agreement. “That sounds like a good plan. I found a bin with some old costumes and accessories. We could look through it. It might have something we need.” Emmy said as she stood up from her chair. Jade and Leena followed Emmy to the dressing room area behind the stage. Jade took a look through the box and pulled out a few pieces they would need for costumes. “Everything else looks pretty old. We should just throw it all away.” Jade said while putting some of the old items back into the box. “Wait they could still have some use to us!” Emmy said slyly. Both the other girls gave her a curiously look as she emptied the box onto the floor. “I don’t know about you ladies but that was a long rehearsal and I’m in need of a toilet.” Emmy states with a laugh as she hikes up her red dress. Immediately, a stream of hot piss starts to pour out of Emmy and onto the pile of costumes. She focused her stream onto a silk skirt until it had been completely saturated. “Your turn ladies!” She said, barely containing her laughter. Leena looked around the room until she spotted her own place to relieve herself. She walked over a pile of shoes a squatted down. Both girls watched a Leena pissed all over the pile of shoes. She filled each pair to the top with her warm, yellow liquid. “The Janitor will assume so rotten kids did this.” Leena stated with a giggle as she pulled her pants back up. Jade then stood up from one of the seats in front of the mirror and looked down to pile of old costumes. “Emmy it looks like you left this dress a little dry.” Jade said with smirk. She lifted her skirt and started to take her second piss of the afternoon. The long blue princess dress quickly absorbed Jade’s thick piss stream as she swayed her hips back and forth over the garment. Almost out of piss, she directed the last few spurts onto a sweater right beside the dress. The girls collected their belongings and exited the dressing room and returned to the auditorium. They all sat around drinking soda and coffee until Jade spoke up. “You guys want to know what I’ve always fantasized about?” She asked. Both Leena and Emmy nodded their heads and Jade proceeded to tell her story. “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to piss in one of the empty classrooms. Ms.Rassim is always a bitch so naturally I’ve always thought about the look on her face when she saw everything.” Jade giggled at the mental picture of the short, stubby woman’s expression. “Well my bladder’s full so let’s do it.” Emmy said with glee. All the girls hopped up and marched down to Ms.Rassim’s classroom. She had already left for the day so the girls knew the coast was clear. Without hesitation, Jade hopped onto the desk. After a few moments, she began pissing on the various assignments below. Each paper became completely soaked by Jade’s piss but she wasn’t completely satisfied. She looked around the room until a black leather hand bag caught her eye. She reached down beside the desk and grabbed the bag. Jade searched through the bag and found most of Ms. Rassim’s belongings. She emptied the contents on the desk carelessly and resumed pissing. She soaked the car keys, wallet, make up bag, and several crumpled up coupons. “Maybe next time she’ll think twice before stealing my lunch!” Jade laughed and re-adjusted her skirt. She threw the handbag itself onto the floor. “You ladies should piss in that!” Jade squealed in excitement. Both girls nodded and disrobed themselves before squatting over the handbag. “No one fucks with our Jade!” Emmy shouted as her and Leena pissed furiously into the handbag. All three girls stared down in amazement as the handbag began to fill with piss. Jade reached her hand down and started to play with her pussy slowly as her two lover’s destroyed expensive handbag. By the time they were finished, the bag was filled to the brim with piss. The girls continued laughing as they exited the classroom. “When will anyone learn not to fuck with us?” Jade asked herself quietly. She secretly hoped people would continue to give them reasons to piss all over their belongings.
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    Hey. I've been lurking for a while, but I've finally decided to join. Im a female, 34. Started getting into my pee fetish when I was about 20. Since then, I've tried to find naughty places, but looking out for more :)
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    This story is a continuation of the stories I wrote in the thread, Pee Vandalism with Katie! First off, I would like to thank everyone who encouraged me after having written fiction for the first time. I was honored to have input provided by writing legends who I admired long before registering on this site. Thank you very much for being so welcoming and friendly. Secondly, I apologize for having taken so long to write another installment -- I wanted to expand on my writing by introducing additional characters and it took me some time to figure out how to properly write for it (along with having to deal with schoolwork of course!) I do hope that this is to your enjoyment and I look forward to hopefully providing you with more! This story contains content that may be objectionable to some, namely themes of vandalism, theft, and malicious intent. All characters and events are works of fiction. Thank you! Nina Joins in the Vandalism ------------------ "Oh hurry up and make up your mind already!" Katie sighs as she glances over her shoulder. By now, the sun had set and the dimly lit streets were calm amidst the warm summer night. Katie walked at a steady pace, somewhat annoyed at the timid girl that followed a few steps behind. For the first time tonight, Katie was bringing a friend to one of her "jobs". Nina, a sharp-looking girl with a jet black bob haircut and modest glasses, was a young electrician that Katie met a few months back who she immediately identified as a promising addition to her nighttime exploits. Although at first glance Nina carried a somewhat intimidating air to others, Katie was amused to discover that Nina had a prominent meek side to her, which was on full display right now. "I don't want anyobody to see..." Nina whimpers as she bounces around in urgency. Although she was excited to accompany Katie, the poor girl had been a little too enthusiastic and wasn't going to reach their destination with the contents of her bladder intact. "Just go over there!" Katie gestures with her head towards a small parking lot. "Goodness knows we've fucking pissed in parking lots before. Hell, half the time we piss on the cars themselves!" It was true, Nina enjoyed the thrill of reducing a person's property to nothing more than her own personal toilet and nodded at Katie's suggestion. She was right, after all. The two of them peed in public places all the time, so why was she so nervous now? Nina led the way as she meandered between the cars in the lot, hesitantly glancing from side to side. "There's no one here, girl!" Katie laughs, no longer annoyed but amused at her friend's behavior. "Just pick a spot and mark it!" Nina resigned herself and walked over to a space between two large vans to squat down before she noticed something. Giving a slight smile, she stood back up and walked over to a small white vehicle. "Hey! It's one of those stupid little 'smart' cars!" Katie remarks as she walks up to Nina. "Good choice! It deserves to be pissed on!" Nina couldn't help but chuckle a little bit at Katie's enthusiasm but still found herself a little bit apprehensive about comitting the act. Meanwhile, as Katie anticipated the scene that was soon to unfold in front of her, she nuzzles Nina from behind and presses up against her. Katie knew from experience that Nina was a good girl, but she also knew that Nina became a naughty bitch when horny -- she just needed some encouragement. Nina began to relax at Katie's touch. Just for Katie's enjoyment, she lifted up her comfortable violet T-shirt above her breasts before harshly kicking her boot against the tiny vehicle's frame. "Yowch!" Katie laughs as she examines the unsightly dent that her friend had just inflicted upon the car. Nina had a concentrated expression as she lifted her pleated raven skirt and aimed her neatly shaven pussy directly at the driver's window. "That's what I like to see!" Peering up at Katie and flashing a smirk, Nina unapologetically let forth a stream of pee against the car. She purposefully didn't put much force into it -- instead, her urine splattered all over the white bodywork of the vehicle to spread across the windows without being deflected off. Lowering her leg off the car, Nina stepped back to move her hips from side to side, ensuring that her piss would cover every inch of the siding ... which was not hard to do. As she felt her supply begin to dwindle, Nina allowed her pee to patter over the door handle on the driver's side. Leaning her pussy inches from the handle to ensure that every last drop would be spent in defiling the car, Nina let out a sigh of relief. "That felt good!" Nina grinned at Katie who was staring at the aftermath. A large puddle had formed at the car's tire's and in the air hung an unmistakable scent of piss. There was a slight tint of yellow that was now drying against the hapless smart car. "Hell yeah!" Katie exclaims as she kicks out a taillight on the unfortunate vehicle in malicious enthusiasm. "That's how we do it! Come on, let's get going ... I can't fucking WAIT for tonight!" Nina was now impishly keying the car as Katie mused at the vandalism, theft, and debauchery that the two girls would engage in that evening. Energized by the damage before them, the two girls hurried off to their original destination -- a small office that just so happened to have a plumber's and an electrician's visit scheduled the same night. The girls stood in front of the modest single-story building that housed the small graphic design start-up that had called them. Since the power was out, Katie checked under the welcome mat for the key that had been left for them and manually opened the electric lock securing the front door. Although it was pitch black inside, the dim moonlight filtering in through the windows showed a typical office layout with decorations that seemed to be trying to create a "quirky" feel -- one corner of the room even held a small basketball hoop and various baseball accessories. Still, Katie was disappointed. "Fuck! Is this all they have?" Katie exclaims. Indeed, the office was oddly barren of anything of value. "Ugh, let's look around, Nina. Think you can get the power on?" Nina could already be seen poking out her pantiless tush as she bent down on her knees to rummage through a tangle of wires in a small closet. In moments, the lights flickered on as the raven-haired girl stood back up. "Fuse was blown," Nina shrugs as she holds up the burnt fuse. Katie's fears are confirmed however as the lighting unveiled nothing of interest in the barren office building. Just as she was about to resign herself to a boring evening, she noticed a door to a storage room. Hopeful, the young blonde darts up to the door but finds it locked by an electrical mechanism. "Ugh, Nina do you think cutting the power will let me in?" Katie complains as she points out the lock. Nina walked up to the door and shook her head. "It has a battery backup," Nina replies calmly before walking away. Just as Katie was about to vent her frustrations, Nina returned with her electrical bag and, with the skill of someone who had clearly done this before, promptly short circuited the locking mechanism. They were in. Katie stared in awe as the door opened. In front of them was a pile of production-grade graphic design equipment -- Apple computers, tablets, cameras, and even smart phones had been stashed in the storage in a clear attempt to protect them from thieves. Nina too stood wide eyed as Katie victoriously exclaimed, "jackpot!" "Alright so..." Nina began. "Yup!" Katie replies. "Feel free to take anything you want!" Even after stealing a number of high-value items, the girls were still astounded at the number of electronics in the storage. "What's that you got over there, Nina?" Katie asked. "Ohh, that's a Mac Pro, huh? You should take it! I've heard they're really expensive!" Nina stood holding the powerful computer in her hands and shook her head. "I'm not taking this," she replied. Before Katie could even say anything, Nina continued, "I mean... you must be bursting to go by now, right?" Katie immediately connected the dots and flashed a wide smile. "Wellll, now that you mention it..." she winked at her friend. Nina was right, in all the excitement, Katie hadn't even noticed that she had involuntarily begun to squirm around at her bladder's pleas for relief. "But let's be good girls and put all this equipment where it belongs, first." Nina nodded and carried the Mac Pro to a desk. She then scurried to the storage room and brought back a large high definition 5K monitor to hook up to the Mac. Quickly feeling hot from the physical activity as she continued to carry equipment out of the storage, Nina pulled off her T-shirt to work topless, enjoying the sensation of the air on her exposed breasts. "Oh you got hot, huh?" Katie remarked as she set down a pile of iPads on the floor. Katie didn't have that problem -- she had opted to dress in a dangerously short tank top that just stopped short of fully covering her areolas with thin white fabric that hopelessly tried to obscure the pink flesh beneath. Being familiar with the routine, she knew that nobody ever ran into her at this time of the night. By now, the Nina had hooked up and powered on the Mac Pro, its display showcasing vibrant colors. At first glance, the desk that she had set it on looked completely normal, but then one would notice the piles upon piles of electrical equipment that the girls had placed below the desk, many of which were plugged in. Nina stepped away and is pleased to see her friend's excitement. Longingly, Katie stood in front of the desk and tugged off the tight black running shorts that she had been wearing. Having purposely avoided wearing underwear, there was a clear line of sight between her smoothly shaven pussy and the thousands of dollars worth of equipment in front of her. Her mesmerization was broken by Nina. "You ready to fuck things up?" Nina smirks as she stands beside Katie in only her skirt, now wielding a baseball bat that she had picked up from the opposite end of the room. As if to set the mood, Nina mercilessly smashed the bat against a couple of cameras at the foot of the desk. Then, cooing with adoration, she dropped to her knees and ran her hands over Katie's exposed posterior. Planting a teasingly soft kiss on Katie's right ass cheek, Nina moved away and cravingly whispered, "pee." Her heart racing, Katie is alarmed to find the floodgates within her begin to open up. Using the last of her willpower, Katie scrambled onto the desk, sending various papers fluttering to the floor and provocatively gets down on her hands and knees to position herself like a dog before a fire hydrant. Lifting a leg into the air to aim directly at the Mac Pro, Katie relaxed her muscles to send a jet of piss at the expensive device. Immediately, the office was filled with the sound of pattering as Katie's urine sprayed all over the computer. Though at first it appeared to resist the torrent of urine being aimed at it, the Mac Pro quickly began to emit a small buzzing sound and, with a pop, fizzled out completely. Satisfied with having destroyed her fire hydrant, Katie then pivoted around on the desk to aim her stream at the various electronic devices below. Nina watched as her friend pissed all over the array of equipment beneath her -- on many devices, her golden urine had begun to pool and seep into the delicate circuitry within them. She sat mesmerized as one by one, hundreds of thousands of dollars of professional grade equipment fizzled out for her friend's amusement. Katie wasn't just pissing on objects -- she was pissing on the hard work of every employee in the office. At last, Katie's stream began to slow to a dribble, dripping her last drops of urine directly onto the desk that she had so defiled. Satisfied at the damage that she had caused with her pee, Katie lowered the leg that she had kept raised throughout her escapade and kicked the 5K monitor sitting on the desk to the ground. "How was that?" The majority of the electronics lay damaged beyond repair. Each and every one of them was covered in Katie's pee that had further dripped down to cause a prominent dark patch on the office's carpet. Nina was overwhelmed with horniness and sat amidst the pee covered floor rubbing her pussy. "I don't think I can top that!" she smiles as she offers her friend a tissue, "but I'm going to try because I'm going to have to pee real soon too!" Katie dried her pussy off with the tissue before flicking it into the mess with a smirk. Excitedly, she set out at once to find a worthy place for her friend to make her toilet as Nina occupied herself with smashing any surviving equipment with her baseball bat. "Hey Nina, get in here!" Katie called out to her friend as something piqued her interest in the storage room. The girls hadn't noticed it before, but the wire-mesh shelf in the back of the storage room held a stack of papers -- a *lot* of papers, in fact. Nina picks up some of the papers. "These are concept drawings... like, what the artists use before doing their work digitally." Her eyes light up as she looks up at Katie. "They're pretty important... and pretty soakable!" She announces with a grin. "My thoughts exactly!" Laughs Katie as she watched Nina drop her skirt to stand in the nude. Nina began to reach for the papers on the shelf before Katie stopped her. "Hold on, do you think you can get up there?" Katie asks, pointing to the top of the shelf. Nina nods in understanding, effortlessly climbing on top of the shelf to flash an impish smile. "Good idea!" she replies as she perches herself atop the meshwork of metal wire. There was nothing to protect the papers below Nina if she were to, say, unleash a torrent of urine over them. She had been drinking water during their entire time at the office and she knew this was going to be big. Below her, Katie worked to toss anything else that she could find under the shelving; she ripped posters from the wall, swiped photographs from office desks, and even placed a few loose dollar bills that she had managed to find onto the shelves in hopes that Nina would urinate over it. But last but not least, Katie herself got down on her knees and leaned back at the base of the shelf. Her posture allowed her nipples to poke out from under her tank top, exposing to Nina how hard they were. This was the moment. Nina was about to make this room, and everything in it, her personal toilet. Perching like a majestic eagle to give Katie full view of her pussy, Nina leaned forward to aim herself towards the important documents below her and took a deep breath... and immediately her pee was pattering over the papers below her. Emboldened by her naughtiness, Nina applied more force so that her stream was now hissing and forcefully drenching the papers with piss. The papers didn't stand a chance as they instantly became soaked beyond recognition. Within moments, Nina's piss splashed across a soggy mess, rather than a neat pile of papers and began to spray across the various other items that Katie had placed. Showing no signs of stopping, Nina peed all over the dollar bills below her, putting her own perverted relief above the monetary value of the currency. She pissed on the photographs beneath her, showing zero regard for the memories they hoped to capture. Everything in the room was little more than something to piss on, including Katie who was now moaning underneath the shower of urine spraying from Nina's pussy. Eager to cause as much damage as possible, Nina leaned back and aimed her stream directly in front of her rather than below her. The force of Nina's peeing amazed even Katie, who was impressed by the girl's capacity despite being soaked in urine herself. Nina's pee shot across the room, clear of the entryway to splatter over the carpet outside. In a rush of naughtiness, she swayed her hips from side to side, covering the walls of the storage room with tell-tale amber liquid. She continued to do this as her piss pattered closer and closer to her before finally stopping, leaving a guilty dark patch across the carpet that stretched from the entryway to the shelf. Using her hand, Nina patted her pussy to shake off any clinging drops of pee before climbing down from the shelf. She looked around to admire the damage she caused -- not a single paper in the room was legible and those that were still intact were insultingly stained with yellow piss. The walls had beads of urine dripping down them that pooled onto the carpet, which was itself soaked by Nina's pee as it shot across the room. Nothing in the room held any more value. Nothing in the office was salvageable. The girls had seen to that. Nina smirked, satisfied with her thorough disrespect. Playfully walking over to Katie, who was lying in a daze over the wet carpet, Nina climbed on top of her to give her a deep kiss. "Let's go," she whispers. The girls got dressed and gathered their belongings (some of which were newly acquired). Feeling horny, Katie opted not to dry herself or her piss-stained tank top for the walk home. "You smell like pee!" Nina playfully giggles to Katie. "It's your piss, after all!" Katie laughs. "This entire place smells like it now!" The two friends laughed as they took one last look at the ruined office. Not a single drop of urine had fallen into a toilet -- it had fallen everyplace else. Locking the door, the two girls gleefully took a selfie in front of the building while flipping obscene gestures at the camera -- they showing no remorse for their actions. Nina in particular couldn't wait until their next "job." "What did they call you for anyways?" Nina asked Katie as the two walked along the deserted street. "I dunno," Katie shrugged as she wrung out her hair, "I wasn't paying attention. Some leak or something." Nina laughed. "Well, we sure showed them a 'leak,' didn't we?!"
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    You know you are a pee fan when you see girls doing stuff like this........ ......and instead of thinking, "Dirty cows! Ought to be arrested and fined".....you think, "Wow, sexy as fuck! I want them to do that in my living room/on my bed/all over me." Lol
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    .Well, guys, Sarah here again. And I think this time I'll tell you about the flat wrecking party I enjoyed with Barbara and a few friends when we were in our early 20s. We knew this couple at the time who were themselves only about 25 - Doug and Julie I think their names were. They were friends of ours, but knew nothing about our naughty pleasures. Well nothing beyond what happened at their flat anyway. And the more perceptive amongst you might already be guessing where this is going. They were in dispute with their landlord, who'd failed to repair their broken heating system throughout the winter. So they stopped paying him rent until he did. He prioritised evicting them over repairing the heating. By now it was early spring and they'd found somewhere else to move into. But they were never going to get their deposit back, though I suppose they'd claimed it already in the form of unpaid rent. But they were feeling highly aggrieved at having had to endure a very uncomfortable winter, at times staying with friends because their flat was too cold, and eventually having to buy an electric heater out of their own scarce cash. Words had been said between them and the landlord and the relationship between them had collapsed into one of acrimony and abuse, and indeed loathing. And by all accounts the guy was a total dick head. At one point - in a wholly transparent attempt to make them feel uncomfortable - under the guise of "renovation", he turned up, not to repair the heating but to remove the frosted glass window from the bathroom and replace it with clear glass. And this was a ground floor flat! Doug and Julie had to bodge up some curtains so they could use the loo or take a shower without doing so in full public view! That's how bad things got. They were pissed off, and hated the guy by the time they'd found somewhere else, and really wanted to piss him off badly. And this is where the idea of a flat-wrecking party came in. Doug and Julie so hated the guy that they planned to have a few friends around with a few beers and just totally trash the place, smashing up breakable items with hammers, tearing up sofas with knives, and so on. But in discussing it with Barbara and myself, Julie expressed a concern. What if we made so much noise wrecking stuff that some neighbour called the police? We could all end up being prosecuted for criminal damage. I think the sudden glance Barbara and I exchanged indicated that she had the same thought as I did, lol. But it was I who guided them to the idea. I commented that this would be a bit risky, and pointed out that just smashing the place up physically would be pretty tiring and dangerously noisy, even if fun. So of course I came up with the better idea of everyone just having a few drinks and peeing everywhere. A lot less noise. No cops likely to be called. But just as damaging. Electrical goods can be fucked up just as easily - and a lot more quietly - by pissing on them than by smashing them to bits with hammers. Sofas and carpets can be ruined just as easily by being peed on. Etc. Julie's draw dropped but her face was beaming with amusement at the idea. Doug just grinned. Barbara faked shock, giving it the "oh my God I can't believe you came up with that idea" spiel. Another reason why we have gotten away with piss vandalism throughout our lives is that we can be convincing actresses when it helps the cause, lol. She was very convincing and allowed herself to be "reluctantly" persuaded that it was a good idea. Though of course I knew she was well up for it from the start, lol. Anyway, the arrangements were made, other guests invited, and it was determined that on the evening in question we'd all meet in their local pub and have a few drinks to loosen inhibitions - and fill bladders, hahaha - before heading back to "the venue". As well as Barbara and myself - and Doug and Julie of course - there were two other couples. There was Neil and Rosie, both in their early 20s. Rosie was a stunning blonde, whilst Neil - we later saw - had what must have been a nine inch dick at least, lol. And sorry guys, I know any male readers aren't interested but we ladies do notice such things. The other couple - Tim and Shauna - were in their late 20s. Shauna was a very buxom blonde, but kind of hot. There was also one other last minute guest whom we all met and got talking to in the pub on the evening in question. We all knew her cos she was one of the pub barmaids, but currently off duty and just in the pub for a few drinks. Her name was Carol, and she was much older than the rest of us, being 39. But when she heard what we had planned, she wanted to come along too, saying that it would be fun to just pee all over the place. And just to prove the point, she entertained us with an anecdote about peeing on some guy's bedroom carpet for the hell of it after way too many drinks. My kind of lady, lol. Well, with three pints of lager or some equivalent drink inside us, we all walked the short distance to Doug and Julie's flat, all badly in need of a piss by now. There was some hesitation. No one wanted to be first, because for most of them, just pissing on the carpet or furniture was just so totally "wrong". Barbara and I knew that too, of course, but for us that is part of what makes doing it so much fun. No one else present, though, had ever made a habit of peeing all over the place with total abandon. Well, with the possible exception of Carol, who on the short walk here amused us with another anecdote about an ex who liked watching her pee on the kitchen floor. She laughingly referred to him as "a dirty bastard" but clearly enjoyed the memory on some level. Barbara and I are tuned in to notice such things. We also instinctively realised that we'd hide our own enjoyment in plain sight much more effectively if we did not appear so over-eager that we rushed to be the first ones to pee. And since this was still - technically - Doug and Julie's flat, first honours really had to fall to them. None of the others would feel comfortable doing it in their place unless they led by example. So we kind of all congregated in the living room, where Doug got his dick out right there and started peeing on the carpet, to the amusement of everybody. The flat wasn't exactly huge so with nine of us in the living room, space was a bit tight. So when one of the girls - Rosie - laughed, "Hey, that's splashing on my leg!" and moved away I was not entirely surprised. But it was funny. Next thing that happened was Julie striding with a grin over towards the corner of the room, where she pulled off her knickers, raised her short skirt as she popped a squat. And then started pissing right there on the carpet too, laughing, "I can't believe I'm doing this." She was still going strong, creating a massive puddle, when Doug, putting his dick away, said "Right everyone, feel free to piss anywhere. We want to trash everything. " He then started going through the place, unplugging all electrical appliances. Carol the barmaid then grinned and said, "Piss anywhere, eh? Ok........" And she got up out of the armchair she'd briefly sat in, stepped out of her knickers and raised the front of her skirt as she stood facing that armchair, fingers parting her labia. Then she stood there pissing all over the armchair, slowly swaying her hips from side to side whilst manipulating the direction of her golden torrent with her fingers. She actually looked incredibly well practiced at doing this as she deliberately peed all over the armchair. And I wasn't the only one who noticed. Rosie piped up with, "Oh my god, Carol, you look like you've done that before! Never knew you were such a dirty cow, hahaha." Carol laughed, "Believe it, baby. There was this one guy I dated who used to like watching me do this against his bedroom wall!" There was a short pause before she added with a chuckle, "Most of it ended up on the carpet!" There were a few dropped jaws and much laughter at that, somewhat surreally from Julie considering that she herself was at this moment only just finishing her own long wee on the carpet, lol. As she got up from her squat, briefly smirking at the large lake of pee soaking slowly into the carpet, Julie asked with some highly incongruous incredulity, "What, you actually did that? Weren't you bothered about the mess?" "Wasn't my bedroom! Wasn't my wall! Wasn't my carpet! So nah, not really, hahaha." As the last of Carol's pee was spraying over the armchair, Shauna laughingly pointed at the huge puddle soaking into the carpet which Julie was stepping away from, "It's so funny that you were being so incredulous about Carol's pissing whilst you were doing that at the time." We all laughed at that. And now I decided to pee, mentioning something about Carol pissing against a wall in the past and wanting to give it a try myself, So - knickerless already in preparation for this evening, Barbara and myself having agreed to go commando - I stood facing the wall with the front of my skirt raised and legs slightly apart. And started spraying the wall with my piss, swaying my hips from side to side to cover as much of it as possible. Most of it of course was ending up on the carpet. Carol commented on how it looked like I'd done that before, so I made up some BS about having been driven to use urinals in the gents before out of desperation because of huge queues for the ladies'. The guys in particular seemed to love that notion. I guess if they'd known the truth about me and Barbara deliberately pissing against living room walls in the past, they'd have liked it even more. But we have to be careful. Anyway, I peed for ages, covering the wall and creating a large puddle on the carpet at the base of it. By the time I was done, Rosie had Neil's nine inch dick in her hand as he peed all over the coffee table in front of the sofa. Most people had now vacated the sofa, but Shauna was still sitting there enjoying the show. She laughingly pointed out that she could feel warm droplets of pee splashing back off the table onto her bare legs. But she made no effort to move away, instead saying, "But I don't actually mind!" At this point, Rosie aimed Neil's dick towards the sofa for a couple of seconds, causing him to briefly piss on Shauna's bare legs, before aiming back towards the table. Shauna - along with Rosie - laughed, her legs covered in pee. "Rosie, I can't believe you just did that!" But she clearly wasn't all that bothered, neither was her boyfriend Tim, who seemed to find it funny. I was thrilled to see pee flowing off the edges of the table onto the carpet too. Those familiar with the confessions of Barbara and myself will not be surprised to hear that, lol. Tim then got his dick out and started peeing against another wall, whilst Julie blatantly stood there right beside him, watching his peeing dick with a grin. His girlfriend Shauna joked about how Julie was allowed to watch but not touch, lol. Shauna and Barbara then decided to piss all over the sofa together. Barbara's idea, of course. Whilst Shauna squatted upon one end of it, pissing right there, Barbara stood facing the rest of it, legs apart and front of her dress hoisted, as she swung her hips from side to side, spraying the rest of it with piss. Rosie herself popped a squat over a still dry part of the carpet - and flooded it with at least a minute's worth of serious pissing. Another huge puddle was the result. A lot of laughter and high-fiving after that, with one seriously fucked up and ruined living room. We carried on drinking lager after that, and planned to fuck up the bedroom next. In the meantime we chatted about loads of random shit - a lot of griping against Doug and Julie's landlord, and laughter about how pissed off he was going to be, naturally. But we did get to hear another pissing anecdote from Carol who - a lot less careful than Barbara and I - was in serious danger of upstaging us, lol. Apparently - for a dare - she once peed on the floor between the seats near the back of a busy bus. Of course, she was drunk at the time. Anyway, after much chat and more drinking, we all needed to pee again so headed out into the bedroom. Julie immediately said that she was going to really piss off their cunt of a landlord by pissing on his bed. So she got up onto the bed and popped a squat in the middle of it. And started pissing. And carried on for ages, obviously soaking the sheets and mattress. She must have peed for nearly a minute, and at one point it was pooling around her bare feet as she peed faster than the mattress could soak it up. She then held her boyfriend Doug's dick as he peed all over the bed too, spraying it all around. The other two guys stood facing one of the walls with their trousers down. Their girlfriends were aiming their dicks for them amidst much giggling as the guys pissed against that wall. Carol then really got into the swing of things, stepping out of her skirt entirely so that she was naked from the waist down, then stood in front of the bed with her back to it, in a semi-squatting position with hands on knees. Then she started pissing right there all over the carpet, a gleeful expression upon her face. She was getting off on this, I could tell. I sometimes wondered if she had pissy carpets at home, lol. She peed for ages too, flooding the carpet with piss before she was done. Rosie walked into the empty wardrobe where there was just enough room to pop a squat. Then she started pissing in there. By the time she was done the base of the wardrobe was covered in piss, and pee was flowing out of the front of it onto the carpet. Shauna opened the drawers of the bedside cabinet, and stood facing them with her skirt hoisted, pissing in them. The sound of her piss splashing against the wooden insides of those empty drawers was erotically loud. Sounded amazing. Barbara and I decided to pee together, temporarily removing our skirts entirely, so that we too were naked below the waist, then we stood by the side of the bed, with our backs to it, hands on hips' and legs parted. And started pissing all over the large area of open carpet on that side of the bed. It was awesome to see our piss splashing down, the puddles growing ever larger and more soaked, a lake of pee forming because the carpet couldn't soak it up fast enough. The muffled splashing sound of our pee hitting the carpet, which gradually morphed into a louder splashing as the carpet got soaked, was also highly erotic to both of us. We slowly swung our hips from side to side to spray as much of the carpet as possible, and by the time we were done, our two puddles had expanded to merge into one huge massive puddle, a lake of piss covering a large area of the carpet and only slowly soaking into it. Julie laughed, "Impressive! That carpet's well fucked now!" Next up, the kitchen, lol. But we needed to refuel with more lager first and a lot more chatting got done. And we were getting very tipsy by now. Shauna said something about how some people get off on this sort of thing, and told us about some amateur vid a friend of theirs showed them. No idea where he'd got it from, just another friend they said. But it featured these two women in their 40s with posh English accents, peeing all over a table, and on the kitchen floor, and on a bed. Shauna laughed, "They were enjoying it, you could tell." Carol was by now drunk enough to confess that it was kind of liberating and fun to just be a dirty bitch and piss anywhere without giving a fuck. Shauna chuckled, "Well I wouldn't make a habit of it - these are exceptional circumstances - but I can see the attraction." Julie laughed, "You pervs!" To which Carol good-humouredly responded with, "Says the girl who's just peed on the carpet and on the bed!" We all found this funny. Rosie actually admitted that whilst on holiday in Spain, she and a couple of friends had - when drunk - peed on the carpet in a hotel corridor for a laugh once. I joked, "According to Shauna there are people willing to pay good money to see videos of that. You missed an opportunity." We found that funny too. And of course, there was the inevitable additional anecdote from Carol, this time featuring her confession that only the previous year she'd deliberately peed on the carpet in front of her seat in the cinema, simply because it was more convenient. More fun too, I'm sure. When we got around to peeing in the kitchen it became something of a free for all. Doug pissed in the kettle. The other guys opened a low level cupboard and both stood there pissing in it. Julie got up onto the kitchen counter and popped a squat there, peeing all over the surface. Loads of it was soon flowing off the front onto the tiled floor. Even as Julie was still pissing, Rosie popped a squat over the floor and added her flood of piss to the mess there. I decided it was time to go for maximum naughtiness, and opened the door of the fridge. Barbara did likewise with the cooker. Then we both stood there pissing in our chosen appliances, flooding them with piss. There was much laughter as we did this. Shauna - drunkenly inspired by us - did something similar with the washing machine, standing in front of it's opened door and pissing in it. Carol simply stood naked from the waist down - her bare feet already standing in Rosie's piss - and gleefully sprayed her piss all over the floor. Well after that we carried on drinking and to be honest my memory starts getting rather fuzzy from this point. But I remember that at one point we all deliberately peed on the bed again, with the intention of so thoroughly soaking it that our piss would start dripping onto the carpet underneath. And we more than succeeded. Because by the time all nine of us had peed there, it was actually pouring onto the carpet underneath, not merely dripping. So that mattress was obviously totally ruined. Fucking brilliant. I can remember Julie, Shauna, and Rosie all squatting and peeing on the living room carpet again. And the guys pissing on the living room curtains, lol. I can remember peeing on the tiled bathroom floor right beside the unused toilet, lol. And Barbara pissing in the sink with the plug in....and all of us laughing about leaving it there for the landlord to find. I think Carol managed to upstage us again though. Because she actually stood astride the toilet but deliberately left the lid closed. And pissed there anyway for a laugh! Most of it of course ended up all over the floor. I have other vague and fuzzy memories of guys - and girls - pissing against walls, and on carpets. Sofa got peed on a few more times I think. And the kitchen table got pissed on I'm sure. And I have a vague memory of squatting over a removed cutlery drawer which had been placed on the kitchen floor, and pissing all over the cutlery inside it. Anyway, we all eventually left once we were done - by which time it was about 3am and we'd all had more than enough to drink. We all headed off to our separate locations, Barbara stopping over at my place. Cannot remember doing it at all, but when we woke in the morning feeling much the worse for wear, we found a large puddle of piss on my bathroom floor. Clearly we'd decided to pee on the floor in there instead of using the toilet. So I had the joy of cleaning that up, groan. As for the flat we'd ruined? Landlord wasn't due to call for nearly a week! By the time he did, the entire place would have been stinking - carpets, bed, furniture, curtains - all ruined. Appliances all peed in or on. Tiled floors covered in piss. Likewise tables. Loved to have been able to see his reaction, hahaha. But the cunt deserved it, so who cares? And it sure was a lot of fun.
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    Dear Wet Carpet Magazine, I'm surprised there are not more letters covering peeing at night clubs - maybe because it is actually quite common and people don't feel the need to write about it because they are just peeing out of necessity. Anyway, I often go clubbing with my two friends Lynne and Michelle. We live in a suburb of a small city in South West England. We are of like mind and if we need to pee, then we pee - we are not shy of peeing in public although we do try to be a bit discrete but we can't see the point in suffering discomfort just because there is no toilet handy. As an example, I'll give you a summary of our antics from last Friday, which is quite typical of a night out for us. We met up at Lynne's house and had a couple of beers whilst we were getting ready. I wore a tight fitting white top and a short black leatherette skirt. Lynne had on a flared blue dress and Michelle had a miniskirt that was almost indecent with a sheer top that left little to the imagination. None of us wore knickers - we have found from experience that they just get in the way. We caught the bus into town about 9pm and were already slightly tipsy. The bumping bus didn't help our filling bladders and as soon as the bus stopped in town we dived into a side street where we all lined up against the wall, squatted down and watered the pavement. Two lads walked past and had to step over our puddles, getting a good view of our pussies as they went by. They certainly weren't offended and they didn't hide the fact that they were having a good look. We joined the queue for the pub and soon were inside where more drinks were consumed. We were enjoying dancing and drinking but of course soon needed to pee again, so we headed to the ladies and being early, there was no queue outside the toilets, but once we got inside, all cubicles were occupied and several other girls were waiting. We didn't fancy waiting, so Lynne and I hopped up on the sink counters and peed in the sinks whilst Michelle hovered over a bin to pee. The girls waiting looked a little surprised, but when we were done and leaving before they had even got into a cubicle, I think they realised that we had the right idea. Next time we needed to pee, the queue for the toilets was out of the door and down the corridor. We all joined the queue, but had no intention of waiting in it. We squatted down and pretended to be checking things out on our phones whilst waiting for the queue to move, but of course this allowed mine and Michelle's skirt and Lynne's dress to hang out of the way whilst our pussies were just inches from the floor. My skirt was slightly less obliging than the others as it was not loose enough to hang completely out of the way. First Michelle, then myself and finally Lynne all started to pee whilst we were there in the queue. The area was dimly lit and the music was of course very loud, so nobody realised what we were doing. Michelle and Lynne peed directly into the carpet, but my pee was directed at the back of my skirt, from where it ran down the inside of the skirt to the floor. Being leatherette, it didn't show anything on the outside. When we were finished, we all stood up and left the queue with Michelle saying quite loudly "I'm not waiting in that queue". The girl behind us said "You'll lose your place!" but I replied - "It's OK we don't need to pee any more", which got a round of laughs from the other two as we walked away. I expect the girls behind us worked out what we meant when they shuffled forward to take our place and felt the carpet being squishy under foot. More dancing, more drinking, then we had a rest on one of the leather sofas which we were lucky had just been vacated. It was in a corner with a gap between the left hand end and the wall. At the other end, there was another small gap and then another sofa. Of course we needed to pee again by now. Michelle perched on the arm of the sofa, with her feet on the sofa cushion and her pussy just clear of edge as she was leaning on the wall. She let loose with her pee, that fell to the carpet in the gap between the sofa and the wall. She then slid down off the arm and onto the seat, wiping her pussy on the sofa arm as she went. Lynne was sat in the middle of the two seat sofa, with her skirt carefully pulled out from under her. She reached underneath herself and pulled the cushions slightly apart before proceeding to pee forcefully into the gap between the cushions. I was sat at the other end of the sofa from Michelle and I just peed where I was. My leatherette skirt acted as a barrier between me and the sofa and as the sofa was low, my knees were higher than my bum, so my pee pooled inside my skirt, warmly caressing my bum. When I had finished, I was left sat in a puddle of my own pee, which wasn't going anywhere. I waited until nobody was obviously looking our way, then I slid to the front of the sofa and raised my bum. The pool of pee flooded out of the skirt and formed a waterfall to the carpet for just a few seconds. I stood up and walked about for a minute to allow most of the residue to run out and fall to the floor. Soon it was time to go home. Of course, there was a queue for the taxi rank and the cold air combined with the latest round of drinks had an effect of our bladders so we all took it in turns to nip into the nearby car park stairwell for a pee whilst the others kept our place in the queue. On this particular evening, we managed to get home without further event, but I will just say that there have been taxis in the past that have been left with wet puddles on the floor or upholstery, although I wouldn't like to say how it happened!!! Happy Clubbing Julie
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    These are the best one till now, keeping them in stok First one is absolutely intimate, that is my personal talisman, and it's not a toy It was with me during times which most rude man would shit their pants about this is for YOU AND FINALLY, a pic of my pissy pussy!!!!!!!! Pic shot by a girl, obviously
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    Chapter 7 – The return of the Fairy Godmother and the journey Cindy was excited by the prospect of going to the ball on Saturday but was conscious of the Fairy Godmother’s strange request to find a pumpkin, 6 white mice and two frogs. She still wasn’t convinced that she hadn’t dreamed the whole thing, but she set about the task. The pumpkin was easy – they were growing in the kitchen garden, so she selected a large one and brought it into the kitchen. The frogs were a little more difficult. She managed to find frogs in the pond in the grounds, but they were slippery customers and she struggled to catch them. Eventually she managed and kept them in a small barrel in the kitchen. The only option that Cindy could think about for the white mice were those which Gertrude kept as pets in a cage in her room. On Saturday afternoon whilst Esmerelda, Gertrude and Grizella were getting ready for the ball, Cinderella offered to clean out the cage. Gertrude was dismissive as she was more interested in getting ready for the ball. So, it was easy for Cindy to take the cage away down to her kitchen. At 4pm, Cindy was in the kitchen when once again a loud “CRACK” made her jump and she turned to see the Fairy Godmother stood there sparkling in her white gown. “I have come to make your dreams come true. Do you have the items that I requested?” Cindy curtseyed slightly and showed the Fairy Godmother the requested items. “Very good, you have done well my child. Now first we have to do something about your clothes. My magic is a little unconventional in method, but very effective. Close your eyes and face away from me.” Cindy did as she was asked. Meanwhile, behind her, the Fairy Godmother lifted up her long dress and spread her labia, arching her back. She released a short burst of golden sparkling urine which sprayed in a fan pattern over the back of Cindy’s dress. She stopped as quickly as she started and allowed her dress to fall to the ground whilst saying some strange words: “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo”. Cindy’s dress grew in length and volume to form a beautiful ball gown and changed colour to a lovely deep yellow. Cindy opened her eyes and was overjoyed with her new appearance. “Oh, Thank you so much, It’s beautiful!”. “You are quite welcome, but we are not finished yet. Sit on that chair and put your feet out in front of you.” Cindy did as she was bid, legs out in front and pulled up her voluminous dress to reveal her old grey dirty sandals. The Fairy Godmother positioned herself over Cindy’s feet and hitched up her dress once again. Cindy was startled as a warm sparkling golden stream fell from between the Fairy Godmother’s legs and bathed her feet and her shoes. At first she was shocked, but then she savoured the warm caressing feeling and felt her tired feet relax and soften and her old grey sandals changed into dainty golden crystal shoes. At that point, Cindy heard a voice from upstairs “We are going now, enjoy your evening stuck in the kitchen!” followed by raucous laughter. “That’s good” commented the Fairy Godmother “We don’t want them to be around for the next bit. “Put the pumpkin, mice and frogs in a box and take them outside on the drive” Cindy at once scooped up the items, putting them in a wooden fruit box, which she carried outside. The Fairy Godmother squatted over the box and hitched up her dress. She released a torrent into the box and again said the words “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo”. Her golden rain poured over the pumpkin and down all the sides, and the mice and frogs started to drink the puddle that formed in the bottom of the box. The Fairy Godmother quickly jumped up and away from the box as the pumpkin started to grow in size and change in appearance until it was transformed into a beautiful golden carriage. The frogs stood upright and grew to form fine footmen and the mice grew into dashing white horses. Cinderella couldn’t believe the sight that she was beholding. The carriage and horses were fit for royalty. The footmen invited her to take her place, so she climbed in and found herself sat on plush velvet seats with silky golden curtains and a golden carpet on the floor. The footmen closed the door and climbed up to the drivers seat in front of the carriage. The Fairy Godmother looked into the window and handed Cinderella a golden ticket to replace the one which had been destroyed. “This ticket is for the VIP experience – it will guarantee you a dance with the prince and you will enjoy the silver service meal instead of the standard buffet. Now enjoy your evening, but I must send you with a warning. My magic does not last for ever – all these things will revert to their former selves at midnight. Be sure to leave the party in good time. The only exception is your shoes, which will remain as a souvenir for you to keep.” “Thank you ever so much, Fairy Godmother, I cannot believe what you have done for me and I will be sure to enjoy the evening and treasure the memories”. With that the carriage departed towards the palace. Cindy savoured her sumptuous surroundings and was excited by the thoughts of what lay ahead as the carriage bumped along the unmade tracks. The bumps made Cindy realise that in all the excitement, she had not made time to relieve herself before leaving home. That now gave her a quandary as she could hardly arrive at the palace and immediately request the use of the royal facilities, but nor could she easily communicate with the coachmen and ask them to stop so that she could pee in the woods before her arrival. Besides, her sparkly shoes and extravagant dress were hardly designed to go into the woods, they would surely be ruined. Cindy considered her plight further, by which time the carriage was leaving the woods and rolling through the town below the palace. The option of peeing in the woods had been taken from her and she was suddenly very worried, that was until she realised that the answer was right there with her. The coach was only a temporary existence. She could find relief inside the coach and nobody would know. She wouldn’t be spoiling the interior because as soon as the coach returned to a pumpkin, her deed would be irrelevant. Her mind made up, Cindy now decided on her options. She could squat on the carpet and spray her pee into the deep pile, but that might mean she would splash her new shoes and if anyone should happen to gaze in the window to see who was travelling in style, they would be sure to find it strange that she were squatted down on the floor. Alternatively, she could wet the seat; that would mean that she would have to get all that ball gown out of the way first, but at least anyone looking in wouldn’t see anything unusual and she was sure that the seat would adsorb all her liquid and keep it from splashing down to her beautiful shoes. Cindy was running out of time and rapidly decided that the seat would be the better option, so she briefly stood up and lifted the back of her dress up high before sitting back down on the luxurious softness of the velvet cushions. She spread her dress around her hiding the naughtiness of what she was doing from anyone who may possibly have seen into the coach. Cindy relaxed as much as she could and felt the pressure building within her. Then she allowed a short spurt of pee to escape, wetting the surface of the velvet and caressing her young womanhood. All seemed to be OK, so she peed some more, gently, slowly allowing her bladder to empty as she felt a warmth spreading under her. Growing in confidence, she fully relaxed and with an increasing hiss, her pee surged forth directly into the cushion beneath her. She continued until she was spent, whereupon, she stayed as she was to allow the last of her pee to soak into the cushion. Cindy then slid across the coach to wiping her pussy on the cushion as she moved. She stood and allowed her dress to fall back into place around her before retaking her seat on the dry side of the carriage. The side of the seat where she had previously been sitting was now displaying a much darker patch in the red fabric. A few moments later, the carriage drew into the palace grounds and Cindy looked out of the window as they pulled up at the steps of the palace. One of the footmen jumped down from the carriage and helped Cindy to dismount. A palace official took her by the hand and led her up the palace steps.
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    so a few weeks ago, i had gone to have a massage and i guess i was way relaxed afterwards. plus it didn't help being kneaded while not having been potty for awhile. ? anyways, despite using their bathroom to tidy up a bit, i opted to hold instead of go potty. i was going to walk around the shopping center a bit, and maybe eat, but that pressing feeling was becoming more urgent. it wasn't long before i found a low pillar that offered some privacy from the main parking lot. i slid my pants and undies off, my pee began escaping as i squatted.
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    i was doing laundry, and felt incredibly sexy wearing a wrap and thigh highs. anyways. while loading the wash i rubbed against the side of the machine and for some reason it gave me a tingle. i was horny and when i started it, i lifted one leg onto the drier so i could lean against the washer and press my muffin onto the corner. i ended up sitting on it and fingered myself til i came.
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    Sooo... my sister told me I was supposed to talk about us peeing. Since I'm the youngest, I usually do what I'm told... most the time. You know about the stuff we did at the wedding in the kitchen, so I won't go over that again, but I do want to say that I love destroying things with pee. I just got a little tingly thinking about someone eating that ice cream. :) ;) If I can pee on it, I want to, and if I can't, I want to figure out how I can. Anyway, we were at the reception and drinking a bit more than we should to... uhhh, refill(??) and we kept trying to trade out our sparkling apple juice with the champagne, except we had plastic wine glasses and they were in the real deal. We did manage to mix some in with a couple glasses, but not the whole cup. We only wanted it because we knew it would make us have to pee faster. That worked with enough of what we could steal. Then we sorta wandered off with no one looking into another section of the house, not a huge place, but big enough to disappear down a hall and into a room... with a waterbed. Older sis, not middle sis (from last time), is really smart. She spends her free time looking at all kinds of random web stuff. She went to the corner of the bed and found the plug to add extra water. So we took turns adding our water to the bed. It really was a three girl job, two to hold and one to pee, who had to work on aiming. We were giggling the whole time about "peeing in bed" and I just got another tingle thinking about my cousin and her wife having sex on our pee and wondering how long it will be before it gets drained and replaced. Of course we couldn't be gone long, so we crept back to the party and started the routine over again. It was a bit easier to drink this time; we were downing soda and water at this point, since they had put out the buffet. In no time we were full again, thanks to the "break the seal" situation. We also had a better chance to sneak off too; people were sitting together and chatting, so when we walked by with plates and cups they thought we were just going to find a place to munch. We did find a place, it was another empty bedroom and we were going to eat, but we were just going to be relieving ourselves while we did it. Now middle sis told you we could pee all at the time and this is when we did it. The room was set up with the bed perpendicular to the door, so you could not see the far side of it. We put our plates down over there and squatted down after getting half naked. The bed had a long cover on it, so we threw it up and over our knees and let it drape down to our waists. That meant we couldn't see ourselves going, but neither could anyone else. We waited until all three of us were steady and comfortable and then we counted down, older sis: three, middle sis: two, me: one. You could just hear all three streams patter into the carpet under the bed. We swished and swayed a bit and I pushed really hard and saw the cover flutter on the other side of the bed just a little, so I know I shot far enough to hit it. I can do a bit farther than my sisters if I really want to try. Since we all knew when we were about to be empty, we lifted to see our damage and pushed our butts out so we could soak the cover over our legs. We watched the material darken from the top with our urine squirting into it from underneath. Then it was used to wipe of course. Okay, middle sis says that's all I'm supposed to tell you. Except that we also played "Hide and Go Pee," but I think older sis is supposed to tell you about that if you do the same as last time. She says as long as we get close to the same response, older sis will be back to talk some more about our fun times. I really like talking to you all, let me know you like talking to me tooooo~ :)
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    You know you are a pee fan when.. Sephora provides a snapshot of herself (wink!)
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    Part one is here http://peefans.com/index.php?/topic/8297-the-holiday-pt-1-on-the-beach/ I joined my new friends Maddie and her boyfriend Adam in their kitchen, stepping over the slowly-spreading puddle Adam had left in the hallway. Both of them wore shirts and their swimming stuff, a bikini bottom in one case and a rather tight set of speedos in the other. Adam was stirring a pot on the hob, while Maddie waited for the kettle to boil. The windows had been thrown wide to let some cool evening air into the stuffy kitchen. “What are you making?” I asked. “Chilli,” said Adam. “It'll just about be ready when David comes down.” “Do you want a drink, Sarah?” Maddie asked. “Tea? Coke?” “Just coke, please,” I said. “Tea goes straight through me.” “Don't worry about that here,” Maddie said. “We'll mop the floor before we go to bed.” She poured three teas and one coke for me, just as my brother David reappeared, his hair wet from the shower, still wearing his knee-length swimming shorts. Adam dished up the chilli and we sat down around the kitchen table. The table and chairs were both wicker, old and worn but perfectly comfortable. I noticed Adam's glance dropping to my legs as I sat next to him, my skirt riding up slightly as I sat down. Aware of my lack of underwear, I crossed my legs and pulled the skirt down slightly. While we ate, we talked about what to watch after dinner. I was interested in Doctor Who, but Adam and Maddie had a film they both wanted to see, and in the end we decided to go with that. The chilli was good but hot, and I quite quickly finished my coke trying to cool my mouth down. We finished eating and all sat back in our chairs. “Good food, Adam,” Maddie said. “Yeah thanks for cooking for us, both of you,” I said. “No worries,” said Adam. “What you two are doing tomorrow?” “No plans,” I said. “Maybe going back to the beach if it's good weather.” “Adam and I were thinking of going into town at some point,” said Maddie. “Hang on a sec.” An unmistakeable pattering sound came from under the table. Glancing down, I saw Maddie holding her costume aside, peeing through the wickerwork of her chair onto the floor. “Ahh,” she gasped, closing her eyes. “I needed this. I didn't want to interrupt while you were all eating.” “I love it when you do that,” Adam said. “Well, you keep your hard-on to yourself while there's company over,” Maddie said. “Shall we watch TV?” The four of us moved through to the sitting room, grabbing cokes and beers on our way. Three of us sank onto the sofa, while Maddie sat on the armchair turned half towards us. I had turned down the tea at dinner because I knew it would go straight through me, but the trouble is that coke and beer aren't much better. By ten minutes in I was getting a bit fidgety, and by twenty minutes I had my legs crossed to try to hold it in. I didn't want to be the first to interrupt the movie, though. After about half an hour, at a quiet part of the film, Adam stood up. “Anybody want another beer?” he asked. “Bring me one, love?” Maddie said. “I'll come with you,” I said. I followed him through to kitchen, where a small room off to one side housed a second fridge full of beer and coke. “What do you want?” he asked, holding the door open. “Whatever you're having,” I said. “Listen, do you mind if I pee here? I didn't want to interrupt the movie.” “I don't care,” he said. “Pee if you want.” I didn't need any further pursuasion. I lifted my skirt out of the way and peed, stood upright, onto the tiled floor. My piss came out crystal clear and with a lot of force. I sighed with relief. “You sure did need to go,” said Adam, staring. I nodded. The stream kept coming for a full thirty seconds or more, and by the time I was done there was a sizeable puddle around my feet. Adam stepped back a little to avoid it. “You've made me feel like I need to go,” he said. He winked at me. “Watch this.” He took his cock out from his speedos, pulling back its flesh. Once again it was pretty solid. Still holding the fridge door open with one hand, he used the other to aim his cock towards the fridge's interior and squirted his pee up towards it. “Really?” I asked. “Relax, it's all in cans,” he said, still peeing. “It's not the first time.” I watched, fascinated, as he sprayed up over the lines of cans and bottles. His piss ran in rivulets down the cans, looking just like innocent condensation. It collected in a puddle on the bottom of the fridge and started to drip down onto the floor. Adam finished up, shook himself dry, and tucked his cock away again. “Wasn't that fun?” he said. I raised my eyebrows. “You looked like you were enjoying it.” “The secret of our pee-anywhere lifestyle,” he said. “It's fun as well as easy. Want a beer?” I took the can from him and wiped it on my shirt as we were heading back to the living room. “Beer, Maddie?” Adam asked, holding another can out to her. She took it, felt the moisture on the can, and licked it. She raised her eyebrows at him, and he winked. David jumped to his feet as we sat down next to him. “Just going to the loo,” he said. “We're coming up to the good bit,” Maddie said. “You don't want to miss it.” David hesitated, then shrugged. He went out into the hallway, leaving the door wide open so he could see the TV. We heard the powerful gushing sound of him peeing against the wall. “He's settling in,” Maddie said. “They both are,” said Adam. He reached out a hand to brush my leg. “You've got pee on your knees, Sarah.” “Must be splashback,” I said. He didn't take his hand off, and I didn't object. David re-entered the room, retying the draw string on his shorts, and sat back down on my other side. “Well, you've made me need to go,” Maddie said. She pulled the front of her bikini aside and peed where she sat. I could see her pale stream disappearing into the seat of the chair, and a dark patch spreading quickly out on the seat until it had surrounded her. “In fact, I'm feeling a bit turned-on,” Maddie said, her eyes still on the TV. “Do you guys mind if I rub one out?” Without waiting for an answer, she slipped a hand inside her bikini and started to do just that. Within a few minutes she was breathing heavily and grunting softly. “Fuck, I'm horny as well,” Adam said. “How about you, Sarah? How are you feeling?” I shrugged. “A bit, I guess.” In fact, Maddie's brazen masturbation was making me feel pretty aroused. Adam's hand moved further up my leg, until it was inside my skirt. I could feel my breath quickening, my pussy moistening. I glanced at Maddie to see how she would react. She shot me a wink before concentrating on what her own hands were doing. That was enough for me. I reached down for Adam's hand and pulled it further up. His fingers found my cunt and got to work. My breath caught. He was good at what he did. Beside me, David was looking from Maddie's crotch to mine. His face was confused, but his cock was hard and straining against the elastic of his shorts. On an impulse I reached out and grabbed it through the fabric. I felt him tense for a second, then he relaxed into it. With my other hand I reached out for Adam, slipping my fingers inside his briefs to wrap around the trunk of his penis. For a few minutes all four of us sat there, grunting and sighing, lost in our pleasure. David came first, his load splattering against the inside of his shorts. Adam's fingers inside me were well-practised. He teased, bringing me to a swell and then leaving me to sink back before driving me to another crest. Eventually I reached orgasm, letting out a moan as it crashed over me. Then it was Adam's own turn to come, his juice filling the inside of his trunks and covering my fingers. Maddie came last, bringing herself to a moaning orgasm a few seconds after Adam. A few seconds of breathless silence passed. I felt like my brain was struggling to take in what had just happened. I drew my hand slowly back from my brother's crotch. “Man,” said Adam. “You guys can come over again!”
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    Part I Part II Part III Part IV Liliana sighed with joy as she entered the steaming bath in her royal quarters. She had just returned from a visit to Lady Tavena's estate in the countryside, and the journey home had been utterly miserable. A heavy summer squall fell upon the travelling party several miles before they reached the capital city, leaving everyone sodden, shivering, and miserable. Even spending the bulk of the journey inside a richly-appointed carriage had not spared Liliana from the indignities of the storm. Her damp garments made her feel chilled and rubbed uncomfortably against her skin. She could scarcely wait to be out of them. As soon as carriage came to stop inside the walls of Imperial Palace, the empress found herself at the center of a vortex of activity. The captain of guard saluted and provided a summary of the duty rotation, and the chief steward arrived with assistants to take stock of the inventory brought to the palace from the Tavena vineyards. Lord Markish wanted to meet so he could apprise her of developments in the city and at court, but she insisted that anything but the most urgent business be postponed until the next morning. Markish huffed with annoyance, but he could not defy the Empress's wishes. Liliana exchanged subtle subtle hand signals with the palace staff, after which a phalanx of attendants formed and whisked the Empress away from the hubbub to her private quarters. She noted with some relief that a bath had been drawn in anticipation of her arrival. The giant tub sunken into the stone floor of her private quarters was filled with pleasantly warm, crystal clear water. She smiled as she slipped off her dress, freeing herself from the cold embrace of waterlogged silk. An ingenious system piped heated air beneath the floor and through channels hidden behind the walls, ensuring the bathroom, and the rest of the quarters, stayed warm, even on the coldest days. Liliana appreciated the forethought and engineering that had gone into it. Indeed, the whole machinery of the palace had been designed to serve the whims of the T'urian ruler. Believing that a pitcher of wine would be quite enjoyable with her bath, Liliana needed only to pull on a lever discreetly concealed in the walls of her quarters. This sent a signal to another part of the palace that she required an attendant, and within minutes, a young man wearing the livery of a palace servant appeared, ready to do her bidding. The youth blushed upon seeing the naked form of the empress, her golden skin glistening with moisture. She was tall, with long, athletic legs, toned thighs, and wide hips. As she walked toward him, he was captivated by the bounce of her large breasts, with their dark pink areola. His eyes darted between her chest and the subtle mound topped with an immaculately groomed strip of black hairs between her thighs. He stood silent, breathing raggedly, for a moment longer than he should have. A second later he snapped to attention, remembering his place and his duty "My lady, how may I serve you this evening?" "What is your name, boy?" the Empress asked haughtily. The young servant flinched upon being addressed. Liliana could scarcely believe the way she sounded. As a young woman and noble of only minor significance, she had been shy around others and unfailingly polite Before her coronation, she never imagined she could project such a commanding tone. Yet, after several months ruling the Empire, command was almost second nature. "I am called Tol, you highness." Tol averted his eyes, trying not to look directly at the naked woman standing a few feet in front of him. "Bring me a pitcher of wine from the kitchen, Tol. Something from the Tevana vineyards." "At once, your highness!" Just as the servant started to run off, Liliana called him back. "Wait! I have one other task for you now." She pointed to a very fine porcelain bowl resting on a shelf. The young man nodded, retrieved the bowl and assumed a kneeling position. With his arms held up and out, the he appeared to be making an offering to the gods. With Tol holding the bowl just below her hips, Liliana relaxed her bladder, sending a narrow column of golden liquid from her body into the waiting vessel. Unlike more experienced servants, who held the empress's receptacles from below, Tol had cradled it between his palms, wrapping his fingers over the rim. As Liliana's stream washed over his hands he shuddered in shock. He had heard others talking of this bold new Empress who had returned to the old ways, and imagined the shame and humiliation of being treated as her personal toilet. He found instead, the golden fluid bathing his hands to be a warm, gentle, playful caress. He looked up and beheld the magnificent figure of Empress Liliana, naked in front of him, pissing indifferently into the bowl he held. He could not help breaking into a broad smile, and the Empress smiled joyfully in return. After a time that felt both impossibly long and achingly short, the powerful stream flowing from the Empress into the bowl began to wane, and eventually stopped. A few drops of amber liquid clung to the outer lips of her pussy before falling lazily into the collected pool of her offering. "My lady," Tol stammered. "I-- I am honored." Liliana sighed with satisfaction, nodded, and gestured for the servant to be on with his business. "Hurry with the wine, Tol." The young servant raced out of the room, careful not to spill any of the contents of the bowl he still carried. Liliana entered the hot bath, exalting in the feeling as the chill from her travels fled her bones. After a short time, Tol returned with a pitcher of wine and something unexpected. Lady Debora accompanied the young servant. The historian and scholar assigned by Lord Markish to guide an unlikely heir to the crown on the nuances of ruling T'ur had become Liliana's closest friend and confidante. Still, it was unusual for her to come to the Empress's quarters unbidden at such a late hour. "My lady, she insisted on coming. I told her you were exhausted and any business could wait, but she--" "It is fine, boy. I am certain Lady Debora would not intrude on my bath if it were not important." She raised an eyebrow and asked "Isn't that right?" "Indeed it is," Lady Debora replied urgently. "Now, leave us, boy." Tol looked at Liliana for confirmation that he should leave. She nodded and he exited. "Empress. What I have to tell you is of the utmost importance and extremely sensitive." She glanced around the room. "There are no other servants skulking about, are there? " "You may speak with confidence, my dear Debora. We are alone." "Good. I came straight here as soon as I heard you had returned from your travels." Debora grimaced and pressed against her crotch. "By the gods, I really stopped for nothing and I really need to piss. Do you mind?" "You are a like sister to me. Were you my blood sister, by tradition, the same rights I have would be yours. Piss wherever you like." Lady Debora grinned broadly as she lifted the hem of her skirt and squat at the edge of Liliana's bath. A few drops of pee fell lightly from her pussy into the bathwater before her lips split, and a hard, wide deluge of piss sprayed out. The sound of Debora's piss stream assaulting the bathwater thundered through the imperial quarters. Although Liliana had made the offer, she was slightly surprised by Debora's choice. She watched with amusement as the pale gold piss polluted the crystal clear water she was soaking in. To pee into the empress's bath was bold enough, but to do it while the Empress herself was in it? The woman's enthusiasm for transgressive urination exceeded her own, Liliana thought. Lady Debora concluded her relief by sending two sharp, fierce jets of pee into the bath. She remained squatting, her pussy prominently, proudly displayed. She reached her fingers into her into her vagina and produced a small, narrow, silver capsule from within. "What? What is the meaning of this!" Liliana exclaimed. Debora unscrewed one end of the capsule and removed a tightly rolled paper from the canister. "This message was intercepted from a courier trying to sneak across the border into Skenos. You will want to read it." "But why this?" Liliana asked, pointing to the capsule, still slick with Debora's juices. "Read it and you will see. No one must know we have this. This seemed the best way to avoid it being detected by anyone I might encounter on my way to you." After emerging from the bath and toweling herself dry, a task that might normally have been performed by an attendant, Liliana took hold of the letter Debora had smuggled inside herelf. Lord Ratakish, We must strike soon. The girl has proven more competent than expected, and she consolidates power rapidly. I can scarcely believe it. The T'urians have always been a strange people when it comes to certain bodily functions, but I am shocked by the degree to which they have embraced this vulgar savage. She pisses in their cups, and the fools lap it up. This is no exaggeration. I attended a feast where I saw her stand on the table, lift her dress, and piss into wine bowl. Some were horrified but many more laughed and applauded. She takes us back to the old ways, they are saying. Later that night, she damaged a centuries-old tapestry hanging in the feast hall while brazenly urinating against the wall and fouled the cistern with her effluvia. The idiots call her a breath of fresh air. The more the people indulge this madness, the more legitimate her claim to the throne grows. This crude whore threatens to destroy all of our careful work! I will work to precipitate a crisis of some sort or another, but I must implore you for more resources. Your friend in service "So you see," Debora started. "Yes." Liliana felt a white-hot anger building inside her. Ratakish was the spymaster for King Vaden of Skenos. Some said he was the true power in that accursed country. It was he who sent the assassins who murdered the previous empress and most of her extended family. Liliana's family. Thinking on the events described in the letter, there was only one conclusion to be drawn. "A traitor sits on the Noble Council." The feast described in the letter had taken place at Lord and Lady Macrie's manor a few weeks after Liliana's coronation. The entire Noble Council attended, representing the most powerful families in the Empire. All the noble men and women of the council had seemed jovial, welcoming, and supportive, but learning that some harbored resentments against her was no surprise. Navigating the rapids of T'urian politics required some skill at deception. This letter confirmed what Liliana had long suspected. A conspiracy existed between one or more of the Noble Council and Skenos. Someone had hoped to take advantage of the power vacuum for some endgame that was not yet clear. But they had not counted on Liliana to be an effective ruler. They thought they could install a naive girl who preferred living on her estate in the country, studying history and communing with nature over life at court. Debora grimaced. "What are you going to do now?" Liliana re-read the letter as she considered the future. "Do you remember the tale of Helena and General Klote?" According to the T'urian histories, after Helena returned from the siege of Koint, she was widely acclaimed for her role in T'ur's victory. The tale of how she extinguished the Eternal Flame in the Temple of Maset, which broke the spirit of Koint's leaders and ended the siege, spread far and wide. In the weeks following her return, stories circulated among the people that Helena's urine could ward off evil spirits. She found such superstitious talk ridiculous, but would indulge anyone who asked by pissing in their doorway. She soon found it quite enjoyable and took to also peeing inside the dwellings and marking the belongings of the occupants. Another city official of high standing, General Klote, found these acts distasteful. At a meeting of city leaders, he fulminated against Helena's disgraceful, vulgar, disgusting acts. He demanded she stop such behaviors at once, or be arrested or exiled. The council was reluctant to act against Helena. She was popular with the people, and most of the council held her in high regard for one reason or another. She was one of the greatest warriors who ever lived, a brilliant tactician, ruthless in single combat. If those qualities were not enough, she was a great beauty. Tall, raven-haired, powerful, yet curvy and feminine. Helena explained that many viewed her piss as a gift, and she would continue urinating wherever she pleased. She challenged anyone who wanted to stop her to make her stop. General Klote knew that he could not defeat her in single combat but could not believe the other T'urians were not as offended as he was. He scoffed that she couldn't find 10 citizens who saw her peeing on their property as a gift. She responded that if she found 30, her right to pee anywhere without reprisal would be formalized into law. Klote accepted the terms, not realizing what he had unleashed. Over the next few days, Helena put on a fearsome display of pissing prowess in the public markets. Everywhere she went, she would reveal her pussy and unleash mighty streams of piss over the walls and wares of T'ur's merchants. When Klote saw that items stained by Helena's piss sold for more than similar, unsullied items, he knew he had lost the wager. He angrily cursed her and the council, and swore that he would oppose her at every turn. The day after the city leaders ratified Helena's right to urinate anywhere, she appeared on General Klote's property with a contingent of soldiers. The council had also ruled that General Klote was to be exiled and his lands seized. They belonged to Helena now. She told him to follow her, and led him to the cemetery on the hill overlooking the main estate. She told the general that she had won fairly, that he should have accepted defeat gracefully. Because he had not, this land was hers now, and she would claim it as she claimed all things, by pissing on it. She lifted her skirt, and stood for a moment with her pussy gloriously exposed. Then she smiled wickedly as a thick stream of gold sprang forth from between her legs and spattered against a monument stone. The stream ceased suddenly as Helena walked to another stone, and started pissing again. She laughed as she walked from grave to grave, leaving the resting places of the general's ancestors marked with dark rivulets of dripping piss. The general screamed and moved to strike Helena. In his warrior prime, perhaps he could have challenged her, but he was a good 20 years past that. She kicked him in the midsection, knocking the wind from his lungs. While he gasped and coughed helplessly on the ground, she stood over him and effortlessly directed a short burst of piss into his open mouth, leading to fresh round of sputtering and choking. "Yes, I recall the story," Debora replied as the scenes replayed in her imagination. "How does it apply here?" "Consider the letter. We know at least one of the Noble Council members is in league with Skenos. We know they find my exercising of the privilege Helena won barbaric. But we also know that many of them do not. Like Helena, I'm going to piss over everything those nobles hold dear. Those who stand with me will be grow closer to me. Those that stand against me will become enraged. And it will make them sloppy. They wiil make mistakes and reveal themselves to us." She drank the remaining wine and felt a warmth growing in her stomach and started pissing noisily on the stone floor. As she looked at the puddle growing on the floor, she received a vision of Skenos inundated by a massive golden wave, frothing with white foam, surging with power. The palace walls were left crumbled by the storm, the king and his spymaster broken and drowned, the legendary Ivory Hall washed away by the deluge. "And rest assured," Liliana said . "Once we root out the traitors in our midst, we will bring the flood to Skenos."
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    Meanwhile. another teaser for my beloved friends!!! Shoot by a female friend during concert! Up here posing Down here, peeing!!! ps 2nd one taken without warning!!! Naughty friend!!!
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    It is a very British tradition I believe. Most UK people will be very familiar with Cinderella and this is indeed based on that. Fairy godmother, magical coach and the pivotal glass slipper all to come. to whet your appetite further: Chapter 6 - Fairy Godmother While Cindy was sobbing her eyes out, there was a flash of light and almighty CRACK! A vision of beauty with long blond hair and shapely figure adorned in sparkling white short flared dress appeared before Cindy in the cellar. “on’t be afraid. I am your fairy godmother and I have seen the evil which has befallen you. I see that you are pure of heart and you shall go to the ball. First though, I need you to get me some things; A pumpkin, 6 mwhite mice and two frogs.”. Get them for me by Saturday at 4pm and I will return to make your dreams come true. Then with another flash, the fairy Godmother was gone. Cindy couldnt believe what she had heard, and thought it was a dream until she found sparkling dust on the floor where the fairy had been. Over the next week, Cindy took opportunities to get revenge on her step sisters and their mother. She went out to the kitchen garden to collect vegetables for dinner and whilst attending to the gardening Cindy squatted down and peed over the a cabbage, imagining it was her step mother’s head, before harvesting it to use to prepare the dinner. She peed in their food as she prepared it every day. She even took one of the carrots and used it to pleasure herself, thrusting it in and out of her vagina before chopping it up and adding it to a stew. When Cindy cleaned Grizellas room, she knew that Grizella would be out all day so she lifted the rug by her bed and peed, flooding the floor and savouring the sound of her pee impacting the floorboards and the warmth of the droplets which splashed up and impacted her bare feet. When she was done, she stayed in position for a moment to let the last drips fall from her before covering the evidence with the rug and leaving it to soak up her pee. She stoked up the fire to make sure the heat drie things out before Grizella returned. Meanwhile, Gertrude had been thinking about her experience of relieving herself in the drawing room. The thought of it still made her tingle down below. One night, she was laying in bed, having woken up early, needing to pee. She stuck her arm out of bed and found it was cold. She was warm and cosy. But she needed to pee.... Quite urgently. She thought about how she had felt when she peed on the front of the chair. She thought about the cold, draughty cloakroom. Could she dare? Well maybe just a little to relieve the pressure wouldnt hurt? She relaxed a little and allowed herself to feel her urine descending her urethra until a little spurt escapedbetween her legs. Oh, how warm it felt. And slippery, caressing her hot pussy. A little more, coating her inner thighs, then it ran down, creating a small damp patch on the mattress. She let a bit more go. It felt warm, but ever so naughty, yet ever so jice at the same time. Gertrude was confused. But the mattress was already damp. A little more would be OK, wouldnt it? She relaxed again and this time there was no stopping. The pressure built and her bladder poured forth its contents with a subtle hiss emanating from within the bed. Gertrude thrust her hand between her legs to stem the flow, but only felt more turned on as the warm liquid caressed her hand and her hand caressed her pussy. Soon Gertrude finished her pee and quickly brought herself to orgasm, one of the best she had experienced in a long while. She fell asleep in her warm puddle as it sank into her matress. Next morning, Cindy was cleaning the bedroom and turned back the sheets. As she leaned across the bed, she put her hand in the centre of the mattress for support. She was acutely aware tha5 her hand felt damp. “What the........ ?” she thought to herself. “Why, the dirty bitch has pissed her bed! Well if she thinks I am changing it, she can think again!”. Cindy had other ideas. She climbed onto the bed and planted one foot either side of the wet patch, adopting a high squat, she hitched her ragged dress out of the way and pissed a torrent onto the bed. She moved her hips a little, spreading her golden rain around the already wet area. “Well, for that, Gerty can sleep in both our pee!” she thought as she took great pleasure in soiling the mattress further. That night when Gertrude retired to bed, she found that her mattress was still wet. She was sure it shouldn’t have been that wet, but there was nothing she could do about it. Or maybe there was? She relaxed again and felt that familiar warmth as she rewarmed the bed . A warm puddle was much nicer than a cold damp patch after all!
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    One Saturday afternoon my best friend Jen and I decided to hang out at this nude beach a couple of miles away. We put on dresses with nothing underneath so it would be easier to take it off at the beach. We packed our towels, lots of water, some snacks and a few beers. We get to the beach and it is pretty packed! We lay down our towels next to a couple, a man and a woman in their early 30s. The man is slender but tall. He is completely naked laying on a towel next to a beautiful brunette who looks a few inches shorter than him, has a lot of curves and beautiful D cup breasts. Jen and I lay down our towels, and slowly remove our dresses reluctantly. We lay down side by side and crack open a beer each. We intermittently sip on water to stay hydrated in the hot sun. After awhile I notice a gentle tinge in my bladder letting me know I have to pee soon. I scan the beach looking for a restroom. I see one all the way on the other side of the beach, with what appears to be a long line out of the ladies room. I mention to Jen "I've really gotta use the ladies room, but I don't know if I can make it through that line!". Jen laughs at me a little bit and said last time she was at this beach the same thing happened and she peed on the sand. This gave me a naughty idea, I scooched to the edge of my towel, dug a hole in the sand at the end of my towel, I sat straight up with my knees bent and spread open, and just let go into the hole. I was filling the hole fast! I quickly stood up, clenching my pee hole shut, moved over a few feet and squatted a little bit and continued to piss on the sand. At this point I was getting a lot of attention... nobody seemed upset about this. When I was finished I sat back down next to Jen. A few minutes later, Jen exclaimed that she now needed to relieve her bursting bladder. She made no hesitation about standing up, walking away from our towels, and squatting down with her legs spread as wide as they could go, and suddenly letting out a torrent of piss. She smiled over at me, and we looked over at the couple who was intently watching her. They smiled and the brunette suddenly edged to her towel, parted her legs and started to pee too! It looked like she had the same idea all along. Jen and the mystery woman finished at about the same time. I couldn't help but notice the man with her had quite a hard on. He was definitely well endowed and was stroking himself. I had to tighten my legs together and wiggle my thighs together to get a little relief on my aching clit. I didn't want to draw anymore attention to myself! After awhile the man stopped stroking himself, but I realized after two more beers it was my time to piss again. I decided to be a little braver and stood up, walked away from my towel and just stood there with my legs apart and spread my lips with my fingertips, and let out my forceful stream of pee. It arched down onto the sand creating a puddle all around. At this point I had quite a lot of stares. To my surprise, a woman in her early 20s halfway down the beach was now peeing exactly the same way as I! It seemed like I started some sort of pee revolution!
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    I think it's so hot when guys just whip out their dick and piss wherever they want to. I'd love a guy who just dropped his fly and pissed all over our home for me to clean up.
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    Dear Wet Carpet I'm Vanessa, 29 years old and working in an office environment. Recently a few colleagues and I had to attend a series of meetings a fair bit of driving away, and the company that we work for paid for a set of hotel rooms. It was one of those hotels that also specializes in renting out conference rooms for meetings and the likes, but also regular rooms with the meeting rooms being situated on the lower floors. Most of the meetings we had to attend were elsewhere, though, but we did have one scheduled at the hotel. Anyway, we had two rooms on the 14th floor; one for my female colleague and I, and one for the two male colleagues. On our last night there, where we'd finished the meeting early, we decided to go out for dinner at a nice restaurant as opposed to the pizza and other fast food we'd had the other days (long meetings). Anyway, the dinner is not important, but let it be said that we had a bit wine (not too much, though, but enough to get me slightly tipsy). Well, we had to be out of the hotel by 9 o'clock the following morning so by the time the clock struck 11 we decided we'd better start heading back. We arrived back in the hotel lobby around 11:30 whereupon my female colleague and one of the males decided to use the restrooms in the lobby. I would've done so too, but they were all occupied and the ones that weren't, seemed to be in the process of being cleaned. Anyway, this left the one male colleague (let's call him John) and I to decide we'd just ride the elevator up. I was starting to really need a pee so I was hoping for smooth ride up, but someone called the elevator at the 5th floor, but as the doors opened, no one appeared to be there. "Oooh", I squealed and crossed my legs and buckled over slightly, "I really have to pee". Normally I don't think I would've shown my desperation like that, but the wine had an effect both on my mind and certainly bladder. At the same moment, two guys came running around the corner further down, possibly having gotten fed up with waiting for the elevator and left to use the stairs, but had just managed to hear it open. "Looks like there's a restroom there", John pointed to a door about 30 feet from the elevator. Immediately, I hurried out of the elevator just before the two other guys entered. "See you tomorrow! Good night", John called out as the elevator doors closed. I dashed towards the door and immediately opened it. It wasn't a restroom. It was a sort of walk-in closet for coats and jackets. I recalled what floor I was on and figured it was for business people to hang their clothes while attending meetings in the conference rooms. I closed the door again and frantically looked around, trying to spot any other doors that could house a restroom, but there were none in sight. I was doing a slight pee dance now. As soon as I'd stepped out of the elevator, my need to pee had increased significantly from the anticipation of relief being seconds away. I took a few hasty steps and rounded the corner of the corridor, leading me further in, hoping to find something, but as the first couple of doors became visible, I realized that they were marked as conference rooms. Defeated, I turned around and headed back towards the elevator, hoping I could make it down to the lobby and use the toilet there. As I walked, another strong urge to pee hit me and my eyes happened to dart over the closet door again, sparking an idea in my mind. "Maybe I can just..." I thought in my desperate and still slightly tipsy state. In and out in no time and no one would have to know. I looked around, wanting to make sure I wasn't being watched by any cameras. When I didn't see any, I stepped forward to the door, tugged on the handle and opened it quietly. I looked over my shoulder, just to make sure I was completely alone. Could I really do something like this? As I stood there, cross-legged with my hand on the door handle, my bladder gave another nag, signalling for me to just get it over with and pee already. This was the encouragement I needed and I stepped inside, quietly closing the door behind me. As soon as I took the first step, the light went on in the room and I saw a rack of coats positioned horizontally in front of me. On each side of the rack there was space to walk and I began moving further into the room. I counted four racks in total as I walked on the plush red carpet which was present throughout most of the hotel. I decided I'd gone far enough and I ducked into the aisle between the second and third rack just enough to make sure I was hidden in case anyone were to open the door. Then I carefully dropped my purse to the side and pulled on the hem of my tightly-fitting gray dress, eventually hooking my thumbs into the sides of my lace black panties and pulling them down as I squatted low, inches away from the carpet. "Ah", I let out an audible sigh and less than a second later, a hefty slightly forward-shooting stream burst forth and splashed noisily on the plush carpet which was quickly starting to absorb it. "When you gotta go", I thought to myself, enjoying the relief of an emptying bladder, as I thought about where I was. Peeing on the carpet in a coat closet? My god, Vanessa... The wet spot was beginning to spread further as the one spot had become too saturated with my pee, but I still wasn't done. The soft hissing and splashing sounds continued in the silence of the room and for just a short moment, I almost forgot where I was as I sat there simply enjoying the relief. Finally, I was all relieved and I did a quick little shake before pulling up my panties, standing up and finishing by straightening out my dress. "Phew", I sighed again. That felt good and there was a lot of pee. Clearly a close one. I regret not taking a picture of the puddle now, but let me tell you that it was certainly there. The deep red color of the carpet did a good job of hiding it, but if you got close, you could tell something was amiss. I can imagine someone walking right on top of the soaked spot would be able to tell it was wet, but it was late in the evening, so I think at least some of it would've dried before anyone would have stepped in. I hurried out of the closet and made my way to the elevator, possibly very red-faced. Fortunately I didn't run into anyone. As I walked into the hotel room, my female colleague, who had managed to return from the lobby in the time I was gone, asked me where I'd been since she thought John and I went straight up. "Someone called the elevator on the fifth floor and I decided I really had to to get off and use the restroom", I giggled nervously, but I don't think she noticed. In the days that followed, I was desperately fearing being called into my boss' office to explain what I had done at the hotel and why we were receiving an extra bill for cleaning. But as the days passed, with nothing happening whatsoever, I began to relax. At least now I know what to do if I ever find myself caught short at that hotel again! Vanessa
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    Trying something different. Hope you enjoy. If so, I'll work on the next chapter. When Sara awoke, for a moment she forgot where she was. Her first instinct was in response to the pressure in her bladder, a common feeling for the morning. She sat up and was about to hop out of bed and make the long walk out to the bathroom. Then as she felt the cool dampness under her, she remembered. She was in her bunk at the all-girls camp her parents had signed her up for, not knowing what they were getting their daughter into. At 21, she was still living at home after having dropped out of college in protest to the financial trap of post-secondary education loans and expenses. Smiling, Sara lay back down in her bed and relaxed. As she did, she heard movement in the bunk above her as her roommate stirred. Then, and unmistakable sigh and faint hissing sound as her roommate clearly began wetting her bed. Sara’s smile widened as she closed her eyes and relaxed even more, releasing the hold on her bladder. The relief and warmth was immediate as a steady stream of pee dribbled from between her legs and soaked her sheets and mattress. She licked her lips and enjoyed the soothing warm flow of her pee as it pooled at her crotch and seeped slowly into the mattress. As she relaxed, she reflected on how this all began. The camp was intended to encourage her to find a passion, a direction, a purpose in life. Sara wasn’t sure what those things were yet, but the camp had certainly opened her eyes to some other opportunities. It took Sara some time to realize her parents must have thought she was flunking college because she was a whore (she had enjoyed a few sexual partners while at university and not hidden that fact from anyone), and maybe sending her to an all-girls camp might curb her promiscuity and sexual desires. Wow, were they ever wrong. For starters, there were a lot of open conversations about sex. Sara wasn’t sure if it was because the school was all-girls, but so far some of the camp counselors had discussed the healthy benefits of masturbation, how to responsibly handle polyamorous relationships, the best sexual positions, and ironically the benefits and purposes of celibacy. But it was the first night at camp that awakened something either dormant or well-hidden inside of Sara. The new girls were gathering in the conference room to hear the usual opening-day lecture from the camp’s director, Mrs. Emily Summers. A long table at the center of the room held a vegetable tray and an assortment of fruit. Mrs. Summers stepped up on the small stage and smiled, quieting the group of about forty new girls. “Okay ladies,” she said. “First of all, welcome! We are really excited to have such a lively group of young ladies join us this year.” There was some light applause and she continued. “Let’s get some things out of the way. At our camp, you are free to be express yourself in any way you want, so long as it doesn’t cause any harm to anyone else at camp. But we exclusively focus on helping ladies express themselves sexually.” Sara nearly choked on her snack. Did she hear that right? “That’s right, ladies. Here, we encourage our members to explore whatever sexual pleasure they wish to explore, so long as it is within reasonable limits, like nothing dangerous or outrageously expensive. Even though this is an all-girls camp, for the specific purposes of allowing you to explore your sexuality, men can be allowed access to the camp facilities, but only if selected and supervised by camp staff. In other words, no inviting your boyfriends to camp. If you’re in a committed relationship and you wish not to indulge, you can either resign now or choose to remain faithful and celibate throughout the duration of your stay, or otherwise explore your own body and the unique pleasures of masturbation.” This lecture went on to say that there were basically no limits, other than expected rules such as no drug use, no severely harmful acts, etc. Protection would be provided but not required, although extensive discussions about STDs (complete with images) would be commonplace from the camp staff, and all men invited by staff would receive STD and HIV/AIDS screening. Sara’s jaw opened several times as if she wanted to ask something, but she didn’t speak. The girls were escorted to their cabins and rooms in which they were partnered with a girl who had been to camp before and knew the facilities as well as the rules and procedures. As soon as Sara entered her new home for the next three months, a peppy plus-sized brunette greeted her. “Hello! I’m Faith!” she said, holding out her hand. Sara could detect a somewhat familiar smell in the room, not unpleasant but noticeable. “Sara,” she said as she shook Faith’s hand. “Welcome. I hope you don’t mind, but I took the top bunk. I got bottom bunk last year, so…” “It’s fine,” Sara said. “Great!” Faith said. “So…what do you think so far?” “It’s a nice place,” Sara said. “I wasn’t much for camping growing up, so I don’t really know what to compare it to…?” “You…will love it here,” Faith said. “There are the usual things…a lake, trails, even a barn with some horses. But…it’s not your usual camp.” “Yeah,” Sara said. “I gathered that from the lecture this morning.” “So what’s your thing?” Faith asked. “My thing?” “You know? Your thing? The thing that gets you hot? What turns you on?” “Umm… I don’t know, really. I just kind of…have normal sex with guys, I guess?” Faith sighed. “Booooooring,” she said. “What?” “That’s boring…well, I mean…sex isn’t boring, but the same old thing every time?” “Well, not exactly the same. I’ve done it in different positions.” Sara paused for a moment, wondering why she was saying all of this to a complete stranger. “What’s your favorite?” Faith asked. “Umm…I really like to be on top.” “Really? Why’s that?” Sara laughed. “I don’t know. It’s kind of…deeper that way?” “Uh huh,” Faith said, smiling. “Go on.” “And if I want, I can touch myself at the same time while I ride him.” “Have you ever pissed on a guy while you ride him?” Sara’s eyes widened. “What? No!” She paused and looked at Faith, who was smiling wickedly. “Have you?” Sara asked. “Several times. It makes everything wetter, warmer, and I cum so hard it all comes out at once.” “Wow…umm…I don’t know if I want to talk about this,” Sara said. “I’m sorry,” Faith said. “I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. But peeing is my thing, you see.” “Ohh…” “So…I guess that means you need to be aware of some things if we’re going to be roomies. I piss myself, my bed, and occasionally on the floor.” “Wait, what? Doesn’t that make a mess?” “Yes, it does. But the camp provides a cleaning service every day. Our blankets, sheets, and mattresses are switched out daily. The carpet is cleaned daily. And the rooms are fully deodorized daily. I mean think of the mess that happens when you open a camp that encourages sexual liberty.” “Good point. So…when you have to pee…” “I just do,” Faith said. “If that’s going to be a problem, I won’t be offended if you want to ask about changing roommates.” “I mean…I guess not. But hey, since we’re talking about pee, where are the bathrooms?” “They’re down on the other end of the hall to the left. But…you don’t have to go all the way down there if you don’t want.” Sara’s face reddened. Was Faith suggesting what she thought she was suggesting? “Are you saying…?” “Yes, silly. I just told you I soak myself in this room all the time. Why shouldn’t you?” “But I’ve never…I mean, maybe when I was a kid…” “Oh, come on. Haven’t you ever had to pee and then thought ‘I really wish I didn’t have to walk all the way to the bathroom’?” “Well…” “So now’s your chance. Plus, this will give you a dose of the kind of freedom you have here. If you need to pee, just pee. If it helps, I won’t watch.” Sara stood still, feeling the slight pressure in her bladder but still not sure she wanted to just pee right here in front of a girl she just met. “How about this? I’ll prove it to you.” Faith stepped to the center of the room and stood with her legs slightly apart. She was wearing a tight pair of purple leggings and a matching low-cut light purple shirt. Sara was expecting her to pull the tights down and maybe squat and pee, but Faith just stood there for a moment and closed her eyes. “Oh, here it comes,” she said. Right away the crotch of her purple tights darkened and Faith gasped. “Ohhh, that’s nice.” She finally reached for the waistband of her tights and panties and pulled them down, but just below her vagina, and she was still peeing! A steady and messy flow sprayed from between her legs and splashed against her panties, her tights, and the carpet. Sara watched entranced as Faith began to rub herself while her pee continued to flow. Her breath quickened and then she squealed as she had a brief but very obvious orgasm. Sara felt the warmth of her own face as she blushed when Faith finally came down from her climax, still dribbling a bit of pee into the crotch of her pants and panties. “So…,” Faith said, “what do you think?” Sara could feel the pressure building in her bladder, but she still wasn’t sure how she felt about all of this. “Do you need to go?” Faith asked. “Yes,” Sara said. “I can turn around if you want.” Sara thought and looked down at the floor. She stared for a moment at the puddle at Faith’s feet and then felt the pressure grow. “I think it’s too late to care anyway,” Sara said. In a moment that was either true desperation or something more sensual, she closed her eyes and just let go. Immediately, the crotch of her panties and jeans filled with her warm urine. She felt the delicious warmth as it swirled around in her crotch and started to run down her legs. “Oh my….” Sara shuddered as her flow increased and continued to soak her jeans. “Does that feel good?” Faith asked. Sara just nodded. “You can touch yourself if you want.” Now caught in the moment, Sara unsnapped her jeans and reached her hand down into her panties. She felt her hot pee soak her fingers but did not care as she plunged two fingers into her slit and rubbed her clitoris. Her pee continued to dribble out and fill the gusset of her panties. “That’s it,” Faith said, “enjoy it.” Sara had experienced plenty of orgasms, both from masturbation and intercourse, but this was unlike anything she had ever felt. It started to build as her pee was slowing to a comforting trickle that continued to pass down her slit and to her panties and down her legs. She rubbed harder, making sure to make contact with her clit every time. Then, as if from out of nowhere she exploded with intense pleasure as she climaxed and started to scream. She put a hand to her mouth. “No, it’s okay,” Faith said. “Don’t hold it back.” Sara took her hand away and allowed herself to completely give in to her climax as she rubbed more furiously, feeling the gentle splashes of her warm pee as it slowed almost to a halt. She dropped to her knees as her orgasm ended. Another short burst of pee filled the gusset of her panties again and she relished it as a final burst of pleasure. “Oh my god,” Sara said. “I’ve never cum like that before.” “I told you,” Faith said, smiling. “And this is just the first day.” Sara laughed as she unzipped her jeans and pulled her soaked pants and panties off. For a second she hesitated, surprised that she was half-naked in front of a stranger, but Faith wasn’t really a stranger anymore, was she? As if reading her mind, Faith also removed her tights and panties. “Now we’re even,” she said, smiling again. The rest of the night continued in a very similar fashion. Faith and Sara changed into their nightclothes, a flowery gown for Sara and a form-fitting camisole and pajama shorts for Faith. They sat around the dorm room, talking about their lives back home, their education, boyfriends, family, favorite movies and TV shows, and within less than an hour they were really connecting. At one point, Faith was sitting in the soft chair next to the desk and she squirmed. Sara watched as Faith continued talking but reached between her legs and pulled the gusset of her shorts aside and sprayed a strong stream of pee into the cushion of the chair. It was a messy spray that still dampened the crotch of her shorts. “Ah, screw it,” she said and took her hand away. She sighed and her shorts darkened as she smiled. “I’m probably going to soak them tonight anyway.” Sara sat up and scooted to the edge of her bed. She pulled her nightgown up and then pulled her panties aside. A steady warm stream hissed out of her and splashed to the carpet. She giggled at the sound as it pattered to the floor and created a puddle in the soft carpet. “Have you ever wet your bed?” Faith asked as her flow waned and her crotch glistened one last time. “Maybe as a toddler or something, but not that I remember.” “Ohh, you’re in for a treat. Let’s go out to the lounge and get some drinks.” Sara was reluctant, but she finished her pee, slid her panties back into place, and followed Faith out into the hallway. They walked to the left and the end of the hall opened up to a small lounge with a couch, loveseat, recliner, a mounted big-screen TV, a few tables, and a refrigerator with a clear-glass door which contained sodas, water bottles, iced coffees, vitamin waters, and even milk. There were two girls sitting on the couch. Well, not sitting. One girl, a thin strawberry-blonde, was reclined against the far left arm of the couch and the other girl, a brunette, was almost on top of her, kissing her deeply. As Sara and Faith stepped closer, Sara could see that the girl on top had her hand buried in the strawberry-blonde girl’s pants. Faith smiled at Sara and shook her head. “That’s Cindy on top. The girl under her must be new like you. So…that didn’t take long.” Faith opened the refrigerator and grabbed a few bottles of water and handed them to Sara then grabbed a few more. Sara heard a cry from behind her and looked back at the two girls on the couch. Cindy was sitting up, but her hand was still stroking the new girl’s vagina. But Sara could see that the new girl had reached her own hand up under Cindy’s skirt and was also rubbing. Sara continued to watch as Cindy held up a finger as if to say Wait. She reached down next to the couch and Sara could see that she was holding a dildo, one of those two-sided ones that she had only seen in porn and behind the counter at the sex shop her friends talked her into going into on her 18th birthday. Without even being asked, the new girl started removing her jeans and panties as Cindy adjusted herself so that their legs were facing each other and their now bare vaginas were close. “Watch this,” Faith said. Sara watched as Cindy scooted closer to the new girl’s crotch and then sighed as a stream of pee sprayed from her and splashed against the new girl’s pussy. The new girl gasped in surprise and then laughed. “I taught her that,” Faith said, smiling. They continued to watch as Cindy’s flow waned and she brought the double-dildo between them and slowly slipped it into her very eager vagina. The new girl scooted closer until she had worked the other side into her pussy, as well. They started to buck their hips together and moan shamelessly. “C’mon, let’s let them finish in peace.” Faith said. On their way back to the dorm room, they passed a room in which they could hear more cries of pleasure. The door was slightly ajar, and as they passed they could see a fair-skinned young man, completely naked, not large but well-toned, and he was behind a blonde girl, also naked, who was just a bit more plus-sized than Faith, chubby with bigger breasts. Her hands were pressed against the wall of her dorm and he was grabbing her round ass and thrusting vigorously as she moaned. Just behind her on one of the beds they could see the backside of another young man, dark-haired and thinner than the other, on his knees, and two elegant legs sticking out at his sides. He was also humping and a second moan could be heard. “Oh my god, I’m gonna cum,” the blonde cried as the young man thrust a little harder. The blonde screamed as she climaxed. In the background, the other young man stood up and Sara could see a stunning brunette with perfectly formed breasts as she sat up and grabbed the young man by the shoulders to direct him to lay down on the bed. “That’s Sophia,” Faith said. She seemed to beam when she said the name and Sara wondered if Faith was thinking the same thing she was. Sophia was incredibly attractive. They watched her crawl on top of the young man and reach down to guide his penis inside of her. The blonde continued to scream and the fair-skinned young man groaned as he obviously ejaculated. Sophia was riding the dark-haired young man expertly, wriggling her hips. He sat up, put his hands on her back, and kissed her perfect breasts. “I wish I had breasts like that,” Sara said. Faith giggled. “Yours aren’t so bad.” They watched as Sophia’s movements quickened until soon she was also crying out and seconds later the dark-haired young man groaned and cried out, as well. “Oh, and by the way if you want a man while you’re here, just let me know.” When they got back to the dorm, Faith smiled at Sara. “Okay, bottoms up.” She twisted the cap off of one of the water bottles and started to swig it. Sara obeyed and opened one and started drinking. Faith finished the first bottle and set it down. “Drink both of them. This will guarantee you’ll have to pee tonight.” Faith opened the second bottle and continued to drink. Sara had a little trouble finishing the first, but she finally got it down. After a few seconds, she opened the second bottle and started drinking. By the time they were finished, she could already feel pressure in her stomach that she knew would eventually pass to her bladder. “Well, bedtime,” Faith said, giggling. “I don’t know if I can do this,” Sara said. “Sure you can. With all that water you just drank, you’ll definitely have to pee at some point tonight, and so will I.” “Of course, but…I don’t know if I can wet my bed.” Faith sighed. “Tell you what, if you wake up and you have to pee but you don’t feel comfortable wetting your bed, then just do it somewhere in the room. But don’t go to the bathroom. That’s cheating.” Sara agreed as she snuggled into the bottom bunk. Faith flipped the lights off in the room and then climbed up to the top bunk. “Good night,” she said. “Good night.” At first, Sara thought she was going to have trouble getting to sleep because she could not get the evening’s events out of her head. As each image passed through her mind, she could feel herself getting more and more moist. What would happen next? Could she have sex openly on a couch like the two girls? Could she have sex with a strange guy right in front of her roommate? She had already peed and masturbated in front of her, so…maybe? Sara lay still and listened. The top bunk above her squeaked as Faith moved around in her bed. She could just barely hear more moans coming from one of the rooms next to them. She thought she heard a slap and then another cry of pleasure, in addition to a buzzing sound that was probably a vibrator. A sigh from the top bunk caught her attention and she lay still and listened even more closely. The mattress above here creaked repeatedly and Sara knew what was happening. She couldn’t resist any longer as she pulled her panties aside and started to rub herself. Faith was soon moaning and then crying out. This set Sara over the top as she climaxed quietly but powerfully, biting her lip to keep from screaming. But then her bladder burst unexpectedly as she came, soaking her panties and the sheets under her. Sara gasped, but she couldn’t stop it even if she tried. She just relaxed and let it happen, feeling her warm flow as it burbled out of her and pooled between her legs before slowly seeping into the sheets and mattress. “Oh my god I’m soaking the bed,” she said. “Ohh…it feels…good doesn’t it?” Faith said. As her flow of pee eased to a trickle, Sara could hear the unmistakable splashing of Faith’s gush as she also soaked her bed. Faith cried out again and seemed to have a second orgasm. “Ohhhh wow that feels so much better.” She sighed and the splashing sound dwindled to a dribbling. “I’ll sleep like a baby now,” she said. “And since your bed is already wet, you shouldn’t have any troubles tonight, right?” Sara laughed. “Right,” she said. She closed her eyes and was soon drifting off to sleep. As expected, sometime in the night she felt an unbelievable amount of pressure in her bladder. Without even moving Sara sighed and just let go, feeling her warm pee soak her panties, gown, and bed, somehow both arousing and soothing. Wanting to try something different, though, she cut off the flow as best she could. Her bladder screamed for more release, but she held on as she sat up and removed her nightgown and panties. Now completely naked, she lay back down, feeling the warm dampness of her sheets and mattress on her bare skin. Sara lay on her right side and scooted her bottom all the way back until her bare cheeks touched the wall. She knew there was a space between the bed and the wall, so she scooted even closer until she could feel the coldness of the wall against her labia. Then she sighed and let loose. She could feel warm splashes of her pee against her lips and inner thighs as it struck the wall with a hiss and dribbled down to the floor behind the bed. She licked her lips and continued to pee this way until she was finished. Then, without bothering to get dressed, she drifted back to sleep to the feel of her damp sheets on her naked body. She was going to love it here.
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    The First Job ------------------ "Yeah, I can definitely repair that leak!" Katie quipped over the phone as she sat at a corner desk in her modest fourth-floor apartment. "I have the equipment all ready to go so I can come by today if you'd like!" Nodding as she listened to the other end, Katie couldn't help but let her left hand wander towards her crotch. "If you don't mind, ma'am, I usually suggest that I come in at night. I wouldn't want to bother your work with the noise my tools make..." A sly smile spreads over Katie's face as she cradles the phone receiver on her shoulder and writes down the entry code that her unsuspecting client was now sharing over the phone. It was settled then -- tonight, she'll be heading over to the small textile shop a few blocks down to fix a leak that had started dripping from their ceiling. Easy jobs in small shops were Katie's favorite. Grinning, Katie stands up from her desk to grab a pitcher of water from her refrigerator. She only had about an hour before the sun would start to set. After pouring a glass and quickly consuming its contents, Katie turns her thoughts to more pressing matters -- namely, what to wear for tonight? Since the building would be deserted, there would be no reason to wear an actual plumber's uniform, so Katie decided that she'll dress sexy -- these "jobs" always got her off anyways. Katie passed the time by holding up various outfits in front of the mirror while downing glasses of water from time to time. Eventually, she decided on a sheer black thong that left little to imagination and a matching bra that provided full view of her already erect nipples. Since it was warm out, instead of getting fancy, Katie simply pulled on a tight little midnight-blue tee, boldly exposing the entirety of her midriff. Finally, she squeezed her shapely posterior -- and her now bulging bladder -- into an equally tight pair of shorts that teasingly allowed her thong to peek above her waistband. She glances at the clock. "I'd better be going soon," Katie thinks to herself before downing one last glass of water. Grabbing her tool kit, Katie also makes it a point to grab a small duffel bag containing several water bottles and a few cans of soda. The shop was deserted, as expected. Flicking on the light, Katie immediately notices the telltale rings of a slow-dripping leak over a portion of the ceiling. Immediately after, however, Katie turns her attention towards something far more interesting -- the rest of the store. It was a cozy little shop with rolls of fabric neatly arranged in stacks lining the walls. One wall appeared to be dedicated to showcasing curtains and drapery. Numerous mannequins displaying intricately designed clothes took up the floor, with the majority of space being taken by a large work table that appeared to have a newly-designed set of clothes on top of it. Giddiness welled up within Katie, as well as a vague tingling in her nether-regions. "A small shop with no windows," Katie smiled naughtily, "I guess I'd better make myself at home!" Completely ignoring the reason for her visit, Katie leaps on top of the work table with no regard for its contents. Wrinkling the pristine set of clothes under her barely-contained bottom, she kicks her feet out and stretches her arms. "Ahh!" Katie sighs as she hears the clatter of various items that she had knocked off. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees that she had caused a well of ink to fall off the table and shatter. "Oh dear," Katie laughs, "I'd better clean that up!" With her bladder now urging Katie to notice its volume, she figures that she had just the means to power-wash the floor. Grinning with excitement, Katie squeezes her cute bubble-butt out of her shorts and sits up on the table. Suddenly, however, she got an idea. Why should she waste her entire bladder on one tiny little splatter of ink? She knew that she had an enormous bladder so why not make use of the delightfully absorbent material all around her? Katie hops off the table and walks over to the stacks of fabric, looking for the most expensive one. A luxurious roll of authentic white fur catches her eye and Katie quickly sets it aside. Next, Katie grabs numerous lengths of fabric and spreads them out across the shop floor. Feeling naughty with anticipation of what she was about to do, she intentionally took her time to allow her need to pee to become ever more urgent. Finally, she couldn't hold it anymore. Feeling her need grow urgent, Katie pulls off her tiny black thong and grabs the white fur fabric. Her pussy tingling with naughtiness, she drapes her lower body with the expensive fabric, climbs atop the fabric she had laid out across the floor, and squats down with her legs wide open. It took a moment, but soon a familiar feeling spread throughout her body and allowed her bladder to relax. Immediately, a torrent of urine burst forth and the shop filled with a loud pattering sound as her pee shot directly onto the fur she had so meticulously picked out. The white fur had no hope -- in moments, Katie's pee began to soak through the fabric, leaving behind an obvious yellow patch, and began to pour out from underneath her onto the various fabrics strewn across the floor. Feeling the warmth of her pee against her skin, Katie playfully wriggled her butt around, sending droplets of pee flying across the tiny shop's floor. After what must have been a few minutes, her stream slowed to a trickle before finally pattering to a stop. "Ahhh, FUCK yes!" Katie contentedly sighs upon relieving herself all over the shop's floor. Standing back up, Katie surveys the damage. The expensive white fur now lay hopelessly stained in a soggy mess at her feet. Around it, numerous fabrics showed signs of her defilement and displayed similarly unsightly stains. Miraculously, none of her pee had pooled anywhere, having been absorbed by some fabric or another, but the scent of her piss still hung in the air. Katie grins as she looks down at her cleanly shaven pussy still dribbling a few drops of pee. Casually, she walks over to the wall showcasing draperies, selects the most fragile looking fabric, and rips it from the display. She allows the fabric to crinkle around her fingers as she callously wipes her pussy with the material before simply tossing it onto the ground. "Who needs toilet paper when you have an entire store full of it!" Katie laughs. By now, Katie is thoroughly horny and cannot resist pulling off her shirt and unclasping her bra. Standing in the nude, the lingering humidity in the air from her pee caressed her skin; the nipples on her round, ample, breasts protruded fully erect. Eager for round two, she hurries over to her duffel bag and downs a can of soda, along with a water bottle. Allowing her bladder to fill up, Katie finally decides to work on fixing the leak above the ceiling. Standing on the work table, Katie quickly identifies and begins fixing the problem with practiced movements. However, her mind was elsewhere -- though the shop was already a veritable pissy mess, Katie wanted to do more damage. Intermittently pausing to drink water as she worked, Katie wondered what else she could defile with her piss. It didn't take long for Katie to fix the leak so, water bottle in hand, she opted to walk around the room as she pondered her next move. With only a passing interest, Katie gingerly pulled out some of the drawers from the work table and overturned their contents onto the shop floor. "Nothing useful here..." Katie mutters as she picks up a few loose dollar bills to take with her. Then Katie remembered the mannequins towards the opposite end of the room. "Some of these designs really are beautiful," Katie muses as she glances as their price tags, "...and expensive," she mutters as she makes a face. Smiling like an innocent customer, Katie carefully removes an intricately patterned, pink sundress from a mannequin and puts it in her duffel bag to steal. She playfully puts a finger to her lip, pretending for a moment that she is a good little girl, only to break the illusion by shamelessly rubbing her pussy. "I'm almost full!" she giggles with anticipation while fingering her clit. "I'd better decide what to piss on fast!" She looks at the remaining mannequins. Since they had been standing off the floor, none of them appeared to have any urine on them. "This will not do," thought Katie indignantly as she briskly walks over and pulls an elegantly tailored blouse off from its display. Then an idea struck her. She was already horny -- why not make use of these beautiful clothes and dress for the occasion? Quickly rushing over to the work table to grab a pair of scissors, Katie destroys the blouse by cutting straight up the front of the garment. "There!" Katie laughs, "Now it's a vest!" Putting her arms through the sleeves, Katie admires herself in a mirror with her breasts completely uncovered by the useless garment. She then proceeds to destroy the remaining clothes on display -- one by one, she rips the fabric as she tears each outfit off its mannequin. Some she would pick back up to damage further, such as the tight-fitting pair of denim shorts that she cut the crotch out of to fully reveal her pussy as she puts it on. By the time she was through, numerous clothes lay torn on the floor beneath her and Katie wore a mismatch of clothes -- none of which covered her pussy. Then it was finally time. She had been yearning for this moment -- her bladder was about to burst. Katie quickly scrambles to perch herself above the pile of clothes, as she slowly begins to masturbate above them. She relaxes, arching her back knowing full well the damage she was about to do and a stream of urine slowly emerges from her pussy lips. The stream soon becomes a jet of pressurized piss spraying all over the garments on the floor. Katie moans as she swings her pelvis around, causing her powerful arc to splatter all over shop onto various mannequins, fabrics, and even the front door. Overwhelmed by the sensation, and the sheer naughtiness of her actions, Katie cannot help but lie down, allowing her pee to gush straight into the air and fall all over her. Eventually, the stream dwindles as Katie squeezes out her last drops of pee. "Fuck, that was amazing," thought Katie as she lay there with her legs spread wide, breathing heavily. By now, there was so much pee on the floor that even the fabric couldn't soak it up. As Katie stood up, a small, warm puddle of pee pooled around her toes. Stretching, Katie grips her own soaked garments and tears the fabric to let it drop onto the saturated floor. "I look like I've taken a shower!" Katie remarks as she sees her glistening body in a mirror. As she towels herself dry on a piece of display curtain, Katie admires her handiwork. Practically every inch of the tiny shop had been sprayed by her pee. Numerous fabrics now showed telltale stains of yellow and even more lay crumpled like sopping wet rags. The scent of her piss noticeably filled the room. It was a mess. One big pleasurable mess. Katie wipes her pussy on an adjacent curtain before gathering her belongings. Deciding not to bother with her underwear, she stashes her lingerie in her duffel bag and puts her clothes back on. After giving one last look around the shop, she turns off the lights and steps outside. It was still dark out, and by the time the day would start, Katie would be long gone. "Ah!" Katie stopped, noticing the welcome mat in front of the store. Quickly scanning her surroundings, Katie suddenly drops down to a squat. Pulling the crotch of her shorts out of the way, Katie manages a small squirt of pee from her exposed pussy, directly onto the mat. "Missed a spot!" she laughed before walking off into the night. ------------------------- This is the first time that I have ever written a story and do not have experience writing fiction! I hope you like it, and if you enjoyed it, I can make more!
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    “Okay, you have to tell us more,” Jennifer begged. We were working our way through another round of drinks when she said this, and she nearly spilled her drink with excitement. Tara laughed. “Well, what do you want me to tell?” “Anything,” Jennifer said, “about you and Danielle. What else did you do?” “Well,” Jennifer said, “I can tell you about this little ladies night thing, kind of like what we’re doing right now. When I say little, I mean it was like five of us. It was about a month after our night in the dorm room and by this point, as I said, we had become more adventurous with our peeing experiences. The fun started on the cab ride over to the party, though, when Danielle gave me a look and then scooted forward in her seat and slid the back of her skirt up. A few seconds later she was peeing through her panties and it was dribbling quietly over the edge of the seat and to the floorboard. I tried to hide my smile as I checked to make sure the driver was not wise to what was happening. But she didn’t seem worried at all and just smiled. “She had told me earlier that we were going to a little party at her friend Kiki’s house. There were no guys there, just some girls and some drinks. I remembered Kiki from our high school days when a bunch of them spent the night at my house and a game of Truth or Dare became a game to see who could hold their pee the longest. I did not win, by the way. I looked at Danielle and said, ‘Wait a minute, the same Kiki?’ Danielle laughed and any nervousness I felt about going to a party at some stranger’s house was gone now. “We pulled up to this nice two-story house, and I could already see people on the porch, a familiar-looking brunette with long, curly hair and a sporty-looking body, a thinner brunette with straight hair, and another brunette who was obviously older and a little more plus-sized but no less attractive. ‘That’s Kiki’s mom, Cheryl,’ Danielle said. ‘Don’t worry, she’s cool.’ I smiled, and I honestly could not stop looking at this woman who just seemed so classically beautiful, not knock-out hot but just so womanly. ‘Oh, there’s something else,’ Danielle said. ‘I figure I should tell you before you get surprised. Kiki and Cheryl are the ones who got me started with peeing.’” Not even waiting for a pause in Tara’s story, I parted my legs, sighed, and soaked the couch under me. I licked my lips as it swirled around my crotch and she continued. “I know my jaw dropped, but I was smiling, too. ‘So,’ I said, ‘you’re saying there might be some peeing at this girls’ night thing?’ Danielle just smiled at me. ‘I wouldn’t say “might be,”’ she said. I just smiled wider. “We hopped out of the car and right away the curly brunette ran from the porch and greeted Danielle with a big hug and then an unexpected kiss on the mouth. Danielle introduced me Kiki and I both hugged, remembering each other. Pretty soon we were being led onto the porch where I was introduced to Lara, who was the thinner girl, and of course Cheryl. I didn’t mean to stare, but I’m pretty sure I was. But she smiled and greeted me, and I did my best to smile back. “’So,’ Kiki said, ‘did she already tell you?’ I smiled and nodded. ‘Yeah,’ I said, ‘and trust me, I’m totally okay with it.’ And to prove it, I stood right there on their porch and soaked my panties.” “Oh my god,” Jennifer said. “You just pissed yourself on a stranger’s porch?” Jennifer was squirming again, and I knew she was holding her pee until she was ready to burst. I also knew she would probably have another orgasm when she did. “Well, they weren’t all strangers. I knew Kiki and Danielle.” “Yeah, but the other two…” “I think that’s why I did it,” Tara said. “Especially Kiki’s mom, Cheryl. She was just looking at me, smiling, and when I let go I could tell she was pleased.” “Tell us more!” Jennifer said. Tara and I laughed at her childlike eagerness. “Well, they all watched me soak my panties and let it dribble down my legs and Lara said, ‘Yep, she’s one of us.’ And we all had a good laugh at that until Cheryl led us inside. It was a nice house, but I smiled when the first thing I noticed was dark furniture, a couch and loveseat obviously vinyl, and dark carpet. Cheryl told me I could take my wet panties off if I wanted and she could wash them, or I could leave them on. I slid them off and was surprised when she just grabbed them like they were her own and walked down the hallway. ‘Make yourself at home,’ Kiki said and pointed to the furniture. “I sat on the couch at the far left end and Danielle sat in the middle next to me with Lara to her right. Kiki sat in the recliner, leaving the empty loveseat for Cheryl. We started talking and reminiscing about our days on the swim team, about how Danielle and I had lucked into becoming roommates in college, about Kiki going to beauty school. Pretty soon Cheryl was back with drinks and food. She had some wine coolers and a tray of cheese and crackers and some vegetables. She sat them on the coffee table and took her place on the loveseat. We munched and talked some more, and I looked over and saw Cheryl sitting up in her seat. ‘Excuse me, girls,’ she said, and we watched her as she unsnapped her jeans, pulled them and her panties down, and sat back into the loveseat. A few seconds later we could hear a hissing sound as she started peeing right into her seat. I watched it dribble out of her and sort of swirl around at her crotch, because the couch was vinyl so it wasn’t going to absorb or anything, but she just sat there and kept pissing, making her puddle bigger until it started dripping over the front and onto the carpet.” “Okay, I’m going to, OHhhhh!” Jennifer screamed, and sure enough a loud, splashing torrent of warm pee flowed out of her and soaked the couch cushion under her. She gasped and scooted back, still blasting the cushion with a steady stream that sprayed her thighs and the couch. I was not surprised when she reached her hand down and touched her vagina, not caring that she was still peeing all over her fingers. I could feel some of it splashing on my bare legs, and I could not help but feel my own pussy getting wet. Tara did not continue talking but was also watching Jennifer. To our surprise, she stood up and came over to Jennifer. Without hesitation, she knelt down right between Jennifer’s knees and allowed her warm pee to spray all over her breasts. Then her lips were on Jennifer’s, who did not stop her and who was still peeing against Tara’s stomach now. I couldn’t help myself any longer and sat back, spread my legs, and started rubbing my clit. Tara saw me and stood up, her breasts and tummy dripping with shiny pee. We all three seemed to be caught up in the mood of her story and everything that had happened so far. “Let me help you with that,” she said. She stepped closer and I watched as she spread her pussy lips. “Keep rubbing,” she said. I obeyed and she sighed as her warm pee squirted out and splashed first my legs and then up to my vagina. I couldn’t hold back a scream as I rubbed harder, feeling her hot stream against my clit and dripping down between my legs. I could see Jennifer kneeling beside me now, with one hand buried between her legs and another reaching out to caress Tara’s ass. When Tara’s flow finally stopped, she knelt down on the floor in front of me. “Let’s masturbate each other,” she said. I took my hand away and looked at Jennifer, who also took her own hand away and scooted closer to me. I reached over and placed my hand between Jennifer’s legs. She did the same for Tara, who already had her hand caressing my vagina. “I have to pee again,” I said. “Go ahead,” Tara said, but she did not stop rubbing. I threw my head back in ecstasy as I let go. The combined feeling of my warm pee dribbling out of me and Tara’s fingers slipping in and out of my vagina and around my clitoris was enough to bring my orgasm hard and fast. I started panting and could hear Jennifer moaning and breathing more heavily. I opened my eyes and looked at Tara, who was still kneeling on the floor, eyes closed and head thrown back as Jennifer rubbed harder and faster. Tara moaned and I could see a clear dribble of pee flowing out of her, all over Jennifer’s and, and to the carpet. This must have set her off because she rubbed me harder, and I gasped and started rubbing Jennifer harder, until my climax came and I threw my head back again, screaming and moaning. Jennifer and Tara joined me. I slumped back into the couch, panting as the last dribbles of my pee warmed the couch again. Tara lay on me, her head on my breasts, and Jennifer slumped onto my right shoulder. “And the night still isn’t over yet,” Tara said. "I need to finish my story."
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    My friend Kate and I went for a walk along the beach in the middle of summer. Beforehand we had brunch, since I wasn't driving I had a few mimosas. We were both wearing our bikinis with clothes tucked into our backpacks. The beach was mostly empty with another couple and a lonely girl on opposite sides of the beach. My friend and I picked a spot in the middle and rolled out our towels. We laid under the sun for about an hour casually sipping water as it was so hot. Eventually I realized I really had to take a piss. I mentioned to Kate that I had to go. She laughed and said she kind of needed to as well. She suggested we just move our panties to the side and piss on the sand. I scooched to the edge of my towel, made a hole in the sand, bent my knees up, moved my bikini crotch over a bit and let my pent up energy flow through me and out my body. I let my piss flow into the hole, and it kept going for about a minute. At this point I noticed Kate was sitting next to me doing the same thing. She had her pussy out with pee coming out I watched her as she saw the last few dribbles coming out of my crotch. We both covered the sand in nice puddles of piss. I don't think anyone saw us, but I don't think they cared.
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    Ok friends this is the new deal This is my pussy And this is my motherfucking boyfriend taking pics of me while down on ANOTHER pussy 'problems editing the pic to eliminate the other girl.... her face was much more visible than mine AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
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    Dear Wet Carpet, Road trips can be boring sometimes, but I need to tell you about one that was anything but boring. Last spring, two of my friends, Susanna and Dharla, and I decided to drive to the mountains for a day trip. We knew the trip would take us through some windy back roads. We did not, however, expect it to be so far in the middle of nowhere that we would struggle to find places to stop for the bathroom. As you’ll see, this didn’t turn out to be such a bad thing. I won’t bore you with all the trip preparation details, but we first ran into a problem about two hours into our trip when we were getting deep into the mountains and there was literally nothing around except trees, rocks, and the road. Susanna, who was sitting up front with me, was the first to speak up. “Hey, are we near a bathroom? I’m gonna need to go soon.” “Um, I really don’t know,” I said. “This is my first time on this road. I’m just following the map.” Out of the corner of my eye I could see her moving around in her seat, shifting her legs and putting her hands in her lap. “How bad is it?” I asked. “I could use a break, too,” Dharla said. “I mean, I’m not about to explode or anything, but it’s definitely a need,” Susanna said. I sat up a little in my seat, aware of my own growing need. I also wasn’t feeling desperate, but it was definitely noticeable. “Well, I’m about to go,” Dharla said. “I was trying to hold out hoping we’d find something soon, but there’s nothing.” “Nope,” I said. Susanna sighed as we stopped at an intersection and I turned left, still seeing nothing, not even houses. Just road, guardrail, signs, and the woods. “Yeah, we’d better find something soon,” Dharla said. “Well, I can’t really pull over because there’s pretty much no curb. The guardrail is so close to the road because I guess they’re worried someone might drive over the mountain. “Oh my god, girls, I’m about to bust,” Dharla said. I could see her in my rearview mirror rocking back and forth in her seat, holding her crotch. I thought for a moment as I looked around and still did not see anywhere to pull off. I finally thought, Screw it, and glanced back at Dharla in the mirror. “Do whatever you have to do, Dharla,” I said. “Are you serious?” she asked. “Yes,” I said. “There’s literally nowhere to pull off safely, and you’re about to wet yourself anyway. It’s okay.” “Thank you,” she said, and I could see in the mirror that she didn’t waste any time unbuttoning her jeans and tugging them and her flowery panties down her fit mocha colored legs. I tried to keep my eyes focused on the road, but Susanna turned back and watched. “I’m sorry, Kristen,” she said as she scooted forward. Within seconds, I could hear a soft hissing followed by an unmistakable splattering sound as her pee fell to the floor of my car. I could her it splashing against the stuff in my floor, which I was pretty sure was just trash anyway. “It’s okay,” I said. “I need to get it detailed anyway, and you couldn’t help it.” Dharla was still peeing full-force as she moaned to show her relief. “Ohhh, that’s so much better. I can’t believe I’m pissing in the back of your car, but I really had to go.” She laughed. “And I think I see a cup in your floor. I could’ve used that.” We all laughed then. “Too late now,” I said. “I need to go, too,” Susanna said. “Do you want the cup?” Dharla asked. The sounds of her pee were dwindling. Susanna glanced at me as if she wanted my permission for something. I smiled, knowingly. “No,” Susanna said. “I’m in the front seat anyway and it would be too obvious if we passed anybody and they looked in the window.” She winked at me and I laughed again. I kept trying to focus on the road but could not help but watch as Susanna unbuttoned her jeans and then slid them just enough that they exposed her pale but round bottom and her vagina to the cushioned seat under her. “Are you sure?” she mouthed to me. I just nodded. “What are you doing?” Dharla asked. I could see in the rearview that she was pulling her jeans back up and then she leaned forward in her seat. “Oh my god, are you going to…?” “I am,” Susanna said. She sat back in her seat and closed her eyes. A few seconds later we could all hear the soft hissing of her pee as it sprayed out of her and soaked into the passenger seat of my car. She opened her mouth and gasped as the sound got louder and her flow increased. “Oh, god that feels good,” she said. “But your jeans are going to get soaked when you put them back on and sit on that seat,” Dharla said. “Mmm,” Susanna said, “don’t care…worth it. Ohhh, god, Kristen, I hope this isn’t the last time you let me do this. Ohhhh, god.” She gasped again, and to my surprise she pulled her jeans down further and now we could see her warm flow of pee spraying into the seat under her. “Oh, it probably won’t be, because I’m about to join you,” I said. When we planned the trip, I had anticipated that bathroom stops might be a problem, so I had worn a skirt with the thought that I might have to squat by the roadside. Never did I expect my friends and I would be wetting in my car. I sat up enough to move the back of my shirt out of the way. I thought about trying to slip my panties off but changed my mind. I glanced over and Susanna was still peeing a little and very obviously touching herself, as well. She looked at me through half-lidded eyes and smiled. “That is so hot,” Dharla said. She was sitting as close to the edge of the back seat as she could, watching Susanna intently, and her hand was stroking the crotch of her jeans. I tried to focus on the road, and finally I saw a small section of the shoulder open up, so I pulled the car over as far as I could. I put it in park and then sat back comfortably in my seat. “Let it go,” Susanna said, smiling at me. I closed my eyes and soon my warm pee leaked out and warmed the crotch of my panties. I gasped as my flow increased and my hot pee flowed out unabated and sprayed into my panties and the seat between my legs in a loud hiss that echoed in the car. “Oh, wow, that does feel good,” I said. “Yeah, I’m totally going to be soaking my seat again. Mmmm.” I reached down and pulled the gusset of my panties aside and then took my hand away as a messy spray of pee shot forward and soaked the seat and some drops splashed the floor. Most of it, though, pooled between my legs, warming my crotch. Susanna was now rubbing her clitoris furiously, and a quick glance in the mirror let me know that Dharla has slipped her hand into her jeans and was also rubbing herself. I joined them, and it only took a few brief but wet strokes of my clitoris and I was crying out as I climaxed. Dharla and Susanna both screamed almost together as they also orgasmed. “I can’t believe that just happened,” I said. Both girls agreed that it was unbelievable, in a good way. Knowing our trip was still a few more hours long, we all agreed there was no point stopping for any bathroom breaks now. Susanna reached into the small cooler at her feet and took out three water bottles, handing one to Dharla and sliding mine into the cup holder. Once during the trip, Dharla had laid down in the back seat to take a nap and woke up abruptly. “Gotta go,” she said. I glanced in the rearview and could see her pull her jeans and panties down to her ankles while still laying down. She sighed and I could hear the sound of her pee splashing out of her and drumming down onto the back seat as well as her sighs of pleasure. A little later, I felt the need to pee again, so without saying anything I let go and felt the soothing warmth of my pee as it dribbled out and soaked into my panties and seat. I looked over at Susanna who was watching me and smiling. She winked again and pointed between my legs. I just nodded and then glanced down and could see what she was pointing at. There was a small, shiny stain appearing on my skirt in the divot between my legs. I didn’t care, though, as I relaxed and let the last of my warm pee spray out of me. Susanna turned away from me and sat back in her seat. She sighed and even while driving I could see the dark spot begin to form in the crotch of her jeans. “They were wet already,” she said, still smiling but sounding out of breath. “Ohhh, that’s so warm.” I managed a quick glance and watched as the stain grew and her jeans glistened as her pee flowed out of her and soaked her pants and the seat. I heard Dharla laugh. “We’re a mess,” she said. “We’re going to have to get cleaned up before we stop anywhere.” “Who said we’re stopping,” I said. “I still have over half a tank of gas, it’s a beautiful day to just go for a drive.” They both looked at me and I smiled. “Or, we could just turn around and head back home…see what happens next?” “I like that idea,” Susanna said. “Same,” Dharla said. We drank more water and each peed at least two more times, Dharla still seeming to enjoy laying down and spraying the seat and Susanna and I just letting go just as we were sitting. It was a great drive home. And maybe someday I’ll tell you what happened when we got there.
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    After the fun we'd had pissing all around that asshole guy's house, the floodgates were well and truly opened for Barbara and I. And I do mean that kind of almost literally as well as metaphorically, lol. Next time we went out to the pub we decided it would be fun to just pee wherever we could get away with. But we have never been caught for a reason. We are careful. So we don't piss on our own doorstep! We never did it in our local pub where everyone knew us, but drank further afield when we wanted to have fun. Over the years pissing in pubs on the floors or whatever has been a frequent pastime. We still do it. The first time we did this was only a few days after our little pissing session in that guy's house. We chose a place we knew several miles away in a posh part of town, with top quality upholstery and carpets, and a better off clientele. And we went prepared, dressed in skirts that came down to just above our knees - just long enough to hide the fact that we were wearing no panties, but short enough to easily hoist for ease of pissing. We each bought a pint of lager and went and sat at a table in a more secluded part of the lounge area. Good job we had our driving licenses on us because we were still young enough to be asked for ID, lol. Which seemed kind of annoying at the time, though I wish I were young enough to have that worry today. Still, that little annoyance made us feel even more gleeful about the intention of pissing all over the place in that pub. Anyway, from where we were sat - because it was still early enough in the evening for it not to be too busy - there was no one around in a position where they could easily see what we were going to do. We'd already drank several coffees earlier and arrived needing to pee. Neither of us had wanted to waste a good piss in my toilet when we could hang onto it and fuck up someone's carpet, lol. Which is pretty much what happened now. We both hoisted our dresses and sat on the forward edge of the seat. And started pissing right there under the table onto the expensive pub carpet. And because we'd barely yet started drinking our beer, and hadn't peed for hours, I noticed upon glancing under the table that our pee was a deep golden colour. A true golden shower all over the carpet, lol. And that was awesome because we knew that such strong pee would fuck up that plush carpet so much more. We fucking flooded it too. As we drank several pints of lager and became increasingly tipsy, we peed under the table another couple of times. The carpet there was well fucked! We could see piss squelching around our shoes when we pressed our feet down onto it. After that, the pub got a bit too busy to risk more of the same. Other people had vantage points where they might have seen piss splashing down onto the carpet. So for our next piss we did actually pay our one and only visit of the evening to the ladies'. And we even went into one of the cubicles. Together, lol. But we didn't use the toilet, naturally. Well, Barbara kind of did but the lid was closed at the time with the spare loo roll on top of it, haha. And she stood there slowly swaying her hips from side to side as she sprayed that lid - and the toilet roll on top of it - as well as the floor on either side of the toilet. I meanwhile stood facing one of the sides of the cubicle, spraying the wall with piss, and taking particular aim at the toilet roll on that wall. The sound of us chuckling and our piss splashing everywhere would have been obvious to anyone in another cubicle. So having trashed ours we laughed as we high fived each other, then thought it best to exit the premises entirely. We found another pub not too far away which had the welcome attraction of an empty table in a secluded corner. So we had another couple of drinks, then Barbara decided to hoist the back of her dress and pee right there into the fabric of her seat. She never announced in advance what she was about to do, but I could tell by the beaming grin on her face that she was pissing at that moment. When I looked I saw the back of her dress pulled up, and pee squelching around her naked ass as it slowly soaked into the fabric. Some was flowing off the front of the seat onto the carpet. I laughed, "Oh my God, Barbara! You must have a fucking wet ass!" "Yeah I know. Feels kind of nice." "Dirty bitch, hahaha." "Says the girl who pissed in that guy's fridge!" We both laughed at that. I too needed to pee, and we'd decided that it was time to go home anyway..... back to my place together. I said that I would love to get up and piss on the table, but knew I'd be seen if I did something so blatant. So I said I had another idea. I grabbed my empty pint glass and held it under the table between my legs. Then I pissed in it, almost filling it by the time I was done. The glass felt very warm, full of my fresh hot pee. Then I lifted the glass up above the table....and slowly poured it's contents all over the surface, which Barbara found very amusing. Surface was covered, with pee dripping off the sides. Couple of people noticed me pouring it, but never knew it was pee so didn't say anything. By the time anyone found out, we were long gone. And of course never went back there. Throughout all the years since then, pissing all over the place in pubs, bars and nightclubs has been a regular pleasure of ours. We travel for miles sometimes just to find some new venue we haven't trashed already. Sometimes afterwards we have gotten away with peeing in the back of taxis without the driver noticing, lol. And ruining the seats or flooding the floor with piss. One time - we were in our mid-30s by then - we were in some pub with a secluded area out of sight of the bar, and the place was quiet so no one else was in sight of us. So when we wanted to pee, we just popped a squat right there and peed all over the carpet. This time, though, this guy and his girlfriend walked around the corner and caught us in mid-flow. They both laughed and reversed course, but we thought it better to hastily finish our piss and leave. Never know who they might tell. So we walked out of the place and noticed them sitting at a table. When they saw us they exchanged words and laughed. I honestly think they just found it funny and never said anything to anyone....least not at the time anyway. But that is the only time we have ever been caught in the act of pissing all over the carpet in a pub. One of the naughtiest pub pissings we ever did actually took place only a couple of years ago. By then we were already both 43 and surely old enough to know better. But fuck it! Wrecking stuff by pissing on it is just SO much fun. Anyway, we were in a pub which had a separate pool room with a top quality pool table in it. It was still fairly early in the evening and the place was quiet, with no one else in the pool room at all. So when we needed to pee and were about to pop a squat right there on the carpet, I suggested something much naughtier and grinned as I pointed towards the pool table. And you've probably guessed what happened next. We both climbed up onto that expensive pool table and popped a squat. And started pissing! All over the green baize! Totally flooded - and completely wrecked - that table. Our pee was even flowing down into some of the pockets before we were done, lol. We exited the premises as soon as we'd finished pissing. Next time someone came in for a game of pool they would have been in for a shock, lol. Had they walked in on us actually pissing they'd have had a bigger one! Two respectable looking women in their 40s squatting and pissing on the pool table, hahaha. Another time - a bit longer a go when we were about 35 - we fucked up one pub's fruit machine by standing there and pissing all over it. If any guy into ladies peeing all over the place had walked around the corner at just the right moment, he'd definitely have hit the jackpot! But we weren't spotted. A few times in pubs and nightclubs where we could get away with it unseen, we stood and peed against the walls. Usually, we did this if it was covered in expensive-looking wallpaper. We loved fucking that up. Carpets were the main target though most of the time, just because it was so easy to piss on the carpet under tables without being spotted. In the 25 years or so that Barbara and I have been doing this, we must have ruined literally over a thousand pub carpets. Some of them must have cost a fortune to replace! What an awesome thought, lol. The last pub carpet we trashed we did only last night. Pub was a bit too full for us to get away with discretely peeing on the carpet, though. So instead we kept peeing in some beer glasses - then just kept pouring it all over the carpet anyway, hahaha. Will tell you about some more of our adventures next time. ------------------------------------------------------ Part 1 -
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    Three Naughty Pee Hotties Rachel invited her friends Natalie, Dianne and Christina over for their weekly book club meeting. As the ladies gather in the family room, her nineteen year-old son, Jason, a community college student, was out mowing their lawn as well as old Mrs. Jenkins' yard next door. Settling in and sipping coffee, the ladies began a discussion about their current favorite book over coffee. Upon finishing the lawns an hour and a half later, Jason came in and headed upstairs to take a shower, only then becoming aware of his mothers' friends being there. At this point, Rachel went to the store for cigarettes, leaving her friends to continue conversing until she would return. Natalie, 37 years old with platinum blonde hair, had on leggings, a tank top and flip flops. 39 year-old Christina had long burgundy dyed hair, a white button-down sleeveless top, denim shorts barely long enough to cover her ass, and sandals. Dianne, 42, had golden blonde hair, dressed in a black mini-skirt, red blouse and 3 inch black high heels. Dianne holds a special place in Jason's memories. During a backyard picnic a few years ago, he caught a clear view of her pussy after reaching under the table to retrieve his cup that he dropped. With a short skirt and no underwear on, her hairy mound and tantalizing labia were completely exposed, accentuated by her long sexy legs. His eyes widened with an instant gut-wrenching arousal. Now relaxing in the air-conditioned room, the ladies said hello, as he walked by breathing heavily, exhausted from the yard work. At this point, They were feeling the need to pee, as the coffee had run its course, with Christina feeling the strongest urge. Engrossed in conversation, she had ignored the pressure building inside of her bladder thus far. Crossing her legs to hold herself while Jason was in the shower, she continued waiting. After 20 minutes, unable to stand the pressure any longer, she stood up and headed to the bathroom, expecting that Jason would be done. Natalie and Dianne carried on with the discussion, still awaiting Rachel's return from the store. After exiting the family room, Christina grabbed her crotch tightly and hurried up the stairs. Approaching the closed bathroom door, the audible sound of water running inside was infuriating, after giving Jason what she thought was ample time to finish showering. No longer able to hold her aching bladder, she made the difficult decision to open the door and rush in. Hey it's just me, Sorry but I gotta piss really bad! I'll be gone in a minute. Don't worry, I won't flush. Jason, shocked at her barging in like that, became excited when he heard the toilet lid smack against the tank as she opened it. An instant later was the loud rumbling sound of her powerful stream striking the toilet water, audible even over the sound of the shower spraying. Barely able to believe his ears, he nervously peeked out from the curtain and was met with the sight of her bare ass cheeks just a few feet away. She was hovering on the side of the toilet instead of directly in front of it, unable to see that she was being watched as her back was turned to him. The ceiling light above perfectly highlighted the beautiful contours of her shapely ass, with just enough illumination to also see her pussy releasing a tidal wave into the toilet. As her swollen bladder continued pulsating and aching, she pushed harder, making her anus protrude outward, partially opening and nearly doubling in size. The thick yellow stream was now rushing out with astounding pressure, hitting the water hard enough that it could've been heard down the hallway. Jason was in awe that a woman was capable of such capacity and extremely aroused by it. After a lengthy gush, her stream eventually died down to a trickle, leaking slowly for several more seconds. Christina's pink anus continued poking in and out throughout her final pushes. Now finished and still in a rush to leave, she squatted closer to the toilet and quickly shook her ass up and down a few times instead of wiping, her cheeks rippling beautifully and unintentionally slapping against the seat. Jason continued observing from the shower as she pulled her tiny white thong back up, running her thumb along the back of it to wedge it deeper into her ass. She then lifted her tight shorts up, struggling to fit her delicious backside into them, having to jump slightly to get them all the way up. Jason quickly hid back inside the shower as she walked toward the door, still zipping up her shorts. (In a semi-joking voice) Okay I'm leaving. Don't tell your mom about this. It never happened! Alone again in the bathroom, Jason now had the biggest erection of his life. After finishing his shower, he stepped out and took a look at what Christina left behind. The large volume of her strong smelling piss had noticeably filled the bowl, along with a thin layer of bubbles at the surface. Still having a solid erection, the decision to take care of himself was an easy one, standing directly over her hot liquid for visual aid. He now had two major sightings of Christina's pussy in his lifetime, the most enjoyable part for him being that she was unaware of them both. Back down in the family room, Dianne announced that the coffee had also run through her and she now needed to pee as well. Christina was torn as to whether she should still stay quiet or speak up about the bathroom not exactly being available. She decided to stick to her original decision and remain quiet, ready to make up a story if need be. Dianne heads up to the bathroom and like Christina, was met with a closed door, this time locked by Jason. Turning to go back downstairs and wait, she noticed the door to his room further down the hall and suddenly had a devious idea. Never having much liked Jason since he accidentally ran his bike into her BMW when he was fourteen and causing her to spend four-hundred dollars to fix the dent, she suddenly was intrigued at the opportunity for a little revenge. Entering his room and closing the door behind her, Dianne scanned his room for a spot to relieve herself. She quickly walked around to the far side of the bed and slid his college books away from where she wanted to leave the wet surprise. Lifting her skirt and squatting down, she grabbed her panties and moved them to the side, letting her puffy labia hang freely. After bracing herself with a few deep breaths to tame the excitement of her vile act, she pushed hard and a powerful gush of clear-colored piss came out straight onto the dark-red carpet, while making a sweet squirting sound. The tremendous volume quickly created a sizable puddle that soaked the carpet, making the wet area sink and flatten. With a full twenty seconds elapsed, Dianne was still releasing so much piss that she was starting to become concerned about the size of the large puddle, still growing as her urethra continued it's relentless assault. Thrilled by such danger, she grabbed hold of her labia and boldly directed the flow around from side to side to make a bigger mess. As her stream flowed, she lifted the blanket hanging down from the bed. Laying on the floor were Jason's six-hundred dollar professional quality headphones that he recently purchased for his music production hobby. Dianne didn't know anything about headphones but assumed they were worth a decent amount of money based on their high-quality craftsmanship and size. With no hesitation, she positioned her body to now aim right at them and violated them with the full force of her torrent, soaking the ear pads, which were made of a fine leather and velour material. A cheerful smile came over her face, fully enjoying the damage being caused, and imagining her piss getting on his ears the next time he would put them on. Then, as luck would have it, her enjoyment was instantly cut short when she heard a knock on the door and it began opening. With no time to react, Dianne remained in the squatting position, frozen in the fear of being caught while in the middle of her lewd behavior. While motionless and holding her breath, with her piss still flowing, Natalie entered, and the two women momentarily stared at each other in shock. She quickly closed the door behind her. “Are you... peeing on the floor?” Uhh...well...I...just, no... “Hurry up, that looks like a good spot to go. The damn bathrooms locked. I'm about to fuckin piss myself.” In disbelief and relieved that Natalie had the same devious intentions, she relaxed and let her pee continue spraying for a few more moments. Having flooded the headphones, she pushes the final drips out. Upon finishing, Dianne moved her panties back in place, getting some pee on her fingers in the process and wiping them on the blanket. She then moved Jason's books back to where they were, directly on top of the huge soaking area. Satisfied with relief, she hurried out of the way. Natalie rushed over and kicked the books to the side, pulled her leggings down, and squatted right over Dianne's puddle, immediately releasing a strong cascade onto the same spot. The pressure caused her stream to splash and sprinkle pee onto her feet. She added so much to the puddle that the carpet could no longer absorb the liquid, causing it to run across the surface, onto the wooden floor. Both ladies laughed as Natalie lewdly sighed in relief. Standing by the door, Dianne was able to see the yellow trail emerging on the other side of the bed, as it ran along the floor behind it. Jason's room now had a noticeable stench of piss. Dianne dared Nat to pee on the headphones as she had just done. Giggling, she accepted the challenge and aimed her stream right at them, dousing them yet again. After finishing, Natalie reached up to grab a handful of the blanket on the bed and wiped it tightly against her wet pussy and anus. Standing back up, she carelessly kicked Jason's books back into place over the now very large puddle. Natalie and Dianne, still laughing, hurried back down to the family room to join Christina and the returning Rachel, while Jason was still in the bathroom. Later that night, he entered his room and noticed a musky smell but just assumed it was his dirty work uniform laying on the floor. Laying in his bed, he reached down to grab his headphones, which were now dry. Upon plugging them into his laptop, he was horrified to hear only broken cracked sound coming out of one side, the other side completely dead. After fidgeting with the cable for a moment, failing to make them work, he threw them on the floor in anger, clueless that the cause was the gushing urethras of his mothers friends. Jason never did notice the damp puddle on the carpet that night, or the trail of piss along the floor behind the bed, which had now dried into a sticky film in the searing summer heat. The next day, all three women met for lunch and had a laugh about what they had done. (Christina blushing) I can't believe I'm telling you girls this, don't say anything to Rachel. I...took a leak while Jason was in the shower! (Dianne laughing) “Oh that's nothing, me and Nat pissed in his room!” What?! You're kidding! Really?! (Natalie) “Hey, the bathroom was locked, he must've been jerking off or somethin. Sooo... we took a huge piss in his room right on the carpet. I wiped my fuckin' pussy on his blanket too.” (Dianne) “And when we were going, we aimed right at some big ass pair of headphones under the bed too, fucking soaked them, hahaaa!!” Oh you two are so horrible! (Natalie smiling) “I'm not gonna lie, it was kinda getting me hot, especially with Dianne in the room watching me!
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    This site IS NOT a kind of "pee-dating" site.We have several female members,but they are on here for their own reasons,which dont usually involve anything like "snapchat".We are welcoming community,and by definition we dont really judge you.Please respect all the other members,and by all means try to get to know everybody as much as you can.You never know what may happen,but its nice to spend time getting to know people.
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    Phillip had a rare chance of being away from home over a weekend and took advantage of going out into the city for a late-night walk to enjoy seeing the young ladies walking around in sexy and sometimes quite revealing outfits. He was also hoping that his secret craving to see ladies peeing in public might also be satisfied as it had on some previous occasions. It was always an unpredictable activity and relied very much on being in the right place at the right time. Some evenings would reveal an abundance of revellers who were willing to pee anywhere to relieve the pressure on their aching bladders while other evenings would be completely dry and provide no sightings whatsoever. Tonight was proving to be a slow night but there had been a couple of highlights. The first had been outside a nightclub around 11:00pm. There was a queue of people waiting to get in and Phillip was sitting on a bench nearby. Movement in the queue triggered his Peedar and he looked up to see a girl in her early twenties, blonde hair, small frame and perky breasts with short blue skirt and tight white top leave the queue and walk quickly towards the back of the queue. Just beyond the queue, she darted into a shop door way, hiked up her skirt and pushed her knickers down. Phillip got up from the bench and walked along the pavement on the opposite side of the road, observing a stream of pee splashing down between the girl’s legs. She was looking down at the pee stream and concentrating on keeping it away from her shoes, so she was oblivious to people walking by. Phillip crossed the road on a diagonal walking directly towards the girl, gaining a great view of her neatly trimmed pussy with a powerful stream erupting forth onto the floor of the shop doorway and running out onto the pavement. A couple of drunk blokes walked past and made a comment which Phillip didn’t hear. The girl raised a middle finger to them, but carried on peeing her flood. By this time, Phillip was on the same side of the road as the peeing girl. He walked right past the shop doorway, deliberately standing in her flow as he continued along the road. He crossed over again and leant against the wall from where he could see the girl finishing up, giving a little wiggle before pulling her knickers back into place and yanking her skirt back down over her bum. She left the scene of the crime to re-join her friends in the queue, leaving the evidence to snake its way down the slope of the shop doorway into the increasing pool on the pavement. The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful until people started to leave the clubs at around 3am. Some revellers headed into a kebab shop near one of the clubs. One girl wearing tight black leggings, which hugged her ample backside was getting agitated with the person serving. She was bouncing and holding her crotch, which caused Phillip’s Peedar to trigger again. From what he could make out from outside the shop, the girl was desperate to pee and the server was saying that they didn’t have any toilets. The girl eventually stormed out and turned left out of the door and headed down the street, with her legs clamped together, moving as best as she could, but being slowed by her bladder. Phillip walked quickly down the opposite side of the road and saw an alleyway, which he guessed would be her destination. He headed down the alley and slipped quietly behind a large bin from where he could see the alley and some other bins that were nearer to the alley entrance. He banked on the fact that she was desperate and would be more worried about finding quick relief than searching further back in the alley for a better hiding place. His presumptions were correct and almost as soon as he had taken up his hiding place the girl hobbled into the alley, moved past the first bin so that she was hidden from the street but in perfect view for Phillip. A security light came on, but it was too late for the girl to think about other options. She immediately yanked down her leggings as she took up a high squat, keeping her head above the level of the bin and looking over her right shoulder over the bin towards the road to keep an eye out for anyone coming into the alley. Her pee erupted from behind her as soon as her leggings were clear and caused a waterfall onto the road behind her, splashing up as it contacted the hard road surface and glistening in the harsh security light. Her shoes and ankles were getting a good soaking and Phillip reckoned her leggings must have taken a bit of damage before she even got started. She was seriously desperate and peed hard for about 40 seconds, creating a small lake on the tarmac. Eventually the stream pressure dropped to more of a trickle and finally a few spurts. The relieved girl stood upright and reached into her bag for a packet of tissues. She turned to face the street keeping the bin between her and the street for protection, her curvy backside now being shown directly to Phillip as he continued to enjoy the spectacle from his hidden vantage point. The girl, believing she was alone, took her time to extract a tissue, wipe her pussy and the insides of her legs and discard the tissue into her puddle. She repeated with another tissue, all the time leaving her leggings at her knees and furnishing Phillip with a view he would remember for a long time. Finished wiping, the girl eased up first a black thong and then her black leggings. Finally she took out another tissue and used it to wipe her ankles and shoes before adding it to the puddle where it joined the other two tissues. She left the alley looking far more comfortable and had no idea that Phillip had just enjoyed her fantastic show. Emerging from his hideout, Phillip returned to the area near the kebab shop. He decided that at 3:30am, he was going to call it a night and head back to his hotel as the number of people around was declining and it had been a slow evening, so probably not much more to see, but he would just give it another 10 minutes in case one of the stragglers in the kebab shop needed a wee before heading home. Phillip was sat on a wall nearby when two girls came up to him looking a bit worse for wear. One girl was blonde with dishevelled hair and her short skirt was riding up so far that her skimpy knickers were on show and only just covering her pussy. The other was a dark haired girl with tight jeans and a low cut top that helped to display a pleasing amount of cleavage afforded by her D-cup breasts that seemed to be stuffed in a C-cup bra. “Do you know the way to the Premier Inn at Cross Street?” slurred the darker girl, which caused Phillip to raise his glance from her cleavage to her face and meet her deep green eyes. “Yes, miss.” he replied. “It is down that street to the roundabout, then turn right, go through the underpass below the ring road, right again down River Road and turn left onto Cross Street. The Premier Inn is at the far end.” “Oh, that sounds quite a long way!” retorted the blonde, who slumped herself onto the wall next to Phillip, leaning back and further exposing the pink triangle of her knickers and flashing a bit of bum cheek into the bargain. The brunette asked “Would you walk us back? I don’t think we are going to remember that and I really don’t fancy an underpass on our own.” Phillip considered his options; he could choose not to get involved, he could get them a taxi or he could agree to walk with them – even though it was the opposite direction to the way he was going. He decided that he had nothing else much to do, so he agreed to help – especially as he was worried that the blonde particularly would struggle to make it to the hotel on her own. “You both look a bit worse for wear – do you think you will make it?” “We are”, the brunette giggled. “It’s been a long night! We’ll make it, but it might take a while.” “OK, but you need to have a chance of shifting the alcohol, so let’s get some water and dilute your blood stream a bit. I am Phillip by the way”. “Chantelle” responded the blonde. “Pleased to meet you.” “And Fiona” added the brunette. “Thank you so much”. Phillip went into the kebab shop and purchased 5 bottles of water. He brought them back to the girls and insisted that they each drank one down completely before setting off, which they did. Phillip then got Fiona to put the other three bottles in her handbag for them to drink one each along the way. They set off slowly down the road, with Chantelle stumbling on her high heels. It wasn’t long before Chantelle removed her shoes and carried them in her hand. Fiona had boots on with her jeans and was fairing a bit better. The two girls adopted a position one each side of Phillip; Chantelle on the left. They both put their arms around Phillip for support and Phillip mirrored the stance, putting his arms around each of the girls. He wasn’t sure he had made the right choice in escorting them, but he was committed now. As they walked/stumbled/staggered along, progress was slow and they chatted about the evening that the girls had been enjoying. They were in town just for the weekend and had taken advantage of pubs and clubs, enjoying more than their fair share of alcohol. Phillip was enjoying being in the company of the two girls and allowed his hands to fall slightly and rest on the top of the girls’ bottoms. He hooked his right thumb into Fiona’s belt on her jeans and allowed his fingers to contact the denim tightly covering her pert derriere. His left hand faired even better with his thumb tucked into the waistband of Chantelle’s skirt, his fingers felt the smooth and flimsy material covering her rounded bottom. After 5 minutes, Phillip suggested that they all take some more water. Fiona agreed, but Chantelle resisted. “I already need a wee! I can’t take any more onboard!” Phillip calmly pointed out that “It is better to keep taking in the water to dilute the alcohol. If you need a wee then you can find somewhere to go. It is 4am and hardly anyone around and there are plenty of places to go in a city”. “I’m not sure about that, but I don’t think I’m going to make it anyway, so I might as well have some water”. “Good call. You are wearing a skirt, so you can be quite discrete if you need to pee”. Another five minutes and Chantelle was visibly struggling, pulling the front of her skirt up even more than it already was and holding her hand on her crotch through her knickers. “I really need a wee!” she exclaimed. This had not gone unobserved by Phillip, who was getting quite turned on by the discussion and the way she had started to walk and hold herself. Ever the gentleman, he offered “OK, you are not going to make it to the hotel, so you need to relieve yourself somewhere near here. There is no point in staying uncomfortable and prolonging it as you are not going to make it.” “Sod it, just find me somewhere to go! Now!!” Phillip steered the girls to a conveniently placed bench. “Here, sit on this bench and perch towards the front. You can pull your knickers down and pee straight onto the pavement. Nobody is around, you’ll be fine.” Chantelle sat on the bench and slumped back against the backrest. She eased down her knickers just past the bench slats. Phillip was expecting her to shuffle forward and pee off the front of the bench, but just then he heard a hissing and then a splattering as Chantelle released her bladder directly onto the bench. “Sorry, it just felt like I was sitting on the toilet, so seemed the easiest thing to do!” The splashing continued and a puddle grew underneath the bench. Phillip looked on, enjoying the sight of three separate streams falling from the bench slats. He moved round in front of her and as Chantelle’s skirt was still riding up, he could just see Chantelle’s pee emerging from her pussy and spreading over the bench slat before falling off the front and back of the slat, so causing the multiple streams beneath. Once she had finished, Chantelle remained there for a couple of minutes as the drips subsided. Then she stood up and lifted her skirt up round her waist, fully exposing herself in order to pull up her bright pink knickers, then returning the skirt into place. Fiona had remained fairly quiet during this and Phillip asked her if she was OK. “I’m fine, but I need a pee too and it isn’t as easy with jeans.” “That’s OK, if you need to go, then go, but we’ll find you somewhere a bit more secluded.” “Thanks – I really need to pee, but I am not exposing myself out here!” “We’ll be at the underpass in a minute. We could station Chantelle at one end and I’ll watch the other so you can go in the middle with no risk of being spotted. Will that work?” “I can’t think of a better plan, so it will have to do.” After another 3 minutes of walking, they reached the underpass. Fiona was starting to struggle now. As they descended the ramp into depths, Fiona said “Hurry up, I can’t hold it much longer” Chantelle took up station at the bottom of the first ramp and Phillip and Fiona continued through the underpass. Fiona stopped in the middle and Phillip continued to the far end – about a further 10m. Phillip checked the coast was clear and both Phillip and Chantelle gave Fiona the thumbs up. Without further hesitation, Fiona undid her belt and button and pulled her jeans to her knees, revealing black lacy underwear that she then proceeded to pull down. Fiona dropped to the floor in a low squat, back against the wall and feet apart. Almost immediately a jet worthy of a fire hose emitted between her legs and fell to the floor of the underpass about a foot in front of her. Phillip alternated between keeping a vague lookout and watching the spectacle in front of him. Fiona sighed in relief and continued peeing for ages, adding more and more to the significant puddle forming in front of her. As her stream waned, she looked much happier and with the final few drips she shook her bottom and stood up. Chantelle called out laughingly “You dirty bitch!” Fiona turned towards her to reply, “You can talk!” and in turning, gave Phillip a lovely view of her pert backside. They both turned to walk towards Phillip and join him to walk up the ramp out of the underpass. “That is soooo much better.” Said Fiona. “Don’t you need to go as well?” “Well, I haven’t drunk as much as you and I peed just before I met you, but I could still do with a leak, but I didn’t want to embarrass you.” “What! After what you’ve just see us do? You’re joking right?” They had now got to the top of the ramp and were walking alongside the ramp but at the higher road level. Chantelle piped in “Well you’ve seen our show – how about you pee off here through the railings to the underpass ramp below?” Phillip consented and turned towards the railings. He was indeed needing to pee now, although not desperate. He unzipped his fly and pulled out his penis, pointing it between two of the railings and unleashed a downpour on the waiting concrete about 5 metres below. Chantelle giggled as she saw it and then asked, “Can I hold it?” Phillip was a bit taken aback, but quickly recovered and agreed. Chantelle came up behind him and reached around him with her right hand, taking hold of Phillip’s dick, which was still in full flow. She waved it around a little and laughed as she saw the stream’s movement amplify where it hit the concrete below. Fiona looked on, enjoying the sight. Soon, Phillip had finished and Chantelle gave it a little shake before letting go for Phillip to put his dick back in his trousers. Phillip then encouraged everyone to drink more water, which they had no problem doing now that their bladders were all close to empty. The three of them continued their slow walk, with arms around each other’s waists and hands straying regularly onto each other’s backsides. Fiona commented that she hadn’t peed outside in ages but that it had been quite liberating. She also mentioned that she felt a bit damp below and that maybe she should have had some tissue. Chantelle said that her knickers had got quite wet, but she was keeping the front of her skirt up to allow them to dry. That got everyone laughing. Another 15 minutes had passed by the time they got to Cross Street and the hotel was visible at the end of the road. The water was going through them and Fiona said “First stop when I get there is going to be the toilet – I need to piss again”. “Too right! I’m busting again too.” Replied Chantelle. “You could always go outside again if you are desperate,” stated Phillip, “No point in being uncomfortable and it is still at least 5 minutes’ walk, plus you have to get up to your rooms”. “Anyone would think you wanted to watch us pee again” laughed Chantelle. “Well, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the view” “Ah, so that’s the way it is, is it?” With that, Chantelle stopped on the pavement, turned to face Phillip, hitched her skirt up, spread her legs and started peeing straight through her pink knickers. They turned noticeably darker and the flood fell to the floor between her feet. Phillip looked on, slightly gobsmacked, but seriously enjoying the view as the knickers got wetter and adopted the shape of Chantelle’s lady parts where the wet fabric turned clingy. “They were wet anyway”, commented Chantelle, “so no big deal, but you can close your mouth now” she laughed. Phillip read this brazen show as a bit of an invitation and reached forward, placing his hand in her stream and then raising it up to the source, where he cupped Chantelle and felt her pee forcing through the fabric and warming his hand. Chantelle didn’t move away, so he continued and caressed her as she peed. As the pee slowed, the last bits dripped through his hand, but the knickers were seriously soaked. Phillip continued to stroke Chantelle through her knickers and then raised his fingers to his mouth and tasted her wetness. Sweet and light, the sign of someone who had drunk a lot of volume and with a slight hint of larger. They continued on their way, Chantelle still keeping her skirt raised to “dry” her knickers – not that they had any chance of drying now. Fiona declined to pee outside again, saying that she could hold it until the hotel. On arrival at the hotel, the girls asked Phillip to see them up to their room. They all got into the lift and Fiona pressed the button for the 10th floor. The lift whirred into action with a jolt and Fiona clamped her legs together, obviously a little more desperate than she admitted earlier. On the 10th floor, the doors slipped open and the three almost tumbled out into the corridor. Fiona led them to Room 828 and fished in her bag for the room key card. She extracted it and placed it in the reader. The red light remained lit. “Shit!” she exclaimed as she bobbed down, crossing her legs. She tried again but received the same display of red barring her entry and access to the toilet which was now just a couple of metres away, but so inaccessible. “Oh, crap, I know what I’ve done! I had the card next to my phone and it’s wiped my card!” “We’ll have to go back to reception” said Phillip helpfully “they will reconfigure the card.” “You’re joking! I’m not going to last that long.” “I don’t see that you have a lot of choice, I’m sorry.” “There is one option,” put in Chantelle, “remember Lanzarote?” “Lanzarote? What’s that got to do with……? Oh I see. I can’t do that!” Phillip was puzzled and asked for an explanation. Chantelle quickly filled him in. “We were on holiday in Lanzarote and we managed to lock ourselves out of our room. We’d had rather too many to drink and left our keys down by the pool. We had gone back to the room to get some supplies, but we couldn’t get in. We both needed to pee and being somewhat drunk we looked to improvise. We were only wearing bikinis and robes. Fiona saw a large artificial plant pot at the end of the corridor and went and perched on the pot, peeing through her bikini into the pot. I went in a corner near the ice machine and peed through my bikini onto the carpet – Well it was a bit wet from the ice spillages anyway.” “But how’s that going the help here?” asked Fiona. “I can’t see any ice machines or pot plants and I’m not even wearing a bikini.” “Well it’s nearly 5am now, there is nobody about, so all you need is to find a discrete spot and be quick. Just don’t do it right in front of the room door as that might be a bit obvious!” “OK, needs must. But where? And it needs to be quick! I’m getting very desperate.” “How about the stairwell? Not many people use the stairs up to the 10th floor – they all use the lifts and even if someone discovers the puddle before it dries, nobody is going to know it was you.” “OK. You win. It is either going to be the stairwell or I pee my pants here, so stairwell will have to do.” Phillip couldn’t believe what he was hearing or that he might possibly be about to witness. Of course, he volunteered to come as a lookout. They went into the stairwell, which was carpeted. Chantelle stood just inside the door on the 10th floor, Fiona went down to the half landing between 10th and 9th floor and Phillip went down further to guard the 9th floor door and the approach from below. Fiona positioned herself in the corner of the landing and pulled down her jeans and thong and dropped into a low squat the same as she had done in the underpass. She looked around one more time and having received the thumbs up from both Phillip and Chantelle, she released a torrent into the carpet in front of her. Her pee puddled on top of the carpet, spreading over a good sized area before starting to soak into the fibres. Fiona wasn’t joking, she really did need to pee again and her entire bladder contents dispensed onto the carpet with a hiss that echoed round the stairwell and a splashing into the carpet. As soon as she finished, she yanked up her jeans and fled the scene back to the 10th floor. Phillip climbed the stairs and passed the puddle. Chantelle and Fiona had now left the stairwell, so Phillip couldn’t resist putting his hand in the puddle and taking a taste. It was not quite as sweet as Chantelle’s, but just as tasty. He suspected that she may have been drinking a different type of beer. Back outside the room, Fiona was saying that they now needed to go down to reception. But Chantelle reached into her back and produced a card “I forgot – we both had a key!” “You *****! You mean I could have used the toilet after all!” “Yes, but you can’t tell me you didn’t enjoy that……”
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    https://eroshare.com/u/kinkinthedark https://eroshare.com/u/SucksOnMobile https://eroshare.com/u/Drey_87 https://eroshare.com/u/Petuniaspotty https://eroshare.com/u/P-Action https://eroshare.com/u/MissPiss22 https://eroshare.com/u/tib Meep. Take my contribution. All together around 300-500 videos i guess. Edit: https://eroshare.com/u/little-virgin-pisser https://eroshare.com/u/lawlessclit01 https://eroshare.com/u/Ivalea?page=3 (some pee) https://eroshare.com/u/Underurskin72 Moar edits inc https://eroshare.com/u/ShiftBlue https://eroshare.com/u/MisterMerlin https://eroshare.com/u/selenapee https://eroshare.com/u/throowie Digging gets harder and moar tiring.. well. As long as my effort does not go to waste its fine i guess ^^ Edit edit edit: https://eroshare.com/u/peethrowaway666 https://eroshare.com/u/Amarra016 https://eroshare.com/u/Ozabot https://eroshare.com/u/SexyBob123 https://eroshare.com/u/monkeyrollthefootage (just for completion sake i put it here, its in the reddit link too) https://eroshare.com/u/hatman12317 (same as above) https://eroshare.com/u/Closetkink13 https://eroshare.com/u/tinykitten45 https://eroshare.com/u/frustratedcumslut https://eroshare.com/u/peepeelegspeepeelegs Kay. I am done. Now me is super sleepy.. tis was so much digging. Well anyway. have fun. P.s just as thingy. None of them albums, videos etc belong to me. I just dug up all them links in the last several hours. p.p.s I am curious, did them vids reach 1000+? if someone finds out sate my curiosity. Am to tired to calculate ^^
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    I am a girl who loves to pee outside and watch other girls pee outside. Anywhere outdoors/in public! I am not very into wetting, I am really into girls squatting down and pulling their panties down or to the side. I am from the east coast, I am 21 and I am bisexual.
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    Yesterday I found myself in a large public toilet (like the disabled ones). There was a toilet, two sinks of different heights, a handryer, a baby change facility, a bin, a small window, and a large mirror. The place already reeked of stale urine, and I'd made myself desperate, knowing I'd be passing the toilet on my walk and how unlikely I was to get caught. The possibilities were endless. First I stripped and squatted over the baby-change table. It was curved, like a bowl, and incredibly inviting. I filled a quarter of its volume and didn't feel relieved at all- then I had an idea. Pulling the toilet lid down, I stood on it and aimed at the changing unit. The trajectory was beautiful and the splash-back droplets were visible in the air above the urine ready in the bowl. Then I turned 180 degrees mid-pee, causing a golden semi-circle to shower the floor, and continued emptying my bladder into the sink and over the soap dispenser unit above. I brought the stream to a halt and crossed the soaked floor, to where the mirror stood. Then I stood, legs spread wide, lips parted and raised, and finished relieving myself onto the mirror, so that I'd get a full view and some splashback. That's when I realised there was no toilet paper, despite the droplets punctuating my legs, and had to put my jeans in over the moisture. I can't wait to do it again.
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    I had a long wee wee this morning at work. I held on for hours. I waited until there was a queue for the ladies and stood in line squeezing my lips together. I felt little trickles dripping into my panties. I felt horny and my pussy was wet. When I got to it I had a long glorious wee. I spread myself wide open to feel it splattering. It was a loud wee. I loved it!